making tutus for Homecoming Week..

the snow may have cancelled their plans to go out...but you can't keep these two down!

quite the lovely day.....

the rain is turning to snow, just like the weatherman predicted.....as I get home from work, Kevin heads off to work....I am jammied up and in for the night. Kate's plans were rescheduled. have a crock pot of beans, a fuzzy wuzzy blanket, some cracked out tv show and some hot cocoa in my immediate future....

time to go in search of breakfast pizza and an almond Snickers on this, my weekend to work.....


did bills, now watching Expedition Unknown where they're trying to validate the legend of Jesse James stolen Mexican gold being buried in Oklahoma...

so, now I have a museum in Concrete, Oklahoma to visit....Katie went to a bonfire in Cainsville. KJ will be headed to Taylore's when she gets off work. I'm just home in my Bigfoot jammies chillin' like a villian. did some laundry, got the bills done, the trashcans brought back in, made supper for the kids....I got this!

on this, the last day of January, my husband woke me up and presented me with breakfast!

he had to work late and wanted some bacon. so we spent a few minutes together, then I trudged off to work.


"Finally" February 2006

FEb. 1 they finished siding back of house, hung front screen door on kitchen, reversing so both doors shut, got back garage door to shut, planed bottom of our bedroom door so it shuts. put in our new front door and new storm door, which Lije & Marie decided to pay for since Kevin is working on the house. have some kind of flower coming up behind house. it definitely feels like spring! Kate shower night. her ankle/foot hurting her terribly. a P.E.accident, she said.
Feb. 2: the front of house now sided, garage side almost done. found 3 more pairs of old jeans in garage. 2 are Koren's that I will cut up and put in the quilt. I may save some of the rows I've already sewed for the next denim quilt. will cut up the leftover red plaid flannel backing from my flannel quilt next. Kate to play at Danielle's after school. so quiet here when she's gone. KJ placed in spelling bee so will have to go to Princeton and watch that! Dennis left boards off porch so he can jack it up tomorrow. Kate came home in the dark (no outside light put back up yet) anq she made it across the hole the first time, but second time she fell in doorway and scraped up her knees. Kate was calling people's answering machines 'reading' her story to them to get more signatures....Koren, Gma Janet, Gpa Bernard. did bills. donated $30 to Katie for Hoops for Hearts. that made her happy. worked on cleaning out entertainment center so Kevin can move it tomorrow and put in wood floor. printed out 33 band booster merchant donation letters and looked up addressed and addressed envelopes. scraped up $8 for Katie's Bank Day deposit. she's taking her new Valentine's Barbie for Show & Tell. ordered People Paper checks on line.
Feb. 3: Dennis finished siding and jacked up front porch. Kevin & I bought paint stuff to do ceilings and walls. I made a pinata stick, Katie tried out the new OTC limbo game we got. mailed Band Booster letters. Kate ended up with 10 signatures so she got a piece of gum AND a tattoo. Kate helped me blue tape to paint. then we painted.
Feb.4: Kate & I to bank to cash our MO refund check, bought stuff at Mom's store for Valentine dress up game. found more lace for quilt. Kevin painted LR ceiling. Kelsie and her mom took Katie to Breanna's bday party while we were gone. Koren got here too late to take KJ to his BB game. We were at Menards buying stuff for the house, Hobby Lobby getting GS craft stuff, ate at Applebee's, then to Wells Fargo to see Trapt, Default, and Nickleback. they opened with my fave song and the encore was Kevin's fave. Walmart and a stop down a long dark road on way home. bitter cold.
Feb. 5: I gave up sleeping at 8:30 a.m. when the phone rang. did Koren's taxes. she did her FAFSA. decided to buy new couch with tax refund. Kevin installed new outdoor lights, I cleaned LR closet. warmer today. KATe & I made her valentine's bags for school.
Feb. 6: Kevin & I to St Joe to help Koren & Cody move., took them to lunch at Applebee's. Kevin installed their new washer and dryer. Kate's first dance practice, Gpa. Lije took her, then took her & KJ out to supper. we didn't get home till about 8:30p.m. Koren called, she had locked herself out of new duplex, took a screwdriver from her car and pried off 1 1/2 screens to find an unlocked window to crawl thru, while Lola was looking thru the window and crying at her....her new address is 1619 Lion Road. she now has a garage with an old beer drinking couch in it and a tiny patch of yard, private parking spots behind her duplex and her very own washer and dryer. 2 bedrooms.
Feb. 8: Dennis finished wrapping the wood trim in vinyl. Miss Cuddles likes sitting in the front window. Kevin took Katie to Dr. re: lump in her mouth. she thinks infection, 7 days of chewable antibiotics. recommended taking her to dentist. said the "Cindy Crawford" mark on her face should go away. Kelsie came over to play, to HDC tourney with us. boys played 9 p.m. lost. pep band played during girls game, then I ran him home. I went to dance practice...it got out at 4 today (actually 3:45). supposed to go till 4:30. Katie is a 1. she wants to be 2l the 2s get to roll on the floor, but Jennifer was her coach.
Feb.9: Band Boosters mtg. Kate spent nite with Kelsie.
Feb. 10: no school. Robinsons brought Kate home. they put inside trim in. PSF will start mailing checks to home addresses next payday. my big raise will be on there.cleaned. Iowa refund came.


this be me!


tonite's sibling complaint:

Kate decided that KJ just lounges around all day with nothing to do, then waits until right before the very small window of opportunity she has to take a shower with school, dance, & tanning, and then he uses all the hot water. there is no rebuttal. I don't know why I don't drink more....

this morning I came upon a baby Bigfoot walking risers..or maybe just a biga** raccoon....

I'd like to believe that the Bigfoots are clever enough to disguise their young so they blend in. THAT's why the Finding Bigfoot team can't find one!

