weather alert.

school out at 1:30 for weather. NWMSU cancelled classes. Kevin got Kj's appt. moved to spring break so he won't be out on the roads. Kevin parked the Avalanche on the way home from work, the growling noise was worse, and it was jerking. Larry towed it in, replaced a wheel bearing, & it was waiting for me after my day of paradise at The Wonderful World Of Wade Three.

can fat chicks wear skinny jeans?

I have always had a thing for tight jeans & lowcut shirts. even though I no longer have the figure for it, I figure I need to squeeze all I can into jeans, then wear a big baggy shirt to camoflage. then awhile back I read on yahoo about muffin top being caused by wearing too tight jeans, you'll look & feel better if you wear jeans that fit. I pondered this for awhile. I have a thing about not buying bigger jeans. I'll just continue to fit into the ones I have. but dance competition is coming up..and being a dance mom means helping your daughter quick change outfits...involving bending, squatting, kneeling, then hours of sitting and watching competition.
in high school I wasn't above lying on the bed & soaping the zipper to get my jeans on. took some doing, but I did it. my favorite jeans have become so tight that it is uncomfortable to wear them. so I got on Jcpenney.com. I love Levis but haven't bought any for years. I got the next size up. and guess what? they are comfortable! I can sit, drive, and breathe! lesson learned.



a lazy day at home, slept in, took a nap...should've delivered the last of the GS cookies. counted what $ I have. finalized the band carnival prize order. looked over the list of games I found to go with the Wild Wild West theme & made some lists of things I need to find, things I need to do, etc. wrote the story of Daisy's adoption on my Pets Page Blog. discovered that I either sold or deleted my toll booth on Frontierville, which wasn't a big deal until I realized I had also sold all my extra parts to build a new one at the Trading Post, so had to start all over. thank goodness for my facebook friend Tallulah Jane Puffenstuff who is always willing to send me parts for my challanges! another day or 2 and should have it rebuilt, so I can collect it 5 times to finish a challange.
Kj went back to school this afternoon, he has class tomorrow, then comes home tomorrow nite to go to his Des Moines dr. appt. Tuesday afternoon, then back to Maryville. he hopes to catch the home basketball game tomorrow nite. the boy genuinely loves to watch sports. he says he'll hang at college for SuperBowl Weekend.
Katie has spent her day reading. and cuddling with Daisy.
need to type up this years band carnival merchant donation letter & get it mailed out....Band Carnival is MArch 19.


slept in, the sun was shining, the day was full of possibilities.....the whole family went along for Katie's Saturday dance class at the Bethany studio....we Wal-marted for most of her practice....but got back in time to take a few pictures of the tap group. I really wanted to see her leaps! we had lunch at Pizza Hut...the kids wanted The Big Dipper....KJ also thought Cheese Crust sounded good....but Kevin got a handtossed beef, sausage, & red onion. I commented that our favorite is beef, green pepper, & red onion. he told me that green peppers are too hard on him now.
took an early evening nap then watched Ghost Adventures in the dark....


Girls Night Out

Katie, Breanna, & Emily needed a ride to Bethany to go the movies. Somehow I figured out there would be boys there...3 girls, 2 boys. Katie got busted texting during the movies & was asked to put her phone away by management. I got to see True Grit again! (the girls thought it was Little Fockers.) there were Bethany girls there that Katie knows from dance....they all had a good time. We finished the evening with monster size drinks for the road from Kum&Go.
I told them the rule was if they met boys there, I got to take a picture. I did it to Koren & Ashley back in the day....and I sat the discreet 2 rows back, per The Parents Code.
I hadn't been to this theater since Ride With The Devil. It has been remodeled & is nice!
the girls think they will go skating with TJ & Colton next time. Breanna said they should come to Mercer next time....but Bethany has a movie theater, skating rink, bowling alley...Mercer can't compete with that!
back to Bethany today for competition extra practice. KJ wants to go to Pizza Hut for dipping strips. (so does Katie.) Kevin might go along to go to Walmart . Lexi might need a ride home. The sun is shining, I got to sleep in, and the day is full of possibilities!


dress rehearsals

Katie will compete in 4 dances this year at Talent On Parade, Showstoppers, City Stompers, and Festival of Dance....she has a lyrical solo, in the senior musical theater group, and the jr. clog & tap groups. lots of practices....lots of costumes...


deb reads....

