All Hallows Eve

work....made supper and cookies for Katie & Kale, they went to a bonfire, KJ went to Bethany after we watched some Halloween edition wrestling. Koren & Ian called. found some past Halloween pics....and some new ones! very cold. put tarps around dog pen. not going to bring them in till after Katie's birthday...it's the least I can do.
Beggars Night in Lineville 2010...A Halloween Past! Ash Ketchum & The Scream Guys Trick or Treating.....4-H Haunted Barn....The Little Mermaid....Where the Wild Things Are....


lots of us have to work whether anyone shops or not.....health care workers....farmers....convenience stores....I will be working Thanksgiving, so I won't be shopping. unless it is online shopping, which is what I usually do because we live so far from the city.

holidays are a lot like home... they are where you make them, when your family can gather together. so we have ours when we can. growing up on a dairy farm, you know there are no 'days off.' animals had to be milked and fed and checked every day. when I worked in the nursing home, residents needed fed and cared for every day. ditto the hog barn. being a grownup isn't all fun and games and days off work on national holidays. 'nuff said.

well, the Royals didn't win the World Series this time around...but they gave it a hell of a try!

watching Ghost Stalkers. poor Chad is screaming like a ninny....like a person walking around in the dark in a place he's not familiar with....with rotten floors and haunting stories...I know I would be jumpy and screaming like a ninny too! but he just keeps going, God Bless Him. he & John are searching for a portal between this world and wherever the spirits go...thinking they can travel to and fro. interesting idea. slightly scary idea. no wonder poor Chad is so jumpy!


still 3-2 bottom of the ninth....is this the last game if Royals lose? I hate to see it all end!

Katie & I made it thru another Freak Show...they made us feel sorry for Twisty! he is the newest member of Edwards group. I honestly forgot to breathe a couple of times watching!

World Series Game 7....cousin Shawn is there!

Giants are up 3-2 top of the 5th. had Katie try on her mermaid skirt....I sewed it upside down... had a flipper on the waist band and the 'fish band' on the hem. didn't buy enough fabric to redo waist...she says it is ok. I always buy extra, but Katie was very frugal with my fabric purchase. she helped Kayla make a tutu. went back to work. may be changing to Peach 4. mgr. gave me option....in a loaded room when I had my ear muffs on and could only hear some of what he was saying....I really don't care. work is so hopeless. I don't want to ever go back. forgot my lunch today, so I was in a very depressing place AND hungry. at least I remembered my Pepsi...
found Katie's birthday banner and hung last nite....her DQ ice cream cake is in freezer, bought ingredients for her bday supper. made a facebook event to invite family for cake. her very first birthday she had her brother, sister, mom, dad, Grandpa Bernard, Grandma Janet, Grandpa Lije, Grandma Dixie, Great Grandma Grace and Great Grandma Marie in attendance. now Grandmas Grace & Dixie and Grandpa Bernard are gone.

Skyler has the best parents....she posted pics on facebook of a shiny yellow car her parents got for her 16th birthday

this would make Katie's parents the worst....no car, shiny or otherwise. She wants one. We both work and can't afford it right now. most of her friends are getting cars. parents sacrifice (evidently not enough in our case, huh? )I've tried to explain to her it's not just buying a car. it's insurance, tires, gas, keeping it running. we already have 3 old vehicles that need lots of TLC to keep them on the road. sure, there's room in the driveway. but I'm too tired to get a second job to get her a car. kids of moms who don't work sometimes sacrifice material things like vacations and video games and name brand clothes. kids of moms who work sacrifice time, and sometimes aforementioned stuff 'cause mom must be working for a reason. I still damn those chicks who burned their bras and demanded equal rights. wonderful for you.


oh, my. Rosanna on The Dead Files....she and her family buy and renovate properties and sell them....

