after an enjoyable late nite showing, took Kayla home, then headed for our house. was pulled over about PSF main office on Hwy 65 north by Highway Patrol Officer Skogland, I was driving too slow, then crossed the center line. he probably thought I was drunk, but when he shined that flashlight into my window, he learned the truth...I am a 46 year old woman who has been working overtime & whose adorable-saved-from-the-shelter-weiner-dog barks in the wee hours & whose tween wouldn't take no for an answer about going to a late nite movie...which would've been fine, if my addled brain could've found my damn proof of insurance card. because it was THERE this a.m. when I put the backup card in the glove box. so got a warning, & have to take my proof of insurance to the court house. what the hell, I have time.
the GS swim party went well...I didn't realize that they had upped the price per swimmer to $5! came home for a bit, then took Katie to Bethany via the detour to Kyla's sleepover, did some Walmarting, then came home & shaved my legs & Alberto VO5'd my poor fried hair. now relaxing with some Ghost Adventures.
found the missing change from the movie last nite, too. I worry about me sometimes, I don't know whether I'm coming or going...or where I put anything...or what day it is...


Katie is home from Kayla's...we are picking Kayla up here in a bit to go to Chillicothe to see Smurfs in 3D...I tried to beg off by playing the tired card & just gave it up. Josh, Corey, Val, & Dakota are here. picked up my Coke buy from Mercer co Swap Shop in the Snappy's parking lot. I am quite pleased. actually got some rain this afternoon & it has cooled off some. and I have the weekend off and a planned date day on Sunday that my husband is planning. tomorrow is the Girl Scout Swim & then Katie goes to Kyla's in Bethany to spend the nite...



kj treated his friends to Breadeaux for supper...Katie worries that he is spending all the $ he's making this summer on pizza. more power to him...if it keeps him getting up in the morning and going to work, more power to him!

thursday ended up with a sleepover...

took Katie to Kayla's, the plan was nighttime swimming...when I got home, Danny was opening a can of whoop ass on Corey on one of the card games...YuGiOh or Pokemon or something...

thursday nite

thunder & lightning this morning...no rain here. Josh, Dakota, & Corey over tonite. KJ got his textbooks ordered with minimal parental nagging! need to get on the traditional-Thursday-night-paying-the-bills.


the dancer

our youngest daughter Katie is a very talented girl...she can sing, she can write, she has the worlds biggest imagination, and she can dance! she has gotten overheated at her last 2 dance classes & declined to get up today to go to her tumbling class. After my major-meltdown-from-hell yesterday, Kevin called me at work to let me know she refused to go. Today I don't have a problem with it. Today. because my mood swings are off the charts & I'm not sure if any of the Rx I see on tv could help whatever the hell is wrong with me. My own self-diagnosis is Majorly-Pissed-Off-At-The-World-Syndrome. with maybe a little bit of Where-The-F***-Did-I-Go-Wrongitis. but I am not a trained medical professional, nor have I played one on tv. I have not typed all my symptoms into the little box on Web.Md because I am afraid of what I will find. In the older days, my husband could've legally (and very gladly, I am sure) put me in a nut house. I could be spending my days strapped securely into a rocking chair facing the wall so I have no interaction to excite me. and some days that sounds kinda sweet!
I blew off supper last nite. the pork loin marinated in lemon pepper in the crockpot smells really good, and Kevin just called to give me an ETA from the field.



Kevin took Katie to dance. he picked up the 4-H picture from last year. I have a diningroom table covered in needs-to-folded laundry to deal with & a headache from hell from the hottest-July-in-Missouri since 1980...that & Daisy-the-barking-all-nite-dog.

the text from Katie

"Wish you were home. dad saw me puke & then walked away until I almost cried. just snot tho. I'm sick, almost fainted at practice. fever maybe."

I receive this at work. (at the job I hate). I call home to check on her, after throwing her bedding in the washer (yep, where she puked)he promptly went out to 'the farm.' I called him. I am making a big deal out of it...it's just snot. she's fine. he goes to work sick all the time. so do I, but we're not 12 year olds. Good God.
so, I'll tell the story in google images...the job I hate (pig barn). the sick girl. the what me worry dad. the pissed off mom. (who had to stay an hour late due to high barn temps....)


an epic pokemon battle rages

in the center of our livingroom...Kj bought pizza from the Pizza Hut Trailer that ventures to Princeton to the former Bobs Aryliner parkking lot each Monday evening. we lead such an exciting life...
they watched wrestling...I finally watched almost all of Rango...did doze off for a bit.


changed sheets, swept/mopped/swiffered floors.
threw away the air mattress...it had a good run.
Val, Corey, Josh, & Calvin are here for wrestling.
have sold a Casey Anthony book that I remember reading but am not sure if I even still have it...maybe it's one of those I donated to the library? guess I'll look around some before I cancel it.
oh, yeah, the Chiefs tickets are here. They arrived last week while I was working all that unpaid overtime...and Kevin never saw me to tell me. trying to get back to normal this week...


the weekend...

