the fight

well, had barely gotten home in the gusty winds and pissed kevin off....he flew out of here. there was a tornado in Branson...
tried to call him a couple of times, finally sent a sorry text. the phone rang, thought it was him....nope. it was for katie.

Happy Birthday Mr. D.

Definition: Creme Brulee is a classic French dessert consisting of a custard topped with caramelized sugar.

The custard for creme brulee is traditionally made with cream, egg yolks and sugar, and flavored with vanilla.

Caramelizing the sugar on top of the creme brulee is usually done with a small butane torch. Creme brulee means "burnt cream" in French, as the caramelized sugar on top of the custard is characteristic of creme brulee.

celebrated Kevin's birthday by driving to Des Moines following steakhouses on the gps....his first Jesse's Embers downtown was packed, so ended up in Altoona at The Big Steer where our culinary tv show junkie experienced creme brulee and Kevin got a monster steak & fries....
it rained most of the way up, I had risers so we left too late to shop for the new stove he wants....



Today's work outlook is as follows: No! No! I won't go!
WAIT! I'm broke.
OK, OK, I'm going. I'm going.

left work early yesterday to go to Districts to watch the band play the anthem & do the halftime show, and to watch the Glimmer Girls dance, and oh, yeah, I guess to see some BB. ate at Camero's. Kevin did add a little shot glass to his collection from that adventure.
pet peeve of the day: gas. I hate when people leave their car at the pump &then go inside for lengthy periods of time: to select a movie, go potty, order food...and you wait behind them. I made several suggestions that he go on up to the next pump....which at Snappy's means pulling back out onto highway and then back into parking lot....and the pump was out of order, which was why no one was using it. so went on down the hill to Casey's. where he parked at the pump and went inside for a lengthy time and came out with food on the go....chicken strips, Fun Yuns, Coke, &Pepsi.


thought for the day

How come when the seven dwarfs are heading to work, even Grumpy sings a cheery little tune? I have reason to believe that movie isn't based in reality.

off to work so I can leave early to get to 1st district game at Eagleville....yeah, the Lady Cardinals are playing....but I have a kid in pep band and dance that I'm going to see! might as well be honest!



katie is home. bubba is gone. floors are clean. watched rocky horror picture show, now watching corpse bride. ordered air filter for fridge. folded laundry. kicking ass this weekend!


I got the sheets changed yesterday, made some lunch, blogged, and fell asleep watching the new ghost adventures on dvr after KJ & I had watched a few Glees.
today slept in, blogged, and now am going to clean these floors so Daisy has clean nice floors to pee on. (Sigh.) will pick Katie up at some point today, she has not yet responded to my inquisitive text.



Bubba showed up right before Katie left for her weekend away...got her to game, she found Cassidy, then I did a solo Walmart run & came home with interesting things....fluffy new bathtowels...shadow box frames...
got all my stuff set up to dvr @ noc. so I can watch when I have time.....a deadliest hospitals ghost adventures, an Abe Lincoln history special, some Area 51 stuff. Josh got a car so KJ didn't have to take him to work! (or pick him up!) slept in till 10:15! I tell you, Life Is Good!
plan on aunt minerva blogging today...maybe sewing some....changing sheets....cleaning floors...
hope Katie has a good weekend...she was so excited to see Cassidy & Skylar!




up & at 'em with a monster headache....which I am sure a day in the hog barn will eliminate. have a home game again tonight.

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