what a day.....

Katie hair appt. at 10 a.m., ran her to Kasen's, home to clean out backseat, picked up Tricia, we picked up GS cookies at Trenton, loaded them into my truck, helped her unload hers, saw a house that made me smile. I picked up Kasen & Katie, then unloaded cookies because Kevin wanted the truck (calling for snow.) I did chores, Katie drove us to get gas, then to Princeton to pick up Jacey. they are spending the nite. I broke down orders, Pizza Plus for supper, now time to relax. whew!


todays accomplishments:

touch up painted in basement, picked up all construction trash basement/garage, and put together "The Family Room Without Walls". AND took a nap, got KJ's FAFSA filed, did the bills, and did online $ transfers to pay on Redi-Reserve and to checking. plan on paying our taxes tomorrow! no school tomorrow---teacher in service, so she has 10 a.m. hair appt., I'm supposed to pick up Tricia at 12:30 to go to Trenton and sort cookies. I meant to sweep snow out of back of truck and put the lids on....guess I'll do it tomorrow since it's dark now! Rice Krispie Treats for supper! What a day!


a very productive day!

Kevin & I to Des Moines...he bought work boots, tried to upgrade his phone, not up till April. lunch at Applebee's, an entertaining walk thru Romantix, shopping at Home Depot and Girdners after we got home. Today's projects: white marble rock at back garage door with the Bigfeet, putting the head board on Katie's bed, Kevin installed an outlet by his chair for his lamp, I repotted the funeral plants, Kevin built shelves, Katie arranged stuff on garage shelves! now she is home from youth group, Kevin is jammied up and relaxing, and I am making supper.
projects for immediate future: install the toilet paper holder downstairs and the handle for laundry chute upstairs that we bought today.


sometimes you forget how lucky you really are....Katie & I have been watching tv.....The Green River Killer......autism.....kids with schizophrenia...really makes you think!

Katie quit therapy today.....she has the option to go back if she thinks she needs/wants to. I shouldn't of told her insurance wouldn't cover it. She drove to and from Trenton. she says she is anxious about missing so much school and esp. math class. hoping for the best. went to Country Wood Hearts & Lace and bought the football sign and another one. recycled. took down the duct tape in kitchen, Sasha back to vet to get her leg re-splinted and got a plastic cone so she'll quit chewing her cast off. watched a Swamp People and the first Cryptid. took a nap on couch, then picked Katie up from school. Kevin worked cows. we will go to grocery store tonight.