Saturday had to stay at work late again...so KJ took Katie, Emily, Vivian, & Sklyer to Bethany for All Nite Skate. Kevin picked up Katie & Vivian at Skylers house today. I got off work normal time ! still hot outside, but not hot enough to stay. came home to R&R awhile...then did a Dollar General run for necessities...one being a box of Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes...it's what's for supper! Also bought some rice krispies to use up the leftover (I think we have leftovers...) marshmallows from GS Camp. Danny was over to hang out with KJ. Katie was awake when I got home from DG.
Katie told me her, Sklyer, & Emily walked uptown & went to Pizza Plus to eat. what a cool idea! showing off her hometown! she used some of her babysitting $. will have to pay her back..


somedays just suck..

I had to stay at work till 7p.m. good thing Kevin took the nite off to take Katie to the swim party. KJ has Corey, Dakota, & Josh over. I picked up pizza on the way home. used the last dishwasher tablet. also out of Q-tips.


Katie Ka-Boom!

many years ago, before we ever had a Katie, we used to watch Animaniacs. They had a cartoon called Katie Ka-Boom! where a teenage girl would fly off the handle, her parents & little brother would throw on their flak helmets, and dive behind the couch to wait it out. sometimes we feel that way with our own sweet little Miss Kate. with the heat, I have to stay at work if it is over 93 degrees in the gbarn, not leaving until the temp drops below 93 or 8p.m., whichever happens first. it is my weekend to work. the heat is not breaking. katie has a full weekend.....dance competition kids swim party at Bethany tomorrow, all nite skate at Bethany Saturday....she was making arrangements to ride over with Vivian if I had to stay at work, then her father calls to announce he had gotten tomorrow off so he could take her. which is a very sweet and thoughtful thing to do. so why was I afraid to go outside and tell her? I told Kj, he just said 'oh shit...'. but when she came in, I calmly told her, she smiled sweetly and said that was nice and that was that. You just never know...Josh & Danny over. Katie got overheated at dance again today.
I also need Kevin to pick up the 4-H picture from last year that Lisa kindly texted me to come pick up. and the damnable bacon is coming in tomorrow.
worked more on the t-shirt quilt, have to trim up an edge on the back, and make the back longer....the front is square, but bigger than the back. and so it goes....also made a softie zebra velvetly throw pillow. Katie's SNapfish pictures arrived, she got them on her board, now need her father to hang it up. her new shorts arrived, she didn't know they had sparkly hearts on the butt. imagine they are going back.


& now it is Wednesday...

Katie got overheated at dance class & almost passed out...she Morgan sat yesterday morning, then had Pizza Hut after her eye dr. appt. in the afternoon. last nite had to stay at the barn until 7 p.m. when the temp in gbarn dropped enough...came home,made supper, started laundry, made me 3rd attempt to watch Rango...fell asleep on top of the blankets in my clothes...
today gave Corey a ride to work, then left early to take him to PQA class. meanwhile, Kayla had come over to hang with Katie, so took them to Fabulous Finds where they took pictures & I found some cool stuff to bring home. Kevin was 'at the farm.' and admitted he's smoking....I saw the cigarettes and lighter in the car the other day. He smoked once up on a time early in our marriage. so, either he quit for years & just had the urge to start up again....or he has been hiding it from me all these years. I know I have my bad habits too. But someone with allergies who sneezes all the time probably doesn't really need to smoke...
got a face book message from Cody's sister Kasey that their grandpa had died.


