Scooby Doo puppy shots/eye ointment/wormed. back at 12 weeks and 6 mos. Recycled, gave books to library, sent off for Mischief heart tag and KJ McDonalds hot wheels car. Koren came home from school and announced "I didn't eat a damn thing for lunch." Kevin put lts. & garland on tree, Koren dec. missing the broken Joseph &" one of the shepherds from the nativity. "Damn" is KJ's all-occasion word.
11-29 Kevin bought a white Fridge FC Grace Trenton (same one I wanted at Denver), I squashed my R pinky unloading b/w truck and fridge: swelling & discoloration, Bethany ER for xray-no apparent break-2 fingers taped together, ice, elevation. W.M. got KJ white, blue, & pink Ranger BB & DQ. Koren likes their burgers better. Have Dixie's xmas gift. Just leaves Lije. Koren came home with a certificate of achievement for being on "A" honor rool-her principal told her that with a stack of those she could walk into anyjob she wanted. KJ tells secrets-& he's going to be a little kid when he grows up.
11-30: Koren bust 34", Ht 58", hips 36", waist 30 1/2, 14" back waist length. sent to Wade 7 for the week, KJ finally got his MMPR movie tape. Koren pissy trying on outfits for the Xmas program...the dress she wanted from JCP is unavailable, nothing she has "looks good" or "is the right color." Mailed majority of xmas cards. subscribed to heart ins. policy (auto deduct $37.90/mo.)
12-1: got to WAde 7-was sent back to 4. Kev & kids gone when I got home. Snoball loves his giant basted bone. Xmas card from Wilmes. Beautiful out, warm.
12-2: Scooby gets offended if she doesn't get a chunk of whatever anyone else is eating. K. took kids to PSF xmas party & they had fun-I was @ work, getting green tattoo dye in the cracks of my hands. City dug up driveway-broken water main. Kevin left Koren in charge of sleeping KJ while he had truck inspected. "I was only gone 10 minutes." Ivan Ooze said "dingledork". on MMOR the Movie-I thought my dad made that word up! BJ did move but her furniture is stil up here. Have hemmrhoids and feel like the sow at Wade 7 with a prolapse. Marie went to AZ. & left camcorder for us to use.
12-3: M&J over to kidsit-I got home 4:15p.m. SAw 8 Canadian geese swimming in WADe Lake when I drove over the dam. K. did dishes & cleaned LR. Koren's cold is making her so miserable she's taking cold medicine.
12-4: mailed Xmas gifts to Houston & the belated goodybag Tish wanted & I forgot to mail. Plate shadow boxes arrived. making bk. inventories. to Bethany aft.-Koren Book-It at Pizza Hut, found Honey Nut Cheerios (Goosebumps pogs) @ Hy-Vee-then W.M. & found dress & shoes for XMas program- & Mc// drive thru to get Happy MEals for the toys. Drove thru the PSF complex-looked at xmas lights.
12-5: pogs are hot, Godzilla toys are hot. big baggy sweatshirts and worn sneakers are Koren's passions. There's a Suzie Stretch Doll-her foot go over yours and she can do flips with you. there's a baby who cries. Goosebumps is H-O-T!!! (I think Brad Pitt is hot, myself!) When I was a girl, I was in love with Shaun Cassidy. Koren has Maculey Culkin & Jonathan Taylor Thomas. She played a Jeff Foxworthy song on the jukebox at Pizza Hut last nite. Wood trunk arrived-poor UPS man packed it to the door (he's not as good looking as the original guy-kinda takes the thrill out of getting a pkg.) Kevin goes in 4 hours late Xmas eve and now has Xmas Day off so we'll be seeing L&D for xmas. Dave & Nanci will be in Houston with his ex-better half. to see horses. Windy.
12-6 ordered for KJ from JCP Red, navy, heather, & black sweat pants. in 4-5 business days washing his 2 pr of sweats daily will be over. snowing. finished Country Store Romance puzzle 9:05a.m. school out 1:00 snowing right on down still. (Koren called to tell me she'd be home early). Kids & I played in snow and took a lot of pics aft. kevin got me early bday gift from Warners while liscensing truck-a stuffed cow & cow gift bag.
12-7: ordering KJ a Batman throw from Fingerhut for his bday, plan to order Ryan Steel Mask with microphone from Avon. Koren & Ashley are drawing up plans for their horse farm. I followed school bus home-it turned around in our driveway-she didn't get off. truck was home-but they were all gone. explanation: someone called her and said school was cancelled-she didn't get ready-bus came-&left-& Kevin didn't take her to school-but did take kids to Lije's to do chores & me 5a.m. WAde 3. then a boy from Koren's class brought over her homework 6 p.m.
12-8: snowing am, cold, blowing & drifting aft. school out 12:30p.m. to PSF xmas party-M&D watched kids-KJ cried when we left and said "You don't leave us." Nanci called-Leah broke arm playing on bed-passionate purple cast should be off after xmas. Andy gave up the bottle and will use the potty. She's working part-time as a hostess @ Dave's restaurant. $5/hr & tips when DAve's off. he has to work xmas 4-2. we danced to "Blue Christmas."

