I like to think of myself as a southern gal....

thanks, fuckhead, for racing me to the bridge.....hope Bigfoot comes in the dead of the night and abducts your children and roasts them over his campfire. ok, maybe that is a bit much....but you really pissed me off!

I let the other guy go, then you just gunned it...you big white truck driving asshole, you....both vehicles again home. got rid of growly noise in car. kevin back to work, Katie out with friends, I am catching up with my list shows, sorted thru newspapers & magazines to recycle, did bills. whew! Kevin picked up the dogs and brought them home. they are being especially quiet and good.


Koren & Ian came for a sleepover!

they were here when I got home from work last nite, and here when I woke up on my first day off in what seems forever today! It was amazing! we are lucky to have such a wonderful daughter! in less wonderful news, KJ found out he has shingles. poor kid. Katie had a session today, there will be a family session in the future. kind of dreading that.....got the GS cookie order done and submitted. hopefully correctly! now it's Wednesday, witches, and you know what that means... the Coven finale!


just watched Honey Boo Boo's vacation, and d***** if I don't want to rent an RV and drive my family around Georgia!!!

damnable wind is blowing shit around....just hanging out watching tv with Katie....
Truely Grace Brown is going to be ok. Is it wrong to get so involved in my tv shows that I frantically worry about their kids??? wait.....don't answer that.

....and with this sentiment, I shall start another day.....hot flashes and day ????? in the pig barn....but Wednesday is coming, Witches, and it just doesn't mean Coven this week!!!!


your North Mercer Glimmer Girls!

I forgot to press record button, but a facebook friend tagged me in two pics she took of the dance.....

koren send me Ian pictures.....

and I edit on my phone..... :) Kevin & I had a heated phone convo or 3 about Katie being out late last nite. she went to Chase's tonite, they picked her up, I have to leave to go get her here in a few, 'cause I think I need gas before I leave...Kevin had left me half a sub and half a bag of chips and half a king sized snickers almond for my lunch at work....
last week the Stark home burnt to a shell....today the old Assembly of God burnt down to the foundation. KJ & Katie used to go to church there....I have fond memories of Christmas programs there. It was a café after they built the new church (can't remember the name now....but Kevin & I ate there several times....), and then a pool hall.


....another day of crawling out of bed....

walked risers in the wind chill advisory or warning or whatever....cold enough. I find myself arguing and reasoning with sows at work. I need a day off! powerwasher got last room done today...so maybe we get our days off back??? left my phone in truck in the cold per company policy....damn thing wouldn't work on way home...which sucks when you're trying to make sure your daughter got home from practice ok....(she did.) dance coach apologized to her. all is well for now. she spent time in basement in my hoarder totes going thru old scrapbooks, while I put the new Mossy Oak Scentsy in the downstairs bathroom and assembled KC Chief Legos. Koren called, she is thinking of her and Ian coming up next Tues & Weds. that would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


katie called in sick to school....

dizzy and nauseous. kevin got the oil changed in truck. I bought Katie chips and Sprite on way home, and 2 papers for Koren...Mr. Ian's birth announcement that I put in! I got sick from the propane fumes flaming the room. 2 more passed today....FW house is 1/2 done. I don't know if my exhaustion is real or imagined, but it is overwhelming.
Katie is on the A honor roll! YAY! 2 hour delay for school tomorrow. AND in breaking news....I have decided that I'm turning in my 2 weeks at work....as soon as I pay off my 401k loan in 2016!


got katie to the game late......she wasn't ready when I got home...then the Schawnns guy showed up....

she texted that she was catching a ride home with her cousin Chase....but she isn't home yet...they must be cruisin'....check engine oil light came on on way home....called Kevin...who was at the Green City Sale Barn...and he told me to stop by Willis' on the way home and have him check it....it was about empty, he put in 2 quarts and told me to bring it back tomorrow for an oil change...that he had met me on the highway the other day and thought he hadn't changed the oil for awhile....today was Katie's first session, didn't get much time to talk to her about it. she has a packet to work on until her next session. she had a run in with the dance coach.....and had to walk home on a cold day because her mom worked late and her dad went to the sale barn....meanwhile, Lije & Kevin had some words with the truckers hauling cows for them....and Kevin had some words with the counselor....quite the day for the Dailey clan, all the way around....