"One is never too old to do the right thing."
graduate of the Evelyn Woods School of Revenge.
"I wouldn't buy green bananas if I were you."

"All I can figure is that I'm ungodly sick." Marie Noe

boys boys boys

you know you're getting old when you realize that boys are calling your youngest baby girl. well, specifically one boy. true, she is quite sociable & fun to talk to. are they just friends? curiosity is killing me.
paid Talent on Parade entrance fees, made a beeline to Casey's for gas & lost my race to the last available pump, so (sigh) drove up the hill to the other gas station, where not only did I get gas on my hands but when you go into to pay they have a fryer so you come out smelling like french fries. I was lamenting my many smells on the way home. Katie said "well, if your hair smells like french fries dad might like you again." that made me smile, so I tried to call him. no answer. oh well.


todays facebook status

There comes a point in life when everything revolves around someone other than you, whe "fun" no longer means bar hopping or drinking too much but instead it means board games and bedtime stories and sleeping in means 8 a.m. Becoming a parent doesn't change you, it's realizing that the little person you made deserves the best and all your free time! Repost if you're proud to be a "boring" responsible parent.

Kevin went to chiropractor & paid his dentist bill with his incentive check, then spent the leftover at Hy-Vee. Katie brought Kayla home with her. Sun is shining....and yet I am in a pissy mood.

school will go on....

yesterday Mercer was the only school that was in session all day...most were cancelled Sunday night, some were 2 hour delay or hard surface roads only. North Mercer RIII has become kind of like work.....you go no matter what.
Katie has rediscovered Hannah Montana. I spent the nite picniking weird Barbie pictures.




I was the first one to make tracks out this morning, on a drug run for my poor college boy with a cold. he figured he'd send his roommate Corey out to buy him medicine after he got back. not a lot of traffic, couldn't always tell where I was on the road. bought a couple of new snow mats to put inside the door. but between the sleepover girls going out to play in the snow & Daisy Mae Clementine who is still learning to potty outside, I gave up & found my sandals to wear over my socks...have changed socks countless times today. KJ is headed back to college with Jennie, Dakota, & Corey. walking on the path I scooped. put a coffee mug, plastic spoons, kleenix, and a box of hot cocoa mix in his bag. also bought him 3 new pairs of gloves since he last the pair we gave him the last weekend he was home.
finally put Daisy in bed with me because she wouldn't stop barking last nite. she is still growling and barking at KJ.
GS leaders meeting for this afternoon was cancelled. (yay!) thinking we'll have breakfast for lunch. don't know what the girls will eat....or if they are as picky as Katie is.....made KJ a homemade pan pepperoni pizza before he left.


Sat. afternoon

katie's phone cover just broke. she has been cleaning her room for the sleepover she cooked up. yay. josh is coming over to hang with kj. guess I got some relaxation in this morning....


slept in, did my facebook games, picniked a picture of the James Kids Leminade Stand, making fried potatoes, cornbread & beans for lunch. nice quiet day at home. Katie is trying to put together a sleepover. no one is confirmed yet.

again.....RATS! with the link this time...



check this out!


good mommies & daddies provide pets for their children to love and play with...right? recently a 4 month old baby in Grain Valley Missouri had 7 fingers bitten off by the family's pet ferret. googling online today found in Ohio a rat ate off all the toes on a baby's foot.....in a Kansas City apartment a premature baby hooked up to monitors had her face chewed on by a rat...a family's Native American dog took a newborn baby from its crib & carried it out into the woods behind the house....horrors!


kj is home

& jammied up & went straight to bed...he has a horrible cold. poor baby....

dance costumes

katie is in 4 dances.....she is pictured here at dress rehearsal for Musical Theater Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend and Lyrical Solo Umbrella. the dress rehearsal for JR TAP & JR CLOG were postponed due to weather....wait till these girls are in full hair & makeup (& minus the funky socks!)

in the latest news...

it is snowing. NWMSU is having a squirrel appreciation day photo contest. Kj is riding home with Jennie. he has a cold & is too tired to drive. Kevin has left for work. Katie is listening to her mp3 player in the family room. &I am going to read my new book The Murder Room.
todays quote:
"You have passed through the terrible ordeal of a war which Alabama did not seek...a holy war...Well do I remember seeing your gentle boys, so small, to use a farmer's phrase, they might have been called seed corn, moving on with eager step and fearless brow to the carnival of death; and I have also looked upon them when their knapsacks and muskets seemed heavier than the boys, and my eyes, partaking of a mother's weakness, filled with tears. Those days have passed. Many of them have found nameless graves...."
Jefferson Davis

some advice....

don't rent from relatives. and keep good records...
just saying.


