the farmer's daughter

I grew up tough, and that has got me where I am today. not that I am proud of the job I have, but I have held on to it through thick and thin for damn near 19 years....and paid my fair share of the family bills, too....

I am what I am, and that's all that I am.

Popeye, the Sailor Man.

Ian weekend #2....

exhausting but unforgettable! Kate made plans with Kyla, so she drove to Blue Ridge, then I met Bubs for supper at McDonalds, then followed him to college where he parked his truck and drove to KC, dropped me off at Koren's, then went to hang with Josh & Val. love hanging out with Ian! (and his mama!)


It's always comforting to drive home from work listening to tornado touchdowns on the radio.....

KTTN kept me up to date....funnels spotted , touchdowns near Trenton & Spickard....we were under a tornado warning till 4:15, then till 4:30...Kevin drove thru hail to work. electricity was off when I got home, but back on by the time I got outside chores done. spending a quiet evening at home.....did bills, packed for my Ian weekend, read one of the kindle Route 66 books I downloaded, now watching tv and folding laundry....
facebook friends took pics of tornados on their way to work (they both work in the same plant in Trenton)....


you know, for having to work on my day off....and then having to work longer than I had planned because the dead cart tires showed up and there were 3 rather dead sows to drag....I am in a good mood!

got the GS council deposit done, took Katie to drama practice, cleaned floors, made supper....now watching Mountain Monsters learning me about some Devil Dogs, waiting for the text to pick up Miss Boo from practice.

Congratulations to Katie!

North Mercer FFA Congratulations to Katie Dailey, 3rd Place creed speaking 2014


The Creed Speaker texted, she placed 3rd, which is alternate! I am so proud!

I spent my evening watching tv with KJ, then got online to order him some vacation clothes....oldnavy.com, kohls.com, jcpenney.com....go me!

well, whoopdee doo, my breeding certification is all done. what a happy day, indeed......

no, this is not me in the picture, it is a google image search. I am not this happy at work. my pigs do not adore me. nor are they this well behaved. and my coveralls are a LOT bigger.

giving up my Weds. offf to "cover for half a day."

do people not realize how ridiculously tired I am? how pissed off I am? how overwhelming everything is? Honestly!
helped Katie study for a science test last nite....+ she has Creed Speaking again today.....but we did get the new Bates Motel watched last nite!


"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles." -Audrey Hepburn

usually euthanizing sows bothers me...the noise of the gun going off, the violent jerk that hurts my hand.....

but today, after the delayed (and SURPRISE!) AI Class today (oh wow, just have 1 more thing to do to earn my 'breeding certification' after all these years of being a breeder....shaking head), did it twice & didn't bat an eye. Is this how serial killers get started? working at factory farms? stay tuned....
snowing in spring time....and a trip to Wal-Mart for groceries. McDonalds drive-thru 'cause this mama is too damn lazy to cook....

Kate is up and at 'em for FFA today, & Galt is supposed to pick her up....

so here I sit to make sure he DOES come get her.....and I guess will watch tv until time to go to work....or maybe got back to bed for a few.....but it is only 5:29a.m.......


Katie is home after her long weekend, crying and

looking at her phone at a picture of a tortoise whose front legs were chewed off by rats when he was hibernating and someone gave him wheels......and she may have a boyfriend from Eagleville....and DEFINITELY has to get up early to be on a bus at 5:45a.m. to go to FFA contest for Knowledge Team....
so I had to google it...... " Marginated tortoise Septimus was attacked by rodents as he hibernated underground in the garden of owner Darren Strand in Gosport, Hampshire. When the 23-year-old pet emerged his legs were infested with maggots and vets told Mr Strand that Septimus would either have to have his legs amputated and tiny wheels attached in their place, or be put to sleep" "


Ian went to work with Mommy today....

poor ol' grandma had to go to work by herself.....KJ & I had Pizza Plus for supper, then he left, so it was just me and True Detective......


...and now Danny has joined us....

while the boys ate pizza and watched wrestling....I finally tackled the GS cookie order...counted $ and IT IS EXACTLY FUCKING RIGHT! EXACTLY! EXACTLY! divided up $ for our deposit and council deposit. tried to figure out how to add the extra cookies the girls sold....thought I had it....nope. can't do recognition order yet anyway. now to clean up my mess of paperwork strewn about the couch.....instead of doing the logical thing and keeping track of the extra cookies like a good leader....I had to go thru scribbled notes, the girls order sheets, AND facebook messages and comments. honestly. I have fallen to even lower depths....I am surprised they haven't fired me yet.....

katie is at kyla's for the weekend....

I about bitched her to death when she drove into Bethany....I was sure she was going to run over the motorcycle in front of her. I am so tired....I thought she was a lot closer than she was. (confession: I ran off the road myself on way home from work.....)
she quickly found a pair of black pumps for FFA at Walmart, then she was off for her adventure. I drove my tired ass home alone. KJ & Josh watching wrestling... a bit loudly, as usual...but it is good to hear them bantering back and forth. no quietly watching ghost shows and drifting off to sleep on the couch....


