katie went to a sleepover with classmates....took a pepsi for a friend.

made her eat some supper before she left.....Mr. got the yard done.

something that's occupied a lot of my time the last 2 days....(besides sleeping....)

is randomly clicking on this link to see live Bourbon Street in my beloved French Quarter. It's like I'm there, with out the giant bugs and scorching sunburn and long ass car ride....it is heaven!
there are several different views...the street...a balconey....inside a club....
this morning I just watched pigeons flying before I went to work....last nite's hot dog stand is gone, but the feathery plumed white and purple person is still working the street and posing for pictures.....
is this guy dancing with the plumed person or mocking the plumed person? hmmmm.....

first I find this thought-provoking picture on facebook....

then I see the post Katie's friend Brittany wrote on her late mom's wall....
It's been 365 days without you... Without a doubt the hardest year of my life. All that's left are photos that capture your memories and the faint sound of your laughter every time some of your favorite stories are told. I miss your laugh even if it was loud and obnoxious. I miss your voice that carried on for miles. I even miss your yelling. I would give anything to hear you yell at me again but until then every second I live is a second closer to seeing you again.
this is just heartbreaking, and I am crying. This girl has been through so much, but still has a smile that lights up the world. Her mom fought as hard as she could for each day, and made the most of them. I know Brittany will do the same.

"make a funny face," she says. (sigh)

my wonderful husband is out in the lightning/tornado warning finishing up mowing the yard. as he said, "it quit raining!" sheets in dryer, ribeyes and cheesey potatoes cooking on stove.

in a couple of years we'll be mowing the yard again....teenagers grow up so fast!

came home from work to rumbling thunder and sprinkles....(another big storm predicted tonite) and Miss mowing the yard. Kevin is trying to get the weedeater running. they mowed Marie's yard today. I got Thursday off for Uncle Bob's funerals, so made plans to meet Mom at Snappys at 8a.m. and ride together. stopped at store on way home, don't think the pectin I got to try and fix my jelly is right, either, but after I had somebody find it for me, felt obligated to buy it. and I'm thinking of making apple jelly, too.....did get some huge maters and some ribeyes and garden onions to grill.
tornados touched down last nite, and Mother Nature doesn't seem to like hog barns much....Badger 3 is rubble. they had to destroy the animals that survived. I imagine it was pretty awful. as well as a huge financial loss to the company. guess after cleanup they'll just scatter the employees to short barns. there's always somebody needing help. A facebook friend shared a picture from the Fire Dept. page.....sure am glad I didn't pull up to this at Peach 5 this morning.


Koren texted today that Ian tried to pull up to the ottoman! that boy will be walking soon!

she tried to video it, but didn't get it. (which is much better than her own mother taking pictures of her rolling over for the first time....off her parents bed!)
storm p.m.....thunderstorm warning, wind warning, hail warning, tornado watch, tornado warning...on facebook they said Mercer sirens went off....didn't hear them here. of course, the a/c is on, and the tv is on.....I'm just glad we are home and altogether and safe (so far....)

Elvis is a vampire?

how did I not know about Trueblood sooner? finished the first book, with much to ponder....if I would ingest vampire blood, wouldn't need hair dye, lotion, or vitamins anymore....
picked up Katie, finished the jelly, but it didn't set, so going to buy more pectin tomorrow and try to 'fix' it. ordered a coconut cake from Ms BJ, due Thursday.
'discovered' the Bourbon St. cam.....had fun peeking in on my fave city at random intervals. now I wonder if WE were on the cam....how frickin' cool would that be?

"Once I started crying, it seemed like I couldn't stop. I was getting my crying time doen for a number of little unhappinesses."

Sookie Stackhouse, Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris. Koren loaned me the books on vacation.....about halfway thru this one, already know I'll have to start watching Trueblood from season one when I get thru!
Mudcats game cancelled for rain, rescheduled for July 8th. have to pick Kate up in a bit at church in Blue Ridge. also need to buy lemon juice to finish up my Queen Anne's lace jelly.


no one is the boss of my face.....

