over the years we've had cats, dogs, a rabbit, a gerbil, a hamster, fish, turtles, a frog, snails, chickens, a calf, a horse.....
names I can remember:
Shannon Lee
Mr Cat
Scooby Doo
Scrappy Doo
Baby Ryan
Bunny Foo Foo
Miss Cuddles
Sasha Rose
Daisy Mae Clementine

bubba is home.....

Breadeaux Pizza for supper. Kevin packed his stuff for our weekend and told me there was room for my stuff in his bag. Like I was going to pack a seperate bag for just a weekend??? tried on outfits...sorted the travel size stuff to pack...put book I'm loaning Koren in trunk...(I think she'll get into the story of Moth!), located Chiefs tickets, found hotel confirmation....
we have made a tradition out of taking our anniversary off work to spend time together....lunch, a movie, just time alone...but alas, this year it was not to be. I had put in for the day off work. did not get it. he didn't take it off since he took the weekend off. we did lay in bed and talk for a few minutes before I got up to go to work, and got to see him a minute when I got home before he had to go to work.

random thoughts expressed by signs on facebook....

a happy childhood?

I think too much at work, and not about work....
today's thought: did my kids have happy childhoods?
did we provide the right environment?
were there enough trips to the park,
the zoo,
the pool
the movies?
enough moongazing,
lightning bug catching,
lego building,
barbie playing,
cartoon watching,
cookie making,
tree decorating?
enough years of dance class,
academic team?
too much parental support?
too little?
too many scrapbook pages?
too many silly songs?
enough bedtime stories?
Xmas gifts?
fuss about their birthdays?
have cool enough Halloween costumes?
build enough snowmen?
guess I'll never know until they appear on Dr Phil...

if we ever get back to Memphis.....

I wanna stay at The Peabody, go to show at The Orpheum, eat at Dyers, go to the Lorraine Motel, and catch a Grizzlies game!

it seemed like a good idea to do a photo shoot in the drying up pond....now know my daughter doesn't like frogs!

and we smell like nasty pond mud....and she didn't like the pictures....

step one....

for our anniversary weekend....the hair dye....
on tonites agenda....nails and packing.


Oh say can you see.....

got off work in time to do chores before I ran Katie to school to play the anthem for softball game....got to visit a few friends, record her, then go to the Band Boosters meeting....the new band director is 24 years old.
after the meeting talked some more, then the game was over. Katie got very good news today.....which means she may be able to accept that offer she thought she couldn't accept......


life in tv land.....

fell asleep on couch 'watching' Paranormal State off the list....
woke up to watch The Middle season premiere....Sue's scrapbook made me cry!
Honey Boo Boo finale comes on in a few....
making a total nite of tv vegetation....
guess I'll find time to dye my hair and check out sample supply for our weekend away tomorrow nite after watching Katie play the anthem at the softball game and the band booster meeting....


Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please to put a penny in the old man's hat...

Kevin loaned me his card...
ordered Maddon2013 on the daily bargain for KJ...
Kindle Fire HD for Kevin with case and charger.....
and after he gets it charged, will download the 4 Bigfoot smut books for me!
Katie says she just wants clothes.
Koren & Cody enjoy cash.
so.....basically, my Xmas shopping is complete! just need kitty and doggy treats for the pets.....I love amazon.com!!!!

I have been admiring my friend Diana's canning pictures on facebook.....

wish I had her energy....here she is providing for her family in the way of our ancestors...I spend my free time watching tv and napping....no stack of canned goods between my family and starvation....
but I am rather smug about buying the IQ cleaner from HyVee that is non toxic and refillable so I am preventing landfill fillage.....

I meant to shout this from the rooftops the second Katie told me....SHE IS FIRST CHAIR CLARINET IN BAND!

(she told me last Thursday.....so I am a bit late shouting from the rooftops! but I finally did it!)
after talking to the band director, she is First Clarinet, as in part, not chair. but still shoutworthy, none the less....


a trip to Coons Greenhouse after pumpkins....

Coons is a magical place, they have such a pretty out-of-the-way place, tons of interesting pumpkins, and scenic photo spots set up!
Katie especially loved their dogs!

set my alarm for pm, not am....but happened to wake up...

made it work on time, hustled and left early for dentist appt....came home, did chores, a meat truck pulled into the driveway, bought 2 cases of steaks...mailed back too big sweatpants & bought stamps, picked Katie up from school, booked it to Trenton, where we saw her friend Galt and Brenda from work with two of her kids at orthodontist, had a snack at McDonalds since no one had ate lunch...the pumpkin shake was good! Katie ate her 1st large fry, then a fly got into her 2nd box of fries and really shook her up. A woman from Mercer we knew waited on us at McDonalds... my mom stopped us in the Orshelin's parking lot....then to Hy-Vee where I didn't recognize anyone. home to put stuff away, put woodchips in the dogs houses, bring in my KJ plant, Kevin changed the sheets, and I made t-bones and fried tators and french bread for supper.


sleepin' in Sunday!

got up 9ish, swept & mopped, piddled around, made brunch for the Chiefs game...
have Girl Scouts in a bit...husband not happy that it will interfere with his game! oops!
then a leaders meeting at Princeton....
then thinking I might head out to Coons Greenhouse to check out some of the awesome looking pumpkins they have on facebook!

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