thursday already?

tv fix it guy was here tonite. Kj is still loving his job. no checks to write out checks to pay bills...will have to search car tomorrow. have some ordered.
keys on keyboard are sticking. katie has declared her room done, pictures on facebook. have decided my room needs a pirates of the caribbean poster on the closet door.
found out the only person in the world who can sell us the chiefs tickets is on vacation until july 6.
old couch has went to the ditch. .waited in line about an hour to pick up my order at the PSF employee meat sale....and they were out of bacon.



drug the couch out of katie's room & shoved it into the family room.......kevin will be thrilled with me when he gets home. the zebra knobs arrived....katie put up her wallpaper circles. no pictures until she declares her room is done.
josh, corey, & dakota over for basketball, wrestling, & breadeaux pizza courtesy of mr. kj...
kevin had to drive the truck to work...he has realized the a/c on car isn't working...I guess he forgets that we didn't have a vehicle with a/c for many many years. had to turn on the a/c here last nite, a storm blew up & had to shut all the windows, but turned it off when I got home. took the dogs on a short walk....



picked up the all nite skaters, then went back to bed. there is nothing in the house katie wants to eat. changed my sheets, swept, mopped, & swiffered. sasha not only barked at the mercer co conservation agent on our walk at the park, she also jumped all over him. guess she won't be going to the park for awhile.....met vivian's mom at snappy's, then gassed up truck. katie likes the curtains. got the new light switch cover up, but can't get the outlet covers off.


"in a relationship"

my youngest child Katie has many many many many friends. she is texting, talking on the phone, facebooking.

I try not to pry.

recently someone commented that Katie was 'in a relationship' on facebook. today I finally checked it out. and she is 'in a relationship'. hmmmm. with whom, I wonder? not that she'll ever tell me. I am going to assume this someone is also at the All Night Skate at Bethany. and that she is having a marvelous time. because the person I suspect she is in a relationship with just posted a smiley face on her wall when I stalked it. the world is a changin', but one thing will always be the same. a mom will try to figure out (cleverly, she'll tell herself) just what her kid is up to.


slept in on a rainy morning, kevin put up the curtain rods in katie's room, I made her curtains...the wallpaper circles arrived ! hooray! but the paint has to cure 3 weeks before we can put them up....2 more weeks...
took vivian & katie to the all night skate, katie got a allan poster for her room, the dogs got a walk....made hamburgers & fries for lunch. had to pick corey up from work.


it's friday, friday....

Vivian & Katie on a Mercer Pizza Plus run. the usual gang was over for wrestling & board games...Val, Corey,Josh, & KJ.

my butt is draggin' today.

watching Haunted Collector. awesome....the old guy takes their haunted antiques & puts them in his museum where they can't haunt anybody anymore...


kj beat me home....and had enough energy to meet dakota, jennie, corey, josh, & val for frisbie & fireworks. meanwhile, danny showed up here looking for the gang & visited while they were on the way home. he is on crutches but getting around good....broken ankle, I think. he plans to move to florida soon.
still working on the shelf wall facing closet, and the top edge of dresser drawers. found zebra ceramic knobs for dresser, not liking the way the painted knobs I'd done looked. we are getting there! have to get the mirror off to paint edges....decided we wouldn't paint the trunk. have to get kevin to put up the curtain rods so I can make the curtains...put up the Cody Simpson poster...and Ta Da! done! she sorted thru her sock drawer last nite, need to have her sort thru dresser drawers, stuffed animals, and dvds when she puts her room back together. we'll be back to school shopping soon....sigh. the seasons come and go so quickly anymore...


the cousins come a callin'....

Rachelle, Sarah, Seth, Brent, & Katie met up at Grandma Janet & Grandpa Bernards to hang out on a summers evening...


one of my favorite summer flowers, and the bright yellow color of Katie's shelves, pegboard, dresser drawers, etc. got the first coat on last nite. she was measured for her Junior Chiefs uniform. Kevin announced he won't waste $ fixing KJ's car anymore. he is going to have Larry check out Marie's truck to see if it is worth buying. the Avalanche went to the shop, not running right. KJ is working outrageous hours. I feel for him. I know his job sucks. Kevin is telling him he has to give 2 weeks, etc, so he can go back next summer. KJ shot him a look. he did tell me he's not moving back here, he doesn't want to end up in a barn his whole life. After 16 years, I can agree with him. If I can't just outright quit when Katie goes to college, I will run away and start again. hopefully some nice trucker won't be afraid to pick up a woman with a walker!

