Villisca Ax Murder House!

The Dead Files was there 2 weeks ago to film! I had so much fun talking to the guide....he has met Amy & Steve & Zac & Aaron & Nick.....

satellite guy came while we were gone and WE HAVE SATELLITE AGAIN!!!!

oh happy day!!!!

Katie & friends.....


took car to Willis to have something fixed.....

I wanted to borrow Marie's vehicle for tomorrow, thought it had 3 seats, but it's just huge with 2 seats.....to Trenton with Kevin and Katie to buy groceries, ate Subway takeout, and washed/detailed truck for tomorrow's trip to Villisca Axe Murder House...don't want to embarrass Katie on her first trip with Chase somewhere!
got something for my cough, my stomach muscles are starting to hurt. AND more menopause vitamins....after more than a year without a period....had one. complete with cramps and nausea and backache.....DAMMITT!

picture in a jar....

will put this on my things to try list.....
. I stole this from a friend and thought is looked like an amazing idea to try!!! DIY vintage mason jar This looks amazing and it's super easy to make, just follow 3 simple steps!! supplies needed: •Quart sized mason jar with lid (I used a mixture of new and old jars from the 70's) •Black and white 4x6 picture trimmed to fit. (I printed mine at my local Walgreens) •Vegetable oil •Dried flowers (optional) 1.) Insert your picture into the mason jar and pour enough vegetable oil to cover completely. 2.) Put some dried flowers on the opposite side of the picture. I chose lavender, essential oil anyone? Yum, it smelled good! 3.) Tighten the lid up and it's done! The vegetable oil will suspend the picture inside the jar without penetrating it, causing it to look aged and slightly transparent. A total vintage look of old yellowed pictures from the past. Send me a friend request or join us at >>>> Becca's Skinny Friends: Project US!!


stayed up late watching "Taking Woodstock"

I wish I could be a hippy, just mellow and relaxed and taking it all in....instead of frantic and pissy and stressed out....guess I was just born a bit too late. and since I'll never drop acid, it's cool to see what it would be like....satellite guy came and looked around....still watching The List and DVDs. KJ baked cookies. Koren called...vet can pull Lola's top teeth so she'll feel better.


these kids are making us grandparents!

the girls are planning a baby shower for October...Katie went to Adventureland with Charity & David today...KJ still can't find his missing Xbox cable...still no satellite...and Koren brought left over cake from Jessica's pinning ceremony! any day is instantly better with cake!!!


can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

just trying to watch my classic Bigfoot movie....and now worrying about Daisy who had a tussle with the neighbors dog and cries when you touch her stomach and upon exam has a big knot on her stomach that wasn't there earlier.....and a facebook message that makes me worry...sometimes you just don't know how good you have it at Point A. and then there you are at Point B....(sigh)

had all 3 of my kids home today!

funny how what was once commonplace can become quite a big deal! Katie then went to Rodeo with Kasen, Koren & Cody went to Ed & Norma's, Kevin went to work, & it was just me and KJ...it was so nice to come home from work and see all the cars in the driveway!!!


Katie, Vivian, & I to the city.....

we found Plato's Closet.....and downtown shopping....helped paint primer in Koren & Cody's bathroom, ate at The Salty Iguana with them, and hung out. they had to go to work Friday, so we slept in, loaded up the bed they gave Katie, & shopped by her house, then at Independence Center. Katie figured out how to work the ratchet straps. she has a lot of her dad in her.....


This is crazy crazy !! Never waste cut roses

This is crazy crazy !! Never waste cut roses Did you know that you can grow roses from cuttings? Simply cut healthy stems, place them in large potatoes, and them bury them 3-4 inches deep in a healthy soil mixture of peet moss and top soil. The potatoes keep the stems moist and help develop the root systems. It's a perfectly simple way to multiply your rose garden without spending lots of $$$.


Katie got an invisilign type temp. retainer...

The basement windows are in...they're putting in a late night on the stairs.... I put away Kate's tea sets to make a 2nd silverware drawer...found baby spoons and sippy cup lids....our baby is 14.  Swept, swiffered.  Will make supper after I get Miss home....put away laundry away...and shower.

Katie got an invisilign type temp. retainer...

The basement windows are in...they're putting in a late night on the stairs.... I put away Kate's tea sets to make a 2nd silverware drawer...found baby spoons and sippy cup lids....our baby is 14.  Swept, swiffered.  Will make supper after I get Miss home....put away laundry away...and shower.

such A beautiful day

 hanging at Moberly part waiting to pick up Kates temporary retainer had lunch at McDonalds found glass jars for our beach sand and shells and some other stuff at Shopko after we get her retainer I will drop off Katie and Vivian at VBS....wish every day could be a stay at home mom day....