It appears something large has been nesting in the pasture behind my house some would say deer but I'm going to guess Bigfoot....

one facebook friend suggested it was BearBeast or Sheepsquatch and that I should call Trapper and the boys up here to investigate......told her I needed a nickname and a trail camera to get evidence to show them....

Daisy woke me up barking at 5:58a.m. I tossed her outside and slept till Sasha woke me up barking at 9:57a.m.

are these wiener dogs lucky to have me or what?


these baby cages were used in apartments in the 1930s so baby got enough fresh air and sunlight...

Annette Kellerman promoting a womans' right to wear a fitted one piece bathing suit in 1907. she was later arrested for indecency.

what an amazing figure!

a woman beautifully arranged after suicide

a picture of young Charlie Chaplin, age 27, 1916.


an unknown soldier in Vietnam 1965

wonder if he made it back....

what lifeguards used to look like in the 1920s.

(hubba hubba!)

came home from work, grabbed a cold pepsi, and took the passanger seat.

Katie drove us to El Napal in Bethany where she met Kyla and will spend the nite. had to go to Walmart since I was literally next door. I was dressed in one of my finest people of walmart ensembles....painted sweatpants and a faded koolaid man tshirt with wild pigbarn woman hair...found Doctor Sleep. in one of the Stephen King bookshelves. it has a cover similar to another book and I didn't read the title. KJ is off to a bonfire. so it's just me and the critters and the tv. telling myself I will look for Queen Annes lace tomorrow and try that jelly recipe. or maybe I'll piece together the Chiefs shirts for the t-shirt quilt. wrote Aunt Mary a letter. she is the only relative I write to anymore. used to write to everyone....Lisa, Brenda, Mom & Dad, my cousin Robin, great aunt Dona, my grandparents, great grandma Amanda....but now everyone but Aunt Mary has facebook. she does, however, have a cell phone. so that is pretty modern. she has lived thru some amazing times.....she didn't even have electricity or running water as a child and now she has a cell phone. one she puts minutes on, but still. Kevin built the patio table today. (!)


....some days it's just enough to make it home...

Bubba took Miss to pool and picked her up. he is a very underpaid chauffer/personal asst.
after her go cart wreck, she swore she'd never drive again, but she drove from Bethany home last night, and tonite was in the drivers seat to pick Kayla up from SB & Brittany from Aunt Julies, and drive them all to Kayla's to spend the nite. They are quite the 3 amigos. Meanwhile, I ate ice cream sandwiches and cried right along with Sugar Bear when Chi Chi died.....


made the trek to KC to pick up Katie....

got to hang out with Koren & Ian, had lunch at Five Guys, went to the King Tut exhibit at Union Station....I love walking thru places The Ghost Adventures crew has been in.....(have also been to Villisca Ax Murder House AND The Mrytles!)


I love the sound of K.J.'s merry laughter peeling thru the house....

cleaned floors....boy did they need it! It doesn't take all that long and makes such a difference, but I put it off like it is some horrible thing. Katie comes home tomorrow, Koren called to see if I was coming down tonite. thought about it, but decided to clean floors. I'm sure Katie isn't all that happy about seeing ol' mom again, anyways. sounds like her & Ian are quite the pair. plan on going to see the King Tut exhibit at Union Station tomorrow. hung a People magazine Brad Pitt picture in my work locker...of him leaning over his French Quarter balcony smiling. whatever it takes to make it thru the day.....


left work early to go to dentist for filling....

Kevin met me in Princeton. talked to the old principal Stacy while waiting. we ate at Applebee's, Kevin tried Kentucky Tea, it was good! then killed time at Walmart waiting for A Million Ways To Die In The West to start....then half price shakes after 8 p.m. at Sonic....drove thru a downpour...picked up car at our rendezvous point.....then home, sweet, home, where my beautiful Etsy sign was waiting to be opened! Koren called, I will go down there Weds. to pick up Katie and we'll go to the King Tut exhibit!

what kind of wife are you?

and the facebook quiz says: "The Virtuous Wife The good wife. You live in reality. You’re not perfect and that’s perfectly fine with you. You’re very understanding and full of self-esteem You don’t let your busy life distract you from spending time on things that matter. Life has ups and downs but that doesn’t diminish your outlook. You are supportive and expect the same from everyone. You are right where you want to be and couldn’t imagine your life differently. "


my man has returned home.

and my son is on his way home. I have discovered I'm lost when left to my own devises. caught up on the list, made another batch of homemade laundry soap, read....drank wine. this weekend kicked my ass. substantial rain...so have to clean the dogs muddy paws everytime they go out. When Kevin got home, I thought Sasha would run out to greet him so let her go....she ended up in mud under back porch fighting a cat. she will never learn.....