March Madness 2006

March 1: after my dream the other night, will definitely get a MY THREE KIDS pic with the MWSU shirts on. need to check out Payless BOGO and get Kate a hat and boots so we can do a duster pic before she outgrows it, too...that long white dress she has been coloring on would probably be perfect for underneath it...beautiful warm day. I painted diningroom and hall ceilings after work, I called and alerted Kevin to my plans, he was busy siding hte shack behind Marie's house so skipped painting, then let me make supper and do dishes. I am so blessed. looked longingly at weathered board wallpaper in The Country Store catalog. would it be easier than painting? I emailed Terry that the found book was KJ's.
March 2: Terry gave KJ back his found book. I moved sweatpants into bags to put in garage for a future denim/sweat quilt. threw curtain rods outside. cleaned off the top shelf my side of closet and put scrapbooks and photo albums there, moved my pants onto the old Aunt Dona Auction Shelf where I can reach them. Kate had to karate fight Ronald McDonald, my first husband, so I could marry Kevin, my second husband. She also played babies and took a shower. Kate lost a bottom front tooth at school, and a chunk of a bottom back tooth. looks broken. Good thing we go to the dentist next week! found the tooth fairy pouch. lost the little pink trunk with the teeth in it...had to write a check for bank day, barely scraped up enough $ for tooth fairy....
MArch 3: Kevin put a new seal on fridge door. called Jody and rescheduled pics for Monday 6 p.m. I filled my car at Robinson's Station. so glad they are here. I was running on fumes and just too tired to go anywhere else. Kate wanted Lindsay to come over and left her 2 messages. beautiful sun shiny day. Lindsay came over to play. Kate cut her toe on the old trellis thing. drug the boards, trellis, etc. over by the futon frame.
March 4: my weekend to work. rainy. Katie invited Lindsay to go along to see Nanny McPhee with us, so have to pick her up and take her home. Kevin's first day as the weekend banana guy.
MArch 5: had to work later than usual....had water over the slats b barn and had to wait on sewer truck ,then to Randy's to buy stuff to make requested chili for lunch. Katie finished reading the Junie B. Jones Is A Party Animal book. she played restaurant. we played Pokemon Monopoly. she took a shower. I cut up several old pairs of jeans for a quilt while we watched The Corpse Bride on dTv. washed her winter coat. Kate wants to go to Build-A-Bear workshop, found one at Jordan Creek Parkway, maybe that can be one of our summer vacation jaunts...
March 6: our rescheduled photo shoot at Jody's Little Photoshop. It went VERY well. ordered Breadeaux Pizza to bring home. ordered all proofs, she was having computer problems, so will look over proofs then order pics.
March 7: sewed quilt blocks. Kate did homework so she won't get behind from being gone tomorrow. t-storms.
March 8: took kids to Gladstone to dentist, KJ is now too old to go anymore. he started going there at age 3. Kate has an abscessed tooth, he put her on antibiotics and will pull it next week. the one I thought was broken was a loose baby tooth. all is well. bought curtain rods, LR curtains, blinds for our room, etc. @ Lowes. picked Koren up and had lunch at Chili's, bought a new tv at Best Buy, Kate & KJ clothes at Old Navy, and KJ got New Balance shoes for track @ Famous Footwear. we ate ice cream at Stone Cold Creamery or something like that. it was a long eventful day. Koren's newest hair do is adorable. she got the first ever 100% on some professsor's test.
March 9: and now my son is 14. I did risers today, didn't have groceries or a cake mix, etc. so I picked up proofs at Jody's then went to Walmart and bought him a cake and spent $285.00! swept floors, tried to catch up on laundry (I was out of softner and dryer sheets)....Kevin inspected and licensed my car and put up the new antique white curtain rod and sage green tab curtains. I started putting the lace balloon curtains back up in diningroom.
May 10: took my half day, intended to canvas for carnival prizes, get my PSF hearing test, maybe wash my car....I DID visit my mom and found props for a Cowgirl Kate picture. I DID put gas in my car. I just can't get it the mood to beg for prizes. I can't put it off forever, I guess.... band boosters meeting 3:30. Lindsay spent night with Katie. put together KJ's scrapbook page. picked out my Jody order. Koren called p.m. Ms. Cuddles was madly chasing one of her balls around while Kate & Lindsay were watching the Zoey 101 Breakup Movie.
March 11: I finished getting kitchen ready to paint and went to Girdners for 2 cans of Kilz, more vinyl gloves, and 2 more pan liners. Kevin got online and ordered wrestling tickets while I painted kitchen walls and ceiling, & splattered my face and arms. definitely spring-like today. KJ, Kate, & I to see The Pink Panther @ Corydon, about hit a hay wagon on the way there, and spotted a herd of deer on way home. kitchen is mostly put back together.
March 12: rainy day. did my Juliette Low search, came up with a biography, some little skits, etc. printed signs 4 the Brownie Ring & Closing so I don't have to pack the book around with me. taking my bedroom apart getting ready to paint next weekend....
March 13: did my PSF hearing test after work. hit up 5 businesses for carnival donations, to DG. Kate & I tried to do Cowgirl Kate pictures....too blustery. she was upset, called Kelsie to come over, she wasn't home. then the shirt she put on was too little.
March 14: Kevin chiropractor appt. a.m., then he picked Kate up at school and took her to Liberty to have the abscessed tooth pulled, all went well. KJ opted to do laundry instead of helping me canvas Princeton...I hit Breadeaux (he was gone), The Famous (YES!), S&J (closed),Farm Bureau (YES!), Country Wood Hearts & Lace (YES!), GWBank (Glenda was gone), Big G (YES!), Treadwell (closed), Country Charm (closed), picked up pics at Jody's. 54 degrees afternoon.
March 15: picked Kelsie up to plqay, her mom was sick so picked up her cookies, then Kelsie got sick & I had to take her home. Danielle came over, too. I worked more on our room, lugging shit to garage to get it out of way. decided to donate 4 boxes of our troops cookies to the raffle from Mercer Troop #44. sorted & bagged up cookies. Kevin bought sirloins and onion rings for supper. swept/mopped.