So smile for a while and let's be jolly

So smile for a while and let's be jolly Love shouldn't be so melancholy Come along and share the good times while we can
...and it is day...what....12? of work....thinking I'll reward myself with some breakfast pizza on the way to work...,If I can get my vitamins swallowed and get dressed in the next 3 minutes....laid in bed a bit long this a.m.....


despite a few mishaps, got the first coat of primer on outer bathroom walls....

kevin picked up kate's Rx, he does all that stuff.....gets her to school, to appointments, picks her up from practices, keeps a running list on what we're out of in his head and gets it at store, buys stamps and mails packages....he's like a full time butler! I am lucky to have him. Katie got onto me for always sounding so grouchy with him on the phone....I did actually see him for a minute in the driveway today. but here lately seems like we mostly communicate by phone and notes on the computer....

"Sisters are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly" Missing you a lot today.. Love you so much. Dont know what I would do without you!

Katie posted this Koren's page.....so sweet!


this is right on!

Today's text message indicates shenanigans at the Wills house! Wish I was there to join in....

Koren called to talk for a bit, and Ian was talking in the background....it is so good to hear her voice! got the kids sheets changed, another coat of red on kitchen wall, and watched new Sister Wives. time for this old momma to hit the hay. peace out.


today's Ian texts.....

and thank God, 'cause I don't know if Gma deb will ever get a damn day off work to see her grandbaby again!

here I am....working on my weekend off....(as soon as I get off facebook, take my vitamins, and get out the door.....)

Disappointment: microwaving your pizza for lunch that you thought was Denver Omelet....and it is Hawaiian. Someone needs to start wearing her glasses more....but now I am home alone ....Kevin went to work, Kate is with Kasen, so thinking I'll clean floors, touch up the spot in basement bathroom....and paint wall behind stove red...ready, set, go!
it always amazes me how filthy the floors are.....but the Dollar General knock-off Swiffer Wet Jet pads don't lie! put on the first coat of red on 2 kitchen walls.....the red just goes on patchy. did a 2nd coat....will still have to touch up. touched up in bathroom.....found more spots....will have to look at it again tomorrow. Kevin tried out shower down there...it leaks. and dryer is now only drying on 1 setting. I'd like to think we're haunted. now time for some HyVee homemade bread & butter, a sit on the couch, some pepsi, some dog companionship, some tv watching, some laundry folding...and possibly a nap?
no couch nap.....Katie texted needing picked up at Bethany...long story short.....Adrienne was involved. she is home now, all is well, and this momma is off to bed....


how did I ever work 12 in row?

because I've only given up one day this week so far, and am draggin' ass......working on my weekend off at least tomorrow....but probably Sunday, too....which really sucks. Dennis is done here.....there are shelves and lights and a laundry chute.....a downstairs bathroom!....and the washer and dryer are SIDE BY SIDE! life is good. (home life, that is....) left work in time to take Katie to Chase's ballgame, going back to pick her up after a bit. it is a drive, but too damn cold to sleep in the truck for hours on end...about froze to death last time I tried to do it. it's only gas $$$$$.....Kevin, my strong, handsome hero, bought stamps and mailed the capes for GS.


a baby Ian text!

zero fucks given!

tried to kill myself with bleach and 409 at work....then battled the wind advisory walking risers, hauling trash, and driving home....now just hanging out with Miss Boo eating cookies and making supper and watching tv....



todays Ian text.....he is 23 lb., 23" long. our boy is growing!
did a family trip to Chillicothe...went to Lowe's to return the broken vanity. got it exchanged, and got a new vanity and mirror to trick out the upstairs bathroom, too! then supper at Applebee's and a quick trip to Wal-Mart.

