and so it begins...

this is traditionally always a busy week....Mercer Homecoming starts tomorrow...which in years past meant practices for the Girl Scouts to dance on the square, running a baby show, parade, hanging out taking pictures of Katie & Co. while they ride rides, etc. last year she asked me to just go home & stop hanging around. which is ok. I can do that. but she has thrown some new stuff into the mix...a Bethany boyfriend. The Bethany fair starts tonite...The Dance Studio will be in the parade. she wants to go to the fair...ok, there is a free circus. I can do that. Tomorrow nite she wants to hang with friends at Mercer Homecoming. Friday nite she wants to hang with friends at the Princeton football game. Saturday I traded off work...Band trash pickup in the morning, then baby show, decorating a float...Chiefs dancers...riding on float...Katie's first marching band performance..she wants to take friends to the Bethany fair that nite, then sleep over at someone's house (I thin, by Sunday her long list of plans is getting somewhat fuzzy in my mind)...Sunday back to work, leaving to volunteer with the Girl Scouts at the Alumni Dinner. whew!
have to work today, was going to leave early but forgot Corey needs rides to & fro. parade doesn't start till 6. just may miss out on some pictures.
oh, and she doesn't want to do the Chiefs dance at Mercer Homecoming & Calamity Jane Day & a Bethany/Princeton football game halftime. She just signed on to do it at the Chiefs game. she isn't practicing at home. This is the last year of dance lessons...I have said it before. Must stick to my guns next year. She gets bored so easily & I am seriously tired of nagging & threatening & making excuses for her. It has to stop.
moved the turtles to the big tank yesterday, had the basking platform, then made them an island out of shells to sit on. need to order the floating log & some fake plants for them...



katie tried on the Chiefs uniform...daisy slipped out of the harness, katie chased her down, borrowing my shoes, they were the old adidas sandels, one of them broke, but had kept the odd mate from the first pair when one broke, & ta-da....I STILL HAVE A PAIR OF OLD ADIDAS SANDELS!
to grammy's, made supper, watched Hoodwinked Too!
rain. some jackass tried to go out the wade cut thru road and was buried when I went home.



kate swam at morgans after school. I picked up her Chiefs outfit...I was disappointed...looks like a walmart halloween costume. nothing like I had imagined. so much in life never is...(sigh). got all wrapped up in the saga of the Wylie & Rella Axsom family, they lost 4 children to meningitis...2 on one day, 1 the next, and one a few months later. how did you survive such a loss? they had 3 children (I think) alive at the time that survived, had one the next year, then another 2 years later, and the last 7 years after the meningitis took their children. that baby only lived a few months, no cause of death. have to find katie's gym clothes for tomorrow..did they ever make it into the washer? kevin has been texting kj at school. I have left him alone thus far. listening to the crickets chirp merrily, stayed up past midnite last nite discovering things on findagrave.com, typed on my blog before work, and after work...now have to make katie some supper. seriously. and find those gym clothes!



slept in, quilted, picked up katie, ate a lot of chocolate, took a nap, signed up for Stephanies fundraising adult hiphop & clog classes. swept, mopped, swiffered.



slept in...cleaned bubba's room, did laundry, my new clothes from Old Navy & Kohls came today! cleaned up aquarium for turtles & set up. took a nap on couch, barely made kevin's lunch before he left 4 work. kate finished her homework. picked up Kayla, photo shoot in the Ravanna, Lucerne, & Princeton areas. got some amazing shots! then took Katie to Kayla's to spend the nite. I am home alone with the weinie dogs & Miss Cuddles. guess I'll shower & look up some GS info to write a blurb for the parade. Jill says Brandon plans on driving a truck & trailer for us. (Thank God!) Katie called her dad to get permission to do a photo shoot & sleepover. He was ok with it. I guess whatever it takes to keep the peace. it was all her idea. I didn't put her up to it! katie will post the photo shoot on her facebook, but I'll put a few of my faves on here.
gas $3.49 in Princeton.


katie's new clarinet arrived today!

she had decided to quit band so I never got around to exchanging her trumpet for a clarinet, then decided about the time school started that she would stay in band, I would like to thank Taylor Music for their wonderful, friendly, & quick service! she got it in time to march in her first parade!

