The Kellers have quite the story. The wife took her husbands life by shooting him in the heart and also fatally wounded her daughter. She then decided to take her own life. (1894)

I may not live in Success, MO, but I had a successful day! got the chocolate pie made, made the Grandpa Bernard pillow, cleaned a bit on garage, posted free stuff on Mercer County Swap Shop, and someone has spoken for the huge bag of VHS, childrens hangers, and a dvd!

AND finished sewing front of tshirt quilt together! watching some Alaskan Bush People & eating chocolate pie, then gonna take a shower and try to shave my legs...think the bumps have went down enough to give 'er a go....

our baby girl is growing up...started her checking account today and signed up for classes for Junior year.....

on this, my first day off, slept till fuckin' 11 a.m.!!! whipped up a new batch of laundry soap, went with Katie to start her checking account and get her debit card, went with her to sign up for college classes, did chores, and now making lunch for Kevin before he goes to work...also plan on making a chocolate pie and/or chocolate shake, sorting thru some stuff piled along the garage wall and figuring out how to make Katie's Grandpa Bernard pillow...

www.NewOrleansLocal.com pic of the day: The Spanish Stabels, originally built in 1835 as a blacksmiths shop and livery, then converteted to apartments in the 70's. The stables have recently been renovated into luxury condos-

Oh, the places you'll go! (Photo provided by @heynataliejean via Instagram)

Words just don't begin to cover the beauty of our Great Smoky Mountains! So we will let the picture do the talking. Clingsman's Dome by Mike White


the notes jotted in the vacation notebook bring back a lot of memories....

how much fun I had listening to accents in a Mississippi Walmart...and I still wear the maxi dress I bought there! how I couldn't understand one word the clerks said at that Tennessee gas station...like they were speaking a foreign language. how everyone called you hon. how nice everyone was. they love their tourists! how Heartbreak Hotel was at the end of Lonely Street, and the clerks were all dressed in black. that Katie was a vegetarian. and Kevin ate his weight in BBQ. I had my first fried green tomatoes. 24 hour Elvis Tv. Bike Night on Beale Street. (every Wednesday!!!) how I called on my cell phone and ordered tickets for Dixie Stampede as we pulled into town. we had to be on the North Side 'cause the South was sold out, but it was fun all the same. we drove down through West Plains 'cause I wanted to take my own pic of the Porter Wagoner Avenue or Street or whatever sign...and it looked just exactly like the pic I'd found on google. Kevin taking me to Dicks Sporting Goods to buy tennis shoes to hike in. my first vacation with fake nails. I reglued most of them on every day. and I found out that he really digs long nails. Kate begging to leave after we toured Graceland, Kevin had bought us tickets for all the extra tours, she went back to hotel and when we got back, she was passed out in our bed. Him making her change before we went to Beale Street at night. she was very unhappy about that. how she wouldn't put on her headset for the Graceland tour. the hotel shuttle to Beale Street. The Grizzly banners. the very unhappy hotel guest at America's Best Value Inn. what DID she find in her room? because she informed the clerk she pulled out her bed and IT was still there. she demanded to change rooms. Kj calling and telling me he'd gotten a job at Murphy Brown. in my barn. Katie getting the message that Great Aunt Minerva had passed away while we were on the Ghost Walk.

found the vacation notebook from Tenneessee!!!!

