our 31st anniverary

worked the weekend, left early Sunday, came home, dressed up and made up, then on our way. Kevin had reserved The Jesse James Escape Room at Chateau Avalon!!! ate supper at Yard House and hiked around The Legends. room service for breakfast both days. Monday lunch at Lone Star, more hiking at The Legends and Cabela's....then to Arrowhead for Chiefs vs. Patriots, where Arrowhead Stadium set a new Guinness Book of World Records Sound Record! late nite supper at quite possibly the worlds slowest Denny's. hung out with Koren, Cody, & Ian for a bit, lunch at The Olive Garden, then took a scenic drive home.


facebook put together a Happy 31st Anniversary picture block for us! I tweaked it a bit, and added my little thing that popped into my head yesterday at work...

thirty one years ago a couple of eighteen year old kids stood in front of their friends and family and promised till death do us part. I'd do it all over again, Kevin. love you!


have been trying to half ass pack and half ass watch stuff off the list.....

Alaskan Bush People, Ghost Adventures Aftershocks..... where a psychic medium says Abby Borden told her that Andrew was sexually abusing Lizzie, and that she was sexually attacked during a Halloween séance and hasn't been back to the house since. folded some laundry. blogged a bit. wondered why I wasn't getting any texts....Kevin usually texts me on his break. somehow had my phone on airplane mode.
and my brain is just a going.....I muse over the twosies like Sookie did....what if that skunk I hit was really a were skunk and their family never knew why they disappeared? what would it be like to be a "Bush" family raised in a cabin and the only people you ever saw were your immediate family....to be in your late 20s and still living at home hoping to find a mate? what made The Ghost Adventures do the 180 and become all sensitive and caring about their clients and the spirits? they used to cuss and provoke and yell at spirits to get evidence....do they cringe when they look back on the old episodes?

first off, let me say I wasn't interviewed for this article, but since I have spent 19 very long years of my life here (+ a few months!) I am putting(parts of) this article that appeared in the Sept. 24 2014 edition of The Mirror (Mercer Newspaper) on my blog.

just try & stop me!)
2014 marks the 25th anniversary of large scale vertically integrated pork production in Northwest Missouri. Over the next three weeks, we will chronicle the journey through the 25 years. On October 4th, we will be celebrating this event with a celebration for all. We will begin the day with a 5K Run/Walk, host a Pork Cook-Off featuring Murphy-Brown of Missouri pork for all the smokers, grillers, and barbequers, at 4:00 the Princeton grounds open for activities for all ages and will conclude the celebration with fireworks at 8:00 p.m.
Watch the paper or go to our Facebook page for details on how you can be part of our 25th Anniversary celebration!
The Path to the 25th Anniversary: Familiar Faces.
(ok, I am not going to make my arthritic fingers type all the smooze about how happy we all are, will just hit the highlights.)
...these are just a few of the reasons that people enjoy working at Murphy-Brown of Missouri, but if you ask any one of the approximately 1,100 full-time employees there is a high probability that they will tell you that they truly enjoy working for the company and look forward to each day. If you ask them why they will give you reasons that range from the people they work with to the opportunities they are presented with. It is not unusual for an employee to have been with the company for over twenty years and many employees have been with the company since the early days, some even having a hand in the construction of the Princeton facilities. (deb's note: this is not so unusual, because we live in a place WHERE THERE ARE NO GOOD-PAYING JOBS, so people will put up with a whole bunch of shit to feed their families.)
These employees will tell you that they have enjoyed being part of company growth and helping other employees succeed individually and as a member of the team. It is these employees that tell the true story of the company because they have been there through the hardships, the growth, and seen many different aspects of the company as they have matured in their career with Murphy-Brown of Missouri.
The journey has not always been easy for the long-term employees as new challenges are presented frequently, from learning to communicate with a large number of people to embracing the change that accompanies acquisitions and new management. For the employees who are passionate about their careers (deb rolls her eyes here!) it is the process of overcoming the challenges that make the success stories more rewarding. To some, the process of taking production to the next level and creating new, well-functioning teams is an opportunity to continue learning and developing many skills that will take them further in their own career. As the years have passed they have seen the number of internal growth opportunities increase, the company become more self-sustained and, most importantly, they have developed a strong bond with their coworkers over a shared passion for being a part of something so big.
(deb especially enjoys this little passage:) New employees are given the opportunity to work alongside and learn from the seasoned veterans who are always willing to help.
Whether it is an intern, a long-term employee, a newcomer or anyone in-between, Murphy Brown of Missouri presents all employees with opportunities to learn on-the-job with professional training and hands-on work experience... (deb says every job she's ever had offers this as well. I'm sure McDonalds has professional on-the-job training as well. If I lived closer to a McDonalds, I would know! because I would be working there!) In addition to working for a company that strives to ensure their employees feel valued, fulfilled, and engaged, they have found opportunities for personal growth and development, a community to call home, and a sense of pride about the accomplishments they have made throughout their careers. (deb: the accomplishment is a paycheck. I'm not there to feel valued, fulfilled, and engaged. I am there to make $. talk about rose-colored glasses......)
this little gem was written by Sydney Lawrence. all I can say, is BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! can't wait for the next installment!

inspirational memes to get me thru this day....


baby Ian is living grandma deb's dream...hugging KC Wolf!

him & mommy have lots of adventures! when Koren was small, I took her to meet The Pink Panther at a Bethany lumber yard, and she met Twinkie The Kid and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle at Indianola Hy-Vee. She even rode Santa's bus once. we used to bake together. and we'd play at the pool and the park together... She is such a good mom, and there are so many more adventures to come!

up and at 'em again......

probably someone somewhere is sleeping in with no job to go to thinking.... 'wow, I should really work a gabillion days in a row at a job I don't like to provide for my family".....


feeling quite accomplished.....waiting for my just baked white chocolate raspberry scones to cool so I can enjoy them with my sweet tea while I watch Ghost Adventures Aftershocks...

as a grown (exhausted!) woman, I should be in bed, but I am a rebel. it's just how I roll.


verb (used with object), exsanguinated, exsanguinating.
1. to drain of blood; make bloodless.
verb (used without object), exsanguinated, exsanguinating.
2. to bleed to death.
another word from Sookie Stackhouse reading....correctly guessed the meaning of this one...

seriously dragassin' thru this week....

but this totally 80's pic of Johnny Depp in Nightmare on Elm Street AND a pic of Koren's baby snuggles really brightened up my day! and Katie picked Land of the Lost for us to watch....


"We are serously behind on laundry." Kevin Dailey

got out of work earlier than usual. got to come home and hang a bit before I had to meet someone at bank to close the girl scout account. Katie is working on a FFA speech. made homemade cornbread.


2013-2014 North Mercer Art Club

after a super long day at work....an Ice Lake Rebels wedding was just what I needed!

congrats, Stephan & Allyce!
Katie started our evening off right with Fast Times at Ridgemont High. nothing like an eighties movie to make a bad day go better!

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