March 16: P/T conference. I dropped off 3 bags of carnival raffle prizes I've collected, paid for/picked up KJ's track shirt, did conferences with Mrs. Shriver and Mr. Fuller, and Mrs. Osborn. lots of praise on both kids. KJ: missed 2 days 1st qtr, 2 days 2nd qtr, 1 day 3rd qtr-his grades US History (A), Algebra 1/2 (B), Gen Sci (B+), JHPE8 (B-), Health8 (A-), Band7-8 (A), Lang Arts 8 (A), ChoirJH (A). Kate: missed 5 days 1st quarter, 0 days 2nd quarter. 1 day 3rd quarter. I saw them for a sec on the square. kids got out of school @ 12:20. It's officially spring break.Corey over to visit KJ, and Danielle to visit Kate. Jennifer next door is sick. Koren came back after I finally went to bed. she gave me a hug and said that Dr. Amy had reassured her that the shot was the safest, most effective form of birth control, they have to tell you every possible side effect, but that is a legal disclaimer. so, she got her shot & will continue to do so until Amy has to give her another "it's ok" speech. I know Koren has a lot on her mind, being a grownup and working and going to college and that college is a place for pondering and ideas. and then she was back to St Joe. worked more on my room---pulled out long dresser, headboard, and tall white shelf, cleaned under/behind them, and blue taped.
March 17: Kevin hit Glenda at bank up for carnival prize when he cashed his check. what a sweetie. he also called & changed the orthodontist appt. for me. Sunny & pretty outside. Kate & I did emergency house cleaning for Max, Logan, Lisa, & Mom, who I invited over. they brought Casey's pizza. Lisa had clothes for us, a scrapbook for my anniversary gift, and a cool looking book. Grandma Janet had clothes for us, too. Corey here. sold 1 book on amazon.com yesterday, 1 today. finished prepping my room to paint.
March 18: Kevin went to work early for union meeting. I talked to him when he went to work almost an hour late (off the clock, to boot.)& the union rep said they'll work the weekend whether the contract went thru or not. They will try to post the vote tonight so everyone will know if they are going on strike. they are idiots to strike. but there are many well paid idiots in the world...Kevin is worried. KJ, Kate & I to visit Lisa & boys at M&Ds, then came home &I painted in my room & got sick on paint fumes. 2 more rooms & the bathroom ceiling to go...Kevin called on his break, the contract went passed 4-1. THANK GOD!
March 19: worked on putting my room back together. I slept on old couch last nite, and Kevin in a chair since paint fumes were so bad. it was a short nite. Kate & I to Bethany Walmart a.m. to buy Lindsay a Bratz for her bday. Framed Kevin's varsity letter. Kate & I to Lindsays' swim party at Stacy Center. Kate did her homework. about gassed myself cleaning the shower.
March 20: Kevin did laundry and lugged the tv into our room, he borrowed Marie's 4wd, they're calling for horrible winter weather. snow was sticking when we looked outside 7 p.m. tornado like winds. Kate made the family room her office. I listed more books on amazon.com. need to clear out some more space around here. There are a few books over the years I wish I wouldn't have sold. just a few. 99% are just taking up space. KAte took a shower.
March 21: it did snow. a lot. so Kevin is the bad weather chauffeur again. took kids to chiropractor, Pizza Hut.
March 22: Aerosmith concert cancelled. Steven Tyler is having throat surgery of some kind....will get a refund. Kelsie rode bus home with Katie for Girl Scouts. just have Jennifer's cookies left to deliver. KJ first day of track practice. she called us when we were checking out, she had been shoveling snow in the back yard...got an email that a Des Moines radio station was having an Aerosmith get well party, show your ticket for a free beer, 70 minutes of live track Aerosmith music, and a big get well card to sign.
March 24: band boosters mtg. 3 of us there. lots of shit left to do. will probably have to work next Sat. could be grim & exhausting, but in a week and a day, it'll all be over.....& some other impossible to accomplish task will come up. Corey & Danielle came home with us. Katie delivered the last of her cookies to Jennifer. elementary health fair Katie is 4'2", 67 lbs, B/P 100/70. KJ is 5'11" 1/4" in his shoes and weighs 173.
March 25: my weekend to work. Kevin got up and took Katie to Emily's grandma's to go to a skating party. after I got home, Shelley called to see if Katie wanted to go to the movies with Lindsay. KJ waited until I got home in case Katie called to be picked up, then jogged on the trail. KJ & I watched Doom on dTv. it's really quiet with out Kate home. I can't imagine life without her.
March 26:only Miss Cuddles and I are awake to see the beautiful sunrise before I stumble out the door to my 'career'...got home from work about noon and Kate had just got up. she was my exercise instructor & taught me all her gym stretches, some Hannah Montana moves, then made up some, too. she had Denise Austin's soothing voice....I wonder if she remembers her fat mama working out to Denise so long ago???
March27: I preordered Disneymania4 cd with a half price deal on High School Musical cd 4 Katie.
March 28: my sister Brenda's birthday. she's 37. I heard on KTTN that the Civil War re-enactment at Trenton is THIS weekend.
MArch 29: I was a home mom today ( my mgr. is leaving the company to pursue another lucrative opportunity so is giving us each a day off this week as a going away gift. I noticed how KJ automatically takes out his retainer, washes, it, and puts it away. he put his OWN $ in his pocket for the MAP trip to Chillicothe today. Kate drags her clothes down the hall (on the floor) to the bathroom to get dressed. had to finish up my band booster begging 4 donations thing. I finished up in Princeton, left 5 bags of clothes at Mom's store, washing what mud I could off the car with the quarters I had. Kevin & I had fried chicken special at Janet's Country Table. I helped him pick up our yard and Marie's. took the prizes to school. picked KJ up from track practice. his shins hurt. arranged to meet Cathy tomorrow to go thru our prizes.
March 30: tremendous downpour.
March 31: Kate, KJ & I to St Joe for carnival last minute shopping, etc, went very well for us shopping, Kate only wandered off briefly a few times, so treated us to a picnic in the car on way home...McDonald's Chicken Selects and Fries. KJ's shins still hurting from track.