$3.27 gas Freeburg lounge sign
Licking MO gas #31.27 9.48 gallons 297.5 miles we were 16 miles from Success, MO
Hardy AR home of the Wilburn Brothers?
google Hillbilly RV Park image...rusty truck hooked to small camper. couldn't stop for picture....Kevin was sure we'd die. no place to pull off road.
Welcome to Tennessee sign on bridge....too much traffic, couldn't get a picture...
Monday drive Mercer to Memphis supper at Coltons' Steakhouse, West Memphis, Arkansas. Kate loved the accents.
Tuesday. Graceland. Kate isn't a fan. Sun Studio, had an excellent tour guide. Hard Rock Cafe. pictures downtown & Beale Street. met a homeless man on Beale St. license plates CO, TN, Mich., Quebec, TX, IL, MN, NY, IA, MA, KS,Idaho, MS, KY, SC, FL. "pulling a mom." Supper at B.B. Kings. Kate not a fan. Katie bonded with our waiter, Big Jeff. Blind Mississippi Morris performed. everyone goes out of their way to talk to Katie.
Weds. gas $3.14-$3.21 gallon. Peabody Ducks!!! Trolley Riverfront Loop. Starbucks. Pool. Ghost Walk-Brothel- (love!) lunch Blues City Cafe (us), Rock-n-Roll Cafe (Katie.) pink limo ride to Marlowes. heart shaped pool at our Heartbreak Hotel. met another homeless man in Memphis.
Thursday. IHOP...slow. unsuccessful sundress shipping trip at mall in Memphis. perfect sundress purchased in Tupelo, Mississippi! Buffalo Park . trolley. Kate made a friend in the Bird House. "I'll cut you." drove thru Shiloh Nat'l Battlefield. pics of TN & Mississippi signs. dead armiddillo on the side of road. lucky to find a room at American Best Value Inn. 3rd hotel we tried. Katie not impressed. Supper Cracker Barrel. Katie has lost her bag of bands for braces. discovered all my pics before ghost tour are gone. on new camera. new card. pink limo-lobby-Beale St.-Katie & Jeff. everything. Graceland. Peabody Ducks. Then checked card again after a major freakout...all is well. Just had a few black pictures where flash didn't go off...put battery back on charger. Kate dutifully went to get her daddy's Pepto Bismal from the car and we're going to call it a day.
Friday: Carnton Plantation. Kate got very faint and had to leave the tour. 2nd guest overcome. 1st guest was more psychic related. Cooters in Nashville. lunch Bellacinos Pizza & Grinders. Kevin found her bands while loading car up a.m. Eastern Time. Tennessee's Classic Rock Station 105.7 The Hog. barely avoided multi car pileup-scary shit. Pigeon Forge. Red Roof Inn Dixie Stampede. Katie FF Mc/Donalds drivethru. Kevin & Katie hot tubbed after fat couple quit making out in hot tub.
Saturday slept in. Ole Smoky TN Moonshine. walked the Gatlinburg Strip. Skycars. Hard Rock Cafe lunch. drove Cade's Cove Loop. hiked 5 miles to Abrahams Falls. saw beautiful buck. country music radio. deep fried peanuts. think we saw a bear at dusk! Supper Fridays. look at those people emerging from the wilderness.
Sunday left 7 a.m. drove thru KY. crossed Ohio (?) and Mississippi River. Back in MO 1:30p.m. lunch at Lamberts Cafe, Sikeston. 1 1/2 hour wait. p.m. I drove by St. Louis-nervewracking. Chillicothe Sonic 10.17. KJ checked in about 9:30..
Licking MO gas $31.27 9.48 gallons, 297.5 miles. $41.48 Memphis 12.88 326.3 miles.
Lawrenceburg TN 7.6 gsl $25.00 253.5 miles
$33.53 10.16 gallon. 246.7 miles Rocky Top Market Rockwood TN.
headed home. Oakridge TN $34.29 10.8 gallon. $3.14. 254 miles.
Paducah KY 297.5 miles. $3.32 gallon. 28.86. 8.66 gallon.
Troy MO $30. 8.5 gallon. 246.5. $3.49 gallon.
Home 237.8.
1906.3 total miles.

You might know that absinthe was banned across the world in the 19th century since the ingredient wormwood supposedly acted as a hallucinogen that turned even the most cultivated individuals into criminals (the claims were later disproven). But did you know that two New Orleans natives got the “green fairy” back in good standing when they created their own wormwood-free version of the drink in 1934? It’s called Herbsaint, and we still drink it today. Four NOLA places to indulge in absinthe, plus a recipe: it’s all on the blog. http://ow.ly/QiBDh

Katie & Jared to Trenton Fair. I did a lil' grocery shopping at Mercer Big G, then watched a Finding Bigfoot, then worked on the front of tshirt quilt,

think I have it all evened up, was sewing my 2 big pieces together and ran out of bobbin thread, figured that was an omen....done for tonite. paid Verizon online, going to thumb thru the bill box and see what's due, you'd think I could remember but every week it's a surprise. already paid insurance, too. the biggies.
Kevin is thinking Wyoming for vacation, we got a guide book, I went thru it and highlighted all kinds of interesting shit. I love the west!

Bigfoot.. Big Butt!

#SLPNEWS - Washington woman claims she has sex with Bigfoot

I want to see her as a townhall witness on Finding Bigfoot. and I want them to just keep the camera on Bobo's face....God only knows what kind of questions he will have for her! love you, Bobo!

the dreaded-yet-highly-anticapted-day-11.....

dreaded 'cause always an early morning. even more so today 'cause the new Ms. probably won't show up , and it's her riser day. the old Ms. got fired for this exact same thing...if she calls in again today, she is no more. and then I get to check her risers today. best get my ol' ass a movin'...


July, 2009. head on over to Adventureland, we're gonna have a fun filled day!

Kevin got his last haircut at Ace's today. he is closing up shop. he also got the vehicles liscenced and all the plates switched around. and bought the critical T.P. Kate wants groceries that she'll eat, but I have to get paid first. sad to still be tight on $$$ at this stage of my life, but my bad spending choices keep biting me in the ass...they are why I can't quit my horrible soul-sucking job. for reals.

kids were off to work by the time I got home. I ended up conceding defeat and just going to bed and taking a nap after Kevin went to work. woke up and had a quick Katie & Jared sighting, now I am alone with the tv again. it's getting close to time for Kevin's knee shot, he's in a lot of pain.

The Life And Adventures Of Robert McKimie, Alias Little Reddy, From Texas Paperback – October 15, 2011 by J. W. Bridwell (Editor)

just 'discovered' him watching Gunslingers. Wild West bad guys fascinate me.
McKimie was a member of the Bevans-Blackburn gang which made a living by robbing the Cheyenne-Deadwood stage coach, and he probably participated along with Sam Bass and Joel Collins in the 1877 holdup in which Johnny Slaughter was killed….
“Little Reddy” McKimie (ca. 1855 to post-1879) was a bandit who was arrested and jailed but escaped capture numerous times. His end is mysterious. He was arrested and brought to Hillsboro, Ohio, for trial, but what became of him after that is unknown

A beautiful sight at the end of the day...

this is the Peach gate, & I am driving the right way....towards freedom!

The mountains are calling! Are you answering?

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