Home again, Home again, jiggety jog, it's Sasha the Weiner Dog

I Was Born A Dairy Farmers Daughter

I was born a dairy farmers daughter,
raised on the 240 by Halfrock Holler,
we were raised the old fashioned way,
if you can't say something nice, then you better not say,
now apologize and hug and kiss your sister.
My Mom and Dad raised 4 kids in the country air
when your gumboots sprung a leak,
you sure wished for a brand new pair
summers were hot, winters were cold,
you were expected to do what you were told,
growing up a dairy farmers daughter.
Mom & Dad had their daughters 1, 2, 3
then along came baby brother when I was 15,
Mom milked the cows that morn,
drove herself to the hospital and he was born,
was she tough? Damn, she had to be!
We were always late everywhere we had to go,
'cause the cows were out or the milker quit or some such woe
Dad would say go on ahead,
he'd tend to the homestead,
and Mom put her makeup on driving down the road.
Growing up we didn't have the world wide web,
but we had neighbors like Buck, Billy Gene, and Red
they always had your back,
you never had to ask.
and no favor could ever be too big.
Our whole neighborhood was on a party line
when a neighbor thought it was their turn you'd hear some sighin'
or throat clearing or clicks or raps
you didn't tell any secrets on that rotary dial phone
'cause then every one else would be a knowin'.
When the wind blew just right we got one channel on tv
KTVO Kirksville, Channel 3
we watched Hee Haw, Bonanza, and The Six Million Dollar Man,
Barney Miller,The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, and ........
cartoons were just on Saturday morning.
In the wintertime we'd ice skate on the pond
in the summer we'd pitch tents down by the old barn.
A Bonnie & Clyde car in the ditch
playing Little House on the Prairie,
then to Charlie's Angels we'd switch
or take a book and find a tree to climb.
We wore makeup out to chore in every day
in case a cute neighbor boy stopped by to say hey
there were no cell phones, but The Halfrock Pollock had CBs.
one in the truck and a homebase in the diningroom where he talked with ease.
Chatting with Tadpole and his buddies at the end of the day.
Mom was the worlds best at making do,
she turned leftovers from the fridge into something brand new.
from the table you were excused
to not try a bite of everything was being rude
just the memories of a dairy farmers daughter.
Dad would go stand out on the back porch and whistle
the cows would appear in line, single file
some day's he'd call 'S Cow,
or crack the whip kapow
if he was gone we'd have to walk the whole damn farm.
Mom & Dad lived at work and worked all day
no holidays, no overtime pay
on crutches or with the flu,
not much you can do,
those cows needed milked twice a day.
Oh, Lord, the cows are out there in the corn,
and they were out in the new alfalfa just the other morn.
Dad's building fence like it's a race
can't keep those heifers any place
the school bus would pull into the lane
there's a cow in the front yard again
eating pears underneath the tree.
Each cow had a name and history
some were named after Dynasty on t.v.
I remember Alexis, Skyhook, and Vee
Princess, Star, and Molly.
just the memories of this dairy farmer's daughter.
We'd come home from school and find a list of chores
and some homemade cookies to eat before we went back outdoors
Mom and Dad had gone to town
for a part for something that had broke down
and they relied upon their dairy farmer daughters.
Now the old milk barn doesn't stand there anymore
no more Axsom's with five gallon buckets out doing chores
or climbing up on the well to ride old King
our retired star of the barrel racing ring
while Wart Hog the dog hid in the jimson weeds.
When I was a kid I couldn't understand
my parents fierce attachment to this land
and why they chose such a hard way of life
for a husband and a wife
just why did they become dairy farmers?
Lots of folks had dairies way back then,
but I haven't seen a Mid-Am truck rumblin' down a blacktop since I don't know when.
The milk truck driver David made me swoon,
he looked like the Shaun Cassidy poster in my room,
on milk truck days I was glad to be a dairy farmers daughter!
My dad was color blind and couldn't tell red from green
so the day lil' sister got bucked off a calf he thought mom was mean
how could she laugh when baby daughter was covered in blood?
(turned out to be cow manure and mud)
never a dull moment when you're a dairy farmers daughter!
My mom sang along with 61 Country on the radio
and played piano at church the mornings she got done milkin' early 'nuff to go
when she had a free moment she'd read a book curled up in a chair
twisting a lock of hair
and take a break from being a dairy farmer.
There were hot summer nights at the county fair
and moonlit drives down dirt roads goin' no where
I married the boy I loved back then
we have Koren, KJ, & Katie and our grandson Ian
I was a lucky dairy farmer's daughter.
Sometimes I wonder what our children will remember from their youth,
if in the lessons we tried to teach they'll find some truth,
we were young and made it up as we went along,
but they still turned out smart and strong,
the children of this dairy farmer's daughter.
I've been at the hog farm 19 years come May,
still walking 'round in gumboots most every day.
some mornings getting out of bed is rough,
but I was raised to be tough.
The stuff that makes a dairy farmer's daughter.
I didn't appreciate those lessons way back when,
now I'd give anything to see Dad leanin' on the barn yard gate talking to Donnie again
Him and Mom got fifty years
lots of laughter and lots of tears
raising their dairy farm son and daughters.

For one minute, walk outside, stand there, in silence, look up at the sky, and contemplate how amazing life is.