KJ to DR re: rash, not shingles, not sure what it is. gave him steroids.

Kate school, dance practice, tanning. Kevin took Bubs to dr, bought steaks and fixin's for supper. he also got his permanent crown put on. our mechanic says "Katie's car" has a blown head gasket. John says it's worth fixing, so they're doing a detailed estimate....dropped off Bonneville for shocks or struts or whatevs.

April Arrives 2006

April Fools Day: had to work, and set up for band carnival...had 33 guesses on my basketball game. spent $50 on raffle tickets, Kate won one of Melissa's bracelets, and $20 cash, I won $10 cash and $10 gift certificate to Janet's Country Table, one of us won a flower basket from Dave Neimier. Kate won Bambi II dvd, and KJ won a free pizza and breadsticks from Pizza Plus. not bad! I think I left my camera bag at school, remember having it on my shoulder, when I got home I couldn't find it in car....or anywhere. I might have dropped it in the house...I guess I don't have to take pics at the Civil War thing tomorrow. I didn't have time to take any pics at the carnival...
April 2: I must've left the banana bread wherever I left the camera bag....because I couldn't find my banana bread for breakfast. couldn't go to the Civil War re-enactment in Trenton yesterday because I had to work...started out today but the radio said most of the re-enactors had left during last nights storm, it was really really muddy out there, they were recommending people ride a shuttle bus from the senior center...and they estimated that about 50 re-enactors were left, but the battle was still on. my throat really hurts, I am tired, and it just wouldn't be fun by myself (couldn't talk the kids into going with me.) so just got gas, cough drops, and lunchables and came back home. then I thought Kate & I would go see Curious George but the called for thunderstorm blew in and we just stayed home. she has an awful runny/stuffy nose.
April 3: Katie has got to learn the meaning of NO. honestly, we tell her no, she just goes on and does whatever. KJ won the 2nd highest raffle ticket seller: $10. emailed Terry about my missing camera. insomnia.
April 4: Kate brought home my camera. Ragan's was out of NyQuil. bought Mucinex to try, then I'll go to Dr. nap.
April 5: I slept good (except 4 the two times Kevin woke me up while he was watching The Bare Witch Project and feel a lot better.
April 6: KJ will be Daddy Warbucks in the school production of Annie!
April 7: to Dr, 230lb/ B/P 118/86 sinus infection, 2 wks Rx. Kevin took KJ out of school to go to chiropractor. he thinks KJ should get Rx for acne. to Raw Wrestling in Des Moines, didn't have time to eat at Applebee's, had to do Burger King. we had good seats, the kids had a good time. KJ got a RVD shirt and we bought a program. it was fun. found out that RVD is KJ's favorite, and I got to see Big Show "live and in person" for 108D. Eugene was there...Spirit Squad...Edge & Lita....Kane...Carlito...Trish Stratus...Golddust...John Cena...Triple H...Visera...that new samoan guy...Koren left a message that she'd be here today.
April 8: biw Kate is blowing thick yellow snot too. Kate & I to Walmart. Koren & Cody here. Kate transformed the backdeck into a gazebo paradise...where I got massaged. later on I rec'd a foot massage, a hairdo, and a makeover. Stormy Wier called KJ. Kate, KJ, & I to see The Shaggy Dog. and I pd. for the movie display Scary Movie 4 poster we can pic up after the movie plays.
April 9: nap. Kate moved her deck paradise under her favorite tree. she was also digging in the new iris bed, which we remedied. do have a few new iris trying to come up. swept/moped/washed sheets/Kate's blankets/Ms. Cuddles rug. there is an outside cat who looks a lot like Ms. Cuddles, but with 2 eyes and a little leaner. she has the brown splotchy marks & everything. just noticed her today. Kate changed the front of the new scrapbook from "Memories" to "Memories by Deb & Kate." cool idea.
April 10: KJ's first track meet. made Kate dr. appt. 4 tomorrow afternoon, emailed Mrs. Osborne. KJ said he came in last in the 400 and 800, his leg messed up second race, and that the shotput and discus went better than he thought they would. he called home for a ride aobut 8:30 p.m. Koren called. her car door handle on inside drivers door is broke.
April 11: someone shot out 4 windows at the school, there were bullets in the wall, shell casings in the street. at least it happened at night. Kevin & Kate & I went fishing with Lije and Jo.
April 12: I helped Kevin mow Marie's yard, then he started on ours. Brownie Easter Egg Hunt at City Park.
April 13: KJ track meet. Kevin mowed our yard. got Lumina a/c fixed. threw open the windows, it's *S*P*R*I*N*G*!*!*!* Kate went to park to play with Breanna. she is a very social girl. at 5:20 p.m. the Bardwells picked up Kate to spend the night with Danielle. so now it's just me and Ms. Cuddles. and I don't know what to do...after I do throw clothes in washer and dryer and figure out bills....if I had a paint roller, I could paint the bathroom...but think I used all of them. maybe I'll drag out the sewing machine...or lay on back porch and read.....what did I ever do before I had kids?
April 14: Katie came home from Danielle's, played at park with Kelsie, and went to the movies with Lindsay.
April 15: Kate, KJ, & I to see the same movie Kate saw last nite...she was less than thrilled. drove home in downpour. painted bathroom ceiling/washed walls &curtains/put bathroom back together. Lindsay over to play.
April 17. I am tired. shut windows and turned furnace back on....our brief summer is over. back to spring.
April 18...read out on front porch a while, but the birds began to annoy me...the daffodils are done and Kevin's tulips are blooming. Kate & Kevin to chiropractor. I stayed home to pick up KJ from track practice. new school rule: only the after school kids club on the playground M-F until 5:30 p.m. last night some older boys were playing BB & cussing, etc. today one of the E. boys was walking around the school while I was waiting on KJ.
April 19: Kevin thunked a snake with a shovel in front yard, it didn't die. Kate & I did a lap on trail. she always has to beat me.
April 20: I mowed the yard. KJ all day track meet. we went to school @ 6:30 p.m. and waited about an hour for the bus, Kate played with Braelyn and I talked to Ruth.
April 21: I took Kate & Danielle & Corey & KJ to Benchwarmers @ Corydon. KJ got to have his cd on way there, Kate on way home. gas $1.75 Princeton.
April 22: work, took kids to McDonalds 4 lunch-BOGO Payless ($97) & Walmart ($60).
April 23: the last few weeks Katie has requested that we turn off hall light and leave on bathroom light instead, I know I'm sleeping way better that way! gas $1.78 Lineville. planted sunflower mat and the 2 free bulbs from Walmart. I went to Randy's for Katie's requested milk for her cereal, when I came back to town, she was running from the square, she had went to Ragans which was closed looking for me. She can really fly in the new light up flip flops! I wonder what people think when they see her running wild all over town by herself. she is a free spirit, and way too independent for her own good (and my peace of mind.) to her credit, she was on the side of the road and she looks before she crosses the street.....
April 24: Kate decided to throw a sleepover for Lindsay, Kelsie, and Nicole Friday.
April 25: half day. Kevin & I to eat lunch at Cowboy Corner. watched the Pirates movie I bought him for xmas. cold & rainy. Damion Goodman's brother died this morning...he had a bike wreck last Thursday and broke his neck and severed his spine. he was 21. Damion's big sister was hit by a vehicle when she was on a scooter or something & died during Kindergarten soccer season.
April 26: Kevin to a university cow AI thing with his dad. I started mowing the yard and had a flat, don't know how to fix it, no husband here....so the yard won't get mowed tonight, I guess....I researched the Iowa mumps epidemic online. Koren called, there was a rape at college, and a freshman died in her dorm room-cause hasn't been released yet.
April27: KJ all day track meet, he did the shotput (scratched) and 800 (last). Kate helped Bailey at her experiment at Science Fair. did the half price book fair....only spent $10.63-quite possibly the cheapest book fair bill ever! washed my car, Randy's for Des Moines paper for KJ's science project and Katie sleepover supplies. talked to Shelley Bickle-she is a health coordinator in Iowa, she said the same thing I read on line...if you had the 2 childhood shots, you are 95% protected, which is as good as it gets. some of those kids are getting m umps, they get a 5 day quarantine. no deaths so far. I won't worry about it. passed on this news to Koren & Kevin. Kevin fixed tire, he & I finished mowing yard.
April 28: half day of school. Rain. Katie had Kelsie, Lindsay, & Nicole sleepover. they had DiGorno pepperoni pizza & Dr. Pepper with straws for supper. they had a belching contest, makeovers, band practice, then Kate drug them over to Jennifer's. They put things in their sleeping bags then hopped around in them. Nicole brought her tent & was very impatient to put it up (I made her wait till after wrestling), snacks were nacho cheese Doritos and Cheetos Cheese Popcorn.
April 29: the girls found 3 baby kittens under back porch. Nicole our first guest to leave. don't think she left anything. Linday left, I took a nap before Kelsie left. Kevin made potato soup for lunch. I found out happily that he has $900 stashed in our vacation fund! when I mentioned it, he wants to go to Six Flags this year. I didn't think we could swing that this year, but I am more than happy to bump my own plans to next year...with the exception of Build-A-Bear Workshop, which Katie could very possibly outgrow.
April 30: KJ & I to Walmart a.m., KAte had playdate at Kayla's afternoon. Rain. repotted her magical I LOVE YOU bean plant. took down pennants in KJ's room and stripped off some wallpaper border.


