(sigh)...if only it was that easy....

if being jammied up and eating tomato soup watching paranormal stuff at 7 p.m. is wrong, I don't wanna be right.....

Katie thinks she'll come home tomorrow. which means after what I am sure will be another VERY long day I will be going to get her. Kevin took tomorrow off to take his dad to his eye surgery in the city....Des Moines, I'm guessing? Teri replied to my message, she will soon have time to do the 5 generation picture, so working on getting everyone to agree on a time. would like to do it outside.

all I want for Christmas is.....

THIS! runs about $30 on eBay. I'm thinking after payday I might be bidding...


KJ found his old Chiefs football to get signed at training camp.....

people had footballs....helmets....signs.....a stadium seat....artwork....posters......cards...magazines...pictures...football programs....one kid had the t-shirt he was wearing signed! it was crazy madness! ultimate fan crazy madness!
and Kevin met a man who has been a Red Coat Ambassador for 50 years and went to BOTH Chiefs Super Bowls.....almost think we should've gotten his autograph!

"Yay for big hot mamas! and Yay for gorgeous thin mummys."

love this quote I just found on a blog "Photo-Jenn-ic"
we are all different. I still avoid mirrors and feel like the circus fat lady somedays....but we are all beautiful in our own way.

pics on facebook from Katie's first Royals game.....

made my own floor cleaner today.....

essential oils (lavender, orange, tea tree), water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol. it was pretty strong, so added more water. it seems important to make my own cleaners....I know what is in them, seems like I'm doing something important, and I'm saving money....yeah, I did buy the essential oil set, but you use drops of it....could conceivably make my own soap, etc. also got our sheets washed. Koren, Cody, Katie, & Ian went to the K. waiting for pictures! hope they get free t-shirts! (first 10,000!)

katie posted her pics from training camp...

Kj & I journeyed down the road to Ptown...got an overdraw for him today.....$7 + $35 o/d fee....he hasn't had a job in two years and I forget to keep track of his account.....my bonus check was in the bank....so he got $160 of the $204 I got. sometimes Lady Luck just smiles down upon you....she has to watch out for the idiots in the crowd!

am I enjoying this, my last day off? you bet your sweet bippy I am!

slept in, rode along on Kevin's chiropractor appt., bought a frame for the Chiefs Training Camp guide.....hung up that AND the sports card holder. mixing old things I keep finding with new things I keep acquiring....I am Chiefs Fan, hear me chant the tomahawk song!


Chiefs Training Camp!

our first ever trip! got up ridiculously early and picked up kate from babysitting, then picked up kj's girlfriend taylore, grabbed breakfast at Cameron, and got there SO early had to wait outside the gate to get in! but got to pick our spot.....got to see players CLOSE UP! and Katie got 3 autographs afterwards! truly successful day! ate lunch at 54th St, then to visit Koren & Ian. got to take a walk with them and watch Katie feed Ian, and watch Ian take his bath, then ate pizza hut delivery and had to return home, minus lucky Miss Kate who gets to stay and hang out for a few days.


I have to start watching Sister Wives live.....the dvr keeps cutting off the last 30 seconds or so and it drives me crazy that I am missing something!

and I keep forgetting to set it for a minute or two longer....I was convinced Robin was pregnant, then on the reveal show Christine left the interview and Robin told Tamryn no baby questions....

Ian & mommy....

"And the tree was happy." Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree —

slept in till 10:30 when Katie woke me up calling my cell wanting a kleenix....

did a bit of genealogy blogging.....went to Hy-Vee, now Ms. Boo is off to babysit at Donelson's for the night again...she is packed up to go to Koren's tomorrow after training camp. Need to set an alarm for EARLY so we can pick her up, pick up KJ's girlfriend, grab drive thru breakfast and get to training camp.

Body Found Under Motel Bed, Police Say It Has Been There At Least 5 Years

New Jersey.
1000s of complaints of smells and eerie feelings from people who rented the room
maid complained of smell, told to febreeze. she hated cleaning that room.
hotel policy: no reason to waste time cleaning under beds.


more ribbet edits....then on to the shower... and finishing watching the Season Finale Mountain Monsters Grassman episode....

Kevin & Katie are at work.

she is doing 2 sleepover babysitting gigs this weekend for Tyson & Jessica. told her to call me if her mouth started hurting or she needed help. I told KJ to invite his girlfriend to go with us Monday to Chiefs Training Camp and to Koren's. I am excited to meet her.
I took a couch nap today. just being a real bum. just doing basics....laundry, dishwasher, getting the mail. have the vampire book about half read. just hanging out with Bubs watching The Forty Year Old Virgin.

started the other Sookie Stackhouse book Koren lent me....

Living Dead In Dallas" by Charlaine Harris.
this quote makes me think of both my daughters:
"you...are a sweet little ├ęclair on the outside and a pitbull on the inside." Terry Bellefleur

I am really really really going to get off the computer now!

all I have accomplished on this, my first day off...is sleeping late, buying stamps, feeding dogs, harvesting/washing more Queen Anne's lace, starting a load of laundry....AND editing pictures on ribbet!
but once you do a baby edit of one kid....you HAVE to do the other 2....

The caption read: 'Mascara from Amsterdam, or if to be precise from the field. Well, you understand.'

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