Monday nite continued...

worked on the t-shirt quilt, finished piecing some more of it together, now have to find more shirts for the back....handsewed the last 2 girl scout patches on katie's denim quilt...they went after Pizza Hut Trailer Pizza in Princeton...I watched the latest you tube Iowa Select videos most likely made by a cell phone in a pig barn...and learned that pigs are bouncy, and getting tossed thru the air is a pig version of a roller coaster ride. and this lucky chick had her name & job title on the screen...


kj called in to work & went to chiropractor...ribs out, shoulder out...he feels better now.
morgan comes back tomorrow so katie will be working again.
looks like corey, josh, val, & josh's cousin dakota for wrestling.
still hotter than hades.
katie found a pair of shorts online to order. she is excited about back to school shopping. I think I need to pack a cold alcholic beverage in my bag so I can nip on it instead of growling at her to hurry the hell up...


had to stay @ work until 6p.m. last nite till gbarn cooled down...PSF law mandates we must stay until barn is below 93 & all sows are comfortable...finally got home, KJ had went to work to turn on the sprinklers. I guess he'll do that every week till he quits??? he complained of shoulder pain, paced around the house moaning all nite & had Daisy barking up a storm, he called in & is supposed to call the chiropractor today. I imagine he has powerwashed enough to cause some damage. when his dad told him to take Aleve, he did. when I told him in the beginning to take Aleve & lots of it...no dice. I finally put Daisy in bed with us. when Katie started sleeping in her room, Daisy lost her sleep buddy & now I don't get a lot of sleep with her barking all nite.
probably off to another long long long day in the pig barn. I am so blessed.
have decided we must have a Bigfoot themed GS meeting....maybe for Halloween? even found some patches on line.
last nite I finished the Frontierville challange for Hank & Fanny to get married, they made it into a video, but I was too mesmorized to get my camera, and now they're back to their regular duds in their regular spots. It brought tears to my eyes. I really really really have to sleep more.
also on my list of things I really really really need to do:
use leftover fuzzy zebra fabric to make cushion covers for Katie's reading bench...she has approved this idea. maybe make some pillow cases...or throw pillows..she has NOT approved this idea...
finally did get her Snapfish pictures for the bulletin board ordered.


Honky Tonk Man

watched Honky Tonk Man yesterday....and I've been thinking. Oklahoma in the Depression. wow. the mom in the movie....I'm guessing she's 40ish....still young enough to nurse a baby, but old enough to have some good sized teenage looking silent children lurking in the background, and a rough enough life to have mostly gray hair & wrinkles you could hide things in. that could be me if I didn't have hair dye & Oil of Olay!


explaining previous post pictures...

had to take the weinie dogs potty while I was blogging, put the same pic on twice, & then didn't say what all the pictures were about anyway....while Katie was at her friends in Ridgeway,I drove around & took pictures of cool old brick buildings..which is a hobby of mine. I then drove up to the new Missouri Welcome Center Rest Area on I-35 north of Eagleville to check out the mural I'd read about in our electric company newspaper. very awesome! then back to Ridgeway to read in the park.


Thursday nite went back to Mom & Dads to see Lisa, Max, Logan, & bonus guest John. Katie has made it thru her second week of summer dance. She declined dancing at the Mercer Co Fair Talent Show to go to a cookout & swim party in Ridgeway. we bought dvds @ Walmart.... Rango & Rodrick Rules.
Saturday I woke up to the musical stylings of Daisy barking. made the zebra beanbag cover. bought too much fabric, have enough left to make some throw pillows or cover the cushions on her reading bench. but she is asleep, will consult her when she awakens. about filled a dustpan with the black fuzzies off the reversible furry side. still have some stuck to my clothes & in my hair.
next plan for today is to watch the Honky Tonk Man dvd I got on amazon.com after reading an online bio on Porter Wagoner and discovering he had a bit part in the movie.
Kevin plans to fix the broken passenger window in Kj's truck & we might go to HyVee. Katie will dance at a fundraiser tonite on the Princeton square. tomorrow I'll goback to work for 13 days in a row. every PSFers dream.



todays new hair color is medium ash brown. kind of dark...katie says it looks good. and if the gray is gone for a few weeks, good enough. saw a promo for a new rosanne barr show...she is totally gray. I think I would be if I didn't dye mine. But I'm not ready.
Dance Moms premieres tonite....this is the world katie & I move in...did a photo shoot after the dentist in Trenton, found some cool spots & of course katie was an amazing model. I expect no less!

and the week progresses...