today Kevin, Katie, & I journeyed to the city to see our grandson....and of course his parents....

Ian RUNS! it is adorable. had a most wonderful visit. we all went to Overland Park to eat at Rocks & Brews. he is the best baby in public. if all first babies were that good, there'd be more large families!



Miss Kate to hang out with friends tonite.

I slept most of the day. just a quiet evening at home making roast, potatoes, and carrots for supper. Kate was down in basement last night going thru my family boxes, she threw away some stuff I fished out of trash while doing laundry. put some of the diary entries she found on my blog. more to type. just simple daily routines that bring back a lot of memories. nothing major, just real life. every day life. I'd forgotten how much Katie hated to take showers....the games she played...movies we'd watched. just fun to read.

Junebugs 2006

June 1: mowed yard. Kevin & Katie took KJ to Princeton & had a photo id made for him to use with Six Flags tickets. KJ asked KAte if her tonsils hurt (why everything tastes bad, she's so draggy & whiny, etc.) he can be pretty observant. I'm too wrapped up in 'my list'. stayed up till 1:25 a.m. watching King Kong. probably not the brightest thing I ever did---Kate even beat me to bed. she showered 10 p.m. Koren on deans list 4th consecutive time!
June 2: Kate deposited $46 in her savings, for a grand total of $293.91. she is saving it for college and car payments. kids & I to see Over The Hedge at Corydon. picked up Scary Movie poster, bigger than the others. Koren called, she got a 90 cents raise she now makes $8.50/hr. vaccumed out my car, Kate & I armoralled and windexed both cars.
June 3: work. made the soup mix Kevin wanted. swept/mopped/vaccumed. laundry. dishes. Kate to movies with Lindsay.
June 4: work. Kate kite flying & picnicking with Lindsay. Kevin called me at work once andwoke me up, then called me again right before I left to make sure I was awake....
June 5: Kevin up to get the Lumina oil changed for vacation--called the museum to check hours--not open today, so will have to see Ella's stuff another time. of course, I can't sleep in on my vacation, but did go back to bed for awhile. had steak & potatoes o'brien for lunch Kevin & I watched several of our Texas Ranch House episodes on TiVo. then mom called, Bre & Kids were there, so Kevin, Kate, & I went. got to meet Seth. the girls hit it right off & decided to be penpals.
Vacation 2006 Kevin squirreled away leftover refund $ and $ he made working for his dad, deb worked an extra weekend since she didn't get a bonus check. took June 5-9 off work. we ordered the 2006 Missouri Official Vacation Planner & Kate & I checked websites and made lists of things to do....per Kevin the entire vacation was built around going to Six Flags Over St. Lewis on Thursday. Kevin had a migraine dr. appt. in WDM Tuesday, so took Katie to Build-A-Bear Workshop, because little girls grow up fast. Wednesday we were up bright and early and on the road to St Louis. did the Route 66 State Park, Kate lost a tooth eating her french fries at Applebee's, and swam at hotel. Kevin & the kids played arcade games. Thursday: to Tooth Fairy is good! she found Katie on vacation and left her $3.00! breakfast at Denny's, rode the hotel shuttle bus to Six Flags. after a full day, went back to the hotel to swim, then ate at Pizza Hut. Friday breakfast at Denny's, went to the Jesse James Wax Museum & Meramec Caverns @ Stanton, lunch at Hooters in Columbia, then came home.
June 9: got home and started vacation laundry. Koren left with Cody.
June 10: I mowed yard, pd. Jennifer $30 for housesitting, went to Ragan's for groceries, made lunch. sprinkly and cool. Kevin back to work.
June 11: t-storm 1 a.m. Lije's 65th birthday party--his girlfriend Jo, mother Marie, son Kevin, dau. in law Deb, grandchildren KJ & Katie, sister Deanna and brother in law Frank attended. lunch and burnt sugar ice cream made from Grandma Shroyer's recipe.
June 12: the rearview mirrow fell off windshield sometime today while I was at work. Kevin went & got glue to fix it. now there is a code on the office door and they've poured concrete for the fog shed and dead shed. just when I think it can't suck any worse...Katie was sorting thru all her Barbie stuff to make a trunk from the Genie Bratz parents to the Genie Bratz for her new life...which can't start until we get the Hawaii mural put up. Kate & I stayed up till 12:30 a.m. watching The New World.
June 13: Kevin took Monte to get aligned, they could only do back because front needs parts...he worked all day for his dad, then took kids to chiropractor. I had a 3 hr. 15 minute mandatory meeting at work.
June 14: Kevin hayed with Lije again today. then we went to Bethany, ate at Pizza Hut, and shopped to the tune of $241 at Walmart. vacation scrapbook...new sweeper filter...a pair of jeans shorts for me...pink panther dvd...ink jet cartridges for printer...groceries...I declared that July 12 will be family fun day. and notified all family members.
June 15: Kate spent night with Danielle. she left while I was at work, then picked up the bag I packed her while I was in backyard and left again. I tried to watch Hostel with KJ. it was as bad as Saw. I thought I was going to thru up. Kevin started installing ceiling fan in KJ's room. changed sheets. worked on vacation scrapbook.
June 16: Kate came home right before Kevin went to work, Danielle stayed to play a while, then we went to X-Men The Last Stand. My missing white sandals were on the back porch rail. but today at work realized my cell phone antenna is gone. haven't found it yet, trying to search all the places I've laid it down. Kate picked up Miss Cuddles during her and Danielle's fashion shoot and got clawed. I found the beer cutout card and had the kids sign it, then bought a 6 pack of Amber Rock and put in fridge with a bow for Fathers Day.
Father's Day. I lounged around & thought I was sick...made lasagna for lunch, & Kevin chocolate chip cookies. cleaned floors. afternoon naps. my ribs hurt. took comforter off our bed for summer. cleaned kitchen table. I need to get back on Koren's denim quilt.
June 19: Kevin built the shoe cabinet in a box that I bought. I mowed yard, a medium sized alligator snapping turtle kept me company, it crawled across the yard from Jennifer's direction and the last time I was crawling into the oldest iris bed. there is an unverified legend that a 403 lb. alligator snapping turtle was found in the Neosho River in Kansas in 1937.
June 20: Kevin had the front end of Monte aligned, mowed hay for Lije, and mudded/taped KJ's ceiling. he also helped me put up Katie's Hawaii mural. Yay! KJ haircut. Sam Chase had a baby girl today, Tommy & Tonya are having a boy. Alicia Clark moved back home from St Joe. she's not going to Vatterot. early a.m. feeder load.
June 21: Fathers Day Night Out..we ate at Country Kitchen Chillicothe. our steaks weren't real done. we missed the movie Kevin wanted to see @ theater. so we went to Walmart & he picked out 2 dvds, Kate & KJ each got one, too. Koren called, Lola broke her hip. she'll have surgery tomorrow & come home Friday.
June 22: Kevin put up KJ's ceiling fan, tent blew down in last night's storm, so drug it to clothes line & hung it up. one of the trashcans out front was half full from rain running off the roof. Kate is still running her orphanage. KJ did dishes. I changed my sheets and worked on vacation scrapbook since most of my pictures are in.
June 23: Kevin talked to Glenda at bank about truck payments...he thinks they'll be too high. I took a load of stuff for Martha's garage sale. Kate gave me a massage appt. and a meditation class when I got home. Katie caught lightning bugs at dusk. She's pretty damn good at it....Koren called, Lola is home from surgery, all went well, she goes back in 10 days to remove staples. she has 7 days of pain reliever and antibiotic.
June 24: Princeton pool.
June 25: The Break Up . I was very disappointed with the ending. you have to put some effort into a relationship to make it work, and if you fall in love with an inconsiderate prick, he probably won't get any better...or maybe that's just me. KJ thinks that being married so long has jaded my opinions on romantic movies. while we were waiting for the movie to start, Kate said that I must've been about 100 when she was born, that I seemed like it, anyway.....
June 26: mowed yard, Kevin put in fuse for dryer. Kate played in mud and took a shower.
June 27: Kevin & I to chiropractor, took kids out to eat at Washington Street Food & Drink. Walmart, then to see Click, quick HyVee shopping on way home.
June 28 Kevin in hay field, bought a pheasant wood whirly gig from next door.
June 29: Kate played with Kelsie at park, I did a few laps with Mel & Makella, Koren called, found a car she wants to buy for $1000. Emily Markum called with a Team National Sales Pitch---Makella & Mel stayed on the line longer than I did...I hung up while she was transferring me the 2nd time. Mel said Brad & Patty Riggs are doing it. was going to take some more garage sale stuff to Martha's , but didn't make it, Kate needed a helper for job interviews, then she rented Catch That Kid from Ragan's, which was pretty good.
June 30: another month gone. half the year gone. Kevin called at work to tell me that I'd gotten paid for my sick days...money for family fun day and back to school shopping. Kate to the Princeton Pool with Lindsay. gas pumps extremely slow at Caseys. KJ, Kate & I to see Cars at Corydon. saw a deer, an owl, and a coyote on the way home.
June 17: spraypainted KJ's dresser. Princeton Pool. wrestled up the tent because I want to camp (apparently I am the only one who wants to camp.) was very excited to find out that William Cullen Bryant was a character in a fiction book Forever that I am reading! Koren's Father Day card arrived today & gave Kevin quite the chuckle.