Chelsey is pregnant, Brock kissed Amanda, Marvin proposed to Anne.....

AND Kj called...he comes home on spring break tomorrow! how much excitement can this old woman take?

Miss Katie broke up with Chase in the early a.m. hours. she gathered all their pictures, I put in basement.

I know she is sad, but she is not happy with the amount of attention she is (or rather, is not, receiving.) to be 15 and in love again.....Jaz brought her cookie $ and sold me some pizza stuff for Bre's fundraiser....I found a checkbook on table while doing a bit of cleaning and wrote her a check....it was the GS checkbook. oh, well...owed myself badge $ anyhow. (sigh). ordered a deb hoodie from teespring for cancer fundraiser. inspired to do some family framing for 'family room' (aka dining room...this poor room has had so many names over the years.....party room....family room...Katie's room....Katie's office....


"Just because you don't believe, don't mean you are safe." Cryptid: The Swamp Beast

while Katie was gone being all fabulous and competitive, I caught up on some dvr stuff.....watched episodes of Cryptid: The Swamp Beast, Swamp People, and Monsters & Mysteries in America. did switch laundry from washer to dryer and put away a load of laundry....should of done some dusting & floor cleaning. too damn tired....and it's only Wednesday. still have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday to go before I get a day off....and have my first ever AI Class hanging over my head tomorrow...whatever the fuck that is....(sigh). Koren thinks she'll take Ian to work with her this weekend.

kate had a busy day today.....

had to take another FBLA test at school....she is already qualified for state, this one could qualify her for nationals.....then towards the end of school her & Mr Wyatt the ag advisor headed back to Gallatin, to see if she could place in top 4 Creed Speaker......and she got #3! so she goes to Cameron Tuesday to continue in her quest to be THE CREED SPEAKER OF THE WORLD (or district or something.....this is pretty exciting!) her buddies Galt & Bryce were there to congratulate her when they got back to school. I know she likes Chase....but her & Galt are just adorable together! I guess I am ok with them just being bestest buddies.....


"It's not that complicated. We just love each other." Rhonda, My Five Wives

decided today that euthanizing adult female swine makes me anxious. I need a more soothing job....Kate & I hung out, watching tv and eating fish sticks and mac & cheese. the Schwann's guy was here. Sasha has figured out how to drink from her water dish with the cone on. put my vacation jammies in the washer. life is good.

A Christmas Poem

don't know where I got this...it was in the stuff from my childhood Mom gave me....
Eggnog, tinsel, falling snow. Buttered rum and mistletoe.
Trimming trees and hanging lights. The sound of carolers fill the night.
Shopping hours long and hard. Visa phones and cancels card.
Unpaid bills and mounting debts. Family gathers....depression sets.
Drinking starts, harsh words are said. Dysfunction rears its Yuletide head.
Argument turns to shovin'. Drunken brother punches cousin.
Tree flips over popping lights. Curtains catch, house ignites.
No one hears the reindeer cries. Wedged in chimney, Santa dies.
Though he kicked and did perspire, his chestnuts roasted on an open fire.

more poetry.....

Lament of A Fat Teenager
As I sit here and moan
I eat some chocolate cake
When I'm finished I groan
What kind of self-control does it take?
I did 20 sit-ups, lets see,
Was it a week ago?
Wonder why losing weight
Always has to go so slow?
Diet with Dr. Atkins
Or better yet, go on a fast
No wonder the miraculous results
Never seem to last.
Oh, that pic looks so good
Even though I'm not hungry
With my appetite
I could even eat fungi!
While I gripe and complain
Skinny girls walk by
Why can't I be like them
It makes me want to cry.
Maybe if I jog 100 miles
I would lose these 20 pounds
Don't do no good, I'd find an excuse
On any kinds of grounds.
Hey, I know how to do it
I'll lock myself in a room
And not a thing will cross my lips
Till from starvation I swoon.
My doctor wouldn't agree
I don't even think Mom would either
So until I find an idea
On the brink of obese I tether.

my poor mother......getting these epic missives from her oldest daughter instead of gifts!

Mothers Day is special
Oh! Yes it is indeed!
For it is mother
Who can grow a garden from seed.
When you think about it
Your mothers something grand,
She does nearly everything
Why not lend her a helping hand?
Mothers are terrific
Can you remember when,
Your mother read you stories
Like "The Little Red Hen?"
So heres to all you dear mothers
You make the world a special place,
So teach us the proper way to grow up
To continue your everlasting race!


Haven't wore shorts that short since.....well...probably since this picture!

Ian's 3 month pic preview....

had a wonderful weekend grandbabysittin' in the city....

Katie got to do some shoppin' and city drivin'.....think it went pretty well! Katie made an adorable Vine of Ian....

Only Koren Wills would send a ransom text for the hoody I left at her house.......

Only Koren Wills would send a ransom text for the hoody I left at her house....... "I believe I have something that belongs to you...this is a ransom text....Will trade for real Sasquatch." (I love that my kids can correctly spell Sasquatch!)

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