1st item off list: picked up Sasha. did some back roadin' and photo takin' on the way and got lost...don't have a sense of direction, but finally found a highway I recognized and I was only about 10 miles from where I started...and got some good pics, so all is well....now, do I do something else off the list or just wander aimlessly about doing nothing like a normal day......hmmmmm.

...and we're off to a rip-roarin' start on my week as a stay-at-home mom.....set the wrong alarm, it went off, set what I thought was right alarm, but wasn't.....woke up about 15 minutes ago. Miss Katie will most likely be late to school....(sigh)

Koren's first day back to work as a mom.....at her old job, which is a long drive and many long hours, so she can turn in notice and start a part time job....
her facebook post.....Aaaand I'm about to cry all my makeup off. Nobody make fun of me at work please lol
I remember when she was a baby and I couldn't bear the thought of her going to school and being away from me all day. about a year and a half later, I got a part time job. later on, had to get a full time job. it was hell. I just turned my mind off and got thru it. not so good about doing that any more....I cry a lot at work theses days about various memories and feeling sorry for myself things, but the pigs don't seem to mind and I don't get much interaction with the fellow humans there....


Ian pictures by Katie.....

some of my facebook friends posted pictures of the pep rally I didn't get to go to...and some fabulous pics of Katie dancing at the game.....

came home from work to see the Ford truck and the Focus in my driveway....

I was sure the kids had all headed home! got to hang out a bit, then they went home and Katie found a Mermaid show for us to watch, and another one to record, then I watched Sister Wives. Katie gave me the letter her counselor suggested she write. It is hard....so I did what I always do....I cried. hoping for a calm week at home vacation where I can accomplish some little things like dying my hair, painting the 2nd coat downstairs, picking up all the trash in basement and garage and getting it to curb, putting the headboard on Katie's bed, reading the Myrtles book I bought on kindle last nite....and spending time hanging out with my youngest daughter, it makes me sad that she doesn't see how special and wonderful she is.

dreamin' 'bout Bigfoot.....

went to bed last nite as soon as I got Katie picked up from her shift working at the ball game.....slept in my clothes.....had several disturbing bigfoot encounters....and a few ghosts, too....
all the kids were home for the Homecoming game....got to hang out with Koren and Cody and Ian and KJ after the game and some on Saturday after work. I love the sound of KJ's laughter and the smells of Koren cooking.....just like the good ol' days!
when I get home from work today, it'll be back to me and Katie....unless she goes to Chase's house, then it'll just be me and Daisy and Miss Cuddles....


hung out at dance practice.....

the last one of the season. Chase has a game he can't miss so won't be at the game. he offered to come to the dance at 11p.m. after the game. Katie has had a long week and a lot is getting piled on her.....

Katie is going to state FBLA!

FBLA District 3 Results
FBLA Principles and Procedures-Katie (4th place, got her to state competition!)
she also placed 10th in Intro to Business Communications!

thunder and lightning.....the sleep I got was frightening!

had fresh sheets and jammies (thank u Kevin!), he took me out to supper.....when Daisy wasn't waking me up barking thinking she needed breakfast or whatever, I was having this never ending dream....we were tourists, I had parked the truck and was hiking around this beautiful old town taking pictures. we sat down on the curb outside this café and I was taking pictures of old buildings.....they had these appetizer tables outside, I ate a couple of chicken wings, then we get escorted inside and offered a free entrée. I selected this gooey cinnamon roll. mind you, my debit card is in the truck, all I have is my camera. so I can't buy anything. then they bring me the wrong entrée, something gross, and a main dish that is 2 birds complete with feathers, still twitching....the whole exit is blocked by old people in wheelchairs. I am panicking. I can't pay for this, I didn't order this, I don't have my phone to call for help. finally sneak out past some bloody evil zombie looking chefs, go outside, it's all different. Like post-apocalyptic. I was with Lisa, then I'm with Katie, then I lose her. finally find Katie, who is driving the truck. our new tires are all shredded. my fingers are all swollen and broken somehow and hurt. GPS won't work. cell phones won't work. the host from café is walking up behind us slowly....Dear God.
snd here I was expecting happy family vacation type dreams!


