just re-read my summer to do list and I have also put up zebra stuff in katie's room! (most of it...just have the lightswitch which hasn't come yet and the two outlet covers which I just might go try to pry off right now! and I found a place for the coke sign!


got so much accomplished in my little world today...finished reading The Cave Codes Story that we bought on vacation, rearranged the pictures on the wall in the livingroom and hall, cleaned off a desk AND a table, made a shadowbox of dance medals, and actually cooked some lunch. quite a day for this gal! especially when you take into consideration that I fell asleep reading last nite in my clothes, and slept in till 8:30 a.m.!
I believe rearranging pictures was on my summer to do list! yay me! now need to buy more of the fix-the-holes-in-the-walls-stuff cause I can't find any here. I have already put nails in the wall with a rock because I couldn't find the hammer. did open the box for the Rock City Birdhouse and glanced at the directions. quickly closed the box. no way I can tackle that!
josh is here to hang with bubba. katie has texted a few times, working at lifeflight with kyla again.


katie is working at Lifeflight tonite

washing dishes in a/c according to a text message...
josh over to watch wrestling...
a/c is cranked!
sewed patches on quilt, threw quilt in washer with some sunflower and sunshine fabric softner....I'll sleep good tonite! got on amazon.com and found more patches for our quilt....coca cola, pepsi, weiner dog, REO Speedwagon, etc.
it's my weekend off and the world is my oyster!


katie texted me at 5:10 a.m. for a ride home from Phelps.

I was at the stop sign at the end of our road, so picked her up and brought her home. then went to work early for wean day. KJ came home from work and took her to Bethany, he says for the weekend. she had 2 birthday parties and the Lifeflight religious thing to go to. .
still hot. finally got picturse from last nite loaded to facebook. didn't get much done tonite, chores, a DG run, lots of sitting on my butt on the Sister Wives blog, watched the new Dance Moms, never did get around to sewing the newest patches on my denim quilt. there's always tomorrow...I am proud of myself for not dozing off!


Kevin about lost an eye today mowing the yard...

last nite was date nite....I got home, did chores, got absorbed in The Sister Wife blog, changed and put on makeup, then kevin & I went to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter; eat supper at El Nopal; and pick up some stuff at Hy-Vee. there was a beautiful moonlit sky on the way home. to work today....hotter than Hades. came home to do chores, take katie to youth group at Princeton First Baptist, they invited her on the missions trip to Wyoming. she wants to do missions and make a difference. figured bills to see if we could swing her going to church camp with kyla. think we can. she has July booked. Kevin got KJ's truck inspected and liscenced. while Katie was at youth group, I drove around taking pictures that I now can't get to load..... Katie got the zebra border put up in her room (including ceiling fan blades, which looks neat!) & got a lot of glow in the dark stars up , too. she ended up going to Phelps to spend the nite after I collasped in a heap in bed.


early to bed, early to rise, makes an old woman even more crochety than usual...

wean day, which means starting about 5:30a.m....and leaving at 4. picked up Pizza Hut Trailer pizza, then picked up Kevin at hayfield, then Koren & Cody were here for a bit, it is so nice to have the whole family together, even if it's just for an hour or so....then Kevin & I watched Ghost Rider 2, Phelps came over for awhile. Katie has missed her. Katie is cleaning her room, carting armloads of her fave dvds down there.


"He is a biological dead end."

I thought that was a bit harsh....it's a quote from Taboo about a younger man marrying a woman older than his mother.

I am so ready to burn some bridges, the second I don't need this job I will drop whatever is in my hands & skip merrily to the nearest exit!

had to stay 2 hours for the heat, THEN walk risers, so got home about 2 1/2 hours past normal time. missed katie's homecoming. missed koren and cody. didn't see my husband. katie went swimming with vivian. kj has went to the movies.
in some happy news....I learned on yahoo that a tropical storm has been named after me! Tropical Storm Debby! what an honor. they spelled it wrong, but I can overlook that.

