tuesday in the 'hood

katie worked today, kevin took kj's car out to get the oil changed & see if whatever he thought was wrong with it was...he thinks it cost $600 last time they fixed it. he worries the car won't make it thru college. he worries that kj won't get a summer job in time to make any $. he stopped & looked at a car today for kj. he got the financial paperwork in the mail & called to talk to our tax lady jan. he worries our entire federal refund next year will go to state taxes. he worries a lot....
katie meanwhile cashed her first paycheck & put it in the Chiefs envelope. mom is riding to dance recital with us. sent koren a reminder message. katie has planned a sleepover with Vivian for all day Thursday & then we'll take her to recital practice Friday. they are planning a photography business. will also take Mackenzie. (I'm thinking photo shoot!)
on our upcoming agenda.....
*paint katie's room. #1 priority. she knows exactly where the turtle will go in her new improved room.
* finish up the t-shirt quilt
*get ready for Camp Outback.

I am dealing with the realization that I cannot afford to go see the much anticipated new Pirates of the Caribbean movie...will have to wait for dvd. hopefully around Xmas.


Tuna Bear Turtle

Katie has decided she wants a turtle. she named the turtle, then she was online researching....how big it will get, what it will eat, how big of an aquarium, lamps, basking platforms...and decided she wants a yellow eared something....but all she could find was red eared something...

found a place that sells turtles online. then she found out about salmonella. and how much the lights cost. and 50 gallon aquariums. KJ found the yard stick, they were measuring how big the turtles could get. she went quietly back to play Sims...



katie went to hang with her Bethany friends tonite...I walked the dogs, made lunch, changed our sheets, decorated graves at Springer Chapel & Cat Creek....


"When I was five years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down 'happy. ' They told me I didn't understand the assignment. I told them they didn't understand life."--John Lennon

todays wisdom courtesy someone elses facebook status...

Katie had the day off from work today....KJ had Josh & Corey over to watch wrestling, and treated them to Mercer Pizza Plus.



dance class was tuff today. kate rec'd her first career woman check. kevin figured out our Chiefs $.....$300! just have to kick in $16 & then will be on to saving $250 for the solo if katie & stephanie can agree on a song. it's always a hairy process.

cooler weather. koren checked in last nite....with her report on the day of tornado activities in KC. they are well. their house is still standing. they both got lengthy breaks during the tornado warnings.

katie's grade card arrived today....




cleaned microwave, put burner pans in dishwasher, folded tons of laundry, dogs got a walk at the park, did bills, browsed the new OTC catalogs...very excited about the New York New York theme. got to work that into a GS meeting!

dyed my own hair Tuesday nite..dark blonde. brings out the natural red in my hair. kevin hasn't said anything. it covered the gray & on the rare times I look in the mirror I feel much much younger. and I got it at Dollar General for $6.

Kevin is doing some financial wizardry. sounds like a good deal in this economy. we can pay the bills but gas & groceries are getting harder & harder. I should just put him in charge of the $. he's much better at it than I am.


Grad School!

koren has been accepted into graduate school! she is trying to decide if she can swing it with a full time job....


katie has selected 2 possible solo songs....I'm a Good Girl from Burlesque & Mulin Rouge something. I did a home hair dye kit....dark blonde. so far, so good. minimal dye stains on bathroom floor, I freaked out when my scalp started burning & rinsed it out....not sure how good I got the gray....still wet. Kevin is valiantly trying to mow our badly overgrown lawn. the lawnmower is not happy. kj ordered Mercer Pizza Plus for supper...his treat. he is going to dakota's to watch the Glee finale. PSF called, he has an interview June 1st. katie had morgan duty again today.


the runaway weiner dog (again)

dakota, josh, corey, calvin, & val were over for awhile. calvin chased daisy down when she got outside. he is our hero.

whatta week...

kj turned in a job app at PSF...katie has a job hanging out with our neighbor morgan...got some errands done after work...have $244 saved up for the Chiefs Cheerleader deal...kj signed up for next years classes...and katie thinks that sophie is pregnant.

