"You alright, Clive?"

"Not really."
"Preacher shot my dick off. See? He's an incredible shot. Kinda took it clean off. It's all right. It doesn't hurt that much at all. No, not really. I can imagine it's gonna hurt a ton in a little while, but for now, I'm ok. For now, I'm fine. "
omg, I love love love Preacher! I see myself in Clive, getting hurt at work, and just acting like it's no big deal. not that I've ever had my penis shot clean off, mind you, but I have had smashed feet and legs and hands and fingers and cuts and burns and head wounds and bites....I just tell my coworkers and myself that I'm ok. no big deal. look, not really that bad, see? I about fell off the couch laughing at Clive reassuring his gagging vomiting coworkers that he was fine. it's like we're kin. maybe Clive and I should hang out? too bad he's a fictional character. I really dig that dude!

the chiropractor put me back together, and I celebrated by adding 3 dinosaurs, an octopus, 2 sharks, and a pelican to Ian's swamp....

my new theme song is Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater....


did a $100 DG run on way home from work.

Kevin was watching Red when I got home....I'm not much of an action shoot-em-up fan, but I got a kick out of the street scene they shot in New Orleans on Ursuline St.....right in front of The Hotel Villa Convento where we stayed on vacation! Kevin very kindly rewound it for me and played in slow motion. he can be a real good guy. and he made his famous dip, to boot. Kate journeyed to Maryville to meet the boy she's been talking to the last week. His brother went to college with KJ. kinda ironic that her former boyfriend dumped her to hook up with chicks at college, and she is now possibly dating a college boy who wants a high school girlfriend...funny how life works sometimes.


"To rednecks and Sasquatch."

ok, I fell asleep watching this Friday night. dozed off a bit again trying to watch it Saturday night. woke up to my phone going off and an uncomfortable facebook message exchange with a former coworker who was asking me why her current coworker said our boss said I didn't want to work with her....first off, why do I ever say anything, and secondly, why would anyone repeat it? I don't want to work at all. period. and I run my mouth waaaaay too much. anyway, back to the movie. I think there was a Sasquatch, not a very realistic looking one, but there was also a serial killer and I'm guessing he was wearing a Sasquatch suit? something about wanting to see how pretty people were on the inside and blue drugs of some kind worth $60 million dollars and guys smoking cigars out in the dark woods? I'm still not sure....

"You're just not that into me? My soul is undead for all of eternity and you're just not that fucking into me?" Petra

first wean day in 'that barn across the street' where Chey & I have been dumped....I have never never ever in 21 years not had wean holes ready.

but the inventory is over 1300 and there is just no space. will wash and load and move sows and kick out and wash and load and move sows and kick out (x4 rooms) and then it'll probably be wean day again....good news from yesterdays crap fest quarterly celebration: I do have culls Monday or so....(have to tag the bitches, but need the space!) and no rush on finishing cleaning out bin....haven't ordered feed for it for 6 months cause no one else would deal with it. just finish it 'on a slow day when you have time.'

Taylore Dailey 5 hrs · Day 5 of the love your spouse challenge! I was nominated to post a picture of my spouse and I for seven days and nominate a person each day to do the same to keep the love flowing. I nominate the person tagged. 5 months ago today I married my best friend. I love you ❤️ — with K.J. Dailey.


Taylore Dailey added 2 new photos — with K.J. Dailey and 2 others. 21 hrs · Day 3 and 4 of the love your spouse challenge! I was nominated to post a picture of my spouse and I for seven days and nominate a person each day to do the same to keep the love flowing. I nominate the people tagged. Two pictures from some of our date nights ❤️

another long day in the barn.....squishy feet walking risers in the mud....stopped at bank on way to mandatory meeting at office (hell, I was gonna be late, anyhow...)

and had an interesting conversation about pigs with the cashier...even got recognized for my embarrassing 21 years of service. the highlight of my day was going on a frozen pizza hunt with Katie. she has scheduled her first official college visit. NWMSU. her bubba's alma mater.

my family on facebook.....

Lisa: Janet, Deb, Brenda, and John - I'm ashamed to say a lot of Bernard type behavior and language was on display today. But only while it was just me, Spot the cat, and the unnamed goldfish in the house. I try to hide my crazy from Tom and the boys. :-)
John: Unless the phrase "mickey mouse peice of S#*t" was uttered it was not a true Bernard moment.
Lisa: Well, I said "Mickey Mouse rinkey-dink piece of s#*t". That's how I remember the saying going. I even flung a screwdriver at one point. ;-)
Deb: is it embedded in the wall?
Lisa: Nope. I did a controlled throw to the carpet.
Deb: I do my own spin on it...."this m.f. mickey mouse piece of s#*t"... I also like "in the name of all that's holy.....(mutter mutter mutter)..."
Brenda: And then when you finally are at the point of giving up and things "fall into place" the infamous quote of dad's...."well I'll be go to hell" resonates through my brain. 😀
John: We definitely inherited our fathers patience .
Brenda: YES, YES we did. I choose to embrace the crazy rather than hide it. :)
deb: yep.


today was long. there was some bonding beneath the feed bin, cleaning out nasty rotten moldy chunks of feed.

when this bin is empty, I'll have hours more a day to figure out what the hell is going on in my 'new' barn. to tag animals and hang cards and treat and pull NIPs and figure out who the NTNT farrow was....get my data entry done.....shots done...(sigh.) so many details. so many hours that I seem to get nothing done...have yet to make a single wean hole for Friday. going in early tomorrow and trying to accomplish...something? if I can load a room, we can kick one out Friday. that's something....