The Demise of Defiance

we all know I play too many facebook games...I have a problem with addiction, evidently....

but I have noticed that I quit playing Cityville....and so am no longer taking care of my city "Defiance" named after Defiance, Mo. this gives me about 20 extra minutes a day!

and I found out I'm not young anymore....my mom flat out told me that I'm not young. I guess when you have a 25 year old daughter, wrinkles, and gray hair, you should realize you're not young anymore.

Katie's cookies are sorted. now to deliver....
Haven't tried out Kevin's Xmas NCIS game yet...he did take the wrapper off it today.
Mercer had school.....no one else around us did. but no dance tonite...so looking forward to a nite at home. Katie & Kevin had haircuts.


how rude!

we went to the Mercer/Pattonsburg game last nite. after the boys halftime, a Lady-Cardinal-starter-that-I-won't-name-here-who-has-set-unbelievable-scoring-records walked across the corner of the basketball court while the boys were taking the ball out. She walked right thru their game! How Rude! she did high five one of the boys. Still unexcuseable. I wanted to go slap her mother. And her coach.
Daisy is home from the vet, minus 5 teeth. he said she is in pretty good shape for her age.
dance dress rehearsal. need to do some adjustments on her black gloves and solo dress straps.
the dreaded snow has started. ooooooo.....ahhhhhhhh....it's winter in Missouri, people. deal with it. KC has shut down. they were.supposed to get a lot more snow that us.
I'll worry about it tomorrow when the alarm goes off. until then, don't give a rat's ass.


our day

vet thinks he'll pull a couple of Daisy's teeth and do some bloodwork, + the rabies shot & getting fixed. it is quiet here without her. we went to the ballgame....Mercer vs. Pattonsburg. Victory! Victory! everyone's cookies gone but the Gannon girls. (!)
snowing when we left the game, calling for quite a bit. Kevin will pick Daisy up tomorrow.
and Mr Bubba has went back to school.


today is vet day....I did remember to pull the food and water. Daisy woke me up twice barking loudly....I put her back on couch with Katie and all was well.

todays quote...meant to look up a Dr King quote yesterday for Martin Luther King Day, but a day late, a dollar short....

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
Martin Luther King, Jr.



today's quote:

"Tomorrow I'll think of some way....after all, tomorrow is another day!"

Scarlett O'hara

Daisy is now flat out barking at KJ. perplexing. Katie thinks maybe she had a previous abusive owner who reminds her of KJ.

took a nap in the chair with the dogs, awoke to the smell of just starting to burn pumpkin bundt cake. cut the bottom off, I'll eat it.

called mom and checked on her from work. she says she is doing ok.

thought I lost my phone....it was under my bibs in the truck.

2 hour delay...inclement weather. they were calling for freezing rain. did have to scrape ice off the truck before I left for work, but didn't have any problems.

a classmate posted this pic on facebook....



also discovered that kevin unloaded the dishwasher & cooked the minute steaks in the fridge! daisy has been growling at kj whenever he comes out of his room. now it is bedtime and she is growling in the general direction of the hallway. maybe we have ghosts...like on the haunted pet shows I watched that one time. hmmm....

my bucket list

things I want to do:

1. be a grandma
2. build a little log cabin in the woods
3. take a college class
4. have a 50th wedding anniversary
5. quit my job!

things I have accomplished today:
1. work (sigh)
2. putting away the laundry kevin did
3. swept, mopped, swiffered floors
4. admired the fine job kevin did changing our sheets
5. complained about how slow zoo paradise is running tonite



Aunt Kay passed away this morning. She was quite a gal! And she will be missed.
Another day at work....Kevin took Katie to her 'extra' dance practice at Bethany, & distributed GS cookies to Lindsay, Mackenzie, Morrisa, Sierra, & Morgan. getting our house back! (now I need to clean it....)
Katie was supposed to spend the nite with a friend but wanted to stay home with me because she knew I'd be sad. She is a good girl.
Kevin fixed Daisy's harness, she loves to go outside & is very good at slipping out of her collar when she doesn't want to go back inside.