WOF Festival of Dance went well....katie's groups were the best they've ever been but didn't place. that's ok, we know they're good. we just know. she had fun hanging with bailey and kyla all nite friday and at WOF saturday.

worked sunday....then came home & did the Girl Scout Award Ceremony.

i rode the Mamba with kevin.... got sick and the rest of my hair turned gray. the WOF Railroad is more my speed.


and now our baby girl is in junior high!

Grandma Janet, Great Grandma Marie, Grandpa Lije, Jo, KJ, Mom & Dad were all there to glory in Katie's accomplishments. she put together her own table, made her own scrapbook, selected her own photos for the slide show, accessorized her own outfit....and was rocking a marvelous Taylor Swift type do courtesty of Kelly's Hair'um. Miss Lori their preschool teacher was the speaker, she shared memories of each student....Katie & Lindsay arrived day 1 very serious about learning. before we know it she'll be graduating from High School....the years go by so quick. once upon a time 2004 seemed so far away.....then 2010....but the years they do go by. (sigh)


the countdown begins....

8 hours until 6th grade promotion time! I had originally taken this day off to go on Katie's last fieldtrip, but they changed the date. went to the dr. today. sinus infection. Katie skipped school yesterday, she didn't want to go to her last track & field day, so didn't. (I went one year, it was great fun!) the dogs have been walked....the mail brought in....the laundry started. assume KJ is still asleep. Kevin is 'at the farm.' officially met our new neighbor.


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

was this years Mercer School Play....Katie, KJ, & I went, it was fabulous! I was enchanted, even without one of my kids being on stage. I kind of thought Kevin would want to go....he was working on the farm. see, the first time we officially spoke, he said something about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. (don't remember exactly what) I had a date that nite with my boyfriend, we went to see My Favorite Year at Bethany. and they showed a marquee that had Seven Brides for Seven Brothers & I kept thinking about Kevin. this is something that is important to me. he has no idea. whatever.

going to the dr. tomorrow am. after I take Katie to school. enough is enough. tomorrow is 6th grade promotion.....hair appt....getting ready....setting up her table....crying I am sure.


until death do us part...

I felt kinda rough Saturday nite, but downright nasty yesterday. slept most of the day.
KJ went to graduation and partied last nite. got his PSF job app. today. the truck was covered in mud and had a flat tire this morning, so took the car. the road was a bit hairy but not as bad as I feared after an entire day of rain.
dogs got their first walk in forever today courtesty of Katie & I.
today was Katie's last ever elementary field trip. we didn't go. she rode the bus there & back. she did mention that Kayla's parents went. they are the good ones....never miss a trip. I feel guilty. but we will hang out with her Saturday at WOF Festival of Dance.


For the Love of Carson 5K

our first 5K! it was for Carson Coon, the youngest son of one of Koren's best high school friends Ashley Johnson Coon, who has been diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. we walked from the Mercer City Park to the railroad bridge by Starks and back. I got in at 56.02, Katie & Breanna were ahead of us, but cut thru the park to meet their friends, so didn't get an official time. we also got t-shirts. It was a bit chilly and breezy, but fun.

Katie finished her scrapbook for graduation today, I still have a stack of scrapbooks to put up. and have a stack of books to list on amazon. laundry is caught up, dishes are ok (for now). the kids are at the park shooting hoops. I took a long afternoon nap with Kevin before he went to work. Have this ENTIRE weekend off, next weekend is Worlds of Fun Festival of Dance on Saturday, then I work Sunday. Aunt Mary called, she plans on being up the last weekend in May to visit. I could work more on the t-shirt quilt (making the back of it now.) or I could read more of the novel I started last night while KJ had Josh & Danny over and I retreated to my room...Save Me by Lisa Scottoline.

Katie's field trip is Monday. we're not going this year. we also missed the 'just a thing for teachers' play her class did that she told me about after the fact. and two moms were there. It's ok. I have to let go at some point and time. I did take off Wednesday for 6th grade promotion....she has a hair appt. after school, then we'll head to school so she can set her table up. she told me she won't be in band next year, and Emily is trading her instrument back, the trumpet is hurting her braces. if I don't have a kid in band...should I still do the Band Carnival? of course I will. I love it! and I'm already working on the Mexican Fiesta theme for next year. not so sure on the Elementary Fall Festival. they need volunteers. Katie asked me to quit doing it. but I probably will still do it. because that's just the way I roll. and Halloween is my fave holiday. I used to volunteer at the school Xmas party, but my new mgr. likes to take that week off to be with her kids, so had to give it up.

after throwing open the windows & kicking up the fans last week, the furnace is on again. seriously. have a few iris bloomed. and my lilacs bloomed for the first time this year! I am so excited! $ is tight, but life is good. we have each other & our health. we'll be ok.


