New Years Eve

going to party like it's 1799 in Frontierville! Katie is spending the night with a friend, Kevin is working for holiday pay, KJ & I are just chilling at home. he's playing Sims, got us a DiGornio pizza for supper. gonna make beer bread if I have the right ingredients.

and yes, KJ, people do read my blog. he always tells me that no one cares what I think. I know of several people who read my blog. some have good comments, some probably think I should keep my opinions to myself. opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. and some of them REALLY stink! and I am never quite sure when to shut my big yap or still my typing fingers...


sasha got a walk today!

it was 60s & rather blustery. she was estatic! can't remember the last time she got to walk! then fed outside pets, took down christmas stuff on porch, threw away pizza boxes. there is nothing in this house katie wants to eat & I am just too damn tired to go anywhere. my theory is that if you're hungry enough, you'll eat it. I'm having baby beans & carrots stirfried.

keep thinking about Daisy, the reddish sad eyed weiner dog we saw at the shelter yesterday. how hectic would our lives be with another weiner dog? would they get along? will she find a good home? are her eyes always sad? according to the shelter website, she came from a puppy mill in south missouri & is very friendly. it cost $90 something to adopt, you are responsible for rabies shot & getting them fixed.



got home yesterday from work, kevin was sitting in the truck with the motor running. he had loaded the stuff I was taking, I came inside, changed shoes, yelled at the kids we were leaving, and we were gone. it was a long ride down with some interesting moments. Koren & Cody's house is amazing! had supper with them at Corner Cafe, then the long long drive home, getting here about midnite. I went straight to bed. up about 5:30 to play my facebook games. then back to bed, slept in till 10. to DG to buy clearance xmas ornaments & snacks for GS today. there was some waiting in line. dense fog, drizzle. picked up Jessie, then Emily. Kj was the other driver, we had 4 each for the Green Hills Animal Shelter tour. I fell in love with a little quiet weinie dog named Daisy. the girls painted tiles for a wall that will be built there in the future, shopped in the gift shop, then distributed snacks from the tailgate of the truck. then home in the dense fog & drizzle. Mercer Pizza Plus for supper, picked that up between folding and putting away mountains of laundry that MR KEVIN napped while we were gone and didn't put away. that really burns my cookies.

poor judgement

had a family member message me about a recent post. Aunt Kay is not in a coma. I was misinformed.


Frontierville update

have a few name changes.....Agnes is now Agnes Alice Alloe. and They Call Him Kevin now goes by The Reverend James. working on the 12 Days of Christmas Challanges. katie does a lot of them for me while I am doing other things.
probably should go to bed. been dragging ass and tomorrow will be a long one!


stupid work. everyone always think it is so low-stress when the boss is on vacation....except me....the '2nd in charge gal'.
Aunt Kay has had half her stomach removed & been put in a coma to heal. So maybe it won't be the cancer that kills her....poor woman. and if the stress from worrying about her sister doesn't finish my mom off, I don't know what will. {they are tough old broads!}
planning on going to Korens' tomorrow nite after work.
Katie helped me take the tree down last nite. planned on taking down porch decorations tonite but had to jammy up immediately after feeding dogs and cats. just had to.
found Koren's casserole dish, washed the candy tin, & going to get her jeans fixed to take back to her tomorrow....then will hang a note on the door to remind myself to take them. we'll see how it goes...
Sasha has a potty emergency....gotta go!



God Bless Us Everyone!

Kevin had Xmas eve off, I had to work. he started the ham, I did sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stove top stuffing, and green bean casserole. Koren & Cody brought corn casserole & candy. Mom, Dad, & John brought noodles. we had a Xmas Eve supper, then opened gifts. everyone seemed happy with what they got.

I had to work Christmas, so did Kevin. I came home for a few hours in the afternoon, we went to Marie's with Koren & Cody, they were 'shopping' for stuff for their new house. I went back to work to walk risers. Katie & I went to Ed & Norma's for Xmas supper with Koren & Cody.


woo woo!

just had an idea....that panned out big time! did a query for buying bottlecaps (upcoming GS craft--I have saved about 10 beer & Mike's Hard Lemonades caps...not enough.) just ordered 288 bottlecaps & 200 round magnets! will pick up a few more magnet buttons at Walmart...this way if I buy enough stickers, the girls can make as many magnets as they want! + we'll do a t-shirt craft of some sort....

