hatfields & mccoys

finished watching it today....omg! got kind of wrapped up in it. have ordered a book off amazon.com. set the new season of sister wives on the dvr too. too many shows, not enough time. the kids & I watched Wristcutters. kate zonked out, she had a headache, finally remembered to give her benadryl and she was down for the count. she has been invited to attend a science summer class for gifted students this summer. think we've talked her into it. she also has babysitting jobs lined up. kj hasn't heard back from PSF yet, josh did. he didn't get a job. did next weeks bills that I have now tonite too since we'll be gone. the jcpenney order came (me capris, kevin jeans and a shirt) & my dress came, too. kate says I need flats. I thought my sparkly flip flops would work...haven't found them yet, though. I still have a few days. nothing like waiting till kevin's honking the horn in the driveway and leaving for tennessee without me....50 degrees. had to shut some windows.


didn't get to watch part 3 of the Hatfields and McCoys last nite....kate was watching St Elmos Fire from the list, then Koren called, and the dvr was set up to tape the one that started at midnite....guess I'll make it thru work and come home to watch it. enjoying the cooler weather. did watch Miami Dance Moms off the list. I felt like I was sacrificing my life for competitive dance, but man! bridgette is getting divorced, her & Susan walked out of the studio...the new mom Leo is a DEAL. I get the featured kid who gets everything. seriously. and I get the moms who believe their talented kids are getting screwed over. uh huh. {somewhat bitter ex-studio-mom}. katie did my hair, kj called and ordered pizza then picked it up for supper. have a mandatory "condition of your employment" PQA class at 2, which means I get to hurry thru my day to have it all done before I leave...wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone. we all know I'm enjoying that 15 minute or so break I take to do data entry a bit too much. you know, the break that used to be called LUNCH.
got home from work yesterday, lid to mailbox is all bent and lying in driveway. couldn't be fixed. post was loose. no one knows what happened. it was fine when kevin got the mail. avon lady came and didn't mention it. he blames the trash truck. but Mr Man went to girdners and came home with a new mailbox and stickers and got it installed before he left for work. and this is why I love him. well, that & a few other things...


this is the week....

that I'm staying up late watching Hatfields & McCoys miniseries on History and getting up earlier to go to work. Katie is home from her epic weekend. Kevin printed out our directions for vacation....Mercer to Memphis to Tupelo to Nashville to Gatlinburg. 1109.97 miles. 18 hours, 32 minutes. bring it on!
this is nite 2 of the shock collar. poor Daisy. hope she figures it out quick. everyone is tired of her barking most of the nite. but I feel especially mean. Kevin bought it, I have to put it on her because she trusts me. poor dog.



mowed the yard and detailed car for vacation....8 more days till we head out!

all by myself...................................

kj left with val, josh, & calvin. and a video has been postd to facebook. kate is of course in bethany for the weekend. now kevin has left...did he have the day off work? I never know. I drank the last half of my Mike's Hard, and am almost done with the Sister Wives book. I watched the first season on dvd. I am fascinated with them.
colored my hair, have lounged about, made Sunday dinner, posted tons of pics on facebook.



slept in, showered, cleaned shower, cleaned bottom of towel closet, cleaned under bathroom sink...now going to start on floors...I am living the good life!


dentist day

slept in till 7.....went to dentist, got my new bridge put in, took pictures of my childhood home at Modena (didn't go past the No Trespassing sign) and the depression of the former lane that led to the Axsom farm and a view of the treeline where the house was from Hwy. 65. but can't load pics on computer, my program won't work. need to find the cord to connect camera.....wish me luck on that one. no idea where I would've put it...
more rain. came home to take a lengthy nap, then fell asleep on couch. cracked open the Sister Wives book.
countdown to vacation.....9 days!

pure genius

last nite while taking the dogs out to do their thing I was contemplating my runny nose...and it dawned on me that I was still taking DayQuil for the nasty allergy symptoms I had last week...when checking the box, it does not help with RUNNY NOSE, but does get rid of CONGESTION...put the DayQuil out of sight, out of mind, and the Benadryl back front and center. {this morning...much better!} kevin stripped the bed and washed sheets, I remade it. katie hung out at home and braided my hair and online shopped. kj went to work out. watched one of the Austin Powers movies I got at Walmart. funny shit. today is the dentist. decided that on my 'took the days off but won't be going to summer dance class' days
we will be painting...the kitchen shall become red. and katie's dresser will gain black chalkboard drawers (again!) and a black border and pink stripes on her walls.