"Swearing is unattractive."

this, plus the king size Snickers Almonds I found left on the keyboard, are a good way to start another shittastic day of pig farming.....if the gum boots fit, wear them."


this is something I ponder.....

and one of the reasons I have such a problem with loved ones dying....I'm not sure what I believe in. I watch a lot of paranormal stuff. if there is a heaven, why are so many souls hanging around? do they not know, either, or is there just a black endless void? I like Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium...she often does readings telling of deceased relatives holding newborn babies before they are born, and of the babies being born with a deceased loved ones soul. I find that comforting. I like to think my dad got to hold Ian even before Koren did. He loved kids and babies so much. It's a shame that he didn't get to be a great grandpa.
Amy Allen of The Dead Files has said that when someone represses sadness, etc, that they can develop kinetic powers they don't even know they have. that is my goal, I guess.

got the sheets pulled, washed, and ran thru dryer twice....went to make bed, they had rolled up in a big wad and were still damp....

so, back to the dryer they go.....worked late, which will be the motif for a bit.....watched Bob's Burgers with Katie, whipped up a supper I was pretty proud of....just needed the microwave, oven, some Schwanns' stuff from freezer and a trip to Hour Place for chips.....easy peasy lemony squeezy. then watched Finding Bigfoot in Kansas, complete with Ranae's ending "Carry on my wayward son" quip. had a phone conversation with Kevin on way home. the cabinet I ordered for bathroom arrived! Dennis got the exhaust fan, ceiling tiles, shower installed, new dryer vent installed...he is making trim for baseboard and corners. the plan is to return vanity tomorrow nite when I get home from work. improvised on outdoor animals....they all got cat food.
life is a just big mud bog and I'm just spinnin' my tires and slinging shit around....
but here are some pictures that made me smile today! I am so lucky that Koren sends me pics of baby Ian so it seems almost like I am there. love that little guy so much! guess my hearts not as cold as I thought it was.....
kate & britt made up the little girls dance for homecoming today! it is simply adorable. and jr high academic practice is starting again.....hopefully we'll get our days off back so I can go to some meets....have to work this Weds. and will have to work 1 day of my weekend off....but I'm hearing stories of barns who get NO days off...who are powerwashing till midnite...glad my boss is not a dick.


ain't this the truth?

I hope I never forget those summer (and a wintery one or two...) nights with my best friend under the stars....and you know who you are!

kevin & kate got the first coat of Chiefs Red & Gold on.....looks amazing! katie & I did the 2nd coat after GS meeting, her coming home from Kasen's surprise party.....

and eating some salad!


I will miss the sound of K.J. Dailey's merry laughter ringing through the house....but guess he has to go back to NWMSU so he can graduate....

God Bless Her, Tricia aka Princeton GS Leader Extraordinare has taken over the cookie drop spot, cupboard, etc. KJ went back to college. he can pick up books tomorrow, back to classes on Monday. He is eager to see if he got a roommate for the new semester. Kevin painted the high spots with New Construction White Primer before he went to work, I painted the bottom when I got home from work. Chase was here to hang with Katie, got us Feedlot Café takeout for supper, then we took him home. cut out capes for tomorrows GS meeting. Katie helped me decide which walls to paint which for our Chiefs bathroom....going to have 1 yellow wall, 3 red.
had a nightmare last nite that I'd lost Katie, woke up in a panic and went to her room to make sure she was ok...she had spent the nite at Kyla's. something about a deserted town and I was taking pictures of buildings and we found an old carnival inside a building and we got separated and I couldn't find her....I am always losing her in dreams, and she has nightmares about us abandoning her....
Katie's gradecard was excellent! she says the talk we had with the math teacher helped. for once my momma bear instinct was for good, not evil.

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