hump day

had to stay at work 42 minutes late....and man do I hate my job. kevin met

me on the wade road, he'd left his phone in the car. kate's last day of school...she's on xmas break. kj got a haircut, katie got her hair lightened. the boys helped koren & cody move yesterday. I had to work, katie had school. we were both a bit bummed.



up sick last nite. drug myself to work today with an awesome headache. survived the day. katie had to correct a math test, she did half of it, then did a walmart run with kj &I, then came home to shower and finish the math test. josh is over watching wrestling with kj.
koren & cody closed on the house & got their keys. koren has xmas eve off & plans on being here.
katie bought her teachers gift & family gifts.
I got some stuff for the next GS craft.
needed toilet paper, dog food, cat food, laundry stuff, lotion, oil of olay, toothbrushes, deodorant, razer blades, dishwasher boppies, swiffer cloths, pizza ingredients, sliced cheese, chocolate milk....amazing how many things we need just to get thru the day!


zoo paradise nursery

baby ostrich has been released....baby lion took it's place...

Christmas is a comin' the geese are gettin' fat

slept in, let Katie sleep in until we barely had time to pick up our girls &get to Mercer Co GS Xmas party in Princeton....little Emily's mom was walking her across the yard to our house...I thought we were picking up Sierra...no one was home...went to Lineville after Mackenzie...at Mercer the truck started cutting out....so I turned around on old Hwy 65 & headed back....didn't make it. had to call for roadside rescue....we timed the boys....6 minutes from call to pick up. so we ended up being about 25 minutes late to the party....I was surprised that we had a full table of Mercer girls making gift bags! Melissa showed up after us...ended up with 13 girls! and we had a huge pile of donated soup. the Princeton Brownies had the most...all together over 250 cans for the food pantry! got home, Kevin had got tech support to work on computer.....5.5 hours. they said it was a virus. all is well in our world now...computer running....truck at Willis Garage....fresh snow on the ground....and Mackenzie is waiting for her dad to pick her up. she stayed over last nite....Katie is fun fun fun at night....but tends to sleep away most of her days....so Miss Mackenzie is bored out of her mind, although Miss Cuddles is paying LOTS of attention to our guest!



another shitty work week has ended....kj has josh & val over watching wrestling. I got the GS vest order ready for new girls vests...now working on the Jan. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle meeting. need to be baking cookies for tomorrows Mercer co GS party....



took the day off....got my hair highlighted, went to bank, to Dollar General, Kevin & I had lunch at Grammy's....Kj made it home from college for xmas break....Girl Scouts caroled around the square, then decorated cookies & made crafts. long, exhausting but fun day. got some very sincere compliments on my cookies from a few of the youngest girls. (& I carried on about the hardships of cookie baking just last nite....)

to-do list

took the day off work. kj is supposed to come home from college on xmas break today. have a highlight appt. at 9a.m., have to buy dog food & miss cuddles food, then pick up GS at school and Lineville for our annual Christmas Caroling and Christmas party.
have once again discovered that Katie awakens for school about as well as her older sister did. of course, God knows when she goes to bed....always waaaaay after me, I'm sure!


an incredible amount of work

I'm not sure what I was trying to prove, but I made 3 batches of cookies...chocolate chip, gingerbread, sugar cookie....and even using mixes, it was just exhausting. once upon a time I used to make homemade cookies....measuring ingredients....following recipes...

the girl scouts will have cookies to decorate tomorrow. will just get some of the freezer ones from Grammy's Grocery for Saturdays GS party....or buy some at Casey's! honestly!

have all the craft stuff out...the cookie badges and the toys the troop bought ready to hand out....now onto the piles of laundry on my bed that need put away....

p.s....my cookies don't look this good!



school out 11:30- heating problems. kevin took the truck to Willis' to get the vibration deal dealt with. colder than a witches patootie. sitting on my butt family history blogging...katie has kayla over.


Pooter has a first name!

I found it reading a book about the Border states and slavery.....he will now be Philemon "Pooter" Dailey. but I can't get it changed on frontierville.....

also going to change Tallulah Jane (the new Tallulah Jane on my 2nd frontierville!) to Oh My Darlin' Clementine. haven't got that one to work either....

cats in the snow....