katie announced tonite that she doesn't want to take summer dance classes. so guess I won't be going in tomorrow early to leave early...and now have nothing to do on the days I took off to take her to class. I'm having more trouble letting go than she is.
kevin & I to walmart. bought some vacation clothes. he took the day off to do cow stuff again.
kj is interviewing tomorrow at the PSF part timers day. (sigh).
katie hung at the park. she has her weekend planned.
computer won't download my pictures....took some fav ones of the flowers I picked up at Coons Greenhouse that Kathy put together for me. katie's phone won't turn on. daddy is trying to fix it.


beer run

kevin spent the day farming, kj took katie to ortho to get her bands connecting top and bottom, then she went to lineville to hang out. when kevin got home, I made supper, then he suggested a beer run, then hung out and texted katie till she came to the truck (with kayla, who is spending the nite).
finished off the wedding cake that koren brought over.



“If you ever crawl inside an old hollow log and go to sleep, and while you're in there some guys come and seal up both ends and then put it on a truck and take it to another city, boy, I don't know what to tell you.”

had all my kids home together, and that is the best feeling ever! kevin took the day off to do some cow thing. katie & I did the GS awards, kj went to the movies with friends.

once upon a time, I just didn't realize that at some point, it would be rare to see all 3 of my kids at the same time.



And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

got to sleep in, then swept, mopped, swiffered, put away the pile of blankets, used the new swiffer duster thing....not quite as amazing as the commericals, but dusting really isn't my thing anyway...as you can tell by visiting my house. finished watching the Sisters Wives dvd while cleaning LR. kate went to powersville with brittany, came home car sick, then walked to lake marie with phelps and called for a ride home. took them to lineville to put gas in truck and got cups of ice cream and a few necessities, she went to jess's for awhile, then came home to shower and get clothes to spend the nite. koren called, will see her tomorrow. kate's babysitting job got cancelled. kj went fishing yesterday with the guys and caught 2! someone has a picture, haven't seen it on facebook yet. he got sunburnt. kate got sunburnt...I'm not sure if it was laying out or just hanging out with friends. can't get printer to work, did get badges ready for tomorrow, got a few jump rings on the owl charms, hopefully can get the rest on tomorrow...plus have to bake my cookies for awards ceremony.


Mom's Taxi Service

thursday nite we picked up vivian at dance studio, brittany at her house, took them to trenton to see Dark Shadows, which we had already seen, so we watched The Avengers. then to McDonalds and Hyvee for snackies for our overnite guests. got home friday, took brittany home, katie & vivian to a sb game at princeton, then back to pick up kate, get her ff at Crossroads, and she got to drive in the dark for the first time from the stopsign to our house. I have mellowed sooo much....I made koren & kj wait till they got their permits to drive.


kj & dakota

pounded the pavement today looking for a job for KJ....he applied at PSF and Crossroads. he is so earnest, he really actually wants a summer job to help with college. we did something right here!
kate hung at lineville park, when I went to pick her up, she rented a movie at Randy's. I love me a good parady flick!

tuesday update....

after the drug screen and lifting test, kj didn't get the job at hyvee. today he and dakota are going job hunting. kate is out of school for the summer. she left all her awards at brittany's when she went there after school yesterday.
kevin & I to trenton to washington street, Dark Shadows, and sonic. the fireflies were out on the way home. beautiful!
I wanted to leave work for a bit and go to the school awards ceremony but couldn't. then got the worst review I have ever gotten..."Improvement Needed" was my overall score. no raise for this 17 year veteran. shit a brick.
kevin has about seriously convinced himself we WILL rent a suv crossover deal for vacay AND he did the lifetime update on GPS. he wants our next vehicle to be a crossover, they get the same milage as the car and are higher off the ground. we will drive through the country to memphis for 2 days, then on down to tupelo mississippi, then back up to nashville, then on to pigeon forge. I have seriously convinced myself that I will buy 2 jersey shore rings to wear on vacation and will buy a root kit and touch up my hair.
getting closer on the truck tires, kevin will take the car out thursday to get serviced and larry has some tires coming in for him to look at. so many decisions.
I was digging a hole for my mothers day rose bush, kevin read the little tag...it is an INDOOR miniature rose bush! so found the white enamel pan in the garage and planted it in there. it took the spot of the resident bathroom plant, which went outside for summer. 2 plants....such a committment!
need to take my handful of vitamins/preventatives and head out the door. my eyes are all bloodshot and my throat is scratchy...I am sure another day in hog dust will make me feel all better. one of katie's friends moms wondered out loud to me the other day if Kevin made enough at hyvee for us to live on since I disliked my job so much. that threw me for a loop. DOES HE? have I worked at a soul sucking job that I blame for every wrong thing in the universe since May 1995 WHEN I DIDN'T HAVE TO??? but, no, I have to work. I want my kids to have stuff. and it's not like we're rolling in $$$$. we are just about comfortable. she said he makes more than a lot of 2 income families around here. and he probably does. we also have a kid in college, a kid in braces who will be going to college, and a serious walmart and amazon.com habit to support
kevin took off thursday and sunday to do cow stuff, so will have leftover meatloaf for supper thursday,and maybe make it to coons greenhouse to buy flowers for my hanging basket and big metal bucket.
oh yeah, I made homemade meatloaf monday! and it was good! found canned meatloaf sauce and decided to try it...best damn meatloaf I ever made! of course, the last meatloaf I 'made' in recent memory came from the freezer section at walmart....