katie & I stayed up till 11:30 watching the dance studio xmas dvd...we finally shut it off & went to bed. I am a bit sore today from all the cookie toting, and a bit tired from staying up late....
mr. kj made it home from college. the windshield was freezing up on my way home from work. kevin put his check in the bank, got laundry soap at DG. I called for kate haircut appt. for next week.
2 girls have picked up their cookie orders....moved another big order closer to the door.
haven't sorted katie's orders out yet....kevin did take one of our boxes of p.b. sandwiches.
had a GS meeting idea at work today....."It's All Fun & Games." Trying to make kate's last few meetings more fun.
hoping for a nice quiet evening at home with the barking dogs and snow melting on the floor...


cookies are in!

cookies are loaded from Hal England Center into my truck, driven to Mercer, unloaded into my LR, and awaiting my happy self to begin the sorting process. Miss Katie has been delivered to dance, Daisy & I celebrated my day off work with a long nap in the camo chair, had roast, potatoes & carrots for lunch, and now on with the real job of the day....SORTING!
I miss my college bound son most days....but he has never missed a cookie day before and I SURELY did miss him today!



katie got to sleep in, 2 hour delay for school today.
my new bibs kept me warm walking risers....except for my poor old cold feet.
kevin took kate to dance, I picked her up.
daisy is happy to have her home to snuggle with.
and my pictures are finally loading so I can FINALLY facebook & blog the girl scout pictures....the world has been waiting since SATURDAY! people need to know what Troop 8044 is up to!


p.s. tuesday

another snow day. since I always have to work, I don't get so hyped up about snow days. Katie got to sleep in. tomorrow is a 2 hour delay, so she can sleep in again!

National Grouch Day

is it really National Grouch Day or is it just me? because I'm sure I'm not the only one....
went to Walmart & Orshelin's after work....I am very very tired of walking risers when it is cold & ass deep snow....so bought a pair of bib overalls. wanted a pair of Muck boots since my feet are freezing....but they were $89. maybe for xmas. if I still have enough feet left to walk on after the frostbite I'm getting walking them this week.

trying a different size of something embarrassing for ms. katie. she just couldn't make herself buy an ugly walmart belt, she'd rather have her pants fall off. seriously.

bought some different shampoo for Daisy. we love her, but she is one very stinky dog.

lisa sent an aunt kay update. praying for her. she's been through so much....but she isn't one to complain. always looking out for others, that's aunt kay. everyone's mother.

glad to be home. my feet are warming up. there was some major grouchiness going on at walmart. people were avoiding our general area of the store...not that many idiots were out shopping in this weather anyway. this is the time of year to have a cozy cabin in the woods, a fire, some homemade bread, and nowhere to go and nowhere to be.

have to make some supper. can't afford to eat out as much, with raising gas prices and katie's impending braces....

what lucky woman doesn't want to be starting supper at 8:27p.m. after a grouchy shopping expedition and a miserable long day at a horrible job? I am so blessed.


quote of the day

A cat's a better mother than you.
Rhett Butler

snow day

got the official no school text while I was walking risers at work. No area schools braved the roads today.
AE called, the address on our order couldn't be verified.
made vet appts. for Sasha & Daisy next week.
katie demands that I stop saying epic...this word is reserved for ages 12 and under.
katie dismantled a rubberband ball.


the game is on....

Chiefs playoff game...kevin is firmly planted in his chair.
katie is in our room watching a movie...only our vhs works, dvd player died.
the tv in her room is making weird noises....
kj took his tv to college since his roommate discovered the tv he took was dead after xmas break....this is kate's back up tv since kj has satellite in his room....
and the 'good' tv in the livingroom has a major picture tube problem with a big distracting wrinkle at the top of the screen...it will be replaced at tax refund time.
kj is on his way back to NWMSU...I almost teared up when I hugged him goodbye. He has mentioned several times that he probably should've just went to Trenton & drove back & forth. I pushed him to go to Maryville. It's good for him. he is such a good kid. I constantly schemed how to move out of my parents house...have to shove him out the door.