Just July 2006

July 1: Kate & I met Kelsie at Princeton pool, they played at both parks, then we got a pop at Casey's and came home. It was 98 degrees. cleaned house. made first apple pie of the summer. Koren & Cody over.
July 2: pool with Kelsie, storm about 6 p.m. blew down limbs, & Paul's horses got in our yard
July 3: overslept/late to work
July 4: Katie swimming with Lindsay, family fireworks shopping @ Jeff Henley's tent. Wish I would've had my camera for pics of the big black gorilla and big yellow whatever blowups in Lineville. Kate, Kevin, & I to eat supper at the park (brought KJ's home & went back). Kate had lots of friends to play with. we stayed for fireworks, then came home and shot most of ours off.
July 5: KJ lit off the daytime fireworks after I got home--the giant parachutes were pretty, 2 got stuck in the tree, kate retrieved one from the road & one from Paul's pasture, {so I told them the story of my crawling thru a barbed wire fence after a parachute on the 4th of July & getting my leg caught in the fence, my dad came over and lifted me up out of it, & I ended up with a big scar on the back of my calf.} The others drifted off prettily on the breeze. Kevin mowed hay. KJ got dressed 4 our remaining nite fireworks-Kate put on her robe-Kevin came out wrapped in a blanket. Kate put on a rock show with her sparklers...KJ lit firecrackers...and when Kate asked him to put one in the 5 gallon bucket half full of water we had for sparklers---it blew a big hole in the bottom of the bucket! what a cool ending to our 2 days of fireworks! Kate shower. I set Aug. 8-9 as Omaha Zoo Days.
July 6: oh I hate to get up, it's so hard to get up, oh I just can't get up in the morning---Braelyn, Chance, & Derek over afternoon. Kevin had me fax all the stuff to Debtscape again, they don't think we have all the necessary info to give us our refund. Next time, we'll just declare bankruptcy. debt consolidation is a big pain in the ass. made $21.25 @ Martha's garage sale...not bad considering most of it was 25 cents!
July 7: Kate swimming with Lindsay, then Lindsay spent the nite. Derek spent nite with KJ. Carrie Benefield rode her bike over, she's visiting her dad. Then the girls went to her house & frog danced on the trampoline. I'd love to get the kids a trampoline, but Koren hurt her ankle on one years ago at a friends house and Kevin has forbid me to buy one. Carrie & William flew in from TX alone. They'll be here a month. Kevin trying to find more stuff to send to Debtscape so they'll give our $ back. I think it's a lost cause. Norman the fish is missing this week, presumed dead. Kevin called on his break, thinking of bidding a Mon-Tues off job to get out of Bananas. I just want to quit my job. but of course I can't.....
July 8: KJ, Katie, Derek, & I went to the pool, the water is cold. DG. Dixie said she is retiring, the 21st is her last day. Kate went to play at Carrie's. The neighbors backyard has turned into a tent city-looks cool. Katie likes to watch creepy, ghostly, teenagey, and horsey things, just like her big sister did at her age.
July 9: slept in. Emily called from pool wanting Katie to come, so we went. Mowed yard. Kevin quote, "I know a gut hater when I see one."
July 10: Kate & I went to Megan Robinson's bowling birthday party @ Chillicothe. The new bowling place is NEAT! & Kate seems to be quite the bowler. The party package they had included an hour of bowling, pitchers of pop, 3 pizzas, a decorated table, plates, cups, & napkins, a big bowling pin for everyone to sign w/ balloons attached, & a group Polaroid picture. Kate said the games ripped her off, she needed 85 points to get what she wanted...we took Mel, Kelsie, & Emily with us, so didn't go to Walmart or get my much anticipated banana split on way home.
July 11: Kevin, Kate, & KJ to chiropractor. Sonic. the 99 cent jr. caramel chocolate banana split is about 3" long. looked bigger on tv.
July 12: Family Fun Day 2006!It was hot. we went to Jesse James Museum, Patee House Museum, The Pony Express Monument, shopping, lunch at 54th Street, mini golf, and ice cream. looked at Koren's 2000 car she bought.
July 13: went to stupid pod meeting. big storm p.m. Kate couldn't believe that I made her shower in a storm, she could hit by lightning. changed our sheets.
July 14: lost a huge limb that almost hit the house, and another big limb by Kate's garden. My paycheck didn't come, Kevin called me, I called payroll. Then Kevin walked uptown for oil "my car was out" and stopped at post office, Donna said several PSF employees had stopped in looking for their checks, although Joe Hendren assured me they were mailed out on the correct day. swept/swiffered/vaccumed.
July 15: from Cut! Hollywood Murders, Accidents, and Other Tragedies: Kay Kendall (1926-1948) had her leading man divorce his wife and marry her in 1957 after her Dr. told him she was dying from luekemia, she remained ignorant of her true condition until her death. Elissa Landdi (1904-1948) died in a Kingston hospital after a 9 month illness-her husband had hidden the truth from her, so she never knew that she had terminal cancer. Women really didn't have any rights back then, the Dr. would tell the spouse and only the spouse a fatal diagnosis, so that the spouse would have the option of telling or not telling the woman what was wrong with her-would ignorance be kinder than the awful truth? my weekend to work, yay, me. came home & took a nap. Kate woke me up for a JCI call, had to go back to work, they were ok, then had unreliable sensor, so walked all barns, etc. was going to take kids out to eat, KJ wouldn't go, so Kate & I went to AJ's and brought him home food. I hate my job. I hate getting called back out. I hate staying late. I hate meetings. Maybe I'll get fired since Doug was out driving and no car was there....I'll take the fall for that one. I can't afford to quit, but if I get FIRED, then I have to change jobs....hmmmmm. I constantly piss Kate off. She spends a lot of time stomping to her room. my paycheck came today, not that I could get to bank....
