today is tuesday....

goofed around on facebook, leaving home at the last possible minute to not be late to work, as usual. very cold. first snow. kevin called me at lunch, he was in Chillicothe. he had been to the dentist to get his new bridge put in, then took my broken (again!) wedding rings and my mothers ring (to put in 12 year old katie's birthstone! ends up kj 's birthstone was wrong.) SO.....I am very happy. what a sweet and thoughtful xmas gift.
we went to Bethany walmart...katie got new 2 pairs of new gloves. got some nifty sparkly red reindeer to put on the tree.
have 4 cookie order sheets turned in! would've had 6, but we weren't home. things seem to be progressing smoothly.....



Saturday slept most of the morning, then to mom & dad's to visit lisa & family. the kids played on haybales in the dark. sunday was the Brown Family Christmas dinner at Trenton. started clearing out a space for the tree. came home, put up tree, kj back to college, katie & I to see Tangled. awesome movie! katie decorated the tree on monday. it looks good! I love looking at all the ornaments the kids have made over the years!


the boys are back in town...

kj, corey, & josh eating pizza, watching wrestling & comedy central! koren hung around till I got home to tell me goodbye. kate mainly hangs out in her room. koren says she'll try to come home next weekend for kate's dance recital. that would be awesome!
I am tired. thinking early to bed....will work on seeing Tangled this weekend, & putting up the xmas tree. think we'll try the front window this year. leaving the table in the diningroom for GS xmas party & family dinner.
lisa &family will be at mom & dad's tomorrow...then the Brown family dinner Sunday.


all my kids are home! (my real kids!)

Koren brought homemade corn casserole, pies, hot rolls, & cake! watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade & cleaning house. Koren agrees that we did eat Thanksgiving in the dining room last year. so I guess we will again. I have the day off work. Life is good.

also announcing the arrival of our newest Frontierville bairn...Pooter. he has a dark complexion...dreadlocks...and a million dollar smile. If they let me have more kids....already have them named...Calliope Grace, Sarrah Rose, & Lauralee.


nothing like waiting till winter is in the air to buy your kids winter coat...

I was supposed to get off work early to go along on kate's dental cleaning, then we were going coat shopping. someone stomped out at work, had lots of shit left to do, so kevin & kate went alone....she valiantly tried on coats in several stores, nothing. so when she got home did what we should've just done all along...got on americaneagle.com,she found a cool puffy coat with fur lined hood, put it on 2 day shipping, and hopefully it'll fit & all will be well.
sheryl called about 4H, they changed it to monday. kate wants to quit, but I can never say no....so we can try to get to a few meetings. she is not thrilled.
smells like the porkchops & tater tots are ready! kids are eating DiGornio.
kevin & kate did the last minute shopping for thanksgiving supper. kj is home on break. life is good. now kate has a bit of homework to do & then relax.
dr cox told her after she loses her last baby tooth, he'll start all the prep for braces.


well now I've gone & done it....

it started with hours of playing facebook games. then I whittled it down to 2. then I started spending actual $ to buy stuff on the games. NOW I have let my alter ego create her own facebook page so she can send me gifts! Houston, we may have a problem here. maybe I should spend more time debating the pros and cons of competing with the neighbors cool xmas lights....or cleaning my house...or doing some other project...than worrying about building a nursery in Zoo Paradise & getting all my sidedishes for the Thanksgiving Feast in Frontierville! But if you want to be 'my' friend....look up Tallulah Jane Puffenstuff on facebook. She'd love to be your neighbor! [sometimes I worry about me....]



kj back to school . I made a lackluster lunch, went to the GS leaders meeting, fed dogs & cats, went to Dollar General, and walked Sasha at the park. katie moved stuff from the walmart.com cart that won't let me check out to amazon.com cart.



katie is off to her all day dance rehearsal, she got there a few minutes late because we went to Casey's for breakfast...and her phone was just charged on the way there so probably won't last her till lunch which she may eat with them unless she wants me to come get her.
trying the birdseed biscuits for girl scouts again...they were an epic fail last nite. made them smaller this am....if they won't work, will just send the girls home bags of bird seed.
have everything from great grandma amanda's scrapbook photographed & typed on my blog...success!!!! thinking I'll see if I have enough clear plastic sheets to put them all in and put it back together to protect the brittle paper. may have to buy some more....then to pass it on to the next person.
tomorrow I might start on the t-shirt quilt again....so many projects...not enough ambition....


bubba is home from college for another weekend.

he only has 2 days of school next week. planning our thanksgiving supper...mom will bring noodles, koren corn casserole, hot rolls, pies, and we'll do the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes.... cody may have to stay in the city on call. they don't know yet. mom, dad, and john will be here.
walked sasha, fed the dogs, started on kj's laundry, pulled together my girl scout meeting for tomorrow, set the alarm to get katie to her all day dance rehearsal.
so...the house smells like birdseed biscuits. thought we'd bake them tomorrow, but seeing if they'll even work.
dug last year GS cookies out of the freezer for tomorrow's snacks. it's the first meeting katie's ever missed. I will cope.