but she just can't sell this hotel. the family says it is tearing them apart. She thinks the hotel needs her. A daughter sends a video to The Dead Files, and here come The Dead Files Amy & Steve. there has a been a dam break and a fire and a murder and a suicide and the dark man Amy suspects was a serial killer of prostitutes.. It all comes together for Amy. And she tells them to cleanse the place and sell it. It is someone else's problem. Because? Rosanna lived here in a past life, with some of the entities in the hotel and they are trying to change her back into the person she was when they knew her. She'll lose her husband, her daughters, her whole life. at the end they give you a blip of what they did.....she had the hotel cleansed. and decided not to sell it. Wonder if her husband has left her yet? this is an intriguing possibility....a past life? wow? what are the odds she would leave a beachfront home elsewhere to buy this exact hotel. it was built in 1914 (I think). what happened to her there? who was she? was she one of the murdered prostitutes? a townsperson who took refuge there after the flood? an employee? wish Amy could've told us...(sigh). oh, Rosanna, Rosanna....
there is a fascinating character novel in there somewhere! which reminds me: Koren & Cody have both told me that Koren is thinking of writing a childrens book....about a mermaid, I think. how awesome are my kids? I've always had it in the back of my mind to be an author...have had several ideas, and handwritten rough drafts. even entered a couple of short story contests. I love history: as an adult. too old to go to school to become a history professor...would love love love to get one of those fellowships where you find a cache of historical papers and get paid to write a book about them....that is the ultimate dream! and my son is student teaching to be: A HISTORY TEACHER! they amaze me at every turn. Katie is a talented writer and speaker. she could be anything.
and so......my friend google tells me that Ghost Adventures also investigated this inn....thought it looked familiar! they wanted me to sign in to something, so didn't get the date, but knew I'd seen it somewhere before. probably on other haunted shows, as well.
so: on to Wikipedia. the internet is a godsend to people like me who can't afford to go to college and learn stuff and couldn't remember it if they could...
The hotel was built in 1911 and is known for its colorful history. At the time the Inn was built, Santa Paula was growing and prospering as an oil town, and was headquarters to Union Oil. The Tudor-Craftsman hotel was designed by famed architects Burns and Hunt and funded by a consortium of twenty-five wealthy townsmen each of whom wanted one thousand dollars for its construction. It was erected directly opposite the train depot to provide accommodations to the many newcomers lured to the area by the burgeoning oil and citrus industries, and to provide a gathering place for Santa Paula's growing high society circles.
During Prohibition, the Inn retained something of its Wild West origins as the third floor - at that time an open space not yet built out into separate guestrooms - was utilized as a speakeasy, brothel and gambling parlor.[2] Many legends stem from this era, including tales of murdered prostitutes and shootouts between unruly gamblers. These stories, though mostly unconfirmed, persist with a life of their own as part of the hotel’s rich lore.
In the 1930s, Hollywood discovered the valley hamlet of Santa Paula.[3] Its ruggedly picturesque vistas and hills – improbably close to the sprawl of Los Angeles - provided a setting for numerous Westerns. During this era, the Glen Tavern Inn hosted such notables as Carol Lombard, John Wayne, Houdini and canine thespian, Rin Tin Tin, who boasted his own suite long before “pet-friendly” entered the hospitality lexicon.
Eventually, as oil money and old Hollywood moved on Santa Paula traded fortune, glamour and vice for the quieter constancy of agriculture and small town life Americana. The train depot became defunct, and likewise economic development bypassed the town. For the next half century the hotel endured a marginal existence, alternating owners and uses many times as it slowly sank into flophouse decrepitude until it was eventually rescued by developers with intentions of restoring its original grandeur.
Ghost stories
Keeping with hotel’s motto “Where the Past Comes to Life,” even the dead reportedly maintain a vivid presence at the Inn.[4] The Glen Tavern is a favorite of paranormal aficionados who claim it is one of the most haunted venues in the region, and in July 2007, the Ventura Paranormal Society held its annual convention there.[5] Ghost anecdotes abound as believers in the uncanny report encounters with long expired guests who for unknown reasons prefer to extend their stays indefinitely.
The Glen Tavern Inn regularly hosts paranormal conferences.
The show Ghost Adventures did an Episode of Season 7 Episode 17 called Glen Tavern Inn.
Episode Synopsis: The guys explore the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, Cal., where they are joined for a lockdown by actress Brit Morgan and singer Mimi Page. During the investigation, they hold a séance and read tarot cards. Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2013
The Glen Tavern Inn is the headquarters for The American Paranormal Research Association (A.P.R.A)
The Hotel today: In 2005-7, the Glen Tavern Inn was extensively renovated by the Jennett Investment Group, and reopened as a full service hotel, restaurant and lounge. It is frequently rented for private parties and events and has largely reclaimed its faded status as a center for local social life. The renovation preserved the Inn’s historical attributes alongside the addition of more modern amenities. It also revived its fabled glamour, and offers visitors a chance to relive the gilded days of excess and adventure at a place where spirited revelers and restless spirits seem to comingle quite amicably.
Mid-renovation, in April 2006, the hotel sustained a fire. Fortunately, fire fighters were able to douse the blaze in time to save the landmark from major harm, and the burned portion was rebuilt.
On February 24, 2008, the Glen Tavern Inn was awarded Certificates of Special Recognition from the United States Senate, United States Congress and the California State Assembly for the successful restoration project.[6]