July 16: had to stay till 8 p.m. it finally cooled down to 91.7 in G barn. 2 dead sows. broke all the rules and called Kevin for help...the powerwasher was melting so I sent him home. the kids seem to do well without me here. I read in my Doc Holliday book that his cousin Mattie Holliday (later sister Mary Melanie when she became a nun) was the inspiration for Melanie Hamilton in Gone With The Wind.
July 17: found Snoball dead when I went out to feed the dogs. KJ helped me carry him to one of his holes he'd dug under his favorite pine tree. Kevin, good dad that he is, dug a giant deep hole to bury our big white dog in. Lije gave us sweetcorn, onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes. Carrie her to play with Katie. Kevin 's first Monday off....he was in hayfield. Cliff Shipley had a stroke this weekend and was lifeflighted. Ragan's was broke into early yesterday morning.
July 18: took my half day. kids haircuts, Kate went shoulder length and loves it. took Katie & Carrie to pool. Kevin in hayfield again all day. he got home @ 10 p.m. finally had KJ try on Kevin's suit, it's too tight.
July 19: Carrie here again. finished reading What Remains & of course I bawled helplessly. I have always found the Kennedy family history fascinating. listed it to amazon.com. the other 3 books I recently read were valued from 5 cents to 50 cents, so will just do something else with them.
tried out Bears Aloha Grill @ New Hampton. we'll go back sometime for the pupu platter. the people next to us got one, it smelled good. Walmart.
July 21: Rain! Katie to Danielle's, then Danielle over here to spend the night. Then Carrie called wanting to come over, then Kelsie wanted Katie to play at her Grandma Sheryl's....so brought her over here, too. They got horse rides at Paul's, then played spa. I picked up sticks. mowed yard.
July 22: there was an annoying buzzing sound a.m.....finally traced it down to one of the teeny tiny tea cups from the Studio Image photo shoot up against the power strip under desk. Carrie over afternoon, then took her and Katie to her house after Danielle went home. Brought Katie home & settled her on the couch with her jammies and heating pad (she had headache and backache.) & then Carrie was back. they were babysitting her next door. so, Kate got dressed and went outside with her for awhile, then she watched Scary Saturday Night Sleepover with Kate for awhile and went back over to Jennifer's.
we watched KJ's Big Cats dvd, Kate decided that big cats needed forks and possibly knives to eat with. then she went to Carrie's for awhile. they took her swimming at Lake Marie and she came home in the back of a pickup truck. probably an exciting adventure, and nothing I didn't do as a kid and live thru, but it makes me nervous. just like her & Carrie walking from Carrie's house to the school park yesterday. Kate hurt her knee today. She thinks its better now. Koren & Cody here. it's nice having her here just like the good old days.
July 24: Kevin & Koren got her car inspected & licensed. she went home. Carrie & Katie shot music videos until the battery quit.
July 25: nagged Kevin out of hayfield so we could go to Chillicothe to the movies. Carrie kind of somehow got invited along...the girls & I saw Monster House, Kevin & KJ My Super Ex-Girlfriend. supper Mc// drivethru. Walmart.
July 26: Carrie & Katie are newscasters.
July 27: I went to pick up my last live check when I didn't have to...I read email wrong. Katie had a funeral for the win Water Babies, they keep leaking so she "had to throw them away." They were Koren's. KJ also played with one and called it Baby Andy. I bought it a football outfit to make it look more masculine. Kate has played with them. it's sad to see them go....then they made milk by mixing baby powder with milk and did skin and hair treatments.
July 28: my last live check. Kate & I to bank, Casey's. picked up Carrie, she spent the night and girls and I went to Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest. Carrie made a record # of trips to the bathroom, and asked me several times how much longer the movie was. It was an amazing movie. KJ opted not to miss wrestling and to avoid 2 car rides with the girls. (they do get kind of loud.)
July 29: Katie, Carrie, & I to pool. 98 degrees. swept/mopped/vaccumed. taping all movies off the TiVo to make space. Koren & Cody stopped by after I went to bed to borrow chairs for a party. she's going to Rascal Flatts with her friend Lydia next week. She'll be back tomorrow to visit.
July 30: Koren said it was 101 degrees when they drove thru Princeton. Katie to Carrie's to play. washed sheets/blankets. I picked Katie up, they were going to park, so taped them playing BB, then we took Carrie home, went to Randy's for a DiGornio pizza, and Kate took a shower.
July 31: Kevin worked for his dad. Kate's Lands End shipment came today, she loves the backpack, and the pants and coat were good fits. yay, me! Carrie over. Katie got mad @ Carrie, Carrie asked me to take her home, and Katie doesn't ever want to see Carrie again. July is over.

