Mercer HS announces semester honor rolls

Princeton Post Telegraph January 21, 2016

the bonus the boss said we were getting yesterday isn't in the bank....but the tires for the Blazer my husband ordered in anticipation of said bonus check are probably in...

slept in, woke up with a headache. par for the course. I also feel "nauseated" when I sleep late....a word that is forever burnt in my mind by a coworker. they'll do that to you, coworkers. even if they quit or die or transfer and you never ever see them again, annoying shit they said and did will stick with you thruough the years. along with the random acts of kindness and the belly laughs...I miss Brenda & Ruth & Martha...but wouldn't wish my job on my worst enemy. I suffer on alone, with Mrs. Nauseated USA. and her daughter, Miss Migraine USA. and Mr. Grouchy Pants, 4 Months & I've Had Enough Of This Place. welcome to the club, sir. we've all had enough. a day off and I bitch about coworkers and my job. Namaste.


everytime I venture out in public, especially ball games, this thought.....

as someone who hasn't always been this weight, I hate to see someone gaining weight. sometimes it's just age, or a health condition, a medication, depression. maybe just not paying attention. first it's just tight jeans. then it's fat rolls. then it just goes and goes. you can lose 5 lbs, then you have to lose 50 lbs. I hate to see it. it makes me sad. and when I see these folks at ball games, tugging their too small tshirts down every time they move. jeans painted on 80s style. if this is your situation, buy clothes that fit. don't keep smooshing into shit that doesn't fit. and famous people. Kirstie Alley. Oprah Winfrey. lost it, gained it. lost it. gained it. plugging Weight Watchers. Jenny Craig. I felt a lot healthier and (yes, thinner.) when we were doing Plexus. but it became a $$$ issue. and now I often feel like a big fat blob.

"Lucky enough I was raised by good folks.". Bear Claw, The Boonies

here I am, home alone, watching Reality Stars Boot Camp and bawling like an idiot. they are confronting childhood traumas that make them destroy their relationships, then confronting and forgiving the culprit.

very powerful stuff. so emotional. so raw. and on tv, no less. some really really horrible things happened to these people. really really awful stuff. I don't do well with emotional stuff. I don't want to deal with stuff. I would rather just move on. how do people go to therapy and deal with stuff like this? and pay for it? do you ever really feel better stirring all this shit up with a big ol' stick over and over? How? it boggles the mind....

I don't even wanna.

still have to survive Friday, the dreaded day 11 of 11-in-a-row. the road is long and weary. the eyes are bleary. the ass is a draggin'. the jowls are a saggin'. do I have the energy to get a king size snickers almond on the way? probably not.....if only Hour Place would leave them on the drivers seat of my truck....possibly with the end already opened since my fingers give me fits some days.....


two years ago on facebook...

"Going from 'I do' to 'I hope you die and rot' is more common than most people think." Aubrey, Killing Fields

had to wash my coat, the bottom of a bin was leaking feed I had to clean up....so got wet and feed dusty. muddy. did a bit of work on Victorian Crazy Quilt. put out trash. found American Girl clothes and washed them. as soon as Kevin does his break text, I'm going to bed. been a long one.

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