65 degrees in January!

Kate's new Aerie and Hollister stuff arrived. washed her new bling jeans. caught a bit of dance practice. bought her junk food @ store. she yelled at Miss Cuddles. swept & mopped floors. contemplating changing my sheets. but I am probably too damn tired. been a day and a half. W2s arrived. made our H&R Block appt. for the 11th at 11 a.m.

monday monday monday monday monday monday

always gives 100% at work: 13% Monday, 22% Tuesday, 26% Wednesday, 35% Thursday, 4% Friday


S A T U R D A Y night

had some difficulties at work...forgot to take my semen out to breed...had to change a sensor & couldn't for the life of me remember how to do it...then I did it wrong...took me awhile to remember how to do it....something very simple that I have been doing for years. I worry about me sometimes....
Brittney came over, took the girls to Princeton, they ordered cheese sticks and pizza, rented movies at Casey's, and took some pictures. then they got a better offer and defected to Danielle's for the remainder of the nite. Bubba graciously offered to take them, then he had to take Mr Josh to work. and he will pick him up tomorrow. what a good guy. so, I got to watch Water for Elephants pretty much interrupted. (finally!)

water for elephants

don't take love for granted...some people go thru so much just to have it....I cried when I read the book...I cried when I watched the movie...


katie's plans fell thru again...she can't count on other people to invite her places and take her. altho I rather enjoy no plan weekends, I told her to make big plans next weekend & we'd make them happen. she has invited 2 friends over tomorrow.
KJ came home, brought josh here, took josh to work, and is picking josh up. I am working the weekend. koren called last nite, she is changing jobs & needed her immunization records, which I found & am mailing to her today. she also lost the diamond out of her ring while pumping gas in the rain, nice citizens helped her find it. she is going to jewelry store today to get it fixed. she will be a pharamacy tech in a hospital near where she works now & will wear tennis shoes and scrubs!
kevin used his new debit card, bought the stuff on my list, and some groceries. takes all of us to keep this place running.
kate was a bit disappointed, she wanted to hang out with KJ last nite, he was watching wrestling with josh. I know....

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