...if I could stay off Etsy....I could maybe retire someday......

"And then you were born. And there you were, a squalling mess of limbs and hair, you weren't much. But you were enough to show me love.: Increase Mather, Salem.

I don't miss him as much until he calls....Koren & Cody are going on a date nite. I am getting woozy very slowly sipping my goblet of wine, watching Finding Bigfoot and now Salem.....

"Hair strategies are essential to everything in life, we know that. I'm at an age where I can pretty much do what I want: Here I am, whether you like my hair or not." Hillary Clinton

done crying, successfully opened my first bottle of corkscrew wine on my own (yay me!) & this of course means another cork for my collection! have the stir fry going and some baby bakers in the oven. now....what to watch. because this mama is done boo-hooing 'n feelin' sorry for herself.

i'm home all by myself and it's sad.

I was going to make potato salad but don't have potatoes and am not going to the store because I am sitting in my house alone crying. I did find the corkscrew, so will be shedding a few tears into a glass of wine and making stir fry for supper. I think I really wanted stir fry anyways....


I love being a grandma in the digital age.....

Koren just texted me a picture of them at Ian's first Royals game! this little guy is in for so many adventures....and he has the worlds best mommy!

I drove Bubba's truck to work today so he could have the car to go to Josh & Val's for the weekend.....

my phone overheated while I was at work, when it finally got out of cool down mode, I was almost home...and had a text from kate to pick her up at pool on my way home. went to DG for a few things.....(got the 2nd cork for my wine cork collection!), so didn't see Kevin, who, with Ms. Kate, will be leaving tomorrow a.m. for a weekend in the city with Koren & Cody & Ian, so this old chick will be all on her own this weekend. hope Daisy, Sasha, Miss Cuddles and the wonderful pigs at Peach 5 can keep me under control....still enjoying Ms. BJ's fabulous cinnamon rolls!!!!


"I mean, not everybody is supposed to be a cake decorator and not everybody is supposed to raise hellions by the train tracks, but at least this experience has taught me where I belong." Mama June, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo came back on tonite....I laughed, I cried. got the Route 66 outlet plug cover and put it up. Koren saw on facebook that Ashley had her twins....7lb.3oz 20" and 5lb4oz15". KJ drove to Maryville to exchange his broken lap top for another one. Katie didn't get to go the pool because a storm blew up right before opening time. set event for Chillicothe Mudcats game, we'll go on Scout Night next Sunday. Miss BJ delivered the delicious cinnamon rolls I ordered. hope she offers the coconut cake this summer, too!


the sign I ordered from etsy....

I love that so many creative people have an outlet and are making some $....what can I put on there? KJ took Katie to the pool and picked her up. I worked a bit late. he had the chores done when I got home. it was hot and I was tired and just laid around in a/c.


"just another manic monday"

BECAUSE I CAN, bitches!
stayed up too late last nite....work today. no charger in car, battery on phone about dead. couldn't get hold of Kevin. (him and Katie were mowing and going to the dr. and inspecting vehicles. Katie has been driving pulling the lawn mower trailer. I've never pulled a trailer.)
I came home, got hold of Megan re: dresser, convinced KJ to gas up his truck and be my helper, we figured out where she lived (you know who was reading the directions wrong), picked up the dresser for $10. 2 drawers need fixed. I trust Kevin to do this for me when he has the time. there was another dresser on swap shop that I almost messaged on last night but didn't, wasn't listed on there today. I want to find one that is sturdy enough for KJ to move out with.
turned a/c back on.
saw BJ while KJ was getting gas...she said we should go bigfoot hunting together, she would do tree knocks and I could howl!

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