a star is born!

Katie was amazing as Paula O'Toole in The Royal Bachelor! Bubba made it home to see her acting debut. Kevin took the nite off to go. I got sick at work and had a perfectly miserable day, but too much to do to come home, but got home in time to do an emergency wardrobe fix, then lay on the couch a bit and rest up. Bubba fed the dogs and took her to school, then Kevin & I went to get a good seat. made it thru the play ok, got sick again during the nite, sick again today. just tired and achy now. Kj took her to Ridgeway to Cassidy's while I was at work.
they had some really really late nites practicing, but this was my second fave Mercer play ever....the 80s one is still my fave. this one was hilarious....Mr. Fuller is golden.
and her friend Phelps gave her flowers after...which I had meant to do, but then I used all my energy trying to get thru the day and forgot to call flower shop...I really do mean well. but I usually don't do well.
I am proud of Katie. she didn't get the role she wanted, but took this one and made it her own. She is a star! now she can get some R&R since she quit track....unless she decides she didn't quit track....coach left her options open in case she changed her mind.




I feel the need to touch some people today, a cast iron skillet should do the trick!

have again had my ass chewed for not properly doing my teenage daughter's laundry....

some people make you that ANGRY that you actually stop & think how much jail time you would do for dropping them down a mine & would it be worth it??

I may be featured on Deadly Women sooner than I planned...

yes, I know I can't sing...

yes, I know I can't sing...

yeah, I'm going to keep wearin' my flashdance inspired off the shoulder Bigfoot shirt..

picked up truck from willis garage. all seems well. took katie a snack to final dress rehearsal for drama. went to DG to buy her a flashlight per Mrs Shrivers suggestion. then I put away laundry, remade kj's bed, checked facebook, did chores, wrote out checks for bills, and fell asleep on couch watching an Area 51 program. woke up to phone ringing for katie to be picked up. she is a bit.......we'll say testy, to be nice. if I loved her, I'd get rid of the dogs because our house smells like pee, and she will start smelling like pee, then will be unpopular. I love them more than her because I feed them. (sigh)


it's hard to lose weight when you have an... what's it called, overactive Knife and fork :P

katie came home from dress rehearsal to change her shirt and shoes, then to her first Acteens. she is one very busy girl! I get tired just driving up and down our road dropping her off and picking her up! changed sheets, took the dogs out and did some cell phone pics...finally figured out the zoom...just got the camera LAST summer. started The North Mercer Drama Club Presents album on facebook since Savannah posted a pic of the play flyer. Martha & Alicia dropped off more Band Bingo stuff. put together the movie baskets. folded laundry. watched last nites Dance Moms and set up Miami Dance Moms to record next week. just waiting for the call to pick up Miss Boo.

“I never dreamed one would be back here,”

“I never dreamed one would be back here,”said Mary Ward, a Cotton Island resident, who reported that a fisherman saw a Bigfoot creature carrying a hog. -WorldnetDaily.com

Some people say Bigfoot doesn’t exist and maybe he doesn’t, but all of these people have seen something and they can’t all be making it up.” -
Vance Winsor ClarionNews

It sounds like an elk hollerin’,” Johnny Johnson

Ron Mower
,a 40-year-old construction worker,attracts Bigfoot. He claims to have seen the apelike creature nine times in the Utah area.

There are people out there who think Bigfoot lands in UFOs. I don’t believe that. I believe in unidentified flying objects, but I don’t believe in little green space aliens or that Bigfoot lands in a UFO.” -Vance Winsor ClarionNews

Four-toed footprints
, coarse black hair samples and the eyewitness accounts have some residents believing that an elusive Bigfoot creature is lurking in the nearby forests and swamps of Little Creek and Boggy Bayou. -

I hollered at him, and he took off running. It happened so quick, I didn’t have time to be scared,” Whitstine said. “I don’t know what it was, but it had big feet.” -Earl Whitstin

My goal
is to develop a trust and rapport with these creatures and study them in their natural habitat.
-Autumn Williams, founder of OregonBigfoot.com

“Right while I was sittin there fishin,

Bigfoot comes out of the woods, sits on a rock,

and starts eating a rabbit”

author unknown

Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected, expected? If so, whats the point of expecting the unexpected when you're just expecting the expe

Doesn't expecting the unexpected make the unexpected, expected? If so, whats the point of expecting the unexpected when you're just expecting the expected???

kevin met me at willis's after work, left truck to have whatever the tire thing was fixed. katie dress rehearsal again. such a lovely spring day...sun shining, breeze blowing, birds singing, big dead snake in front of jack's church, smoke from fires wafting thru the air....

You know you are drunk if you swerve to miss a tree than realize it is the air freshener hangin from your mirror

Drama Dress Rehearsal! Katie looked like a star, and pulled together stuff she alraedy had at home, despite my well-intentioned shopping trip. can't wait for the play! she is probably ready for some downtime as well. Kevin decided we must go to Walmart. she got home late, then I had to make her supper, so we were on the road about 9p.m. got home almost midnite. I will be one tired ass old lady today. but I have plenty of junkfood to eat...
a PSF truck driver died from injuries. that was the gist of the official email. will have to google it. because when you think of someone dying in the line of duty, you think cop, drug dealer, soldier...not truck driver. poor guy...this will have the safety dept. all up in arms again, a young guy died in NC (I think) working for Smithfield or whatever the company I work for is now called...it has been bought so many times it is hard to keep track of..and now Missouri has a fatality, so they will come investigate us.


On Mondays, I'm always f*cking thankful I don't have a swear jar.

katie wants to quit track. coach told her to take a day off and think about it. she called me on the way home because she needed a ride to drama practice...which went till 8:30p.m.!!!!! kevin mowed the yard.


[ley-zee] Show IPA adjective, -zi·er, -zi·est, verb, -zied, -zy·ing.

averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent.

causing idleness or indolence: a hot, lazy afternoon.

slow-moving; sluggish: a lazy stream.

(of a livestock brand) placed on its side instead of upright.

this was me yesterday....slept in, read a lot, lounged around, napped...felt sluggish and achy. made lunch from a can, 2 ziploc bags, and 2 pans. hugged my son goodbye....spring break is over. and saw a glimpse of katie & co. when they came home to get pepsi's out of the fridge.


you know, there are actually many famous people I'd like to meet....

Bonnie Parker....Amelia Earhart....Carry A Nation...Susan B Anthony...Clara Barton...Mary Todd Lincoln...Tallulah Bankhead...

one way to get famous....

check out Katie & her friend Phelps front & center 2nd row at the Kerrie Roberts, Mike's Chair, and Big Daddy Weave concert at Trenton Friday nite!

Who are the 5 famous people you'd like to have drinks with?

1. Jack the Ripper
2. Abraham Lincoln
3. Jesse James
4. Lizzie Borden
5. Calamity Jane

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