To clarify to our Walmart customers what has happened at the store today: We did receive a bomb threat, the store was briefly evacuated, the store was cleared for re-entry, and we are once again open for business. We welcome all customers once again to come in and save money and live better.

Bethany Walmart facebook post today...

this story needs another picture...but will start it here.

last week, I am driving to work. don't want to go, have to go. get to stop sign by old Mercer State Shed (which is really closer to the new Somerset Community Building/maintainer shed ) and the stop sign has been spray painted. who loves graffiti? this gal! who has a cell phone? this gal. so, post pic on facebook. I think it says NACHO. weird, but everyone has the right to self expression, right. although defacing a stop sign would seem to be illegal, as it could distract drivers. still worthy of a picture. I like to document my little world. it's my thing. example....hundreds of pictures of interesting trees and falling down old buildings I drive past.
so......Katie tells me it says VAGINA. no way. no way. I look at it again, tilt my head. yep. VAGINA. hmmmm. so, the stop sign at Ravanna also has graffiti. (haven't got a pic of it yet.) what do I think it says? DIE. harsh. thought provoking. but after the NACHO/VAGINA moment of truth, I tilt my head waiting for traffic to pull out on 136 to go to work. and what does it say? DICK. wow. So, I text Katie. she says this makes sense. and yep, it does. I kinda want to cruise around and look at other stop signs, to see if the story continues. who? why? when? the world will probably never know.

still living on 'severe cold medicine'....sleeping a lot....

Kevin was watching football all day Thanksgiving...I started what I thought was a new book between naps...time travel, Jack the Ripper, a tortured rich boy, my kind of thing, right? the Map of Time by Felix J. Palma started feeling like déjà vu a bit in.....then at page 95, it clicked. I had read this before. and I loved it. I loved the style of writing, the whole idea of time travel to fix a mistake...BUT this was in the stack of books Koren sent home with me....books I had loaned her. time to move on to the next book in my stack....(sigh)


"Like my mother always said, 'Two tears in a bucket, mother fuck it.'"

yes, ma'am, I am spending my Friday evening drinking sweet tea and watching Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil!


took a long couch nap (after my long bed nap), made a batch of fabric softner, ordered pic frames for new Chiefs family pics....

honestly don't know how I got this all accomplished today!

more facebook friends post Glimmer Girls pictures...

sleeping away my day off.....slept till 7, took some nighttime cold Rx.....hung some pictures....cleaned off D.R. table...."wrapped" Ian's gift....

watched My Five Wives, uploaded the dance video, then back to bed. meanwhile, Kate and company drove to Bethany in search of lunch & hair dye. the adventures of a teenage driver! I need to mail KJ's college assignment and buy brown sugar to make sweet potatoes tomorrow. which would probably require pants. as in not pj pant...

this is about the best reason to call into work I can think of....but I knew how busy work would be, so I didn't....

it was also the first ever Peach 4-5 Thanksgiving Feast, which I was dreading, but ended up being fun. there was turkey and noodles, hot rolls, deviled eggs, corn casserole, pumpkin pie, brownies, cheesecake, apple pie, and my infamous 'homemade' mashed potatoes.

It's Glimmer Girls Season!

(aka North Mercer High School BB Season.....) and they debuted their new outfits last nite! Katie's fan club included Grandpa Lije, his girlfriend Donna, cousin Janet, Bob, Sam, her wonderful mother, and adorable brother.....(her dad had to work and her most devoted fan Grandma Janet had community choir practice). I just took a video, Kate posted this pic of her and bestie Britt on facebook....and I tole pics from other facebook friends as well! I wore my new dance mom hoodie but forgot my Glimmer Girl custom made necklace....bought baby Ian a Mercer Cardinals t-shirt, and a hoody for either Koren or Katie.

The French Quarter.....Crested Butte...one of those quaint little towns in South Dakota....and hell, I've never been to NYC, Savannah, Maine, London or Paris, but I'd buy apartments there, too!


Baby Ian tries Great Great Grandma Marie's Cherry Pie---made with cherries from the tree in Great Grandpa Lije's yard

went straight from work to my father-in-laws for supper...Kevin, Ian, & Koren were already there, then KJ & Katie joined us. had fun visiting with the Florida relatives....Kevin's cousin Janet, her husband Bob, her son Sam. and Lije and Marie. then our baby spent the nite at our house! he has the most adorable surprised face now. melts my heart every time. and this boy is a walker now. Sasha & Daisy had to spend a cold night in their outdoor lodgings so they wouldn't bark all night and wake up Ian. sure they're not happy with me.


well, the grave books sure didn't end like I thought they would....I mean, yeah, they finally found the missing Cameron....but DAMN! plot twists of the world unite!

Miss Kate went to Jessie's Sweet Sixteen Party, now her & Kale are hanging here. Bubs is in the dark recesses of his room. I cleaned floors, finished the last Graves book, switched and folded and put away some laundry. watched some telly. had the burning tree in the Paul's pasture. took Sasha out to potty, I could hear him out there talking to the horse. He starts some good fires! they make me a bit nervous, though, sometimes. checked out Lisa's Mo. State Pen. pictures on facebook from her birthday trip. definitely going there next summer while we're down by The Lake.

Koren is getting ready for Ian's first birthday party.....I nominate her for Best Mommy Ever!

Christmas hit Memphis, TN last night....John Stamos lit up Graceland, and Jerry the King Lawler lit up Beale Street...


"A sensuous city, alive with new sounds and sights and sensations ... resonant with music and redolent with a mixture of tantalizing aromas ... alive with possibilities and a feeling of adventure. A banquet for all the senses." --Sherwood Anderson

NOLA, the hometown of my heart....


8:15 p.m. and 61 degrees on Bourbon Street......

someone is getting pushed in a wheelchair. I love how everyone walks down the street and the traffic just has to wait.....there are ample sidewalks, but you JUST have to walk on the street. ALL OVER the street. and it's Friday night, baby!

letting my baby drive off in the nite...

Kevin thinks the water pump is going out on car, so down a vehicle...he drove the Avalanche, Kate drove her brother's truck to Kale's....so the Bubs & I are home with no transportation. think we'll be o.k.


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