moving back to NWMSU...sophomore year

Katie took the day off school & as thanks has monumental amounts of makeup work. got Kj moved in, all his stuff picked up...laptop, parking sticker, books...took him to Applebee's for lunch, & to Walmart for stuff for his dorm. then we hung around while the boys decided how to arrange their room. Katie wanted to go to the Princeton football game to hang with friends. Kevin told her no. we went to Sonic. we stopped to take pics of a cool old house. we stopped at Bethany Walmart. we drove right thru Princeton and came home. I took Katie back to Princeton to the game, even though I was forbidden. I had already told her she could go. quite the drama-filled day. btw Princeton 38-Albany 0. and she had fun. now she is tackling math at 10:32 p.m., her turtles are sleeping, the dogs are settled in for the night until I go to bed then the howling begins...and my husband is not speaking to me.



had trouble getting Katie up...she missed the bus & I took her to school. Kevin & I took the Lumina to Leon & sold it to be crushed...it doesn't seem that long ago that we took a test drive in that car on the way to KJ's dentist appt. in KC.....with Katie in her little car seat...(sigh)
KJ got his packing done. I drug in the fridge from garage. the fenders on his truck look awesome! he got his college email switched. picked Katie up from school, turned in the Girl Scout forms to be sent home with girls, then did the making poster meetings at the park, then Kayleigh rode with us to Chiefs practice. whew! what a day! Kj's last day home...and Katie got a pink feather in her hair.


I forgot tuesday....

Kj had eye dr & chiropractor appts....they removed 3 ingrown eyelashes from one eye. Weds. he had dentist checkup....look Ma, no cavaties!
Katie went swimming at Morgan's. Kevin was watching his crap on tv, so went to bed early & tried again (unsuccessfully) to watch Rango. then the dogs took turns baying & howling & barking all nite. (again). did laundry, probably made some slop for supper, swept floors...just my usual hobbies after spending a fun filled day at my dream job. no wonder I'm always so chipper.


picked up Katie's 3 turtles at the post office & got them set up in her room....Tuna Bear, Ribbetttt, & Sally Lou Sue. I then watched my Mummy Autopsy show that I found that comes on at 6 a.m....have it set to record. Katie went swimming at Morgan's, got KJ's truck picked up, I cleaned out & armorall'd all 3 vehicles. Kevin mowed the yard. after making 4 different suppers finally got to watch Dance Moms. somedays it's all a bit much. have yet to pack any of KJ's stuff,will have to find time tomorrow...when I'm not running the Lumina to Leon to sell it, taking GS forms to school, hosting a making posters GS meeting after school, (buying snacks for said meeting), and taking Katie to Chiefs practice from 6-7:30 @ Bethany...



KJ & Dakota have worked out the who's bringing what details. before the Competition meeting Katie & KJ were karokeeing. Katie will have 1 half hour solo practice in Sept, Oct, Nov, & Dec. 4 more Chiefs practices. no Leaps & Turns class. not enough interest.
Dakota, Corey, Danny, Jenny over p.m. they were playing Glee Karokee.
Katie requested I dress nicer when I go out in public. and do something with my hair. I have on JEAN shorts (not the sweat ones she hates) & a shirt, & I dyed my hair. she is asking a lot.
KJ is officially verified. thanks to Dakota 4 reminding us.
and I think that is all the news that is fit to print.



picked up Katie & Bre from all night skate...took 2 naps...did a root touch up dye job...and that was just about my day!

The Glee Project...

it's over....Samuel & Damion both won 7 week guest appearances...Lindsay & Alex won 2 week guest appearances...wish they could've thrown Cameron in there, too...sigh...


got our Tennessee Vacation Guide (we had previously planned a TN vacation in 2009...but went to Colorado for Koren's wedding, which was fabulous! couldn't afford a vacation in 2010 or 2011, but hoping things will change for 2012....
I've been looking thru the guide...and here is what I have found thus far...
in Memphis, The Sun Studio Tour, Graceland, Main St. Trolley, pictures downtown, if we can swing it The Peabody Hotel or Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel, & Hard Rock Cafe.
Franklin has The Carnton Plantation, historic downtown, & Puckett Gro. & Restaurant.
Adamsville has Sheriff Buford Pusser....the Ole Smoky Distillery with Apple Pie Moonshine is in Gatlingburg... Rock City at Chattanooga ...Cooters Place in Nashville ...Dollywood....Great Smoky Mountains National Park...caves...Civil War battlefields...ghosts...beautiful old buildings...nature...fabulous places to eat like Loveless Cafe & Wildhorse Saloon...plus all the cool stuff you see on billboards & in brochures at your hotel once you get there! whew! history, scenery, liquor, music...they have it all! and maybe we'll get to see some of it next summer! hey, a girl can dream, can't she? if we can come up with the $, & work it around KJ's inevitable summer job & Katie's dance classes & activities & social engagements...



slept embarrassingly late...Sasha & Daisy took turns howling & barking loudly at random intervals all nite long...Katie is swimming & tanning at Morgans, then Breanna will be over to get ready for All Night Skate at Bethany...
washed bags today....Kate's dance bag, messanger bags, her sleepover bag...
set out chicken legs to thaw to make buffalo chicken for lunch...have a bad bad case of the lazies...was going to work on the quilt more but got the new bobbin stuck in the case & couldn't get the thread thru, seemed like an omen, so leafed thru my new Family Fun magazine instead...seriously considering a nap!



