2011....what a year.

in 2011:
Katie & Koren got braces.
Katie quit The Dance Studio, joined The North Mercer Glimmer Girls, and started Junior High.
Koren decided she wants to go to pharmacy school.
Katie got bullied instead of being the bully.
KJ had his first 'real' job.
deb finally started that long planned t-shirt quilt, found Finding Bigfoot, and immersed herself in ghostly tv programming.


Midnight kisses are overrated. Ring in the New Year with SNICKERS instead


put away last of Xmas stuff...inside AND out....made a pathway thru garage...threw some stuff out to the curb...and recycled Katie's grass curtains from her island inspired former room into bedding in the dog houses! also found a baseball that Koren & Ashley had signed as BFFS! the floors did get swept...got the rocker moved back into diningroom so there is more than one path to the garage door...need to patch up Katie's favorite comforter. the girls went to the park & requested cheesy pasta for lunch. watched the end of Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide. I am kicking some ass today!

gay babies


The Eagles

Sometimes to keep it together, you've got to leave it alone.~ The Eagles

New Years Eve

had a bad headache all day Friday....got home from work, did chores, crawled onto couch. then went to bed. Katie wanted a ride to Bethany to go skating. and to bring friends home. I begged off. KJ already had promised to take Josh to work. so I took her. I did a lot of moaning and feeling sorry for myself on the way over. crawled into back seat with my bibs for a pillow and my coat for a blanket...woke up cold but feeling better. it was a bit disconcerting lying there listening to voices and door slams and the boom boom boom of the music from the skating rink, but the moon was pretty through the back window. it ended up just being Emily coming home with her, took them to McDonalds for french fries since they're both vegetarians, then to Emily's house for her to pack a bag, then got home about midnight. KJ called to check on me 11ish while I was sitting in Emily's driveway, which I find incredibly endearing. he is such a good kid.
opened the new Tylenol liquid cold that I bought for sick people last week who didn't think they needed it and went to bed. slept waaaaaaaay in...then took out the trash, did laundry, noticed how the beautiful New Years Eve sunshine makes the floors look incredibly dirty, turned on the turtle light, fed the inside pets, and as soon as I get off here, guess I'll sweep floors. it's beautiful out today, a bit windy. if the girls ever wake up, maybe I can get them to do a photoshoot and try to work in Katie's hairbow for the modeling job. need to read the rules again..think we have 2 weeks to submit photos.
Katie is going to Bethany All Nite Skate, we are picking up Vivian on the way. thought Kevin & I might go to Toot Toots, they have a New Years Eve steak dinner deal. but my happy ass plans to be home by midnite! working tomorrow for Jennifer so she'll work for me last Saturday (Katie dances at KC).
we were watching tv last nite, KJ made the comment when the How I Met Your Mother gang was trapped in traffic in their limo on New Years Eve that it was better to hang with your friends on New Years Eve than be anoymous at a huge party. he is a wise one!



*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆★☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ☆ A BIG New Years hug that jumps from status to status ☆ .•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ to spread a little love and Happiness ☆•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.☆ Have a prosperous new year ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ♥ You've been HUGGED ♥☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆♥ Pass the HUGS on ♥

why is this ok?

we are the last generation...

Anyone who was BORN in the 50's - 60's-70's -80's...We are the last generation who played in the street. We are the 1st who played video games & the last to record songs off the radio on a cassette tape. We walked over a mile w/no worries on being taken...Learned how to program the VCR before anyone else...Played from Atari to Nintendo...We are the generation of Tom and Jerry/Looney Toons & Captain Kangaroo...We traveled in cars w/out seat belts or air-bags & lived without mobile phones. We did not have flat screens, surround sound, iPods, Facebook, Twitter, computers & the Internet...But nevertheless we had a GREAT time ♥ Re-post if you're a 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's baby ONLY


Redneck word of the day- "Sensuous"."Honey, sensuous up, can ya git me another beer?"



