bought dog food....moved all freezer stuff to maries....packed for our mercer hotel stay....

wrote morgan the pet sitters note....NOW can finally watch Oddities!

can I make it thru the weekend????

yesterday traded vehicles with kevin after work since it has rained a lot, got a few things at store, did chores, paced nervously, packed more stuff, fixed Katie's skirt I had forgotten about.....went to bed to read and take a smallish nap, alarm woke me up this morning....at least I saved that 2 minutes getting dressed.....


We'll never understand why pretty girls want to make themselves look ugly. Or fat. Or a weird combination of both like this chica. It's like they have so much time on their hands. Don't they have work? Or school? Or something else relevant to do with their time? Apparently not!

seriously don't know how I'm going to make it thru 3 more days of work....my feet ache, my joints ache, my knees ache, I just wanna crawl into bed and not ever get out....being a grownup so sucks sometimes...


day 2 of dead phone at work.....keep forgetting to plug it in....so, today katie didn't get a ride home from kasens'

I came home and checked facebook, sent her a message I was on my way, she sent me a message telling me she was going to kasen's game which I didn't get, since I was driving to kasen's house and knocking on kasen's door and ringing kasen's doorbell and grumbling to myself and driving back home. kevin built the new doghouse for weiner dogs. very cute little log cabin. Katie is now staying at kayla's tonite. did 2 weeks worth of bills to cover vacation....watched some tv, treated myself to Hour Place chicken, now thinking I'll Swiffer and/or take pictures down from walls....filled ms. cuddles new waterer.. house guys brought some stuff over and left it today...big beams... a little baby bulldozer (is it called track hoe? dont' know)....another day of summer hours....but once again, ended up leaving late, got home at 5:00 straight up.

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