Dakotah, Corey, & Josh over for wrestling. you overhear some interesting conversations, I tell you...finally got my denim quilt dry...I had just got the bed made last nite, went in the kitchen to get a drink...came back, and someone had peed on the bed! it had soaked thru the quilt & top sheet, saved bottom sheet. put t-shirt quilt together, got some of it quilted till I got tired & ran out of bobbin thread. found the missing dance contracts, swept floors, filled out the back to school packet, mailed the trumpet back to be exchanged for a clarinet, & mailed the too big AE jeans back for some that will fit Miss Katie. got on Old Navy last nite & ordered myself a pair of lounge pants, a 3/4 sleeve light weight hoody & a lacy cami. tonite ordered a pair of Levi's from Kohls. found the Aug. 2011 Seventeen magazine for my delete digital drama GS meeting that we will have sometime in the near future, found the Bethany Jr High Football schedule, the Sundown Town book I had read about on the Trenton facebook page, and Phyliss Johnson is giving my the Tiny book I have been trying to order from my book club forever. getting lots accomplished! Hell, I even found the missing True Grit dvd case!


Marriage may often be a stormy lake, but celibacy is almost always a muddy horse pond.
Thomas Love Peacock


Tuna Bear is coming to town!

with his/her 2 brothers &/or sisters...in 7-10 days! had promised Katie turtles after the paint fumes in her room died down...took me awhile to get around to it. (as usual)
also did 'the bills', changed my sheets, put everything back in the magazine holder aka the-old-boiler-from-my-grandmas-sale, and found out that Katie wants a Kin One phone...
it is rumbly and dark outside...bring on the rain!

Katie loves junior high!

didn't get a first day of school picture...my boss took the day off, by the time I got home (after I accidently left corey at work & then had to go back & get him) she was swimming at morgan's, then we had to meet relatives at The Feed Lot for supper, then to Walmart to get some school stuff we'd forgot, & she got a big comfy South Harrison tshirt to sleep in...and to wear to the football games that we plan to go to. decided she'll take her Chiefs shoes for inside gym & bring them home for practice & the Chiefs weekend.


it was bound to happen....

just after the exciting new Pioneer Trail has opened on Frontierville...I have lost interest. it just doesn't seem worth it to spend hours sending myself gifts or harrassing others to send me gifts...(sigh). will my interest resume? time will tell...


7th grade orientation

Katie & Kayla will be locker buddies. we did our (3rd!) junior high orientation tonite...got a tour of the school...the new music room is awesome, & Dan showed us 2 cool old paintings that were given to the school of Mercer past. quite an entertaining evening!


at the jailhouse now...

today when I went to the courthouse (because the nice highway patrolman told me to, ended up I went to the wrong office first, she walked me to the correct office, who told me to go to see the prosecuting attorney, but I digress...) the prisoners were outside, so I did something I never do around here, pulled my keys AND took my checkbook in with me. don't want my car being the get away car...I knew one of the prisoners.

a day off...

took Corey to work, then came home & went back to bed, getting up right before KJ got home from work...still managed to get today's to-do list done.......
went to my bank, closed out kj's savings acct. & deposited into his checking at his bank, went to prosecuting atty. to get my ticket dismissed, pepsi @ Dollar General, cleaned out Lumina to sell next week, drank a pepsi, took Katie to orthodontist where he is much more pleased with her tooth brushing, celebatory supper at Sonic, then drove to Mockingbird Heights & Crowder State Park to take pictures...didn't find the Thompson Trail or the Thompson House...but did stumble onto Muff's Bakery downtown where my dad worked long long ago!

time marches on...