The Dog Who Ran Away

katie had to dance at Pearls I with The Dance Studio, then had dance class, then Kevin & I planned on running to Walmart. I called from dance, Daisy had got out when he was going in, he had walked all over the neighborhood & couldn't find her. when we got home, Katie & I joined the search, Kevin spotted her in the pasture, but couldn't catch her. Katie & Sophie came out and found her. she was soaking wet from the tall grass & covered in ticks, so helped Katie give her a quick bath, pulled ticks, then she dried her off & Kevin & I went to Walmart. It was a long long nite, but alls well that ends well. Why does Daisy dart out the door? Does she not like us? Is she looking for adventure? Does she long to be free like Mr. Weenie on Open Season?

friday night lights...

after spending some fun time sweeping floors, putting away laundry, & starting the dishwasher, dug out more photo albums for Katie to peruse to finish her scrapbook. our 'modern' pictures are all on facebook....and don't have enough color ink to print any....and probably not enough time to order from Snapfish....didn't think very far ahead.
she requested noodles and mashed potatoes for supper. I have been picniking photos, looking forward to a long sit in a comfy chair....
Josh is here to watch wrestling with KJ.


the week in review....

it's only wednesday, but it's already been a long week, so let's review, shall we?

katie used the last of her birthday $ to order herself 2 phone covers & some books on amazon.com. she also found some books at the end-of-the-year-school-book-fair. I used to make a special point out of going to the book fair & perusing books with all three of my children. nowadays I just send a check. katie also shared that her class had done a play of some sort for teachers recently...matthew's mom and jessie's moms were there. that is also something I would've liked to have known about.....her last elementary field trip is monday. I'm not going. I love love love tagging along on elementary field trips. she is not so excited about parental involvement, I suspect. we're still wrestling with the decision to dance next year or not to dance. borrowed her last years trophies for her graduation table, made a hair appt., decided to skip dance class next Weds., and found more pictures for her scrapbook. will they fill it up? her

new project is getting rid of the stickers she placed all over the door and wall when she was a wee one. she has diligently worked on this. today I finally helped her for a few minutes, kevin took over and got a lot done. she is ready to paint her room and order new stuff for her room. she doesn't seem to understand broke. between the escalating gas prices and the amount of $ we're spending on dance & the orthodontist, times are tough. kj did his 2nd hyvee interview. kevin mowed the yard today in a torrential downpour. the yard was badly overgrown, & he has taken days off work to be a farmhand. kj has been taking katie to & from school. found out that the wild weiner dogs of broadway street prefer gravy to dog food. the neighbors have been feeding them & treated them for ticks. they are such friendly dogs, but we already have 5. (although in the past I have been guilty of having more dogs, I feel like an animal hoarder!) supper and the dvr rendition of The Middle are calling. have also been watching Raising Hope, which always makes me ponder what kind of grandparents we'll be, given the chance. had our first scorcher day yesterday....I refused to turn on the a/c. just kicked up the fans & opened up the windows. pioneer style, baby!


