today was the school fall festival.

I always either took the day off, or if that couldn't be, went in early to leave early to watch my kids in the parade. I would be there with duffle bags, ready to spray glitter or put in pigtails or bring a live cat from home, whatever was needed. I took pictures. talked to other moms. later on I was on the committee, volunteering my time making and setting up and running games, decorating gym, helping prep and serve snacks. a couple of years ago, Kate asked me to stop volunteering since she was no longer in elementary and it was weird that I still went to festival. she is in Art Club now and she volunteers at festival every year. and I stay at work. but I remember those glory days. the days when my kids needed me and were excited to see me show up at school....when I went trick or treating with them...when we decorated the yard and Katie's Forest, our elaborate preparations for the Girl Scout Halloween Party....those were the days! life is calmer now. much more time for couch naps. and luckily my kids post pics on instagram and facebook so it's kinda like I'm there....

8th inning and the Mets fans are singing along with Piano Man in the stadium while Billy Joel waves from his seat. 3-9.

this ones in the books. will just try try try again tomorrow night...cause it ain't over till the fat lady sings....

my plan for this evening was to run to Bethany and give KJ the shoes. but Kevin said why not wait till Sunday then we can both go. ok.

wanted to watch World Series Game 3 anyways. and I didn't leave work till after 5. got a new boar today...named him Hosmer. Eric Hosmer. and his id card has a lot of # on it.....
#arrived 104 (today's pigchamp date.) Jared came over. made some supper. my mom showed up in the rain with Katie's birthday card. the kids may go on the Haunted Trail with Whitney since it's their night off. but it's raining. maybe not....

my hardworkin' man brought home a big paycheck....big sigh of relief.

now, just to use it for good, not evil, and be very very careful not to f*** up....we'll make it thru another week!
now, let me celebrate by posting a few meaningful memes....you didn't expect me to just go cold turkey, did ya? and I am making some progress....


here is my beautiful daughter apparently having a wonderful time at Barnwarming in the background of the Main sisters selfie....

went to the Haunted Hike alone since my husband works nights.

I tagged along with a group of 4, I got separated from them tripping around in the dark and lost the trail, had to dig my phone out to use as a flashlight. got to hear Katie's story, tried to take a pic of her, didn't have flash on, and she had to run and get her next group, so I waited for that group. it was pitch ass dark. I tripped over stuff. I cussed. I saw Bigfoot up close. (didn't get a pic of him, either.) there were chainsaws and gunshots and screams. clowns all up in your business. The Lady in White. The Mercer Insane Asylum. and a hayride. hell of a deal for $5!
Kate has on the skull makeup in background of picture. she did such a good job on her story. her voice really carried. she has to work again Saturday night. I came home, folded laundry, made some snickerdoodles, and fell asleep watching Alaska Haunting.

What a WIN!!! Way to go Royals with the 2-0 lead!!! It's OUR time KC... #TakeTheCrown

I 'watched' most of game 2....while I was awake, anyway.....texted Kevin commentary (while I was awake). he texted me that game was over, go to bed. I'd missed at least 2 innings. but we won! and the new boar I'm supposed to be getting Friday to replace the late great Clark W. Griswald (may he rest in peace) shall be named HOSMER!
also got to watch the Kate & Brit work on dance #3. she says Haunted Trail will be too muddy for the old Tea Dress. I did get the slip done. ag teacher told her to dress like a homeless person so she could wear layers. gonna be cold.
dogs were quiet last nite or I was just dead to the world. and now, a new day has dawned....a day of picking up and sexing each and every wean pig, encouraging them to leave warm rooms and journey into cold hallways and colder trucks....making holes for their mommas to move to the AI barn. doing some group shots. maybe even walking a couple of the 10 cull bitches I couldn't get on the truck into the light, if there is time. and the usual mumbo jumbo. tonight is night one of The Haunted Trail. so excited!


there was some barking. and some yelling. and some eventual door closing. but we made it. pretty much intact.

and now I'm up with all the other bleary-eyed World Series watchers to go to work. culls to load, room to load, pigs to vaccinate, and all the other fun stuff.

Royals won World Series game 1 5-4 in 14 innings, 5 hours, 9 minutes!

hope those attending the game wore their jammies! what a night!!!


back to work.

rainy nasty cold day. brought the dogs back in. Sasha just quietly went to bed. Daisy is not so thrilled with having to stay in the kitchen. fell asleep watching Alaska Monsters, but still up at 10:59 in the 11th inning of World Series game 1 texting Kevin at work. just have to sew the straps on slip tomorrow and it'll be good enough.

#TransformationTuesday — with Katie Dailey and Brittany Wilder.

love love love all the cool shit these kids can do with pictures! these 3 besties just melt my heart.

yes. I am posting memes again. but not as many as before. so there.

you know, I set these limits for myself. so I guess I can break them. and I am doing better. time to move on to my next obsessive compulsive behavior....'cause I know when I let one kinda go, a new one will pop up....this is my truth.

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