Tropical Storm Debby forms in the Gulf

a tropical storm named after me.....how kind. thanks, Yahoo, for letting me know!



the first weekend bubba and I have worked together. katie & koren called....she had a motorcycle ride with cody today....she'll be home tomorrow. I have missed her. swept floors, put away laundry, changed sheets, napped on the couch in front of Taboo Fat and Ghost Adventures and Celebrity Ghost Stories.


friday night

somehow ordered glow in the dark stars twice....so got 408! think we got it covered!
made chicken strips for supper. watched Toddlers and Tiaras, Glee Project, and wrestling. posted a few vacay pics on Photo of the Day on facebook. and Kevin ordered Chiefs vs. Broncos tickets!


the magical google search....

found out that the Wilburn brothers of Hardy AR were the last of country music's great sibling duos. Teddy and Doyle had 30 chart hits and launched the career of Loretta Lynn. their dad bought them instruments, and with their 2 older brothers and sister they debuted as the Wilburn Family on a streetcorner in Thayer, MO Christmas Eve 1937. Roy Acuff recommended them for the Grand Ole Opry, but after 6 months child labor laws got their contract cancelled. they appeared on American Bandstand and the Arthur Godfrey Talent Show. they formed a talent agency, a music publishing business, had their own weekly tv show...
and I never would've known any of this if I hadn't seen a sign on vacation....ain't life a trip?

headin' down south....

kevin had me write down milage, etc. each time we got gas. my great great grandma maggie had a notebook journal, when they took a trip, she wrote down what time they left, how many miles, how much gas, when they got there....so I found this very cool.
there are also some other vacay notes scattered in here, I suppose.... since my thoughts are probably no more organized on vacation than at any other time in my life..

$3.27 gas Princeton---

Freeburg---lounge sign---

Licking MO gas $31.27; 9.48 gallon, 297.5 miles---

we were 16 miles from Success, MO! that seemed noteworthy!---

Hardy AR home of the Wilburn Brothers? saw that on a sign, need to google it.---

and google to see if anyone has posted a pic that my husband wouldn't stop on a deadly curvy road with no shoulder while there were cars behind him so I could get a picture...it was a rusty old truck hooked to an old camper, with "Hillbilly RV Park" painted on it in Arkansas.---

in Memphis gas was $3.14-$3.21 a gallon...they have their own refinery and make their own gas. $41.48, 12.88 gallon, 326.3 miles---

Lawrenceburg, TN 7.6 gallon, $25.00. 253.5 miles---

$33.53, 10.16 gallon, 246.7 miles @ Rocky Top Market near Rockwood, TN---

headed home: Oakridge, TN $34.29, 10.8 gallon, $3.14, 254 miles---

Paducah, KY 297.5 miles, $3.32 gallon, $28.86, 8.66 gallon---

Troy, MO $30, 8.5 gallon, $3.49 gallon, 246.5 miles---

kevin's calculations...home 237.8-----
1906.3 total miles

our trip down south.....