katie went to vivians. josh is here hanging with kj. if he wasn't sitting in my spot on the couch,I'd be passed out by now. seriously. the boss is on vacation this week, and getting my stuff done + trying to make sure everything else is done is just about more than my addled mind can handle. I'll admit it. I'm slipping. and we're not talking gradually. I'm screaming, balanced on one ski, careening down a slippery slope. folded laundry, cleaned out a basket for katie's overflow of clothes, bills, DG for puppy pads, bathroom vanity bulbs, and thumb tacks. hung up my alien sign on our bedroom door! been a looooooooooooooooooooooong week. last nite we watched Our Idiot Brother. have a whole stack of new dvds from Columbia House to watch. kate got an assignment from a boutique! I am excited to try out my photography skills. she is less than thrilled. going to need a *B*I*G* bribe to pull this one off! I am determined.

ugly children...





just cuz...

the Iowa cousins are visiting...so have hung out with them the last 2 nights at Grandma & Grandpa's...Katie has participated in night time hide & seek, bale jumping, and grain bin dancing. I have watched Nascar races on the rug, vocal and guitar concerts, and some expert announcing. good times, good times...


have yourself a merry little Christmas...

we didn't do a lot of gifts this year...I have veered from pinching pennies all year to buy Christmas to spending more on the kids throughout the year. I was happy to have all my kids home on Christmas day. and to have the weekend off..about caught up on laundry, cleaned up from the family dinner...Kj checked his grades....all A's and B's!!!

Katie's White Christmas

she wanted a white christmas....Walmart helped us out with glittery fake snow! who knew $5 could buy so much happiness? it turned into a fun photoshoot.

Chiefs vs. Raiders

our first Christmas Eve game, first ever tied game...Katie scored awesome free tickets from school! was mid 40s, and yeah, we lost by 3, but it was an amazing day! forgot to take any xmas cds, KJ told us that KJO1055 was playing xmas music all day, so listened & sang along on the way to & from. breakfast to-go at Bethany Wendy's, ate crusing down I-35. supper at Texas Road House. Katie is figuring out how to order vegetarian. stopped at Bethany Walmart on the way home for a few things (forgot the milk!). kids voted to open gifts when we got home. Kevin got a Chiefs hoody, I got a Tamba jersey, KJ got XBox360 new wrestling & Batman games, Katie had her Sephora perfume kit and the clothes she picked out at the mall, Ms. Cuddles got cans of cat food, Daisy got a dog bed, & Sasha got toys.



if u luv....

friday nite

josh, corey, dakota, & jenny over to hang out with bubba. dakota brought a plate of xmas candy & cookies his mom had made! changed all the sheets. invited mom and dad to xmas lunch sunday. fell asleep in my clothes watching Nightmare Before Christmas & slept all nite! now to do chores & get my family up for our epic adventure....Chiefs vs. Raiders on Christmas Eve!


add this onto the bucket list....

-volunteer at a soup kitchen
-go to the ballet
-see a Broadway musical
-a traditional English Christmas dinner
-see the Plaza lights at Christmas

a booking!

haven't told her yet...she was less than thrilled that I signed her up!


City Sidewalks

busy sidewalks..dressed in holiday style..in the air there's a feeling of Christmas...chocolate chip peppermint shakes....children laughing...pretzel dogs and orange julius...crying because I can't see the street signs quick enough to get in the right lane...people passing me on the interstate...giving up on the elusive Maurice's...and the non existant Santa hats...cute guys falling at my daughters feet...soon it will be Christmas day!

did you know?

Did you know the people that are usually the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are I love you, I'M SORRY & Help me? Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their genuine smile and see how much pain they may be in. Re-post if you believe and want to share some wisdom. -Be Thankful for the Little Things and the people who make a difference in our lives ♥.-Reposting again--the holidays are such a difficult time of year for so many.

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