happy mothers day

after sleeping in & lounging about all day saturday, I went to work today....traded to get off the WOF Festival of Dance day which occurs on my next weekend. Katie cleaned the kitchen while I was at work & did the outside chores. that was sweet. she offered to make supper as well. kevin left half a three muskateers, half a can of pringles, & a 12 pack of pepsi in the truck for me. I feel the love!
the weather is absolutely divine. katie walked the dogs down towards the dead end with me. the sun is setting, the birds are singing, the cleveland show is paused while katie is showering....life is good.
I am so happy to be a mother. my 3 greatest blessings are my 3 Ks....Koren, KJ, & Katie. can' t imagine life without them. and constantly amazed at how well they are turning out with the questionable mothering they have been subjected to!
the first mothers day we were married, kevin came home with 2 red roses....one for my mother, and one for me for the mothers days yet to be. he's one of the good ones. katie was a bit worried that we weren't doing anything for mothers day. I am tired and perfectly content just to come home and hang out.
in the past, I've been treated to the zoo, a paddleboat ride at Lake Aquabi, plants, flowers, roses, dinner at Toot-Toots...the list goes on and on. I am a lucky woman. my family appreciates me most days. (I can be somewhat of a deal, so have to give them a lot of credit for not running off screaming into the night.)
I don't expect extravagant jewelry or breakfast in bed. I am just happy for a hug or two at the end of the day. an "I love you" is always nice, too. this may not have been every woman's dream mothers day, but it was good enough for me!



Kj has friends over....Corey, Dakota, & Josh. they are watching wrestling, and KJ is buying them Casey's pizza. so much for watching Ghost Adventures....(sigh). it is good to have my boy back home, though!

today is my 16 year anniversary being employed by PSF. (sigh). while having the same job for so many long long years sounds commendable....I still have this job because there is no other job here that will pay the bills & my husband has no interest in moving elsewhere & starting our lives over. I have made so many deals with myself over the years.....work this many years, then quit & go to college. work this many years & then just get a different job. I tell myself that when Katie graduates I can afford to get a different job. I know the future of this company is shaky at best, the terrible reality is that I will probably die or the company will shut down. THEN I will have to take a different job. because I was born to be a stay-at-home mom. I would've been perfect in the day. I don't need adult interaction. I would LOVE to be at home all the time. I have a secret fantasty about never leaving home again! I wouldn't get bored. I wouldn't go crazy. I have plenty of things to do here. books to read....genealogy to research....naps to take...I would even take up couch lounging and bon bon eating. seriously.


The Wild Weenie Dogs of Mercer

I'm not sure what the wooly dog is under all that fur....I took pictures of them today & they followed me home...they are very friendly. the 2 weiner dogs are male & very thin-unlike my own chubster weenie dogs.

took katie to dance class....and she called to let me know that they no longer have ballet on thursday...now it's tumbling. I offered to go back & get her. she said she'd just stay till tap & clog. we are so out of the loop.

put $88 in the truck.....$3.77 a gallon. jumpin' johesephats. kevin had to fill the car up too.....(sigh)

kj's hy-vee interview went well....they called him back for a followup interview next tuesday! he was still dressed up when I got home & looked just adorable.

katie & I stayed up 'late' last nite &watched the new America's Next Top Model. alexandria went home. I also enjoyed watching The Middle. aaaahhhhh.....mothers day.



kevin came home from a day at the farm and asked me if I wanted to take a little ride. took the brownies out of the oven, told the kids goodbye, and we ended up at Coon's Greenhouse where I picked out new flowers to fill my hanging basket from last year...Kevin will pick it up in a couple of days....gonna be beautiful!

don't think I'll be a dance mom much longer....Katie is not happy. can I survive without the stress? paid national fees today. Kj got a massive haircut. tomorrow he has an interview at Hy-Vee. he has been taking kate to & from school like a super big brother.

her field trip is Monday the 16th. guess we're not tagging along this year. (sigh). her last elementary field trip....mom loaned us a card table for 6th grade graduation. katie put her scrapbook together last nite.

there is a pack of 3 wild weenie dogs roaming the neighborhood....2 of them at first glance look like Sasha & Daisy, just much thinner.


college grades online!

Chemistry C

Chem. Lab C

Oral Comm. B

History B

Sociology B

yay! good job, bubba!

everythings coming up lilacs....

if there's one thing that walking weiner dogs has taught me....you have got to stop and smell each & every flower. I discovered tonite that my lilacs have bloomed for the first time! guess because I don't mow the yard and mow them off anymore. the kids had a rousing game of football in the backyard. Kj is a zombie who eats dogbrains. life is good.


the last few days.....

hmmmm...just what sheninagins have I been up to? work...getting all KJ's college laundry done & stuff stashed in his room for next semester...photo shoots in the yard with katie...walking the dogs...successfully traded to get the WOF dance day off...watching some Ghost Adventures...drinking some NyQuil....

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