Brenda & kids are at Moms this week, Katie is excited to see her cousins again!


our 2nd day TOP Nationals pictures./..

Katie had fun hanging out with her friends...

Nationals day 2

we journeyed back to HyVee Hall B Saturday afternoon, hung out & watched the Bethany girls dance, then Katie got ready. Red Hot Mamas Top First Trophy, Backwards Top First Trophy & 7th overall. probably Katie's favorite parts of the day? riding the escalator with Vivian & hanging at Jordan Creek Mall with Vivian, Shambree, Chasidy, & Mackenzie. got home 1:15a.m.
my favorite part of the day? watching Miss Katie dance, of course, and listening to the other dance moms grumbling. See, Kevin, it's not just me. I am too proud of my kids & probably think they are much more talented than they are.
did some research on line for other dance studios. just wish we were closer to stuff...or I didn't have to work so I had more time to run her here & there.
sanded her wall this morning, got 3 coats of paint on last wall, new sheets &comforter on the bed, windows measured to make zebra curtains, and started painting the dresser drawer knobs.
Kj spent the nite with Dakota last nite. he declined an invite to see Pirates of the Caribbean tonite, he has to get up early to go to work. I am still waiting for the dvd. just too tired to go to the movies.
Adventureland Band Trip is tomorrow. Kevin took the day off to go along so I don't have to ride the bus. I go back to work Tuesday, Chiefs meeting that night, Katie has dentist Weds. & has Morgan over Tuesday-Thursday.



scoliosis is a curving of the spine. the spine curves away from the middle or sideways.
this can cause diminished lung capacity, pressure on the heart, and decreased physical activity.

several years ago the chiropractor gave us a rather scary diagnosis for Katie....slight scoliosis, with curvature to the right and then to the left. she went for routine checkups and xrays. I hadn't taken her for a year at least...the last checkup went really well, the muscles had loosened up, the Dr said between dancing and growing, it was getting better. the school nurse declared her scoliosis ACUTE at the last check, so we did a walk-in today to have her looked at. Dr. declared the scoliosis was pretty much gone, her shoulders are aligned, hips are aligned, she found a risen area, but popped ribs back in and Katie's neck, Katie walked out standing up straight. All is well. I am so relieved....


kevin paid off the truck and car today! so we will have some extra $ every month. next month this will cover summer dance class. Katie isn't sure she wants to dance next year. I'm sure she will decide she has to. I think she really needs to dance. This year wasn't a spectacular one for her awards, she did so good her first year. She went up a level, changed styles of dance, & she was damn good. she didn't score as well as we'd hoped, she didn't make TopStarz, she didn't score Top 10. but she will always be my star. I believe in you, Katie! and you will be famous someday.


boys went to orientation again today. now they are official. Kevin, Kate, & I to Hy-Vee & had lunch at Washington Street Food & Drink. finished scraping the mural off, fixed the gouges in the wall. plan on sanding tomorrow, and painting Sunday after we get up from our late nite (Nationals again.) will get her new sheets washed, measure her windows for curtains, send back the curtains we got she didn't like, and get yellow paint to do her door, shelves, dresser drawers and trunk. it's coming together.

dance bag is packed & double checked for tomorrow.


TOP Nationals Day 1

Kevin has been to Worlds of Fun Festival of Dance, endless fair variety shows & dancing on the squares & recitals, and even City Slicker Stomp Clog Competition, but this was his first "Big Show." The venue was HyVee Hall B, Des Moines, IA. The event was Katie's solo to Umbrella. they slept in, I had to make sure KJ got up at 5 a.m. to go to work, then take Corey to work. I walked the dogs, did the chores, laundry, etc, and checked the dance bag for the millionth time. Stopped at Randy's for gas & drinks, then hit Highway 65 northbound. I was questioned about the dance bag. We had lunch at Applebees, then went shopping for a tv for Katie's room, then I got a new phone at a Verizon with SERVICE! they almost knocked each other over to help us. very refreshing from our usual cellphone shopping experience. Got to TOP early, when we were unloading I noted a major wardrobe malfunction,which kind of put me in a mood. Had to hike up my fave baggy (& I like to think rather sporty) capri sweatpants as high as they would go, then tied my Dance Mom Sweatshirt around me as a precaution in case I moved the wrong way & someone could see my unfortunate problem. Katie started getting ready. We bumped into Marcey & Mackenzie, then Stephanie & Molley. Kevin found us a program while she was getting ready. then we shopped at the Top Star Shop, where Katie got a Nationals 2012 t-shirt. Kevin didn't faint at the price. Uncle Frank & Aunt Deanna showed up to watch Katie dance. She had worked so hard, I had high hopes for her first Elite Top First trophy. ALL the other soloists scored Elite Top First. Katie did so well, kept her knee straight, hit the leaps, and got her standard Top First. My heart just sunk at Awards when they announced it. I know she is talented. I know how hard she works and how much it means to her. She wants to be a dance teacher when she grows up. She declined photos on the stage but did consent to pose in front of a stageside banner. And she wants to quit dance (again.) She was pretty quiet on the way home. Kevin reminded me what he read in our program....the trophies are judges opinons, not life and death. This is not a life changing event. It's one thing to know it. It's another thing to have her not get a higher trophy. I believe in her. We looked at pictures, but never did buy one. We'll be back Saturday. I know which one I want. Maybe we'll make a collage with the Saturday groups. Kevin is trying to get Sat. off to go as well, but not looking good.

