simply having a wonderful christmas time!

after a run to Dollar General for new xmas lights (and a few new ornaments....), Katie and I put up the tree and she decorated....
here are some of my favorite ornaments, old and new...and some of our decorating schemes!


after work....errands out the whazzooooo

ok, maybe I exaggerate a bit....to our bank, deposited cow check into savings, deposited GS $, withdrew $ from savings to take to deposit in KJ's bank.....then stopped at store to buy work pepsi, home pepsi, and a few other items, chatted with Ashley & Sandy, home to do chores....started packing my grandma hospital bag....bills...folded laundry...trash out to curb....KJ took Katie to meet Chase at Bethany....it is so nice to have another driver home to get her where she wants to go! called and activated 2 credit cards....what I will do to get 2 'free' $20 VISA cards.....(sigh)


MBMO has a new 'family friendly' holiday policy....

and I was home a bit after 11 a.m.! we put on a Thankgiving dinner for Mom & John, then the kids wrestled around and we played Clue. a pretty good holiday in my book!


Ode to A Dead Rat

I never got to name you
you were never truly mine
we just met in passing
you were dead, I was alive.
I knew of your existance
and then that fateful day
upon a dusty concrete slab
your lifeless body lay.
You, the harbinger of disease
I am sworn to slay
and so I serve the chunks of death
eat them if you may.
You seemed a faithful companion
in this harsh forsaken place
Someone I could talk to
Someone I can't replace.
I put you Someplace Special
out of the way of Harm
but the fighting screaming swarm from Hell
knocked you down, down, down.
and now you are a memory
condemned to a sewage ridden grave
mayhap one of your fellows will come along
to be my shining knave.
no, this is not the actual rat I memorialized in prose, no cameras allowed in the barns. but he does remind me of that special rat of a few weeks ago...you don't often spy rats there, although you know they're lurking...

so nice to have 2 of my kids home.....

after work, Kevin & I went to bank to deposit check, there was a snafu, came home to drag furniture to basement for my self-proclaimed family room, cleaned in garage so can park a vehicle in there, mopped DR, put in table leaves, finished up supper, Katie & I made pies....somewhere in there, the bank called to tell us to come back and put check in, it WOULD clear and sorry for the inconvenience, but we didn't check answering machine till bank was closed. that is a relief, I was afraid things were going to go very badly, and my mom doesn't need that right now. (or ever.)


I love holidays when college students are compelled to come home.....glad to see you, K.J.!

colder than a witches tit (or colder than a mother-in-laws heart), as my dad would say. Mom left the check here today from cattle sale. Brittany is spending nite with Katie. Kevin & I to Hy-Vee to finish up shopping for Thanksgiving....got Mc// drivethru and I spilled sweet & sour sauce all over my sweats and coat....Katie & KJ are both on break. Koren called, they will do something Sunday nite and if that doesn't work, will do something else on Monday morning. Baby Ian will soon be here!
found the FFA pictures from Veteran's Day on facebook!


I get a lot of ribbing about my fascination with Bigfoot....

so when Ed started to tell me a Bigfoot story at Thanksgiving, I was ready for the punchline. But it was what he believed could've been an encounter with Bigfoot. He had pulled off the road in his semi to sleep and woke up feeling like he was being watched, he got his gun and looked around....there was a humongous handprint too big to be a human on one of the smokestacks of his truck......gave me goosebumps!

today mom sold the cows.....

one guy bought the herd....and he is going to lease the farm and leave the cows there....so it will be just like it always was, just no dad. I can just pretend like he's at work, or out checking cows when I stop by and I just missed him....probably an unhealthy way to deal with things, but it is what it is, and much better than the reality of the situation. I think the reason I have such a problem with losing loved ones is that I don't find Heaven to be a comforting concept. and I'm really not sure I buy into it. you won't know until it's too late to do anything about it. And how can I believe in ghosts and not believe in any other kind of afterlife? stupid, but there you have it.


the pastures of my childhood....

Brenda & I made a trek on a chilly November day to find the Bonnie & Clyde car in the ravine we used to play in....

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