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"But we gave our word to the mayor. This job has to be done." Billy Brown, Alaskan Bush People

after a couple of crap ass days at work have spent an incredible amount of time watching shit on tv. got to watch Kate get ready for her date with J. she hung with Kayla today which is awesomeness. she has been missing her friends. Brit is still in California. found my ghost huntin' buddy Tracy & I another adventure...next month in Liberty! closer to home.
Friday, July 22 at 8 PM - 1 AM Jul 22 at 8 PM to Jul 23 at 1 AM Belvoir Winery 1325 Odd Fellows Rd, Liberty, Missouri 64068


today in facebook history

a day on the road.....went to Jurassic Quest with Koren, Cody, Ian, & Coralie. Ian loved the dinosaurs! and the atmosphere was so cool.....darkish, dirt floor, mood lighting, dinosaurs roaring and moving...

ate lunch with them at a Mexican place, then hung out at their house. their a/c is broke, but they had fans going and Ian was playing with ice cubes. love those 2 so so much. Kevin drove home thru Lexington, saw some beautiful old Civil War era houses, we went thru the square, then stopped at Waverly at the Missouri River for a few.


facebook tells me my vagina's name is Glitter Meat. eh. could be worse...

helped Kevin mow one yard, he got the other one alone. ate lunch at FeedLot Cafe, took lunch to Kate working at Mercer Big G.

I made a pie with apples from our tree, cleaned floors. did some more whacking on Kevin's latest HyVee free tee to make it more comfy on my no-neck body. Koren's a/c is broke. the unit is almost 2 years old. and they can't even make an appt. till Monday. you think service would be better in the city...
and just found out that coworker Chey had her baby girl this morning....6 lb 10 oz Makinlee Jo.

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