came home from work to find all my favorite people here....

Kevin, KJ, Katie, Koren, & of course, IAN! the guys had the grill going, Koren had potatoes started, Katie made deviled eggs, Koren made a cake...it was so nice just hanging out and being together!



Katie's evening didn't go so well, he left before the dance. she just went anyway. saved me a trip to Humeston, I guess. KJ went uptown and saw Koren, Cody, & Ian with Tyson & Jessica.

Koren, Cody, & Ian were here for the Mercer Homecoming Parade....

Kevin took them out to lunch, they went to pig wrestling where Katie was announcing....she was also a baby show judge and Terry took them out to lunch as a thank you. She was called up on stage to be the escape artists assistant. I miss everything! damn job! KJ stayed home, he has lost his voice and his ear hurts. Kale came to pick up Katie for teen dance, got to meet him.

I'll celebrate my first Homecoming in 4ever not doing the baby show and parade by getting breakfast pizza at gas station on way to work....

because I know how to party hardy. I would rather celebrate it by sleeping in, but there you go. The Wills family is supposed to be here today!!!! and I will get some baby Ian time....Katie has plans all day, and so does KJ, if he decides he feels good enough to go. put the infamous Aunt Mary tractor on table for him to play with. Kevin sent me a text last nite asking if I'd checked email. I did. found an exciting one from Chateau Avalan about special rates this weekend only when we both have to work and can't go. then clicked on the Jesse James room link and fell in love with the rock bathtub. if we ever build a cabin.....
he was waiting for a confirmation email. still don't have one. I wonder what room he booked? he told me it's only a month away....he can be a deal. I like to know. he likes to tease.


I was almost late to work this morning BECAUSE (& I always have a damn good reason!)

today is the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I was reading stuff online...clicking on then and now pictures....the poverty level there is awful....I can't remember exactly...but a large percentage of French Quarter residents are spending 50% of their income on rent. and murder is the 2nd leading cause of death for kids age 10-19 or so. so, you can't afford to live there....and you could most certainly stand a big chance of being murdered there....but I would do ANYTHING to go back. I am a twisted, conflicted woman. everywhere we go on vacation is magical to me. that's just how I roll.

Katie went to Kale's football game at Humeston tonite....

he is a Mormon Trail Saint!
KJ has awful sore throat.
God Bless Katie, I came home to a clean, nice smelling house. and she made me a gift in art!


got home in time to get a hug from kevin before he went to work....was nice to see him face to face for a few!

then Katie drove to and from Trenton to the kids eye dr. apt (she has eagle vision, Dr. says!) she drove on 9th street no prob, Bob. McDonalds drive thru. bought rib eyes and HB to cook out Sunday nite and use the patio table and chairs! she went uptown after we got home and got a ride home in a golf cart from Cousin Chase. and had a conversation with Auntie BJ. The carnival was pulling into town when I came thru square a bit after 4. carnival started at 6.
KJ is going to a Royals game with Taylore Saturday.
did I mention that Dollar General finally called KJ the other day? they hired him a month or more ago. and now they need him to help move the store weekdays 7-4. when he is student teaching. can't say he didn't try!
I've been reflecting on just how sweet it is that I probably won't even make an appearance at Homecoming this week! Katie was asked to be in Miss Mercer contest, she didn't want to. she wanted to sing in talent show with a friend whose boyfriend will be here so didn't want to. all she needs is a ride to the square. she takes her own pics with friends. I am not needed or required to be present. and that is ok. my nights of endlessly wandering in the same circle holding a bunch of jackets and drinks and snacks and taking pics of kids with various friends while sweating my ass off and/or freezing in pouring rain while making uncomfortable chitchat with other parents likewise engaged are behind me. I am truly a hermit at heart. all I need is an iced Pepsi, a tv, or a good book. or a nap on a comfy bed. that is enough!


we can fall in love later babe

KJ wore a tie to school today!

but I had to work late, so I missed it. This morning, Taylore's car wouldn't start and it was pouring down rain. KJ woke up Kevin to help her. he got soaked. then she called (or texted...don't know, wasn't here.) that it had died again at gas station. so, Kevin goes back to help her again. Katie found out that she has to be on dance team THREE years to be a candidate for captain. and she skipped a year, so she can't be a captain. she is pissed. will she dance? I don't know. the only reason I go to BB games is to watch my kids. I don't give 2 fucks about The Cardinals. seriously. If I don't have a kid riding the bench, playing in pep band, or dancing....my happy ass will be home on my comfortable couch watching tv. Truth.
these are the sneak peeks for Ian's 9 month old pictures. is he adorbs or what?
kids have rescheduled eye dr. appt. tomorrow: Katie refuses to go with her brother. she is not speaking to him. don't know if I can get home in time...and Kevin has to go to work. nothing is ever easy. I put the dogs outside because she hates them....now she has more time to focus on other things that make her unhappy....her brother...the fact that I have had 15 years to find her a car and still don't have one in the driveway for her...she gets her license in November, you know....that I waste $ on things that aren't her car....and why is there nothing EVER that she can eat in this house? am I trying to starve her?


