15 years

today the prod. superviser brought my 15 year PSF gifts....a $300 Best Buy gift card that KJ is getting for a belated graduation gift (being middle class is just so frickin' sweet!) & a picture frame & fancy pen. dead tired. cramps. life is just grand. Katie read aloud todays Aunt Mary letter.

boys will be boys

while Katie & I were walking Sasha at the park,came upon a wrestling match. Katie was asked to be guest referee. I ended up going home for the camera. it was quite entertaining. we ended up having a late nite original Clue game....Kate won the 1st one, Kevin the 2nd.
was a decent day in the hog barn temp. wise. Kevin spent his day in the hayfield.
and Katie is now facebook friends with Potato from TopSTARZ! I got some of the pictures down from the hallway for my upcoming painting job...some are going into the family box {which is almost full...will have to start another one!} & some went into scrapbooks.
and the new buglight Kevin got for the front porch is amazing! need to clean all the gross former dead bugs & guts from siding....put that on my to-do list...


wait! wait! THIS is the amazing picture!

(hard to tell what is what on the the little thumbnails....)
Katie was going off the high dive, doing toe touches...this is the best shot I got of her!

amazing pool pics

some parents play Marco Polo with their kids....some challange them to races across the pool...or pick them up & throw them around in the water....I nag about sunblock & take pictures.
took these pics of Katie & Kayla @ Trenton Aquatic Center...some of my best work yet!

Katie & Kayla's photo shoot

assorted images....



slept in...girls did a photo shoot...and after they eat lunch we are headed to Trenton pool. Kayla will spend nite again tonite & Katie will spend nite with Kayla tomorrow. she shouldn't be bored for awhile....


when Katie ain't happy...

she finally had a weekend free to invite friends over. she cleaned her room, bought snacks...and invited 2 friends. danielle has a ball tournament. and kayla was going to said tournament with her. 5:30p.m. kayla is leaving bethany now. the sleepover is saved...plan on going to trenton pool tomorrow to swim.

when Katie ain



Katie & I went to Wal-mart. bought a storage tote & some super large ziploc bags to store the stuff Katie is cleaning out of her room. I stopped at the post office to buy stamps...Donna gave me Kate Smith stamps...and they brought back memories of our Branson vacation...we went to a cave where Kate Smith had performed God Bless America. It is amazing how you forget about something...and then bam! you remember it again...
the wrestling boys are here...Josh, Corey, & of course KJ. will miss these noisy Friday nites before long...


I spelled her name wrong...

no more puppies

Kevin found Bear dead under his favorite tree the other day. Katie soothed Manboo thru her last few moments tonight, we buried her under her favorite tree. pets seem like such a wonderful idea...unconditional love, responsibility, all that good stuff. but pets die. and that is heartrending. Katie cries. I cry. Eight puppies born, eight puppies died. poor Katie.


thursday (already!)

back to work today. has cooled down some, which is nice. working on Camp Girl Scout for next month...have changed my mind many times...now back to the Outdoors in the City theme. (sigh...)
Katie has invited 2 friends over to swim & stay the nite this weekend, she is working on cleaning her room again...she is filling laundry baskets with stuff she no longer wants.
need to see if the kids want supper & get the bills done. and check the dryer. I came home from SOAR yesterday & went right to bed & slept till about bedtime. Kevin mowed yards. floors need swept...must stay upright.


up & at 'em early to be at KJ's college SOAR day...got breakfast at Wendy's on the way. it was rather warm again today...move in day is August 26th. (sigh...)
have to find his shot records & send in his health history form. and figure out what we need to do to get his scholarships all picked up.
bought Kevin & I proud parents of a Bearcat shirts. wearing mine right now!

head on over to Adventureland, you're gonna have a fun filled day!

and here I was worried about rain for this years edition of the band trip....KJ's last trip as a graduated senior...and Katie's first trip as a first year elementary band 5th grader. it was *h*o*t*. Kevin & I had Katie (of course!), Danielle, Kelsie, Kayla, Breanna, Emily, & Lindsay in our group. got some cool pics, they rode about everything they wanted to except Ragin' River. they seemed to have a good time. bought Katie's bologna & cheese Lunchable at Randy's...and KJ's ham & Swiss & my turkey & cheddar Lunchables at Humeston Casey's. afterwards we took Corey with us, & after several false leads looking for steak housese on the GPS, found a Famous Daves, then went to Merle Hay Mall, where Katie got neon orange fingernail polish & glitter @ Claire's, & KJ & Corey both bought games at GameStop.



back to work....(sigh)



slept most of the day yesterday....slept most of the day today....
have to work tomorrow...adventureland band trip tuesday...NWMSU SOAR on wednesday....work thursday & friday...katie plans on having a friend over & swimming next weekend.
kj has had friends over....val, josh, corey...