confessions of a dance mom...

taking a year off from competitive dance, Katie rediscovered weekends, got to makae her own plans, found freedom! She can dance as she chooses, in what she chooses, to the music she chooses! and this year she will have July 4th to do as she wishes! there is no recital rehearsal. and we can swing a V*A*C*A*T*I*O*N!!!!
I thought we 'd go back to a studio next year, and by we, I mean kate would dance, I would drive to and fro and write checks. I don't think she wants to make that commitment . We plan on signing her up for a few summer classes at a different studio to work on her tricks.
So....am I still techically a dance mom? I think so. she is on school dance team. she doesn't trophies and medals and score sheets anymore. (well, there was that school dance team medal for best smile!) but she still has an audience. she still loves to dance. and I still believe she is very talented.
What did competitive dance give her? discipline, team work, stage presence, confidence, new friends. Am I letting her throw away her gift? I don't think so. She is relaxed and happy. You don't need trophies to prove that you're good. Anyone watching the Glimmer Girls knows she can dance!
she needs time to be a junior high student...and she can't do academic team, pep band, drama, etc. if she is going to studio practice after school. we know this from experience.
do I miss recitals? sure I do. do I miss watching her strut out on that big stage at competition? yep. she was so stressed out the last year she competed. she was frustrated with her dance and other team members.
this year was her swan song. just a solo. low key. relaxed. but the dance didn't showcase her specialities. she couldn't pick the version of the song she liked. she couldn't have any say in her costume. she wanted to quit. my kids don't quit. but then kevin said let her quit. she doesn't want to do this dance. we could afford a vacation if we didn't spend all the $ on costume and entrance fees. but we had already bought new shoes and spent $300 on her solo lessons over the summer.
he was right. sometimes you have to throw in the towel. we stayed at that studio so long because katie selected it and she was happy there for a time. she called stephanie and signed herself up for dance lessons in third grade. but it was time for a change. and I think we made the right parenting decision. katie has got to do pep band, marching band, drama, academic team....she had a good year. and she got to use many talents, not just one.
I love seeing her being a normal teenager.
she missed so much dancing....she gave up years of 4th of Julys. endless weekends dancing at fundraisers and events. she missed two spring concerts. and the one and only elementary dance. I think she gained a lot, too. but she has to decide how much she is willing to sacrafice. it has to be her dream.


you gotta have friends....

friday nite katie went to ridgeway to pick up her bag and hang out with cassidy at pizza hut, btc bank, and walmart. saturday her & phelps went to the movies at corydon and we took pictures in the dark in allerton and clio. today she planned a mothers day party with phelps and brittany for me, melissa, and julie. it was fun....especially the gifts!


kevin & kj went on a journey to chillicothe today to replace his missing SS card. he went to work out with jennie and dakota. katie took a long nap. I folded laundry, did bills, took a picture of an awesome toad in the backyard, and googled vacation stuff. found a water fall in the smoky mountains...live music at BB Kings....a bison bus tour in Tulepo Mississippi...



kate spent last nite at jess's, jess is here tonite. they went to youth group, then we went to princeton to pick up casey's pizza. tbh, I really needed a king size snickers anyway. kj hyvee interview, he goes back monday for drug screen and lifting test, orientation weds. so, he has to go to chillicothe tomorrow to get new SS card, then will be shopping for work boots! I hope this works out, since he has already spent a summer working in mom's world, and spending a summer in dad's would make him a more well rounded son. I am proud of him for making his own way!
cleaned out band carnival folder. folded a bunch of laundry, emptied and filled dishwasher...
katie drug chaise lounge and a big blanket to back yard to hang out for awhile.


my lil' cabin in the woods.....

this is the cabin I want to build in the woods! It is the Hanah Cabin in Smoky Mountain National Park! researching for vacay....


it's down at the end of Lonely Street, called Heartbreak Hotel...