Book Tour Announced
Posted: August 25, 2014
Starting November 11th, Stephen will embark on a six-city book tour to promote the release of Revival. The tour begins in New York City and continues through Washington DC, Kansas City, Wichita, Austin and South Portland. Further details regarding the itinerary will be posted on September 15th. Be sure to check back then for updated information regarding the events, venues and times.
November 11, 2014: New York City
November 12, 2014: Washington, DC
November 13, 2014: Kansas City, MO
November 14, 2014: Wichita, KS
November 15, 2014: Austin, TX
November 17, 2014: South Portland, ME
Taylore stayed over again last nite....and when I went out to feed dogs before work, the neighbor is mowing his yard with the headlights again. what a dedicated man he is!


this is the week of the impending Mercer Homecoming Celebration....

fliers posted on facebook state that it is now a FOUR day celebration...with tractor pulls and stuff on Monday, too.....Katie might sing a song with a friend at the talent show. she will be a judge for the baby show and got some friends to judge with her. the square is curiously devoid of carnies. usually they pull into town the weekend before and are setting up by at least Tuesday. but there is NOTHING on the square. Kevin went to eat lunch with Elvis yesterday uptown....the buzz is that the Homecoming Committee gave the carnival $8000 down payment. and they don't have enough trucks to bring the rides here or something. They have been selling $35 mega armbands for the carnival. what a nightmare. we'll see. it all starts Thursday evening. we'll just wait and see, I guess. there will be many disappointed little kids if there is no carnival.
In past years, my kids have marched with the band in parades. they have ridden church floats, girl scout floats, 4-H floats. Koren was in the Miss Mercer competition one year. 2 of them have worked in senior stand, have 1 more to go. I was the Girl Scout leader and we did the baby show for eons. My mom, Katie, my dad, my aunt and uncle, Lije's ex girlfriend Jo have all been baby show judges. we had a float in the parade for years...this week was spent making posters and buying candy and finding stuff to decorate the truck with. KJ & Katie & I spent many early mornings picking up trash as fundraisers for Athletic Boosters and Band Boosters. How many nights did I spend walking around while my kids rode rides, taking pics of them and their friends? the bumper cars, the giant slide....the win a goldfish game. the win a poster game. deep fried Twinkies and Oreos and Bloomin' Onions. turkey legs. Now I am just as happy to stay home. I have to work this weekend. it is a bit annoying htat you can't drive thru the square....when it isn't blocked off, the damn rides are out in traffic and people milling about....and the death defying kids running under floats trying to get pieces of candy they might not even like...

oh, Katie!

love her facebook posts and text message pics....
Mr. Dailey and I heading to school this morning!
Transformation Tuesday.

Elvis has left the yard.....

as in Elvis, our local dirt work guy. I find it cool that we know someone named Elvis. Kevin was tired, it was HOT, he was raking and shoveling dirt all day and trying to get our weed eater to run. we shared a Monday night drink in our new patio chairs in basement. I made supper, read some Sookie Stackhouse. my shoulder didn't hurt that bad today, forgot to ice it at break. still taking double Aleve for awhile. to bed at 10:00. Rachel had to leave early today and go to ER. hope her & baby boy are ok....KJ's girlfriends car was still here when I left for work. does that make me a cool mom or a bad mom? at this point, I guess it doesn't matter....


The Giver

date night, I figured we'd see the storm one. I kinda thought I wanted to see The Giver. a b/w film with Meryl Strep? how could this go wrong, right? If I'd read the book, I would've quit in the middle. if it was on HBO, I'd change the channel. my take on it was Politically Correct Stepford Wives. not at all what I expected. Kevin literally dozed off, head back, mouth open, a few times. (no snoring, though.) he had a long day, we should've stayed home. ate a snack at Sonic, then the movie, which was exceptionally weird because they NEVER turned the lights back on. all the credits rolled. screen went black. the 7 people there walked out in total complete blackness. you could almost hear the killer breathing behind you. like the theater employees were getting a good nap out of it, too. this is the only movie I can remember where if I would've walked out, I just really wouldn't of missed much. But in all my years I have yet to walk out of a movie. another one like this, though.....it could happen.
then ate at Washington Street. I love meatloaf. the special was meatloaf. after the movie, I just shoulda known. really. but I got it. it was ok. not great. then to HyVee. this all just goes to prove, I don't think I have any idea what I want. I have the sweetest husband in the world. but I am just messed up.....
got home, Kate was in bed. Taylore & KJ were watching some awards show. Kevin & I just very quietly (hope we were quiet enough!!!) went to bed. and now.....back to work. how could this go wrong????


"I thought I'd see a slice of America, but along the interstate, everything looks the same." All Together Dead, Charlaine Harris

slept in, watched most of yesterdays preseason game (lost to Vikings), then KJ went to Bethany, and Kevin left to mow yards. Katie & I had lunch and snuggled up on the couch of our sub-artic home to watch an especially good episode of Evil Kin....the Lobster Family of Gibsonton, Florida. wow. then she caught a ride with Kayla to the FFA swim party. Kevin is in the shower. he thinks he wants to go out tonite.