Monday nite we went to Mom & Dad's to see Lisa & the boys. Mom made very fresh (from the Amish neighbor) fried chicken & had fresh veggies from an Amish stand. Tuesday nite they came over bearing 3 Casey's pizzas...supreme, pepperoni, & canadian bacon AND cheesesticks. The kids went to the park to shoot hoops & hang out, then played Wii Just Dance.
I got up today to take Mr Corey to work,take Katie to her morning dance classes, then to the orthodontist, then will pick up Corey if he hasn't found a ride home. finished breaking down Camp Outback.
KJ turned in his notice, August 17th will be his last day. Kevin got new back tires put on KJ's truck yesterday and made breakfast this morning.


camping like a girl scout....


survived our 2nd attempt at camping in the yard...and the girl scouts made it all night long...most of them didn't sleep, so will crash the rest of the day at their respective homes. katie had plans for a cookout with fireworks at vivian's, so she was late. the girls seemed to have fun for the most part. and I finally remembered to give Jill her burritos from the dance fundraiser & the girls badges. the dogs are exhausted, too. they are crashed in the camo chair with katie, I am headed for the shower & possibly a nap as well. shut the house up and turned the a/c back on.



took the day off, slept in till 8 a.m., when they started replacing the tubes on our road, sending Sasha into a barking frenzy. She finally got put in 'the box.' katie is tired from summer dance, she slept in. waaaaaay in. I cleaned off kitchen & family room tables & the bathroom sink. did some more google research for our impending GS camp. did some shopping at DG, they were out of hotdog buns, though. will have to check at Grammy's Grocery tomorrow. simplified the original menu to hotdogs, chips, and s'mores.
Josh, Val, Corey , & Dakota were here at various times. Katie & I did a pasture photo shoot. Koren had said she might be over tonite, but will probably be tomorrow or Sunday.
the lady called....got our Chiefs tickets! whew! now can take that off my things to worry about list....
deleted a picture on my family history blog per request of a family member. I shouldn't just steal pictures off facebook & post...but I have no self control.


deep thoughts....

I cannot prevent the Birds of Sorrow from passing over my head But I can keep them from Building a nest in my hair.
Katie's planned sleepover has been postponed...sick guest. bummer. kj feels good enough to head to the park to hang out with friends.


booked our room

Kansas City, Kansas City, here we come! we'll be three miles from Arrowhead @ Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Kansas City Sports Complex....indoor pool, hot breakfast buffet with cinnamin rolls. will call & try to get our tickets tomorrow....

Koren thinks the time has come to try for a baby. Cody is not so sure. Kevin liscenced the truck today. the topper is lying in our yard. might take a pic of it & post on the mercer co swap thing to get rid of it. gave up & turned the a/c back on...the mugginess got to me today @ work.


Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Independence Day....Kevin & I had to work...KJ wasn't sure so went in & they sent him back home. typical PSF communication. although we live right next to Mercer City Park, somehow we missed the fireworks, which were apparently Saturday nite...we heard some booms & figured it was just the neighbors. walked Sasha yesterday & all the fireworks trash was at the park.

katie danced at Princeton 4th of July last nite, Grandma Janet & Grandpa Bernard attended. we came home, then went back for fireworks where she hung out with Kayla.

have found 3 'mailboxes' so far for camp. started on the sign. decided instead of the individual fruit desserts will buy a huge bag of frozen fruit & whipped cream & stuff for s'mores.

just josh over for wrestling tonite.

yesterday I slept most of the day. simply embarrassing.

stephanie & katie have finally (I think..) agreed on a song. Summer Dance starts tomorrow.......solo on Tues & Thursday, ballet & tumbling on Weds. a brand new season! I'm excited!

swept & swiffered. took all the patches off her vest & sewed them and all her awards ones on her quilt since she is quitting girl scouts. she has also quit band. made some tea & broke in the new pitcher. marinating a loin for tomorrow. printed out new kid pictures for my locker at work & a new sasha &daisy picture for their shelf. I am just hell on wheels here!


miss katie got her fried chicken

"What's up with the conjoined restaurants?"
"Little pig houses?"

kj has the weekend off, probably the 4th too. I am working tomorrow, trading this sunday for the 17th so gary can go to a mud run somewhere. summer dance starts next week.
katie got paid for babysitting.
her bulletin board arrived. she is selecting photos to order from snapfish to display on it.
need to get ready for next weekends GS camp...and katie has planned a sleepover thursday nite for alicia & vivian...
the heat is kicking my arse...and old age ain't helpin' a whole lot either!
only had josh & val over for wrestling, corey, jenni, and dakota opted for transformers 3.

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