things that I miss...
~cuddling in the chair with kids at bedtime
~splitting a pepsi with KJ at bedtime
~being a stay-at-home mom
~nite nite sleep tight sweet dreams I love you hugs & kisses see you in the morning
~tea parties
~going to see Santa
~VBS programs
~tea parties
~playing ghostly Jesse James robbing the train
~watching Cartoon Network
~Looney Tunes
~Koren swinging at the park singing the Tiny Toon Adventures Theme Song
~KJ calling his Dragon Zord on a stick (flute)
~reading bedtime stories
~Katie buttscooting thru the crunchy autumn leaves
~watching Disney movies
~planning birthday parties
~Koren trying to decide which Breyer ponies & American Girl accessories she needed
~old fashioned pictures at theme parks
~parking on lonely moonlit country roads in a '72 Chevy
~dying my hair because I wanted to try a new color, not because my hair is going gray, gray, gray!
~having Ivory Girl skin
~Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo
~Heaven Scent perfume
~Boone's Farm Tickle Pink wine
~seeing my kids everyday
~wearing lowcut shirts
~going to the drive-in
~my grandparents
~Sesame Street
~when Koren insisted her name was Whazzat Kangaroo from Zoobilee Zoo
~decorating for Halloween
~all the frenzy getting the perfect Halloween costume
~wearing chokers
~tight jeans
~hugs from just bathed kids
~30 something
~18 year old love

my bucket list..............

have not seen the movie, don't plan to ever see the movie, but I like the concept... so, in no particular order....
*build a mini golf course
*buy a pretzel from a street vendor in NYC
*take my own picture of the statue of liberty
*sit on a cliff in Maine & stare broodingly into the ocean
*dip my feet in the ocean
*walk barefoot on a beach in Hawaii at sunset wearing a billowy white gauzy dress
*visit a lighthouse
*DeYoung Family Zoo
*take pictures at HaHaTonka & Elephant Rocks
*back to the Jesse James Farm
*camp in a tent in the real wilderness
*build a cabin in the woods
*deb's weanie dog paradise
*ride a fan boat in the everglades
*get a hammock
*free range pigs
*go to school
*make satin & velvet victorian crazy quilt
*buy an El Camino
*start a photography studio in the old Arbucle building on Mercer square...complete with an old truck, climbing vines, cool old windows & doors.
*get a novel published
*Eureka Springs Arkansas
*Savannah Georgia
*Villisca Axe Murder House
*quit my job!
*romantic wicker basket & blanket on the ground type picnic with my husband...planned by him!
*subscribe to ancestry.com
*establish a scholarship
*Leila's Hair Musuem
*travel through Donner's Pass
*be a grandma
*Jack The Ripper Walk
*be in a Civil War reenactment
*buy the ghost hunters kit!
*plant sunflowers, poppies, hollyhocks, & climbing rose bushes
*my own gazebo!
*go to Central Park
*visit Fort Delaware at Pea Patch Island where my great great grandpa JC Maxwell was a Civil War prisoner.
*a picture in the General Lee
*drink me some Ole Smoky Distillery Apple Pie Moonshine
*ride a trolley thru Memphis
*visit Carnton Plantation
*The Peabody Ducks
*seeing the Bonnie & Clyde spots in Missouri & Iowa...
*Renaissance Faire
*go to Willow Creek California....BIG FOOT CENTRAL!


and katie comes home..................

...after a friday nite sleepover in bethany at kyla's and a sleepover at kayla's in princeton saturday nite, her dad picked her up today & she is at home. I took tomorrow off...the plan of the day is to go to courthouse & get my ticket fixed, deposit $ in kate's savings & close out kj's to transfer to his bank, then orthodontist in the afternoon...


KJ & I both had to work & Kevin had refused to pick up Katie & Vivian at Bethany, so I planned on leaving work to get them if KJ couldn't get off in time...he did, so picked them up for me! Katie was of course gone to Kayla's for the nite before I got home. Mom & Aunt Mary came over for awhile, then I went to the Haggard Reunion with them & ate supper & got a pic of mom, dad, Aunt Mary, Aunt Freeda, & Uncle Jerry. sleeping better with the cooler weather & the windows open!



after work took Katie & Vivian to Bethany to Kyla's house (guess Miss Boo has ungrounded herself?), took some pictures & went to Walmart on the way home. not sure how she's getting home tomorrow in time to get to Kayla's birthday party...KJ & I both have to work, and Kevin is refusing to pick her up...let's just make life difficult, shall we?
Kate broke in my new AE card last nite..she found the cutest little flats...


summer dance

Katie took ballet, tumbling, and learned her solo this summer. now she is taking Chiefs Junior Cheerleader Dance Class. she has learned a lot! I am amazed at how she is doing back bends, bridging, doing cartrolls & front rolls....WOW! she has learned so much so quickly...cause when she puts her mind to something....she does it! I am proud of her!


Katie, Jazmine, Breanna, & Morgan

Katie throws another epic sleepover...

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