TOP Nationals 2010 Des Moines

it was fun...hectic...we walked to & from Vets, had adventures eating out...Katie took amazing pictures...met some new friends...and the TopSTARZ junior dance team was AMAZING! Katie also participated in the Tom's Shoes Dance Off.
Katie won 4th overall in Novice 11-12 solo...it was her greatest performance yet! we bought stuff at Hobby Lobby & sat in the parking lot blinging her shoes & dance shirt. there was a tornado warning while she was showering & I was packing to leave hotel...housekeeping was knocking on doors asking everyone to come down to the ball room...Stephanie, Maggie, Mollie, Kelly, Lexi, & Livy were at Vets & they shut down competition & moved everyone downstairs.
I know Katie really really had a good week...except for having trouble sleeping at the hotel & finding anything she wanted to eat. I am so proud of her, and so glad that we went. I really want to take her to the Dance Directive in October...a TOP day of classes in Des Moines.



slept in, woke up to the musical sounds of rain. yesterday afternoon katie had a 'touch up' dance class, then we packed. have a few errands to do today....bank...buy puppy food...do chores...then we'll head to des moines in search of glitter...check into our hotel...and walk to vet's memorial to sign her in & the first practice. I hope we can get along.
kevin has plans to work cows today. lucky him.
this is my first hotel stay without kevin. kind of weird. he lugs luggage, takes care of details, goes & buys stuff I forgot...makes sure we budget our $. we'll see how it goes...



I truly hate my job. the only good thing about it is reading on my lunch break. today finished reading "Homeland" by Barbara Hambly, the best Civil War novel I've read since "Cold Mountain". I love them both because they are full of the horrible things that you know happened to many people in the war...the soldiers faced death every day, so did many of the loved ones they left behind. Rape, looting, burning houses, theft, murder...
what would you honestly do when your husband was gone for years in the war? what would he do? in this book they both have affairs, his ends in a baby. she takes 'medicine' to prevent having the baby. then the lover dies. her husband dies. it is heartbreaking. but yet (being a wife) I kept thinking....she is corresponding with her friend Susanna in Tennessee...all through the war as often as they can get letters through...and her husband can't get a letter to her? by the way, Susanna's older sister Julia was once Emory's love before he married Cora. Emory's militia ends up camped in Julia's yard while his wife Cora is living with family in Maine. Julia's husband Tom is shot up and comes home to have both legs amputated and live on moonshine for the pain. so Julia has a baby with Emory. she has a cover...her husband is in the vicinity...could be his baby. But Cora is in Maine with her good friend Will & her husband has been gone for years with no communication, let alone a leave...
and to make it all even jollier, Cora is a Yankee. when her husband Emory enlists, she assumes it's in the Union. but the only letter he sends her is the one telling her couldn't fight against his homeland, so went home to Tennessee to join the Confederacy. meanwhile, Susanna was torn between her teenage love for her older eccentric neighbor Justin & her desire to go away to school. (the neighbor is of course....Emory's dad.) she sees Justins dogs several times during the war & knows he is near. she ends up in Paris as an artist. Justin finds Cora & her daughter/his granddaughter Mercy Susanna, they end up in Paris. Susanna & Cora finally reunite. and of course, there is Justin. after all the secrets they had to keep from each other...and the final revelations...wow.
the secrets, the fears...and what if your husband did survive the war & somehow find you again?
katie went to danielle's to pick up the clothes she left there, hung at the park with emily & danielle, then went to danielle's to swim. I swept floors, worked some on putting the backing on the quilt, & am thinking I am starving to death. maybe if I whine someone will find me something to eat...



after another fun filled day in the hog barn, Katie & I made the epic trip to Bethany Walmart after groceries...discovering that 136 from about Princeton to about Mt. Moriah is 'fresh oil/loose gravel'. and no spray glitter. will have to look in DM, my dancer needs glitter for competition. KJ opted for The Square. finally got ALL of Alice in Wonderland watched! just took me a week. when the DiGornio pizza gets done, will hit the day.


I am now obsessed with Bonnie & Clyde...