was epic! did the things we'd planned...found a few others....ate great food...had a fabulous time. I even put on walmart fake nails...finger and toe! spent a lot of time gluing them back on again and again... and wore walmart jerseylicious rings. it was fun. we all bought some new clothes....kevin real Levis and some hawaiian shirts, me denim capris, a dress and shawl, and new jammies...I also bought this Helen Ropery dress at Walmart on vacation...I know I look ridiculous in it, but it makes me feel pretty! on our last few vacations I have recorded all the liscence plates we see....only half-heartedly did that this time. the ones I wrote down were MO, ILL, MA, MS, TX, TN, Quebec, MN, IA, NC, AL,CO, Michigan, NY, KS, Idaho, KY, SC, FL, and ARK. and those were just Tuesday morning in the parking lot at Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel... MONDAY morning we left Mercer about 9 a.m., stopped at the bank to get our vacation $, and we were on the road. we drove thru West Plains, Missouri, so Kevin went to an intersection where I could get a picture of the Porter Wagoner Blvd. sign. we were going to eat at a Lamberts Cafe on the way, but were too far away. I took tons of pictures....so many old barns and old stores. Kevin didn't want to stop at each one, but did let me get a picture of the Arkansas sign. (he was a good guy about state signs!) had supper at Colton's Steakhouse in West Memphis, Arkansas. Katie loves the accents! drove over the bridge into Memphis, Tennessee...the Tennessee sign was on the bridge, couldn't get a picture of it, couldn't stop, but Kevin did find me another Tennesse sign when we went to Mississippi on Thursday! successfully checked into our reservations at Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel a day early. even had time to hit the gift shop! and of course enjoy Graceland Radio and the 24-hour-Elvis channel. TUESDAY morning after our continental hotel breakfast we walked across the parking lot to Graceland. Katie wasn't a fan, but was a trooper thru the shuttle bus ride and the tour, although she didn't wear her audio tour guide. we had also bought tickets to the other Elvis Graceland stuff, she wanted to go back to the hotel. So we let her. After the Graceland tour, the decor at our hotel made much more sense! we did the other exhibits, and walked back to hotel to find her napping in our bed. she was in a much better mood when she got up. Then we waited outside the hotel for the shuttle bus to Sun Studio, but there were too many guests, so we drove ourselves. (Kevin I think was quite frankly tired of driving after our epic trip down south, but the GPS got us around very efficiently!) The Sun Studio tour was fun, the guide was very enthusiastic. Katie wanted to eat at Hard Rock Cafe, so we got appetizers and she got a shake, since we got there late afternoon and had dinner reservations at BB Kings at 7p.m. walked around Beale Street. Katie tried on the cutest sundress at Tater Reds, the dressing room had a gauze curtain, so we stood in front of it while she tried on the dress, which ended up being too big. took pictures of amazing old buildings down by Sun Studio. the phrase "pulling a mom" was coined. Katie didn't want to go to BB Kings with us. Kevin made her change her outfit. we rode the hotel shuttle to Beale Street. she refused to order supper and wouldn't even touch the glass of water we got her. she didn't enjoy the live blues music....Blind Mississippi Morris. she did eventually pose for a picture with our waiter, who did everything but handstands to put her in a better mood. everyone goes out of their way to befriend Katie. she was not so happy while we were waiting for our Graceland tour to start, the woman she sat by on the shuttle bus was chatting her up. Had to wait for the shuttle to come back, and a homeless guy was talking to Katie. she met at least 3 homeless people while we were there and saw others while we were driving around. after we got back to the hotel, good old dad walked up the street a bit to buy Katie a shake and fries for supper. WEDNESDAY. gas in Memphis was $3.14-$3.21 a gallon. they have a refinery and make their own gas! (shuttle bus driver told us this fact!) he also pointed out that The Pyramid which was their BB arena is being turned into a Bass Pro Shop and other cool Memphis facts. we were at The Peabody for the 11 a.m. Marching of the Ducks. Katie had Starbucks, then we rode The Riverfront Loop Trolley. had lunch at Blues City Cafe. Katie wasn't a fan. so after we got back to the hotel, we walked over to Rock-N-Roll Cafe at Graceland and she had chili cheese fries. she had time to sunbathe by the heart shaped pool at the hotel. then we used the fuzzy pink phone to call Marlowes for our free pink limo ride. rode with a couple of other ladies at the hotel. Kevin loves BBQ, he was in heaven. and I had my first fried green tomatoes, which were really good. we all drank a lot of sweet tea on vacation. waited outside for the pink limo to take us back to the hotel, then drove back to Beale Street for our 8:30 Haunted Memphis Walking Tour. it was so much fun! Kevin thought the scariest thing on the tour was the girl from the UK's gauzy see thru dress. Katie did have fun when we got to go upstairs at Earnestine & Hazel's. she got a message from Brenda while we were on the tour that Aunt Minerva had died. she met another homeless man while we were waiting for our tour to start. Wednesday nite is Bike Night on Beale Street. THURSDAY we checked out of The Heartbreak Hotel..which was down at the end of Lonely Street and the clerks were all dressed in black....