Gibsonton, Florida...where carnies lived in off season....

Luna is my hippy name (according to facebook quiz)

Quirky and fun, you live in the moment. Nobody can bring you down because you're perfectly content doing whatever you want to do. You're probably the one dancing around the room by yourself. You're always welcoming and bring joy to everyone that gets the chance to meet you
(of course, usually I just pick an answer because none of them are right.....I feel like more of a Sunflower, myself....)


Katie ended up riding along with her dad on his way to work and getting dropped off to meet Kale around Humeston. (after I saved the day by seeing he forgot his phone, calling to see if they were still in town, and meeting him on the square with said phone on my Pepsi run!)

KJ had company.....Taylore and Kayla were here for a while, he treated them to homemade pizza and a board game. now he is off to Dakota's and I am home alone reading Sookie Stackhouse. but my eyes are getting tired, will probably finish this chapter and switch to tv viewing...

two good Sookie Stackhouse quotes from my reading thus far today:

(in between making BLTs for lunch...well, me & Kate....Kevin had eggs with his bacon! and cleaning the house a bit for expected Katie company...)
"There's nothing like great sex to give you a glow."
"She is very kind, and sweet, and helpful, like a supernatural Girl Scout, because it's her nature and because she's trying to work her way up the magical ladder to become an angel."
All Together Dead, Charlaine Harris.

started my weekend off in the sleeping-ridiculously-late mode....see how easy it is for me to slip back into it?

kind of like I was made to be a woman of leisure....but Katie has people coming over tonite (I think) so should probably run a broom and dust rag around a bit...


after the game....

I go to play Mom Taxi for Brittany and Emily, the friends....while my daughter cruises with her boyfriend who came to the game and surprised her. I come home to the MONSTER bunnies in the yard....they just sit perfectly still....not even that far from the porch. they remind me of those giant Teletubbie bunnies who lumbered about in the grass.

knowing it doesn't make it any easier.....(sigh)

inspirational shit....just 'cause.

back to school...back to Friday night football....

Kate, Brittany, & Emily are at Princeton's football game....late start because of heat index. KJ has left for Bethany. Taylore had broke up with him, but he is going to see her. he has such a good heart. and she seems like a good girl. Kevin texted from work....MIGRANE. I was a bit scared how my shoulder would hold up today at work...but I made it. iced it at lunch and when I got home....still sore, but it works as long as I'm careful.


back to work. which sucks bad enough....but late in the afternoon I was trying to open a gate moving sows and something in my shoulder jerked or popped or something.....

intense pain. as in crying at work pain. couldn't move my arm at all, it was numb. made do with one arm, got undressed, showered, dressed, and thru the grocery store. Brittany was here when I got home to pick wildflowers with Kate for science, then Katie had FFA meeting, Bubs took her on his way to Dakota's. I iced my shoulder and picked her up when she texted. watched Killer Kids, then made supper. got in a bit of Sookie Stackhouse reading, too...and it is something, vampire Elvis, vampire sex with a Civil War soldier and a Viking, heavy makeout sessions with a Werepanther, being hit on by a middle aged Werepanther, then sex with a Weretiger....whew! hoping I can use it tomorrow. no time to go to company nurse. just the 2 of us, and we HAVE to get that room loaded and tighten up and process and vaccinate.....I know all the processing I've been doing is the cause of it, because my shoulder has been really painful the last week or so. hopefully I just strained it or something. (I am always amazed, I don't appreciate how much I don't hurt until I hurt....)


checked facebook before bed....

had a notification that KJ had changed his profile picture. he came out to get a drink....so I asked him. and yep, she texted him and broke up with him. her loss, I guess. he is a good catch! he is busy right now with student teaching and assignments for school, and I'm glad he'll have more time to focus on that.

"We became an ill-assorted bunch of weird people in a courtyard in New Orleans..." Definitely Dead, Charlaine Harris

another perfect day off....did chores, washed Katie's comforter and pillow....made lunch....stayed in my jammies and had a Sookie Stackhouse reading marathon! Koren called for a while. Always good to hear her voice. she is worried about a dr. visit tomorrow. hope all is well.


today was a good day!

slept till 7 a.m....hung out with the kids till they left for school....read some more Sookie Stackhouse....took a long ass nap with Kevin...did chores, scrapbooked, did some laundry, watched Ghost Inside My Child. Ice Lake Rebels, Married, Drunk History (I saw on facebook that Chip Coffey was on this episode!), and Hollywood Hillbillies.. The Schwann's guy was here. Poor Terry B. got stuck with the baby show and called for advice. So, Katie got volunteered to be a judge. and KJ got volunteered to take her and pick her up since I'll be at work. and she is going to quit Band Boosters as well so I'll take my name off the account when they get new card made up. Kevin was fasting today for mandatory blood work to get the lower insurance rate at work. Katie started her wildflower collection for science. AND I made an actual supper!

in the end....

while I doubt any of my handmade quilts will be treasured momentoes of childhood, this is a sweet thought....my quilts were made with love and meant to be warm, not so much well crafted or beautiful...

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