"Too many people grow up. That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don't remember what it's like to be 12 years old. They patronize, they treat children as inferiors. Well, I won't do that." ~ Walt Disney

today is a wonderful day not to be at work....basement windows delivered....trying to do staircase, but having some technical difficulties....Kevin cleaned gutters....I'm getting my exercise hiking here & there doing laundry...Katie is getting ready for her dentist appt.....


a work day....never a good way to start the day....

walked into G barn, a boar wandering around....went to B barn to put him up, 3 more boars wandering around...but did manager to tighten animals, load a room, and get the shots done for the week....and called to make physical appt. for Katie, and have to get a physical form from school.....called orthodontist....he is on vacation for 2 weeks, will take 2 months to get a retainer, taking her tomorrow to get a temporary one....
Kevin was already gone to work by the time I got home....stopped by grocery store, made Katie chili, she on-line shopped, I put sheets and blankets back in hall closet that Kevin put back together, he also did 2 loads of laundry...no small feat these days since you have to hike out the the mud to the side of the house to get to basement where washer is now located....he also got gutters back up and partially cleaned, and visited his grandma, returned library book, went to bank, and tried to find Clifford to pay our hotel rent. he can be pretty elusive....
finished watching Easy Rider...I didn't understand it, but did recognize the tombs in the infamous scene that I meant to watch BEFORE I went to New Orleans....all that freedom and following dreams to be shot by some guy in a truck? quite the uplifting ending. but life usually does end badly...so I guess that was the gist of it?


Katie & I had quite the road trip to Lamoni so she could visit her boyfriend....his parents will bring her home.

I am constantly amazed at how I can't remember just exactly where anything is anymore....had to use the GPS to get to Lamoni, then I jumped onto the interstate about a block from where she was meeting him....I know she gets tired of dealing with me. Sasha got her bath today, they all 3 got flea treatment, faked my way thru the GS troop finance report....I didn't record any of our profits, etc...had to wing it. did brave the mud run to basement to start a load of laundry. got most of the extra stuff lugged out of KJ's room and stored in the hall, dining room, our room, and garage. will figure out somewhere else to throw sheets when he comes home. did get a text from him that he would be home sometime soon, he just wasn't sure when. got some pictures put back up, can't find the wood one for under Chiefs picture. measured my NOLA artwork and ordered a frame on amazon.com and Miss Cuddles a new pop up tent cat box cover and cat box bottom....hers is barely holding together. got some more of our apt. stuff put away. kind of looks like home again.


slept in (in my own bed!), then went with Kevin to clean our apts. at the hotel, then to the farm to fix baler and I rode with him for awhile, a storm was blowing in and he was getting nervous, so I came home, grocery shopped in our freezer at Maries, then rescued the weiner dogs from the rain. gutters are spouting everywhere....should've got them fixed right....and having your house in the middle of a huge yard of dirt.....perfect for a gully washer.


we are home.....

Kevin worked overtime and got a couple hours sleep, then worked with a/c guy and he and Katie emptied out apt. and moved back home. I worked all day, then stopped by apt. and cleaned out fridges. dealt with bathroom floor with the toilet seal gook all over it. Kevin cleaned shower. washer is now in basement, as I requested. dryer back in garage. kevin didn't have time to move plug down to basement and after the bill the plumber gave him he won't be doing it, either. Bitching about stuff and trying to get it changed is its own reward, I have come to learn....Katie to tractor pull at Mercer County Fair. I let dogs back inside, cleaned off couches and our bed, cleaned off Katie's bed, made our bed....I must've been giving Daisy a bath when she texted me to come get her... she called m about half an hour later. they were sitting in the dark at the end of the fair road....just Katie and Vivian. Miss Cuddles seems happy to have humans home again, not so thrilled with her canine sisters. KAtie is pissed that I brought the dogs back in. AND her retainer is missing. will deal with that Monday. She is sure it is in truck. I haven't found it....she says she checked her bag. I didn't get to it while she was gone. I did print off the financial form for GS, but wasn't in mood to find the stuff to fill it out. that is on tomorrow's list, along with cleaning hotel apt. and turning in keys, putting some pictures back up here, taking tractor to Lije's, measuring my new art to get online and order a frame....maybe hang my NOLA inspired window thing. fell into garage in the dark, forgot the garage steps are at front door. but the a/c works, and the electricity is on and the internet works. don't have satellite hooked back up yet, but do have the list. I am enjoying listening to the ice maker at work.