Apparently this is becoming the new thing to do when tipping…

I had taken a couple of days off on calander at work a long time ago....

then Rachel had her emergency c section and there is of course no one to take her place...so said I'd just work. boss told me they'd figure it out. I set the alarm Sunday night thinking the nice grownup thing to do would be go to work. but I woke up and shut the alarm off early Monday and took the days off. Am I a selfish bitch? yeah. am I having a good time not going to work? YEAH!


this blog on facebook made my day! 1970s kids Halloween vs. todays kids Halloween.....

my mom didn't smoke, but we did tv dinners for special treats if we were home sick from school....and we had those store bought costumes with the masks! we mainly got popcorn balls and apples and home baked treats since we were farm kids. trick or treating involved driving, driving, driving. I always let our kids walk as far as they wanted, then when they got too tired, they'd cop a squat and I'd hike back for the vehicle to pick them up. and we bought Halloween costumes, or parts to make costumes....they were Batman, A Power Ranger, Pocohontas, Jasmine, An Army Girl, A Zombie Cheerleader, Ash Ketcham, a Ballerina, A Barbie, The Bride of Frankenstein, Percy the Platypus, The Eighties Girl....it was SO much fun! None of my kids ever won a costume party prize, but they loved those costumes! when Koren was our only child, she had 3 or 4 Halloween costumes....she came up with something different for every Halloween thing we did! I was a witch until I got too fat to button up my dress. I love Halloween. But the kids don't need ol' mom anymore. Katie took me off the volunteer list for the Fall Festival at school. will have to find some trick-or-treating pics to post on facebook....(sigh).


Chiefs won...Royals lost.

Kevin mowed yards, KJ visited Taylore, Katie went to a baby shower....I hung out in my jammies ALL the livelong day. it was heavenly! (tremendously!) I also bawled my way thru all the Long Island Medium's on the list....

Happy Sunday! lovin' my 'surprise' weekend off!

Katie woke me up with a text wanting breakfast in bed....a nice leisurely shower in my own bathroom.....sitting around in my bathrobe...life is good!


grown men playing Batman Monopoly....love my Saturday nights!

World Series Update:

Royals leading 2-1: game 4 bottom of 5th Royals 4-Giants 3

Katie went to a haunted house with Kale.

Bubster has friends over. My husband is angry at me for letting my hooligan son smoke weed in the basement(like this is the set of Grandma's Boy) and my daughter spend the night at a boys house. I should've driven up there to get her. Or called him and he would've left work and took a point to pick her up. (sigh.) I made another batch of laundry soap, made breakfast, made lunch, drank wine and read in the courtyard. caught up on Amish Haunting.

I already told Katie this, but I don't think she ever listens to me. sooo.....