thursday thursday

work, swept floors, fed animals, walked sasha at the park & enjoyed the last lingering fall leaves, did bills (including the pesky propane payment I missed & they are so obsessed about....I am forgetful, ok?), sasha went for a ride to take katie to dance, I family blogged & did my games, then back to pick up ms. kate, she opted for Casey's for supper, I came home & had the last of the Marko's french fries. unloaded dishwasher, put away the 2 baskets of laundry, started more laundry....got kate's thank you cards addressed & stamped & in the mailbox....need to get their xmas orders done...and the snapfish xmas card wallets ordered....got our first xmas card from kevin's brother david & his girlfriend melissa. ordered kj's finals kit for school...he doesn't think he needs anything, but when he comes back home this summer, I'll have a fleecy northwest blanket & a northwest messanger bag...
I forgot to reset the alarm when I left for work...kate never sets hers....kevin woke up at 8:10 & got her up & to school a bit late. and bailey was telling nicole not to talk to katie today....I debated all day on whether or not I would go to school today with the other moms....peggy left me a message so I called her...one mom went in thursday a.m., peggy decided she couldn't go till friday afternoon....so I'm not going. friday afternoons at work are definitely busy....katie assures me she is ok & I don't need to get involved. I always reserve the right to kick someone's ass if they mess with my baby, though...I am mom, hear me chew ass!
better get dressed, take my handful of what I need to get thru the day, & head to another day of sunshine & joy in the pig barn...


a moral dilemma....

finally made katie try on her coats after dance class tonite....both too small. hopefully she won't freeze to death before we get her shopping....
she has to be at dance recital rehearsal all day saturday so she will miss her first ever GS meeting. she is ok with it. I guess I can be a big girl, too....
bought some xmas bags & boxes at dollar general.
had a message from another 6th grade parent about bullying. my kid isn't the bully or being bullied. but she never told me what she saw going on until I flat out asked her. some of the moms are going to school to meet with the principal and supt. friday a.m. katie & kevin think it's none of my business. but I think all parents should take a stand here....show that we don't want bullying allowed in our supposedly zero tolerance safe school environment.
making fried potatoes & a hunk of mystery meat I found in the freezer...looks like a steak. smells like deer. will we survive? would katie be better off without us anyway?


there's a new kid in Frontierville with a cookie eatin' grin...

Kj was still here when I got home from work Sunday...he has a cold. he was going to catch 2 concerts this week.....
had an email Friday from Kate's teacher, she is concerned that Kate isn't applying herself to her work. she was going to talk to her about it, but didn't yesterday. Kate says she'll tell her she can't concentrate sitting by the 2 most annoying students in 6th grade. what a sweetie.
Monday was a long day. came home & pretty much laid about on the couch napping & burning things that Katie couldn't eat....cookies.....pizza rolls...she braided my hair before I went to bed.
today is the last day of my antibiotic. slept all nite Sunday....up once last nite. do I feel better? pretty much, I guess.
have a new kid on Frontierville....Harry Dick Dailey. when I get 2 more neighbors, can start the process for a 3rd kid...thinking Calliope Grace. or Allejandro. or Pooter.


time gets away from me....

Thursday was the Veteran's Day program at school...the 6th grade sang the National Anthem. I really did want to go. Too busy at work. In a perfect world I wouldn't miss a thing. In this world I seem to miss a lot. But life does go on. Friday KJ came home in the rain. Katie wanted to hang with friends at the jr hi tournamant. So did KJ. but he was too tired to drive. Kevin had taken the day off to go to the dentist, so we went to watch kids that aren't ours play ball. (boring!) but the kids had fun. I ran into an old friend from high school & that was fun. we did the GS cookie sales to Dailey grandparents,too.

Saturday was the Deer Hunters Breakfast. Kevin &I met there, then I went to work & he found the big buck they'd been watching on the game camera...with his head and loins cut off. I stopped by Grammy's on the way home, bought cookies. came home & baked 2 batches. then made marinated loin & cottage fried potatoes for supper. Katie had baked potatoes. KJ made himself supper when he came home 'town'.