There was a late night episode with an elderly deaf McDonalds employee who couldn't accept our refusal of bbq sauce. Kevin made the observation that I seemed to be a burnt out dance mom. I was just a bit off my game, that's all. I should've taken back up clothes, but haven't had any 'problems' for quite awhile & was lured into a false sense of security. I know menopause is supposed to be horribly suckish, I welcome it. At least I can go out in public without worrying that people can see my wardrobe malfunctions. And I look forward to the chance to see if hot flashes are as bad as cramps.


vacation day 2

another good day @ Casa Dailey. took Corey to work. asked KJ to call me when he got there, he didn't. assuming he made it to his first day of Wow Being A Grownup Sucks Ass. Seriously.

Katie slept in, no Morgan. I went back to Girdners for more stuff.....got most of touchup work done on the 3 walls, some more mural scraped off. competition bag ready for tomorrow. found the fryer cord (with the phone chargers...) made onion rings & cheese balls for lunch. Kevin spent the day at The Farm. the birds are being outrageously loud today.


vacation day 1

the boys went to orientation, katie went to dance practice, then we bought work stuff for kj, and paint stuff for kate's room. kevin helped us remove the mural, got it about half down. got most of 3 walls painted hot pink, need to get smaller brush tomorrow for trim work. she wants to paint the dresser, etc, yellow. she was going to do each wall a different color, but loved the pink and went with it. satellite is screwing up, kevin ordered a new one. going to have ANOTHER dvr installed, so we can watch off the list in every room. & get another tv. josh ordered casey's pizza for supper. drove out looking for the somerset office. handwashed kate's solo dress. vicious wind. katie & I walked the dogs at the park. all is well in our little world. all is well.



finished working my weekend...now for 8 fabulous days off....one day of dance practice....katie plans to swim with friends...will buy paint & start on her room....2 days of TOP Nationals in Des Moines...and the Adventureland Band Trip....maybe I'll even finish up the t-shirt quilt! have the back almost done....just have to figure out how to do it...

no 'real' vacation this year (again...sigh...) but with the job I have, just not going to work is more than a person could ask for!


friday nite lites

the wrestling gang is here...corey, kj, valerie, and josh. mercer pizza plus is ordered. katie ordered her room stuff from JCP. plans are to paint her room on my vacation next week. kj did his drug & hearing tests today at PSF & got the green lite to do orientation with corey on monday. katie is trying to find a ride to the dance fundraiser tomorrow. I have to work. I had traded it, but then they cancelled fundraiser, so I cancelled the trade, then the guy I traded with hurt his wrist. so there you are.
katie was doing more turtle research today. she watched morgan & got her 2nd paycheck today.
I decided while remote controlling my boar around in his wonderful cart at work that my little cabin in the woods will have a weiner dog paradise....a fenced in back yard & doggie door so they can go out potty on their own. I will adopt weiner dogs from area shelters. I was on Green Hills page the other day & found 2 weiner dogs. they are very needy. I told katie I would get a little wagon and harness the dogs to it and have them pull me about my property while I wear a sparkly tiara and a see thru lace dress. she pointed out it would get ripped on branches and then I'd be even more naked....but a gal has to dream, doesn't she? I never expected a lot out of life (or honestly thought I deserved a lot out of life...) but I found someone to love me and I have 3 wonderful kids. I always wanted to be a mom. I'm not the mom I wanted to be, bit maybe they'll still have fond memories anyway...



katie watched tumbling tutorials on youtube today so I spotted her when I got home. we had some laughs & she told me I'm no Stephanie (her dance teacher). walked the dogs at park, saw the muskrat again, turned off a/c & threw open the windows, kj got his birth certificate today & an appt. tomorrow to do the pee test. changed sheets.


