made supper, started a new Bonnie & Clyde book, studied with Katie, did laundry, now Jared is over here to study....

this old diary.....2001

In The Country of the Young by Lisa Carey..."God, I read constantly as a child. My mother used to take books away from me and force me to play outside. Now I have to take them away from myself, or I'd never get a thing done."
Confederates by Thomas Keneally "...In the second year of the war, Mrs. Ephephtha Bumpass saw her husband Usaph unexpectedly one cold March night."
I Rode With Jesse James by Charles Hackenberry "...but you could never tell whichway love would have you jump in the underbrush, could you?"
Boone's Lick by Larry McMurty "Women don't know why they choose who they choose...If they say otherwise it's a lie. A good fresh scent's probably the best thing they got to go on."
Burn, Missouri, Burn by Randal L. Greenwood "She brought them into this world, gave them love, and did her best to teach them what she knew. It was now and forever out of her hands, and she accepted the fact reluctantly." "...as you know, pneumonia is usually fatal. I wish there were something I could give her, but unfortunately we lack any effective medicine or known treatment for her affliction." Good God, makes me happy to live in 2001! "...A grave is the same whether you've got your name on it or not."
Ride With The Devil by Daniel Woodrell "One mother is much like another."
14 May 2001 from America's Civil War Magazine July 2001 first Gettysburg Reunion 1913-oldest attending Micyah Weiss was 112, youngest Col. John Lincoln Clem was 61-he ran away at age 10 to be a drummer boy. 9 vets died during reunion, 10,000 treated for mainly heat exhaustion. 8 treated for 'assaults'. Sold Lest We Forget for $16!
15th: after a long wait, Dr. Finneran took out the stitches that weren't grown into scar. I'll have to see Dr Wells as they work their way out. released to drive. Got tenderloins, a wall thing, and blocks at Sewal, then drove by some old guys iris bed at Powersville.
16th: KJ got sunburned at FunDay & won 2nd place in Dizzy Bat Race! Kevin wanted us to go to Krazy Jrs with him to look at computer desk & to Lijes' to till garden, but kids wouldn't leave and Koren wasn't home. hotten than hell. A/c guy supposed to be here Friday. Kevin & I went to Lije's while Kate napped and Koren was in charge, then come home and walked & discussed the job Marjorie told him about-about 45 min. drive-a plant-12 hour shifts-benefits-overtime & days off each week. I am interested....
17May last day of school. pissed and poured. literally. worked on Koren's senior book some more. need to find a binder. thinking of covering it in denim and putting on a pocket with her name on it or something...have 3 years left to get it done...found a bunch more wallets and 8x10s for it. Kate called me "Debbie Scarlett." Kate's 5.99 Dragon Tales eBay book arrived...with a UPC of 2.99 on back...I can always find a screwing. I keep thinking of Koren's suggestion of selling lots of romance paperbacks...could maybe dump some of my books that aren't going on amazon.com for much less.... KJ told me at bedtime that he needs Unisom...the things he comes up with.
18: I was up till 1 a.m. listing books. slept till KJ woke me up at 8:30 for poptarts. and now sold book #7 Marie Antoinette! Kate asked for a candybar Kat (Kit Kat) when I bought a handful on a Ragan's run for apples for a tearful toddler. Got $ back on Magic Nursery Triplets & the dolls too! finally, a warm fuzzy eBay moment.....
19 May: Torrey boys and a/c guy here.
20 May sold book #9. another $17.84!
21 May: if I ever have $ I'll buy boxes of old broken Farrah Fawcett and other Charlie's Angels, Donnie & Marie, Sunshine Family, Cher, Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man etc. dolls & accessories and fix them up....sold 2 more books today. during our walk Kevin chucked gravel at the Canadian geese in the park. Kate, KJ, & I to Cainsville to pick up Koren's prom pics & glass. had movie night. rented Dinosaur off dTv and Kevin made popcorn. will get $115 from Amazon sales in next 5 days.
22 May: Krystle & Jen want to comed over all week. filling 9 a.m. started wearing binder. mailed 3 books. sold Gatewood & Gernaimo & Gangrene and Glory. fillings ended up being a root canal. KJ's end of year Cub Scout weanie roast. signed him up for day camp.
23 May had Kevin on phone with grm support, dialed up but couldn't download messages or get on net. listed Dessa Rose on eBay for $2 starting bid or buy it now $5. you never know. walked to post office for $ order for South Park shirt and on to Ragan's for a pop-got one for KJ & Koren to and my stomach started hurting on way home. took 2 revisions to get the Dessa Rose listing right.
24 May overslept got Koren to help & got KAte to Kay's a little after 9 after she ate most of a brown sugar poptart and watched Dora the Explorer & Blues Clues. sold Doniphans March!

"A good run is better than a poor stand." Buck Barrow's self-professed philosophy of life

went along on Kevin's dentist appt. at 9 a.m., dumped 3 bags of clothes Katie weeded out in yellow box (kept 1 bag of hoodies and tees for the quilt I'm making....), some depressing reality shopping at Save-A-Lot, then to American Family on way home to pay car insurance, have 3 bills, one was due yesterday, other 2 the next day or two, the other person in the wreck had contacted Bina to see if a claim had been started, she is without a vehicle. (so is the other person...), unsuccessfully tried the 2nd time to print off these damn Chief ticketsat the library since our new printer quit, then home to unload groceries and load up couch, chair, and some other KJ stuff I had for him, then onward to Bethany, where we unloaded, Kevin gave him some advice on how to fix stuff, we took him to work, then back to the house for his vest, then to work, Kevin did some used car shopping at Uptown Motors in case they total car. the guy was at Willis Garage this morning on another claim, but didn't have time to look at our car, ate a quick Mc and home. then we parted ways, I did chores and ran to Lineville for the part that hasn't arrived yet, Kevin got Katie's car inspected.

deliverin' some furniture for their first place...


finally did it! took that roadtrip to Garden Grove IA in search of the house I saw on A Haunting!

Brit & Kate went with me. it is a beautiful house.
there was a friendly man out doing yardwork who waved at us. found the haunted house that's for sale,
but not the 3rd haunted house. UPDATE: there was no 3rd haunted house. I found it on a haunted Garden Grove IA page, but when I looked it up again, it's in VINTON IA. big dif, dude. so, utterly successful day!!!!
it's a nice little town, very friendly, very scenic. found a Mormom Historic Site
found a lot of photo ops:
beautiful old buildings...
just amazing stuff to take pics of!
and kate took some pics, as well.....

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