8:54a.m. and all is well...

had a relatively quiet night last night....I fell asleep watching a show about did John Wilkes Booth survive and live another 40 years....kind of like Jesse James. it was amazing how many lithographs of people looked a lot alike back then. and they can't get permission to exhume the supposed body of John Wilkes Booth, so they can't prove anything . anyway, I had both dogs sleeping with me. there was some racing around the house....some sniffing....Daisy barked twice, Katie said. she has a much lower bark than Sasha.
no one woke me up barking or fighting. now Daisy & I are online. Sasha is sleeping with Katie. Kevin is watching the original John Wayne True Grit.
KJ is sleeping in.
all is quiet.


adopting Daisy

when we were shopping for the big Thanksgiving dinner, Kevin picked up a pumpkin bread mix. after all this time, this a.m. I decided to use it to make a pumpkin bundt cake. minutes after I put it in the oven, Green Hills Animal Shelter called....and invited us down to meet Daisy. so as soon as the cake was out, we headed to Trenton, adopted Daisy, did some dog shopping at Orshelin's, then came home to host the Reduce Reuse Recycle meeting, feed the dogs, &run to Grammy's for emergency pepsi. ran out yesterday, headache was starting to get to me.

Saturday a.m.

slept in till 7:15!

house is clean enough for GS, have a few more things to do to 'get ready'...wind bobbin on sewing machine, set it up, etc.

still pondering over my GS dilemma.....sometimes I amaze myself! definitely need to pay more attention.....last year I rescheduled a meeting that ended barely in time for me to get to my sons' SR Parents Night BB thing...this year I scheduled a meeting and then rescheduled a meeting & then just went ahead & had it without katie because there was just no way to make it work....I am definitely slipping. I know several of the girls have elementary basketball games today. todays kids (& leaders!) are just about too busy for Girl Scouts! and yet we muddle on...

today's facebook status....

I've carried children within my body. Slept with babies on my chest. Kissed boo boos and mended broken hearts. I've been puked on, peed on, and spent sleepless nights in the rocking chair. But I wouldn't have it any other way. My body isn't magazine perfect, but when I look in the mirror I see a MOM, and there is no greater honor or blessing!


things I have learned from reading Dead Men Do Tell Tales...

don't bite the corpse.....Ted Bundy learned they can match your bite to bites left on corpse.

if you're going to boil your wife in a vat in your sausage factory....take her rings off first.

keep it simple....use the ax already at the house of the person you're going to kill.

don't get into cars with good looking strangers.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

I am a self-confessed Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. this week I found her in 2 different sources I was reading....

Missouri Conservationist Jan 2010 "Reviving a Sweet Tradition"....Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote in her books about her family making sugar-on-snow during the season and how delicious it was.

Dead Men Do Tell Tales History & Hauntings of American Crime & Mystery "The Bloody Benders Murderous Spirits on the Kansas Frontier"...Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder spoke of the Benders during a speech that she gave in Detroit in 1937. In her story, she told of her own family's possible connection to the fate of the Bloody Benders...."there were stories I wanted to tell but would not be responsible for putting in a book for children, even though I knew them as a child.

There was the story of the Bender farm that belonged in the third volume, Little House on the Prairie. the Benders lived halfway between the Ingall's homestead and Independence, KS. we stopped there, on our way in to the Little House, while Pa watered the horses and brought us all a drink from the well near the door of the house. I saw Kate Bender standing in the doorway. We did not go in because we could not afford to stop at a tavern. On his trip to Independence to sell his furs, Pa stopped again for water, but did not go in for the same reason as before.

There were Kate Bender and two me, her brothers, in the family and their tavern was the only place for travelers to stop on the road south from Independence. People disappeared on that road. Leaving Independence and going south they were never heard of again. It was thought they were killed by Indians but no bodies were ever found.

Then it was noticed that the Benders' garden was freshly plowed but never planted. People wondered. And then a man came from the east looking for his brother who was missing. He made up a party in Independence and they followed the road south, but when they came to the Bender place there was no one there. There were signs of hurried departure and they searched the place.

The front room was divided by a calico curtain against which the dining table stood. On the curtain back of the table were stains about as high as the head of a man when seated. Behind the curtain was a trap door on the floor and beside it lay a heavy hammer. In the cellar underneath was the body of a man whose head had been crushed by the hammer. It appeared that he had been seated at the table back to the curtain and had been struck from behind it.

A grave was partly dug in the garden with a shovel close by. The posse searched the garden and dug up human bones and bodies. One body was that of a little girl who had buried alive with her murdered parents. The garden was truly a graveyard kept plowed so it would show no signs.

The night of the day the bodies were found a neighbor rode up to our house adn talked earnestly with Pa. Pa took his rifle down from its place over the door and said to ma, "The vigilantes are called out." Then he saddled a horse and rode away with the neighbor. It was late the next day when he came back and he never told us where he had been.