I grew up in the country where it was so dark at night you could lsy in bed and see constellations out the window.

when we stayed at grandma Grace's.....we slept in the front room or on hideaway couch in living room the street light shone in the windows and you can see headlights on the wall as people drove by all night long our room at the Cottonwood Inn remind me of those nights I spent with my grandparents all I need is to hear their soft voices through the wall as I drift off  to sleep....


voice texting can be dangerous

 it could make you work in a 97 degreeshog barn or holds barred whatever it said last time I didn't read it all the way throughIly apologize profusely 2 ne buddy reading this

The Electric is on finishing up the water and AC guy is supposed to be there two morrow

Kevin asked me to clean a house so we could move back in tomorrow and of course after a full day in a 97 degree holds barred I was just so excited but I do want to go home put a few pictures backup swept and swifferedand even though I was putting it was still nice to be home course it would be nicer with the satellite back on but that's on our list of things to do removing the dish out into the yard will get my laundry room in the basement for a while either or the bathroom in the basement...baby steps.


or moving home today, either....

But I am sitting in my comfy chair in my sweltering house while My Kevin & Kevin The Plumber  work on new water lines.....


welp forgot that I had got on my father in laws computer & blogged there and then basically repeated that blog just now on my phone yay me

going to get out of this hot truck and head upstairs to the AC and some packing

Noah asked Kevin how to get to nine Eagles from here

 they're meeting the women folk after work today at the lake sounds like fun to me I spent my day off being Kevin's little helper hotter than Hades today looks like it might maybe possibly could rain he's headed off to the hay field I'm going to pack up some stuff to take back to the house we're not moving back in tonight like we wanted but we're getting close plumber put us off till Thursday or Friday same with AC guy but we have a place to stay all by our lonesomes because Katie's at church camp  & KJ's at his girlfriends will be back home soon enough I suppose I know the crew is really busting ass to get everything done today they took the forms off the retaining wall poured patio & garage garage and the front piece in the garage and there's water trenched in & a water main in and now trenching for the sewer lines and filling around the house they got the back door to where I can possibly get into it now.....whew!

my day off.....

Kevin let me sleep in....then we went to the house....they put in water meter, trenched in water line to house, poured concrete garage floor, and were taking forms off retaining walls and doing dirtwork for patio when we left to pick up tractor and for lunch.  took some pictures of Middlepoint church and some on Lije's farm.....being a gofer is so much better than going to work!  had breakfast pizza in the yard and ate lunch at Hour Place...taking sewer pipe to house then Kevin will go to hayfield and I'll guess I'll head back to apt.  had hoped to move back into house tonite, but plumber won't come till tomorrow or Friday and ditto for a/c guy.
it's just us 2, Katie is at church camp, KJ went to visit his girlfriend.
hotter than Hades.  high humidity.  those 20% chances of rain just aren't happening.


just talked to the mother to be they are so excited

I always wanted the gender to be a surprise I never thought about how exciting it would be to know in advance!  can't wait 2 meet Mr Ian Boyd Wills!

what are little boys made of, made of?

What are little boys made of?  "Snaps and snails , and puppy-dogs's tails, that's what little boys are made of.".                 We are having a grandson!!!!!



a long day at work making me wonder why it's necessary for me to have a job in the first place.......
Hung out with the dogs for a while then ate ice cream and watched Space Ghost with the Bubba and then cleaned all of our shoes off the stairs in preparation for a new neighbor at the Cottonwood Inn.


slept most of my 1 day off....

Found Miss Cuddles!  She appears well.... Katie is at kylas for the weekend and then we'll go to church camp KJ goes to Maryville Tuesday to spend some time with his girlfriend we're hoping to move back in the house while they're gone supposed to pour basement floor on Monday all drains are in place Grundy Electric is supposed to come in we do the electricity we're getting there


late nite movie last nite...

Kevin & I to Sonic  then 10pm showing of THE LONE ranger @ Chillicothe...Got to bed about 2 am....up for work @ 5....they sat house down today!  Kate &  I shopping for church camp tonight....home 10pm Josh & Danny here.


attack of the snimals....

Driving to work a huge raccoon was barreling down the middle of the road right at the truck...walking the lagoon came upon a huge skunk with it's tail up doing its business...I quickly took to the weeds and braved a chance tick attack... then to house to see what rjey'd done today...garage walls  & retaining wall footings AND have a garden hose to water dogs connected to a new water meter!  Kate to Kaylas


Cottonwood Inn

Hang in' our hats here while our house is being renovated... 1st blog attempt from phone....

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