The Birth Certificate

ordered one online last nite, but he can't go to orientation until he hands it in, so posted on facebook whining and find out that we can get one in f*&$%^ princeton! so he will be going to the health dept. tomorrow.
kevin is mowing the yard. he wanted the tent down. he is in somewhat of a mood. but then, so am I. need some quiet time or some g^&*()_ sleep.


kj & corey got jobs at PSF. I came home, dance had been moved an hour back, should've been time to sit my weary overweight self down &enjoy a cold pepsi before we had to go. kj needed his birth certificate. I knew his ss card was missing....and had meant to get a new one, but hadn't gotten around to it. after tearing the house apart, I got online & ordered another birth certificate. he has to go back this morning, found his voter registration card and hospital birth certificate, if that won't work, they'll have to wait till the real deal arrives in the mail. it's always something...
there was some drama at dance, the teacher made an announcement that her teenage helper had told her our group of girls was grumbling that next years groups wouldn't be any good. she assured them that the new girls would make the groups better than ever. she doesn't want them fighting this close to nationals. so why even bring it up? wait till her girls are tweens....I still wonder if kate was the culprit. I love my kids, but especially with my girls, if evil if afoot, I know they are capable of it...especially when katie made the comment that you just couldn't trust (insert name here)...katie isn't doing groups next year. she didn't find them especially fun.
guess I should get my lazy ass to work. yay me.


whatta weekend...

we picked up my mom in princeton, & met koren at bethany. the girls got themselves ready....kevin had to shower, so came later. they did Bethany recital first, then Princeton. competition girls danced at both, so Katie did (twice!): Can't Stop Dancin', Umbrella, Red Hot Mamas, Sparkling Diamonds, Backwards, and Never Say Never. we gave her two flowers, since I had ordered one, then found cool ones when we stopped at HyVee after the movie Friday nite....(The Hangover 2...which was a bit disturbing in spots!), and mom gave her a red rose, too. it was a long exhausting but very successful day. Katie was a star. then we all ate supper at Toot-Toots. kj took mom & katie home, kevin & I went to walmart.

Koren spent the nite, they played Guitar Hero. we all slept in Sunday, then Koren took us out to lunch at Crossroads, then I did the mandatory my 3 kids pictures that Katie edited for me.


Remember....as far as anyone knows, we are a normal family...

I often wonder if we are a 'normal' family...do normal families have 2 weiner dogs in the house & constantly watch for pee puddles? always have several must have things they are out of? 'never have anything in the house anyone can eat'? or have knee high grass around their trees because no one weed eats? or dust bunnies in every corner? stacks of books? always lose things? a remote that is so old all the print is worn off the buttons & you have to just know where everything is? I have always told myself we are a "Roseanne" family.....or a "The Middle" family...somewhat eccentric but basically go0d (if somewhat hillbilly and crass) people who love each other and survive the best we can. because I'll do anything for my kids....unless I forget.


June 3 2011

the day that will go down in infamy as the day Kevin turned on the a/c...

rehearsal day

viv & kate 'slept' in the tent, got them up early to pick up mackenzie & we headed to bethany for rehearsal practice. lunch break at mcdonalds where we tried out the new dippin' sauces, then did some various photo shoots, back to rehearsal, picked up cemetery flowers, did a photo shoot at home, then gassed up the truck & to see The Hangover II at trenton, which probably scarred both viv & katie for life.



took days off to volunteer at the GS Day Camp....which I couldn't go to because of dance recital....so katie made plans for vivian to stay over for a couple of days. we all slept in, I mailed kevin's very important papers (risking melting in the rain because I'm just so darn sweet) that he agonized over & the entire family had to join in a black ink pen search for...

corey & kj did their interviews yesterday then walked the dogs. kj ran katie to dance class, I picked her up. kevin worked 'at the farm'. TOP Nationals schedule posted...Katie's solo Weds.nite, groups Saturday nite.

last dance class of the season in princeton tonite....all day recital rehearsal tomorrow...RECITAL on saturday! next sat. is the Babe Adams Fundraiser at Bethany, got that traded at work. I know they are damn sick of me and my trading weekend days. I need to get a real job with weekends off! although it would be hard to give up my amazing bonus checks....the last one was $38.94. that's pretty serious change.

turning in the KC Chiefs $ tonite. was going to turn it in last nite, but katie didn't take it to dance, I forgot to take it, too. rainy day.

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