(I didn't pick up on this till I read the tour book from Graceland and they told me in bold print!) Katie wanted to go to IHOP, and we were there about 2 hours because the kitchen was backed up, but the chocolate chip pancakes and the apple cinnamin pancakes were to die for. then went to the mall so she could shop for a sundress, the store she wanted to go to didn't open when the rest did, so we left. headed to Mississippi to the Tupelo Buffalo Farm. Kevin stopped so I could get pictures of the Tennessee and Mississippi signs. I had my heart set on riding the Monster Bison Bus, but only the Tram was running. still had a lof of fun. Katie taught a bird to say "I'll Cut YOU!" and I hand fed a huge giraffe. found a mall where I bought new tennis shoes from a girl who really rubbed me the wrong way about my huge fee, then Katie found the perfect sundress at Rue 21. drove thru Shiloh National Battlefield. saw a dead armidillo on the side of the road. then we headed to Franklin to spend the nite. I didn't know it was some kind of country music festival, we went to three hotels and lucked into a cancellation at the last one...America's Best Value Inn. Katie was less than thrilled. had supper at Cracker Barrel. Katie lost her bag of bands for her braces. I thought I had lost all the pics off my card....I had the wrong setting and took some black pictures when the flash didn't go off at the mall. I finally came to my senses and all was well. FRIDAY we went to the hotel breakfast... Kevin just walked back out. I had toast and tea. we checked out and loaded up, Kevin found Katie's bag of bands. drove to Carnton Plantation. a female guest got this strange look on her face, started sweating profusely, and almost passed out. they got her a folding chair. when we went upstairs, Katie muttered to me that maybe she should pass out so she could get a chair, then she almost did! I thought she was faking for a moment. so the tour stopped, Kevin & I walked her to the hall, the tour guide got HER a chair, then she ended up lying on the floor for a few minutes. there was a nurse on the tour who told us to get her something sweet to get her blood sugar back up. (NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN MANSION). Daddy stayed with her, I went on with the tour. the next time I saw her, she was texting away. then the fat guy who got there late wanted let out of the locked house, he didn't feel good. after the tour, the original woman who almost fainted asked Katie if she had sensed a presence or seen something. walked the McGavock Cemetery. I read Widow of the South years ago, and it was so cool to go there. I thought the tour guide was the best. Lunch at Bellacinos Pizza & Grinders. then we drove to Nashville, where we went to Cooters Place. Katie wasn't a big fan of that. drove on to Pigeon Forge, entered into Eastern Time. listened to the cds we'd bought...one from Sun Studio of the Millionaire's Quartet, Blind Mississippi, and a younger blues kid. listened to Tennessee Classic Rock Station 105.7 The Hog. barely avoided a multi-car pileup when we got to Pigeon Forge. Scary shit! found a room at a Red Roof Inn. got phone reservations for Dixie Stampede. it was fun. Katie wouldn't eat her supper, though, so had McDonalds fries on way back to hotel. Her and Kevin hot tubbed after the fat unattractive old couple (her words) got out of their way. SATURDAY slept in. went to Ole Smoky Moonshine & bought Apple Pie and Peach Moonshine. walked around Gatlinburg. rode the Sky Lifts. had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. drove the Cades Cove Loop, hiked 5 miles to and from Abrham's Falls, saw a beautiful buck. listened to country music radio....at Katie's request. bought Deep Fried Peanuts. think we saw a bear at dusk leaving Cades Cove, but there was someone behind us so we couldn't stop! We're just gonna go on believing it was a black bear. was going to have supper at Five Guys when we got back to Gatlinburg, but they closed at 10p.m. and it was 9:45. so we went to Fridays. "look at those people emerging from the wilderness." SUNDAY we packed up, checked out, and started driving home. we were on the road at 7 a.m. Katie was in her jammies. we drove thru part of Kentucky. Crossed the Ohio (?) & Mississippi Rivers. we were back in Missouri at 1:30p.m. lunch at Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, where we had to wait about 1 1/2 hours to get in. brought home some of the famous throwed rolls. I drove some by St Louis where there was anywhere from 4-6 lanes while Kevin napped. he finally had me pull over and took the wheel again. we were at Chillicothe Sonic at 10:17p.m. KJ called to check in with us about 9:30p.m. we got home about 12:45a.m. I was originally going to work Monday, but had called in to go to Aunt Minerva's funeral. so MONDAY we got up, got dressed, went to the funeral and graveside, stopped by Bethany Walmart, then home to start vacation laundry. I wish KJ would've come. and Koren. but was glad we talked katie into it, but not sure how much fun she had...she did request an ocean vacation next time. kevin says we're checking out all the mountains to see where we'll end up...we still have the Rockies left...