my weekend off!

slept in! Kevin off to sale barn to watch The Dailey cattle sell.....(his dad is retiring from the cattle business.) Katie had a forestry team meeting. haven't seen the Bubs. I am couch napping and watching stuff off my list....with intermittent checks of facebook and blog posts. the sun is shining....the curtains are open.....the world is my oyster!

I'm not sure if I believe in Heaven, per say....but I like the idea. The end of the movie Titanic.....where Rose dies and they are all waiting for her at the Grand Staircase.

Joe Hills book Horns with the enchanted treehouse of the mind (I think that's what it was called.) The When Ghosts Attack episode where the girls are trying to talk to spirits in the cemetery and all the ghosts are standing beside their graves. Sins of the Seventh Sister book I read long ago where the boy goes to the graveyard to talk to his great aunt, she is perched on her tombstone. she warns him to be careful who he is buried next to, your ghost can only travel so far from your stone. American Horror Story Freak Show finale where Elsa dies and she is back in the big top with all her monsters, headlining a show where the house is packed every night. where would my happy place be? the one where I want to spend eternity? With my family. Just hanging out with Kevin, Koren, KJ, & Katie forever. of course, Koren now has her own little family that she wants to spend forever with. and someday, the same will be true for Kj & Katie. so, maybe my forever will just be me and Kevin. in a little cabin in the mountains. sitting on a porch in rocking chairs watching the sun come up and go down. forever and ever.


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KJ & Taylore

I love how he takes pics with her!

did a Coons Country Market run for some comfort food.....did the bills and the chores....

and took out another life insurance policy for $100,000....so if my heart implodes or a blood clot finishes me off, Kevin can pay off my credit cards and KJ's student loans....Taylore came over to hang with KJ, Katie & I watched Shutter Island which kind of freaked me out. what if I really just THINK I work in a hog barn and live in a ranch house and have 3 children and a couple of annoying weiner dogs and a one-eyed cat? what if I am really an inmate in an asylum for the criminally insane? and what if Bigfoot isn't even real? my mind is just so boggled right now.....better take my gummy calciums and some NyQuil and just go to bed!

some days it's not easy being a mom.....

when your child is ill.....or sobbing broken-heartedly...it's been a bad day for Miss.

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Marble funeral sculpture of a 2-year-old girl who died in January 1844. The sculpture was created by the artist Carlo Marochetti (1805-1867). This piece is located in the Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Turin, Italy.

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