I want to go to Dexfield Park in Iowa, & Joplin, MO...and eventually to Gibsland, LA....


kj took katie to swim at danielle's...I came home to cat puek on the couch & katie's favorite blanket...and the parent loan was approved so my boy DOES get to go to college!!! had to turn on the a/c...spent all day at work sweating in the muggy sticky heat. enough is enough.


as the week progresses....

Weds. nite Kevin cleaned our gutters & trimmed trees, then we mowed our yard & Marie's. Thursday he had the car serviced, he went back to work. I came home from work, did 'the chores', rotated some laundry around, honored the kids request of Mercer Pizza Plus for supper, wrote out bills, finished Bonnie & Clyde, started Homeland, decided how I'll finish KJ's going to college quilt.
Kate was up on the computer when I got up at 5:30 to go to work.
Breanna came over & sold me tupperware raising $ for her BB team to go to Columbia.
sewed the new Junior Journey patch on Katie's vest, gave Bre hers.
Katie has selected one of her recent flower pictures to enter in the Mercer County Fair.



kevin & I met at Grammy's Grocery after work...Josh was over. almost done reading Bonnie & Clyde.


a poem by Blanche Barrow

Across the fields of yesterday
She sometimes calls to me
A little girl just back from play
the girl I used to be
And yet she smiles so wistfully
once she has crept within
I wonder if she hopes to see
the woman I might have been.
---Blanche Barrow, 1933
wife of Ivan "Buck" Barrow
sister-in-law of Clyde Barrow

yeah, I'm reading about Bonnie & Clyde now...."GO DOWN TOGETHER THE TRUE, UNTOLD STORY OF BONNIE AND CLYDE" by Jeff Guinn


back to work. kevin took katie to the dr....10 days of antibiotics...upper respiratory infection dr. fears could develop into strep. katie caught a HUGE toad in the yard today & kept him captive in a jar for a few minutes. swept floors. walked sasha at park. took puppy pictures. kate showed me the apple crop on the 2 trees....looks like we'll be eating us some apple pie this summer!
saw the three baby birds in the nest in the fan outside nursery 5, & met the groundhog in the pump close up close & personal!


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

by Seth Grahame-Smith was AWESOME! I had just read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that Koren had lent me...I love the idea of Abe being a vampire! but wait...perhaps Jesse James could be a vampire too! and Bonnie & Clyde! and Bloody Bill Anderson & William Quantrill!
I especially loved the southern vampires destroying Union troops...in all the smoke & hell that was the Civil War, I bet many soldiers saw things that looked like vampire attacks!
will have to get on amazon.com to see what else he has written!

I Wanna Go To Hollywood Part 2

let Katie sleep in as long as she could...planned on running thru McDonalds drivethru to feed her on the way to Bethany recital rehearsal...but we stopped on Princeton bridge to take flood pictures....then I decided I had time to pick up ceemetery flowers at Springer Chapel & Cat Creek...so had to go to straight to rehearsal, which was running late, Kate was carsick & starving...she sent me on to McDonalds to get her food...had to wait there FOREVER...but she finally did eat & feel better. and she was MARVELOUS! I love the theater there. I helped Mace collect $ & passed out flowers. we bought Alice in Wonderland on dvd on the way home. Jennie & Valerie were here playing Rock Band with KJ when we got home. now she gets a week off from dance (practicing her solo on her own, of course....) then off to TOP STARZ Nationals in Des Moines!


I Wanna Go To Hollywood

was fabulous! We started out at 9 a.m. 'helping' Gina & Chrystal decorate the stage...Katie rehearsed...came home for a mom nap...back for the closing # rehearsal...to pass out flowers & 'help' backstage....and what a show! Katie got a run in her tights...Nesa & Lyvie got holes in their tights...not a good environment for tights, evidently...but it went well! I didn't take the time to pin Katie's blue belt in front, it went a little wild while she was dancing. Her dad DID do the daddy daughter dance with her...and her grandma Janet, brother KJ, mom & dad did get to go see her recital...I ran out and watched from side stage, anyway. and before we know it it'll all be on dvd for us to watch at our leisure. Had supper at Crossroads afterwards, where she hung out with fellow dancers Vivian, Alison, Logan, & Mackenzie.
it started raining while we were there, rained about all night, so picking up our flowers at the graveyards on the way over may not have been my brightest idea ever...but will journey to Bethany this afternoon for day 2 of recital...she just has her 2 competition dances & the closing #.

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