the only reason life works at all is not everyone in your tribe is nuts on the same day.

"-it the trying counts."

Cas, Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
there was a fire at work, got it quickly put out, then had maintenaince in to rewire stuff.
Kevin worked on Kate's car windows, and grilled steaks I picked up on way home. The 3 of us had supper together, then she headed to J's. Kevin is napping in front of the Royal's game. thinking I'll go start on my hair...
these pics popped up on my facebook history....good times. good times.a dance recital, a dance practice, picking up our cemetery flowers....


supper was tasty. Kevin helped remake the bed. washer and dishwasher loaded and set on delay settings so Kate could shower.

and this meme just made my day!!!

I took my half day, with many many plans.

I knew I was a bit draggy, but was confident I'd get my hair dyed, make meatloaf for supper, change my sheets, maybe even sit out by the firepit. In reality, I 'helped' Kevin put the shade cloth on the dog pen, and dozed off 'watching' Sister Wives on the couch while he was weedeating and mowing. Then I moved to the chair by the window to 'read'. Also thought I might get my book finished today. Little Archie has passed on. But I know that Ned still has to get shot in the hunting accident and go blind. She still has to put on her Sunday dress and leave her family, then come home and make them sugar toast for breakfast. Cap has to get real bad and attack Cas and there will be an 'accident' that makes her a widow. I know all this, and yet I keep reading. I read it when Kate was a baby, and am surprised at what I remember. I'll be reading and be like...uh oh. time for....so guess the old brain cells do still fire now and then. then I admitted defeat and just went to bed. Kevin woke me up at 8 p.m. then I dozed off again, but now I am up and at 'em.
Reality check: I did get a couple of cool pics in the yard and on the courtyard. I did take a lengthy bed nap. and now supper is underway. Kevin is passed out in recliner in front of Royal's game. Kate had a fun outing to Nine Eagles with friends. I might just go strip my bed now. I mean, I have to stay awake till the meatloaf's done....

more pics from Sharon Chapel

I don't like where this road leads...but it does have one hell of a view....

this pretty much sums up my life....

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