"If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it."



this popped up on my news feed and made me smile....

Kate had senior banners and the FFA swim party. and her & Brit worked on their dances.

my day was discouraging. at least Peach 5 was my hell hole and I knew what to expect. after the b barn bin gets cleaned out and I replace all missing cards and ear tags and pull all the opens, it'll get better...(sigh.) the known evil is always better than the unknown. that is my mantra.

"It's not that deep. I have a four wheel drive."

not many survivors. these ancient sharks can swim in water and tunnel through land. if I know my sharks, I'd say this will be featured in Sharknado Week 2017.


"Plonkers and gobshites." Cassidy, Preacher

the Cowboy's hell on Preacher is reliving over and over his daughter being sick, riding to town for medicine, and making the ill-fated decision to turn back towards town to right a wrong instead of getting the medicine home.

he is identified as the Butcher of Gettysburg and a preacher kills his horse. he has to walk home and gets there too late, so he heads back to town all weaponed up and slaughters everyone in the saloon. over and over and over and over. the haunting image of the tree of hanging scalped Indians. the dying girl. the crows pecking on her button-eyed doll. on her. on her mom......
if Hell is real, this is how I imagine it.....not a fiery inferno full of screaming people, but just reliving your worst ever day for eternity. you can't change it, you can't fix it, you just have to constantly re-enact it. I kind of think this explains ghosts, too....doomed to stay in the worst moment.

"You know what, I actually don't give a shit. I am done with Jesse Custer. He can be your boyfriend now. You can go the movies, eat popcorn, he can touch your tits. All yours."

Tulip just tells it like it is.

"Beautiful the way I am" CHALLENGE!!! I.....upload 3 photos of yourself

I've never considered myself even pretty, let alone beautiful, although I was once upon a time quite proud of my Ivory Girl skin....so, I'm posting 3 pictures of me feeling happy. of course, with my kids....


"Lord, is this what it takes for a mama to get her kids back in the house at the same time, a damn lavalantula invasion?"

applying to colleges first day Senior year...my girl is going places!

love when Taylore posts pics of my boy!

I hate when my kids are heartbroken.

her phone is shut off. All I can do is remove all offending pics and momentoes from their sight and offer cold Pepsi and warm hugs. it is awful to see them hurt so bad and there's not much I can do but fashion little voodoo dolls and stick pins in them. hopefully all will calm down and work out for the best. I never had a bad breakup, I married the only boy I ever loved. sometimes you don't do anything wrong and your boyfriend is being a jackass. nothing meaner than the mom of a heartbroken teenager....

Mercer County Sheriff's Report

If ever I need a reminder that I live in a quaint rural area, I just need to check out the local Sheriff's Report....
fireworks after curfew
abandoned car left in road
shot hole in residential window
loud music at ball field
kids dumping trashcans at lake
tree down in road
limb in road
cows out
calves out
deer in roadway
neglected animals
gas drive off
business break in
car in ditch
garnishment papers served
residential break in
stolen paddle boat
house fire
subpeona served
neighbors dog in yard
2 dogs loose
fight at care facility
search warrent executed
careless imprudent driver
horse in road
smelled gas
fire alarm went off
carbon monoxide alarm went off
bat on porch
skunks under shed
ATV wreck
controlled burn

"That she loves her girl with all her heart hasn't been enough, not enough to give her the life she deserved and not enough to save her now."

Is Valerie the best damn mom ever? I'd say she's right up there, saving her daughter twice from evil forces....with her spirit. Although I admire Valerie and her otherworldly saving of her beloved only daughter, I have to admit I was rooting for Lawrence to revive the spirit of his beloved Selene into Kate's body, because true love and gypsy curses and workings.....
this book kept popping up on my facebook feed with my obvious obsession with all things ghostly, I finally ordered it from a facebook link. it was a bit hard to get into, being in England with lounges and flats and people carriers...but I really got sucked into it towards the end. tracking down the girl who survived the fire with you? finding the bones of your long dead love? buying the house that burnt and using all it's parts to reconstruct a 'new' gothic style mansion? and getting this long lost girl who is now a tv ghost show host to come investigate your haunted house? it's like someone sat right down at a laptop and wrote a book for me.


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