have our cabin rented on the Black River! this ol' gal may even be scheduling a family float trip!

called and made a reservation for June 2-5 at BearCat Mountain Cabin,(a private cabin!) (our own hot tub!) (our own private beachfront,!)can schedule a float trip, which I think we WILL! Koren, Cody, Ian, KJ, & Katie have all confirmed. By God, we are going to have a family vacation!
Katie & Brittany and the rest of the Mercer kids rocked the diapers today for Baby Day....JH Academic Team won 1, lost 1. the girls are doing math homework and making tutus for Red & White day. it is nice to hear them merrily chatting away in her room.


lisa texted me this.....a letter from me in 1998....

....and I am going to miss today's JH Academic Meet @ Cainsville because I am a working mom and every other Wednesday now sucks ass. (sigh)

but here's something for me to ponder today.....and this is kind of how I feel.....(I think? my mind is so twisted that some days it's just hard telling...)
Koren was recruiting weekend babysitting help for if she gets a part time weekend job. of course I signed up. I am so proud of her for making things happen instead of just feeling like she has no choice and that being miserable is part of life. where did these kids get that attitude from? being happy instead of getting by. Wish I thought I deserved that....


H&R Block and the IRS have smiled down upon us.....

our impending refunds were definitely worth the long wait in the uncomfortable chairs! Katie home sick from school today. got Kevin online to look at cabins for vacation.....he thinks the one Katie & I like is too expensive...and it's a little house, NOT a cabin. back to square one....(sigh)

yesterday was a bad day.

today I will put on my plus sized big girl panties and just deal with it.


I hate my job.

almost died again on the way on ice covered roads. school was delayed 2 hours when I left home, so came back in to change the alarm. they cancelled after I got to work, but since we can't have our phones and there is no radio or contact with the outside work, I didn't know. had to stay till 7 p.m. to get a room washed, sanitized, and loaded....got supper on way home at Hour Place and did chores I the dark. Kevin & Katie went to see her dr. to renew Rx, to Crossroads for lunch, Katie brought home leftover house chips for me!~


...another lazy day.....

slept in, cleaned off a shelf in my bedroom, filed stuff in basement, watched some dvr stuff....took a nap, woke up in time to make Kevin something to eat before he went to work. Katie made her own lunch after our tift yesterday. last nite I looked up cabins near Taum Sauk and Elephant Rocks, Katie & I both love the one with the stairway to the river and hot tub!....Kevin didn't have time to look at it today....want to transfer $ and GET IT BOOKED! living for vacation occupies much of my spring each year....while I'm choking on hog dust and getting trampled and thinking of crashing my truck into trees on the way to work.....

March 2006 calander page

a month in the life of the Dailey's.....
2: Band Boosters 4 p.m.
3: Bank Day (1st graders had a chore chart at home to earn $ & deposited it in a class account every month)
4: Kevin worked 5-1; I worked the weekend....(back in the good old work one weekend, get 2 off weekends.....sigh).
6: track practice
9: KJ's birthday, 5 p.m. pick up proofs at Jody's.
10: Kate show & tell
11: Kevin 5-1; tickets on sale
14: 9a.m. Kevin haircut appt.
15: 7 p.m. pick up cookies
16: P/T conference
17: no school
18: Kevin 5-1
19: Lindsay pool party Stacy Pool 3-5
20/21: no school
21: KJ & Katie chiropractor appts.
22: Brownie meeting 4:30
23: Aerosmith Concert Des Moines.....we had tickets, it was cancelled because Steven Tyler had vocal surgery
25: I worked the weekend.
31: Katie Show & Tell

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