I had my heart set on a night at The Peabody, but think 2 nites at Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel across the street from Graceland will be fun! that'll give us 2 days to do Memphis...Sun Records, Graceland, the trolley, Beale Street, BBQ, the Peabody ducks, downtown...then onto Nashville for Cooter's Place and Carnton Plantation. then onto to Pigeon Forge and the Smokey Mountains and Old Smokey Distillery. will also be driving through a bit of Arkansas, Illinois, and Kentucky! and will try to find a reason to cross the border into Mississippi!


I love having KJ home!

I dont' know what makes me happiest....hearing him singing in his room, or a big hug, or just knowing that I'll most probably see him for a moment or two each day. had a long weekend....band carnival set up, band carnival, taking some of katie's friends to Relay for Life and picking them up and taking them home, an overnite guest, taking katie & kayla to church, picking them up, taking them to walmart, taking them to youth group, picking them up and taking kayla home....plus cleaning floors and laundry....need to decide if we can afford our vacation next month and start making concrete plans.
Cathy declared next band carnival theme will be down on the farm and we'll have the dress up contest for band champ, it went over big last year and had several kids come dressed as aliens this year! the coin toss into the dishes went well, too.
back to the real world tomorrow....working 12-in-a-row. wonderful.


suddenly, I feel the need to add attend the Kentucky Derby wearing an outrageous hat

to my bucket list....


slept in, swept, mopped , swiffered, baked for band carnival. went early to set up one game and lug in 3 crates and 2 trashbags of bingo donations~ate supper there, KJ & Koren both won prizes in raffle. had a decent crowd for all the other stuff going on....some kind of races at Lions Club, Relay for Life at Princeton....KJ & Josh took Katie & Kayla to carnival, then on to Relay for Life while I was cleaning up. then she called and wanted me to pick up danielle, michelle, and sidni and take them to Relay for Life. going back to get them at midnite. got to see the Super Moon. like my friend Marcey on facebook, I was expecting a Bruce Almigthy moon. it is pretty, and bright, but I wouldn't of even really noticed it if I hadn't seen a blurb on yahoo about it this morning....
so I give to you a google image of the Bruce Almighty Moon, and a google image of the Supermoon May 2012 1 day ago. you decide.

this is my life...

“In the opening to the Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary's in the supermarket, hurrying through the aisles. She pauses at the meat case, picks up a steak and checks the price. Then rolls her eyes, shrugs and tosses it in the cart. That's kind of how I feel. Sure I would have liked things to be different. But, 'roll of eyes' what can you do? 'shrug' I threw the meat in my cart and moved on.”
― Augusten Burroughs, Running With Scissors


come what May....

I am pretty pleased with myself today! Katie was most probably late to school today...KJ helped me drive our 2 vehicles worth of stuff to school and unload it...had all of Martha's donations and the games I had made. that made a dent in the garage. spent all day at school volunteering which is much funner than working all day....although I drug my feet and procrastinated and barely got it done...this could very well be the best damn band carnival yet! I usually bull my way through, pick the theme, order the prizes, name the games, plan the Band Champ contest....but this year I didn't get it all done, and it is much easier with help. and probably makes for a much better carnival! will go back early tomorrow to do some finish up stuff. so, although we postponed the carnival thinking our girls BB team would be playing at St Joe on the day we were scheduled and we're now up against Mercer county Relay for Life and some dirt bike races, I think we'll do ok. Katie went home with Kayla. she is supposed to call me when she wants picked up to come home and pack a bag. have heard nothing from her yet. I cleaned the turtle tank, found 2 crates of the kids old books in garage, sorted thru them and dusted them off to donate to carnival, then rounded up 2 trashbags of stuffed animals that have lived in the garage for too many years, and a crate of some home interior stuff as well. I am kicking ass and taking names. I am Band Booster, hear me roar.

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