a busy leap day.

dentist (I had 1 cavity, Kevin a cavity and getting a crown.) chiropractor. Kevin consulted with his former physical therapist about his back pain. pd. his dad back. (my mom refused to be paid back, so paid off 3 small credit cards instead.) lunch Pizza Hut buffet. shopping at Hy-Vee. rumors of teaching openings at Cainsville and Mercer. another beautiful spring like day. house is quiet with no dogs inside. AND put on my clearance darker hair color.


today did a photo shoot with Kate & Brit. she paid me for taking her cousins sr. pics....my first paying photographer gig! that was a sweet gesture. I tried to give it back. she wouldn't take it.

also picked up the library table at Mom's, and my old toybox, a crock, and Aunt Kay's sewing box that mom bought at her auction and that was making her incredibly sad to have it around. she is excited about her new house and is sorting and boxing stuff up in prep. to move. Kevin birthday supper at Bethany El Napel. then took KJ his SS card to get his drivers license since he lost his wallet. he figures it's somewhere in the house. then to Walmart to drop major moola. and home.

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