tag-team housecleaning and baked Schwann's products....

kevin took the truck since he figured he'd be driving thru water on the way to work....
watched Mama....
turned off a/c and opened windows.....


to W.M, McDonalds after work, then to M&D, Bre there. She spent yesterday at Jason's moms. Bought first live xmas tree.
11-26to see horses-Koren now loves cemeteries and went to Lowry and Wilder to look at old graves. The first grave at Lowry was a 2 yr old Lowry boy who died from a snakebite 1850s (I think) Dixie called pm wanting gift ideas for kids and to know if they could come out Xmas am to watch kids open presents. she got a 3 day weekend & Kevin & his wife aren't coming home. (her son is also name Kevin).
11-27 smpw/ PO, grocery store. now have Karlan, Rob C, Ashley, Emily, & Jon, Leah, Andy, Todd & Dianna's xmas gifts. that leaves Lije-school gift exchange & something else to go with Dixie's teeny tiny pig. I left a chair in the kitchn after climbing up to get into cabinet-KJ spun around and ran into it. R outer eye has small sized red raised welt. these kids get wound...the dog gets wound...I get a headache...life goes on.
note: we no longer do all these xmas gifts....I usually do a charity donation of some kind....and we only buy for our kids and each other, and now our son-in-law. koren and cody just get cash. kj has traditional new release video games, and with Katie, whatever it is that she wants.....


worked 7a.m.-7p.m. Wade 3 K. put up xmas lights. KJ asleep when I got home & Koren had remembered to feed the animals in the aft. Mischief lost his new collar & tag, I had a feeling it was too big.


don't think I have been this tired since I used to work night shift....or I was pregnant...harder to get out of bed evry day....going to bed earlier every nite...Kevin spent yesterday working on basement, I helped when I got home, another load of burnables to our burn pile...house guy had a setback at current site and now is behind some...kevin is deciding where he wants new water meter and debating on removing a tree from front yard...I am personally attached to all our trees....I like to gaze upon them as I drive down the road to home...
need to get a pic of kevin driving the tractor with the wind in his hair....I thought this last time, too, but forgot to take my phone to take a picture....Katie to kasen's for the nite.


have a new show to watch....Hillbilly Blood.....

the new manager was in our barn all day....while having authority around again after all this time was a bit annoying, it was much less stressful....kevin and Katie helped lije work cows....Schwann's man here...kevin talked to Cliff about us staying at the hotel during our renovations....most of the time we can....he does have a few times hotel is booked solid already....so that relieves some stress, too, plus guy told him we can stay here the 1st 7-10 days when they start renovations, they'll tell us when we have to leave....facebook message from someone who wanted me to remove their image I illegally put on my blog....which I probably found on facebook....so, until I remember how to put another image on ......cause I accidently clicked out of the screen and now can't find it again....do have cool new font, though!


the missing daughter...

How would Jack the Ripper spend the bank holiday?

Katie opted to stay another nite in Bethany, kevin had taken his holiday off, so he was at work all day on cleaning the garage and basement, I helped him when I got home from 'my day off work' which included the new 4 barn manager showing up when I was headed to the shower. on the way to ditch to dump burnable stuff, saw a huge turkey, looked like an ostrich with it's neck up out the grass running! then cleaned up and ate supper at Crossroads, then to bed early.....stormed pm, may not get the graves decorated this year....

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