a day off....

for me, not poor bubba, who has agreed to work every weekday morning and most likely every full weekend...
I slept in, took pictures of the tiger lilies by the cemetery, bought more painting stuff at Girdners, some groceries at Coons Country Market, stamps at post office, finished painting and touching up the shelves, made a spectacular lunch of t-bones, fried taters creamed peas for me & Kevin, and chicken strips for KJ. put pictures on facebook, read more of The Codes Cave Story...life is good.


when you're a Dailey....

you just celebrate the damn holidays when you around to it! so, we had Fathers Day on the Tuesday after Fathers Day, so the 3 Ks could take their daddy out to supper. we drove down after KJ & I got home from work, and Katie is spending the week with Koren & Cody. after some visiting, decided to eat at Longhorn. but there was a paramedic van and a firetruck there and they were carrying someone out on a stretcher. so we went to plan B....Rib Cribb, a place we had never eaten. it was good. I made them pose for a picture, then we were on our way home...arriving about 12:30amish, which made today at work in the heat somewhat of a long one. but, I have tomorrow off, so guess I'll live. I drank a Mikes Hard when I got home, did chores, checked facebook, sprawled on the couch to watch dvr episodes of Sister Wives and Dance Moms (am currently caught up on both now!), then did the touch up paint on katie's shelves. will do another coat tomorrow, then do the bottom shelves in pink. think it's gonna look amazing! the zebra print wallpaper border is here, the zebra outlet covers and light switch cover and glow in the dark stars are on the way! Koren & Kate called to check in, they had been shopping.

while I'm not quite as confident as Audrey Hepburn, I do agree with the sentiment!



had to work till 6:30 because of heat....now not based on your g barn temp, but on an outdoor thermometer at the main office. the heat got to me. kate went to a softball game and got overheated. it was supposed to get up to 96. didn't do any touch up painting when I got home. just laid around until time to pick katie up. then katie threatened to slit kj's throat cause he threatened to wake her up tomorrow when he went to work. found out today that I have medic first aid class from 8-12, THEN get to go to work. wonderful. her zebra fan pull arrived today & it is adorable!


10 years

baked the apple pie from apples I picked from the tree in the backyard, haven't done this for years from sheer laziness. kevin has been at Hyvee fulltime 10 years, the prize catalog they gave him was very disappointing. all his other 'reward' gifts have broken. at least my job gives your choice of gift certificate. much more user friendly.

have now been to 10 states!

of course, they all touch one another, but I added Mississippi and Tennessee and Kentucky to my list last week!
have free Showtime this weekend, kevin has been trying to watch Dexter season 6, but had 2 severe storm watches and the satellitel froze up. today we caught a Lou Diamond Phillips movies...Souix City? I think it was. pretty good movie. kevin figured it out before I did.
picked apples that I plan to make into a pie tonite or tomorrow....started painting katie's shelves, painted the top ones black. they'll need another coat.............. then will paint bottom shelves pink!


to do list...

this summer I want to: start my crazy quilt... make coke curtains for kitchen... frame Tennessee pictures for the hallway... take down old fashioned family pictures... re-do wall pictures behind desk... take a picture of The Strand Hotel sign ... find the cemetery at Davis City and photograph... get the zebra stuff put up in Katie's room... make a Tennessee vacation scrapbook... paint wall behind desk?... find spots for coke case and coke sign... go to the Villisca Axe Murder House! huh. this doesn't seem like all that big a list. and there is practically all of summer left. but I do have a soul sucking job, a daughter with many places to go, and not much ambition. in reality, I will most likely spend my free time drinking iced pepsi, reading, watching Sister Wives, and napping on the couch. but it's always good to have a plan!

what is love?

slept waaaaaay in. put away the 'vacation bathroom bag'. have enough travel size bottles left for our next vacation! swept, mopped, swiffered, cleand bathroom. now to sit on my big old butt for awhile....got all my vacation pics on facebook. now going to pick out a few to enlarge and frame...



work, picked katie up at pool, then picked up phelps and took them to conwell's party...put her clothes back in dresser, turned off a/c and opened windows. think I got the rest of the vacation pics on facebook...picked up katie & phelps. and now I believe it is time to go to bed.
tomorrow plan on sewing vacation patches on quilt, cleaning floors, putting away the sample bathroom stuff from vacation...hope springs eternal.

the orb picture

I'm into ghostly things....but not a big believer in orbs. however, I think I caught one at Earnestine & Hazel's on the Memphis Walking Ghost Tour....pretty cool!

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