watching Amish Haunting, I have learned if you have sex before marriage and get pregnant, then get married real fast and say you got pregnant on your honeymoon, you will deliver a goat baby. if you are a (Pennysvlania Dutch word with a B...something like Broujah?) witch, when you die they will plant a tree over your grave to keep your witchcraft contained. but if a storm damages or kills the tree....YOU COME BACK! so, someone should probably plant a tree over my grave. if an enterprising Amish dude builds handcrafted furniture out of this wood instead of burning it like the Bishop said, anyone who has contact with this wood will be possessed by said Amish witch. You can and will by shunned. even if you are a blind young Amish witch. and you will drown in a reservoir. The Devil is always out to get you if you're Amish. If you buy a house with electricity and just pretend like you removed all the wiring and use it secretly.....SHUNNED. if you move to another Amish community after being shunned because your husband is dying and you want him to go to Heaven, so he dies there and they don't know and bury him in Amish custom, the dead will rise from the cemetery and tell everyone he is unholy and they will dig him up and remove him outside the cemetery confines. SHUNNING is apparently forever. and if you are an English who kindly gives a doll with a face to an Amish girl? she will be possessed. the doll will be burned, the house will be exorcised, you will have no contact with the girl again. Amish dolls can have no faces. The Bishop can come to your house whenever. He is the law. Pray all you want. He tells you what to do, and everyone listens to him. if he thinks someone is possessed....PRAYER CAMP. if you die shunned....you go to HELL. The Bishop is the ultimate authority on everything. buried in black/buried outside the cemetery: going to HELL. buried in white: going to HEAVEN. buried without confessing your sins to the church? you're going to be buried in black outside the cemetery and going to HELL. your family is disgraced.
so, to sum it up. If I die first and Kevin insists on planting me instead of cremating me...best plant a tree. just for the safety of humanity. just sharin' the knowledge.

could you stomach these Great Depression meals?

found this on facebook. some of these I ate as a kid (marked with *) Moms back then did what they had to do to get their families fed. everyone was probably hungry enough not to be picky.
Milk toast (mom said Grandma Grace made this when they didn't feel good.)
*Chipped beef on toast
Cucumber and mustard sandwiches
Mayonnaise sandwiches
Ketchup sandwiches
Hot milk and rice
Potato soup – water base, not milk
Dandelion salad
Lard sandwiches
Bacon grease sandwiches
Sugar sandwiches
Hot dogs and baked beans
Road kill
*One eyed Sam – piece of bread with an easy over egg in the center (my mom called this Bird's Nest or something....I make it all the time! deb)
Oatmeal mixed with lard
Fried potatoes and hot dogs
Onion sandwich – slices of onion between bread
Tomato gravy and biscuits
Deep fried chicken skin
Cornbread in milk (my dad used to eat this for breakfast!)
Gravy and bread – as a main dish
Toast with mashed potatoes on top with gravy
Creamed corn on toast
Corn mush with milk for breakfast, fried corn mush for dinner
*Rice in milk with some sugar (my mom called this sweet rice.)
Fried potato peel sandwiches
Banana slices with powdered sugar and milk
Boiled cabbage
Hamburger mixed with oatmeal
*American cheese sandwich: ‘American’ cheese was invented because it was cheap to make, and didn’t require refrigeration that may or may not exist back then.
Tomato gravy on rice
Toast with milk gravy
Water fried pancakes
Chicken feet in broth
*Fried bologna (YUM!)
Warm canned tomatoes with bread
Butter and sugar sandwiches
Fried potato and bread cubes
*Bean soup
Runny eggs with grits
Butter and grits with sugar and milk
Baked apples
Sliced boiled pork liver on buttered toast (slice liver with potato peeler)
Corn meal mush
Spaghetti with tomato juice and navy beans
Whatever fish or game you could catch/hunt
Tomato sandwiches
Hard boiled eggs in white sauce over rice
Spam and noodles with cream of mushroom soup
Rag soup: spinach, broth and lots of macaroni
Garbanzo beans fried in chicken fat or lard, salted, and eaten cold
Popcorn with milk and sugar – ate it like cereal
Lessons learned from this list? Stock up on ingredients for bread, including buckets of wheat. Bread, in some form, is one of the main ingredients for many of these meals. Second, know how to make different types of bread. Next, have chickens around as a source for meat and eggs, and if possible, have a cow or goat for milk. Another lesson is to have a garden that will provide at least some fresh produce, and plant fruit trees and bushes. Finally, don’t waste anything, even chicken feet! could

Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp

"Elson has some of the dreamiest eyes at the farm. Go ahead and get lost in them... you won't be sorry."
I don't really hate pigs, per se, I hate the whole farm environment. I could see myself with a couple of dreamy eyed pigs living out on the grass. I could spend my days taking pics of them with cute captions. maybe I just work at the wrong kind of hog farm. but a gal has to pay bills....

or take a road trip with your significant other with a cold Pepsi, a cold Coke, and a bought on the road snack.....