For several years there was more or less of a hunt for the Benders and reports that they had been seen here or there. At such times Pa always said in a strange tone of finality. "They will never be found." They never were found and later I formed my own conclusions why."

ANd, while googling for Laura pictures to accompany my post....the upstairs bedroom at Rocky Ridge in Mansfield opened to the public in 2008! I must return!

New Hampton Fire

this tiny town lost their over 100 year old pool hall & hardware store in a fire. these historic buildings were still being used!



finally switched...not only did we save $20, Sasha got a free dog bone & Ms Cuddles got catnip!


kj got katie to dance, I will pick her up....after a stop at DG for dog & cat food. filled out online adoption form....the app. screams animal hoarder...inside dog, inside cat, 2 outside dogs....didn't even list our family of outdoor barn cats....

josh is over xboxing with kj.

tried to order the photo canvas, couldn't find the screen to enter my # on. so emailed them.

wrote out pretty much my entire paycheck for bills. life is good.


katie had FABULOUS grades!

our kids are smart cookies, thats for sure. sometimes they struggle and have to really put their nose to the grindstone, but even if you don't test well, it doesn't mean that you didn't absorb some powerful knowledge!

provoking thought of the day....

I'm not sure if life is passing me by or trying to run me over.

Katie went back to dance class today.

Kj never found the time to check his grades online, so I did it today. We still love him.

Textbook pickup is Friday afternoon, Sunday afternoon, all day Monday.

Manwich & tater tots for supper.

still thinking about the dog....but when do I have time to go adopt it?

Katie wants cowgirl boots. she needs a new belt.

The Middle was new....very thought provoking.


True Grit!

I liked it~! we had date nite....katie had went home with kayla, went to retrieve her,she didn't want to leave, so they brought her home later. kevin & I suppered at chillicothe washington street....I love the food, but wish you could eat someplace quiet....no radio....no tv....no piped music....just peace & quiet. beautiful starlit ride home.

Quote of the Day

I don't smoke much, and I drink very little. I guess my only bad habit is robbing banks.
John Dillinger



quote of the day:

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.

Lucille Ball

Katie went back to school today. Her teacher is adopting a baby! it will be born next month.

The fender piece fell off the truck this weekend while Kevin was coming home from work. he drove back up the road to find it. He figures we owe Willis Garage enough $ that we'll just drive without it for awhile....which kinda surprised me!

finished The Twelve Days of Christmas on Frontierville...so my new profile picture is a picniked version of my 'family' posed by A Partridge In A Pear Tree.
kinda lazy tonight....did the chores, put the trash out to the curb, did some laundry, laid around & read....


what I want....

to go on a roadtrip to see all the Bonnie & Clyde sights....

see HaHaTonka castle...

Villisca ax murder house...

publish a wonderful thought provoking novel...

and I might as well look like Demi Moore while I'm doing it!

Jan 2 2011

Resolutions for The New Year:
1. all things Jesse James...return to the Kearney farm, read more books, find all the movies
& watch
2. buy a Ghost Hunters Kit from www.biography.com
3. find Bigfoot
4. party with these ladies!
5. try not to look so timeworn & haphazard
quote of the day:
"I hate to bust a cap on a woman, especially when she's sitting down."
Captain Frank Hamer after the ambush of Bonnie & Clyde



wow. this was the first New Years Eve I haven't spent with Katie & the first one in several years where I went to bed so early....the last several years she has had friends over for a New Years Eve party. didn't watch any balls drop. I ate my beer bread, cleaned house, played facebook games & read quietly. KJ drank a beer, played XBox360 & watched wrestling. Kevin worked for holiday pay. Kate texted twice last nite, they had something she didn't like for supper. Seriously. there are drawbacks to being a picky eater! but she has donut holes awaiting her return home.
Kevin was up early, so we went to Save-A-Lot & Hy-Vee. we put away groceries with Mr KJ's assistance, then he retired to his room & Kevin went back to bed. both were grumbling we don't need another dog. why am I so obsessed with this? when we all know I'll be the one chasing her around to put on flea stuff & the one feeding her & walking her....but think of the cute pictures Katie could take of them! already picturing an amazing Christmas Card photo....
I know I bought a new calander. can't find the stupid thing. luckily my calander has a Jan. 2011 page. that gives me a whole month to find it!

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