kevin wanted to go somewhere, I wanted to sit on the couch....we went to chillicothe, bought an outdoor kennel for sasha and daisy....ate at applebee's, went to walmart....

home at 10pm on a school nite, which is wicked when you have a kid in school.....kevin mowed yard today. I went to the mandatory WWOP meeting at ed center with other dutiful Waders, there was no meeting. we hung out for 20 minutes,,,,,then started drifting out the door.

Its a little known fact but Sasquatches love Tuesday ! Its their favorite day of the week !

well, yay for the Sasquatches....Tuesday in the barn usually means wean day and peach weaners and a group to run and a generator to cycle.....but no wean today. DO have a mandatory 1 1/2 hr meeting about the damnable employee engagement survey and what the companyis doing to make us all happy....how could we be happier than having NO manager indefinitely? my curiousity is definitely piqued~



Katie is out riding in cars with boys....to the Stacy Center to hang out....so I think we're safe. esp. since one is her cousin Chase. I, meanwhile, am watching stuff off the list....The Dead Files, Haunted History Charleston, American Hoggers.....and attempting to put more old family pictures on facebook, but I keep creating new albums....so decided enough was enough....for now, anyways....

katie's weekend

and now I get to go back to work.....in a managerless barn....no wait, we will have 'guest' managers popping in.....

Katie finally did come home. watched Napolean Dynamite, finished the Bigfoot book which ended up being brutal nasty scary.

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