Yeah bitchez, I'm twirling my damn hair. Wot ya gonna do, eh?

and I was just thinking when I took the last issue out of the mailbox....yeah, Princess Kate is beautiful, but HOW many covers does she deserve? her horrid 3 month morning sickness FINALLY ended. " she slogged her way through a second battle of hyperemesis gravidarum.." translation: severe morning sickness. I did it 3 times, without a nanny and royal staff, and twice while holding down full time very blue collar jobs. I never required bed rest or I.V. therapy. you just do it. was I on the cover of People? no. I am not pretty enough or famous enough or interesting enough to be on the cover of anything. do I feel bad for her? yeah. I know it sucks. I didn't lay on the floor of a palace bathroom. I laid on the cement hallway in a 'vertically integrated swine whatever the new name for factory farm is' or the visitors bathroom at the nursing home where I worked or on the bathroom floor at home because it was cooler on the floor and then I'd get up and go. does this make me a better person than a princess? of course not. she has put it out there that not all mommies are glowing and beautiful and the picture of health. some of us look like hell....dark circles under our vacant, dead eyes, hair lackluster, skin grayish. a pinched look to our face. saltines at the ready. no long car rides. no shopping trips. just doing the absolute necessities. A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E.
were my kids worth it? definitely. would I do it all again? in a heartbeat. will I bitch about it until I die (and even after, if anyone ever stumbles onto my blog?) it's what I do.


Royals 3-Giants 2 bottom of the 7th, game three World Series.

cousin Jerry is a Giants fan. cousin Shawn is a Royals fan. My grandpa Vermal was SUCH a Royals fan. I have never been to a game. Katie, Ian, Koren, & Cody have. It's on my to-do list. I hope they win! how awesome would that be? all us Axsom girls had matching Royals t shirts when we were kids. and Grandpa always had RC in the fridge....and they usually had Royals players pictures on them! They went to the World Series in 1985...the year Koren was born.

I'm feeling like a cool mom....there are 4 legal age boys in my basement playing beer pong....they set up a table with card tables and an old closet door...I was quite proud of their ingenuity!...

came SO close to plowing a huge deer taking kate to fb game...I was just zoned out.
Rachel had an emergency c section today...Solomon Slyvia Lee has arrived! so...Rachel made it to her well deserved maternity leave. I am so happy for her! But feel a bit guilty that I didn't get her baby gifts to her before baby came...will have to figure out where she lives and take them to her when they get home. I am all alone in the dark watching Ghost Stalkers. Tony wanted next weekend off, so I switched him last minute. I am SOOOO freakin' tired. I need a couple of days off!

baby Ian goes trick-or-treatin'...

I love American Horror Story! last year they gave us The Axman, who was real (or urban legend real) and this year:

Edward Mordake
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the American Horror Story: Freak Show episode, see Edward Mordrake.
Edward Mordrake was the name given to an apocryphal 19th-century heir to an unspecified English peerage who was said to have suffered from a form of Diprosopus. According to sources, he had, on the back of his head, an extra face which could neither eat nor speak out loud, although it was described as being able to laugh and cry. Edward reportedly begged doctors to have his "Demon face" removed, claiming that it whispered to him at night, but no doctor would attempt it. He committed suicide when he was 23 years old. [1]
The story has been disputed in the past and was likely at least enriched with fictional elements.[2] The description of Edward Mordrake's condition is somewhat similar to those of Chang Tzu Ping[3] and Pasqual Pinon. Both Mordrake and Pinon are featured as the "2 Very Special Cases" on a list of "10 People With Extra Limbs or Digits" in 1976 edition of The Book of Lists.[4]
The 1896 text Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine mentions a version of the story,[1] and Mordrake has been featured in many texts, plays, and songs.[5]
This is the story as told in Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine:[1]
"One of the weirdest as well as most melancholy stories of human deformity is that of Edward Mordrake, said to have been heir to one of the noblest peerages in England. He never claimed the title, however, and committed suicide in his twenty-third year. He lived in complete seclusion, refusing the visits even of the members of his own family. He was a young man of fine attainments, a profound scholar, and a musician of rare ability. His figure was remarkable for its grace, and his face — that is to say, his natural face — was that of an Antinous. But upon the back of his head was another face, that of a beautiful girl, 'lovely as a dream, hideous as a devil'. The female face was a mere mask, 'occupying only a small portion of the posterior part of the skull, yet exhibiting every sign of intelligence, of a malignant sort, however'. It would be been seen to smile and sneer while Mordrake was weeping. The eyes would follow the movements of the spectator, and the lips 'would gibber without ceasing'. No voice was audible, but Mordrake avers that he was kept from his rest at night by the hateful whispers of his 'devil twin', as he called it, 'which never sleeps, but talks to me forever of such things as they only speak of in Hell. No imagination can conceive the dreadful temptations it sets before me. For some unforgiven wickedness of my forefathers I am knit to this fiend — for a fiend it surely is. I beg and beseech you to crush it out of human semblance, even if I die for it.' Such were the words of the hapless Mordrake to Manvers and Treadwell, his physicians. In spite of careful watching, he managed to procure poison, whereof he died, leaving a letter requesting that the 'demon face' might be destroyed before his burial, 'lest it continues its dreadful whisperings in my grave.' At his own request he was interred in a waste place, without stone or legend to mark his grave."
In popular culture[edit]
Tom Waits wrote a song about Mordrake titled "Poor Edward" for his album Alice (2002).[6]
A US thriller film named Edward Mordrake, and based on the story, is scheduled for a 24 October 2014 release.[7]
Two episodes of the FX anthology series American Horror Story: Freak Show have the titles "Edward Mordrake, Pt. 1" and "Edward Mordrake, Pt. 2",[8] the first of which aired on October 22, 2014. Wes Bentley is portraying Mordrake in the series.
See also: Diprosopus; Craniopagus parasiticus; Polycephaly.


Kate had a rough day.

she is panicked that she'll be the only 16 year old without a car. she is memorizing her FFA speech, has to record her Veteran speech, will have to get the FBLA speech together. she is dealing with geometry, a boyfriend, and dance practice. she gets overwhelmed. happens to the best of us. she stresses out. she is a perfectionist. she is very hard on herself. all I could do when she got home was give her a hug and make her supper.

Katie's friends are planning a bonfire for her and Garrett's birthdays....

but in my my own mind, I have planned Katie Dailey's Sweet Sixteen Cotillion. huge decadent cupcakes. tiaras. a d.j. and dance party. a party dress. she loves bonfires, but she's never had a cotillion!

Katie & I just watched the most amazing movie on HBO...Beautiful Creatures!

Dad! Dad! Dad!

The ghosts in the French Quarter are out and ready for Halloween!

our beloved Hotel Villa Convento was on Ursuline Street.....I fell in love with NOLA, will probably never get to go back, but I will NEVER forget it!


Royals lost game 1 of the World Series last night, but are up 7-2 top of the 8th. only know that because I googled it....Katie & I were shivering in fear on the couch watching American Horror Story Freak Show and trying to remember to breathe! Damn clowns!

and I think Dandy in his homemade clown suit and little kid clown mask is almost as scary as Twisty!

Katie was flipping thru channels and found Miss Hester of The Myrtles on The Most Terrifying Places In America!

I feel pretty special...we had been to 3 places on this episode! The Myrtles....St. Louis Cemetery Number One...Villisca Ax Murder House!
this tee totally turned around my "It Is Time To Find A New Dead End Job" day!


I cried watching My Five Wives tonite...

Robyn was upset that her 20th anniversary wasn't what she expected. It is hard being the only wife. I can't imagine being one of 4 or 5 wives watching the treatment the others get and comparing it to your own. I as a wife judge my husbands behavior on a million different things....how I feel at the time, by a book I've recently read...or tv show or movie....or a dream I had....God forbid he has a bad day. so, I cried when Brady tried so hard to make it up to her. it was just plain old sweet. and it was just what she needed. there is all kinds of love. you're lucky to find love, anyway. this episode just made my heart happy.
and I absolutely ADORE how he opens doors for his wives! you just don't see that much anymore. and he has FIVE wives to do it for. and there he goes, walking around the truck to open the door for his lady.

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