Zoo Paradise

finally got my nursery/breeding barn built....so far have a baby owl.

my growing Frontierville Family....

we've built a new cabin in a prime location by the swamp...got a barn up...and live close to town.
back row my husband They Call Him Kevin & Hank, the General Store guy who shows up everytime we ring the dinner bell....the children are left to right, Pooter, Harry Dick, & Agnes, and of course, myself, Tallulah Jane.
life is good....a table, a butter churn, a loom, and some critters....

a snowin' and a blowin'

we picked up the rings in the wicked blustery wintery wind....and bought matching wedding bands. mine are too fragile for much more wear. I was kind of surprised kevin wanted one after so many years of not wearing one.

there was a fabulous (& brave!) baritone player volunteering at the Salvation Army bellringer bucket, I heard him & went back to the truck to gather up change. did kevin give him any? he was already inside shopping when we got into the store. he was playing one song, then warming up his fingers.

Wal-Mart was crowded, the jewelry store was crowded, Applebee's was crowded...

Katie has selected her class ring. guess we'll get it for her freshman year. you always bought them junior year when I was in highschool, kids order them now sophomore year, might as well wear them all you can! she liked the blingiest one!



it's coming right on down. kj stayed in maryville for the weekend to study for his first ever college finals. I slept in sinfully late....didn't wake up coughing last night, either! kate is sleeping in. she had a long week. supposed to get kevin up at 11 so we can go to chillicothe & pickup my rings...one was done, one was supposed to be done by this afternoon....

Ghost Adventures

just happened to catch the Villisca Ax Murder house edition....they made contact with murdered Lena, were threatened that murdered Herman would get them, told that the murderer was Andy, and heard "I killed 6 kids?" & other nuggets. there were goosebumps, footsteps, a slamming door, and feelings of true evil in the house.


a Thursday in the life...

figured out how to upload pictures from the new whatever drive thing & I am clogging facebook! katie went with breanna & danielle to the mercer/princeton game at princeton. (go mercer!) I have done nothing productive but the aforementioned facebooking and some very very very light housekeeping & started beans in the crock pot for tomorrow.

I did (after years and years and years of thinking I wanted to) order a Christmas Food Basket for the Southwest Indian Foundation to deliver to a needy reservation family. it cost $58.60 & will feed a hungry family for a week. I am grateful for what I have (although I may not appear to be so at all times!) & want to share with others. and this is a basic need I can help someone with. that makes me happy.



katie is bored. she wants to open her xmas cd so she can listen to it. why won't I let her have this one simple request? I am such a meanie! kevin is doped up on dayquil snoring in front of DragonQuest. is it just me or does Sean Connery have the most annoying voice ever next to Steve Urkle?
I am going to tackle the kitchen & make s0me supper, then jammy up. we have a night at home & I am going to take full advantage!

and here are dance recital pictures that I stole, as well!

school xmas program

here are pictures of the school Christmas program I stole from a friends facebook....


A Very Grinchy Christmas

can't get the #$^&*! pictures to upload.....but Katie was amazing! I went to work early & left early, Koren helped her with hair & makeup. Grandma Janet, Kj, Koren, Mom & Dad cheered her on. then we ate supper at Crossroads. all in all, a perfect day!



I was a woman with a mission....decorate the porch. ended up decorating in front of the porch....and using 3 extension cords to make it happen. filled out the cookie stuff I have...just one more form to receive & I can wrap 'er up.
kj is home from college & brought my messanger bag, which I will start carrying to work with my phone, book, glasses...yay me!


i'm so tired....

work, home, picked up cookie order next door, drove to trinity's, then morrisa brought hers over....and jessie called. we're almost there, people! got online & ordered top 3 prizes and cookie patches...I want to hand them out at our xmas party.
took katie to dance, she got her tap outfit. picked katie up from dance. bought myself jammies at $general, they're in the dryer now. seems like I have worked hard today, but I really have no idea what I have done. oh...I did make katie spaghetti before dance...that's a good mom day for me!



kevin wasn't selected for jury duty...he was a bit disappointed. he took katie to dance, I picked her up. her loose tooth is bothering her & she is getting a nasty cold. found a gift bag for stephanies xmas gift, took the dance magazines I'd found to dance class. decided to donate katie's outgrown winter coat, hoodie, jacket, etc to the school clothing drive.
have all but 4 girls cookie orders in! woo hoo! hopefully will round them up tomorrow.
facebook problems, we are addicted & having to only get in at random times is frustrating...but my games are still going smoothly, now have snow on my frontier. found the missing xmas decoration box. the tree looks good. I don't have holiday throw pillows like the Target commercial. whatev. drug some holiday stuff out on the porch. maybe tomorrow...
11:30 p.m. need to get to bed.

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