We watched the Toy Story 3 Dvd. Andy went to college. I bawled. it was the best Toy Story yet!
now it is Sunday & back to work I go. KJ is going back to school early tonight to catch a MANDATORY concert for American Popular Music. he has to get to 4. He has attempted to go to 2, one he had the wrong time or place, then he didn't get the proper documentation to 'count it'. poor kid.



official diagnosis. need to go back when I feel better & have my blood pressure checked. high blood pressure leads to horrible things. I read the posters in the exam room. I know.
got home from dr. in time to run katie to dance & pick up my Rx, home to walk sasha, 'do the chores', and throw kj's new fleece blankie for college in the washer. game plan is pick katie up from dance, return the defective bday camera to walmart, let her select another one. and possibly eat at toot-toots!
supposed to be our last nice autumn day.

the 3 K's

in the beginning, we said we'd have 4 children....Staci Lynn, John Kevin, Charles Dean & Debra Larice. when I was pregnant with Koren,she was Staci Lynn, until Kevin found the name Koren in a babybook. I added Marie.
when I was pregnant with KJ, Kevin wanted him to be "KJ" after his friend/insurance agent. so we came up with Karl Joseph. The girl name was Andrea "Andie" Rochelle. Rochelle was after a waitress at the cafe downtown where Kevin ate lunch most days since the smell of food made me sick.
I always knew our third baby would be Kirstie Lynn. then it was Mayzie (or Maysie...however the cartoon mouse was spelled) Grace or Katie Scarlett. Katie won out...named after my favorite heroine...Katie Scarlett O'Hara of Gone With The Wind. If she would've been a boy..Johnnie Turner after my great grandpa Axsom.
and the rest is history.....
my grandchildren already have potential names....
Harry Dick Dailey
Claire Wills
Briella Sky
can't remember all the boys names....



already been a drag-ass kind of week....kevin & I walked sasha...I made ribeyes, frenchfries (kevin 's idea of a vegetable) & hominy for supper. katie opted for DiGornio pizza. go figure.
went ahead and did the bills for this payday...got online & got a return form for katie' s birthday camera....we'll try to take it back to walmart to exchange tomorrow nite when she is done at dance. made a dr. appt for tomorrow afternoon....coughed up some alarming Stephen King type green chunky wads of crud driving to work. enough is enough.
beautiful 70 degree day.


Happy Birthday Dear Katie

on November 2nd, 2010 Katie Scarlett turned 12. (just loaded pictures on computer...)
she got a hot pink digital camera in a hot pink bag...the camera worked for a few minutes...need to send it back....she picked supper at Pizza Hut....and ate leftover pepperoni pizza for days!


Koren & Cody's new house

Grain Valley, MO!


is such an amazing opportunity. Kj's bed makes too much noise. Zoology is hard. he doesn't have enough time to get to the 4 mandatory concerts for American Popular Music. I know he can do this. I KNOW he can! when you pay for something you expect it to be harder than what you get for free. he's worried about losing his scholarship. I just want him to keep his nose to the grindstone and not give up. it's only $. we'll just borrow more. we're investing in someone good here.


slept in, cleaned kitchen counters. more blogging from the scrapbook.

katie is bored out of her mind.


takin' care of business....

another katie edit!
took all the patches off kate's jr. vest & sewed onto her jean quilt.
katie was bored, went to hang with mackenzie for a while.
josh is watching wrestling with kj.
now I'm gonna blog!

thus far on saturday...

I slept in, de-spooked the woods, blogged the lengthy Willie Axsom biography from the AAA newsletter, got the college laundry done, started taking patches off Katie's jr. vest to put on her quilt, looked thru the xmas catalogs we rec'd today before tossing them, & am cooking a frozen wad of hamburger to make something for lunch.
Katie picniked some amazing photos...see above.
last nite I hung the Bridges of Madison county picture on the 'vacation' wall with the colorado picture....sewed stuff on kate's cadette vest...put the TOP patch & pins on her dance jacket...and blogged from amanda shafer scrapbook.


Sick Day

started out feeling just fine, we took a break at 8 a.m. & I started feeling bad...it got worse. took me forever to breed 12 sows. the boss asked if I needed to leave. I never go home if I get sick. so we walked the boar. we put the breeds away. we were going to load the farrowing room. I was hot & cold, hurt everywhere so bad I could hardly move, and was trying not to puek right there in front of everyone. couldn't quit leaning on the sow wash & decided maybe I should go home. had to pull over at the old Mercer state shed to get out & puek. couldn't even get behind the truck, just fell down right there by the road. that 's a vulnerable feeling! came home, put on my jammies & crawled into bed. felt better when I woke up, just tired.
Kj is home for the weekend. looked at katie's camera. I can't figure out why the message is flashing. we did put the wrong batteries in it, but then put the right ones back in....maybe that screwed it up. she says she formatted the camera card. it just flashes an error message & shuts back off. ???
transferring official pins & badge insigna to her new cadette vest. at some point in time will put all the badges on her quilt. bought a Bridges of Madison County patch to put on my jean quilt. so many plans...so much laziness. have so much more blogging to do from great grandma amanda's scrapbook....



Koren & Cody bought a house in Grain Valley, MO! split level, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car garage, basement....
I put gas in truck, returned late dvd, & kevin's library books, took katie to &from dance, & did some blogging out of grandma amanda shafers scrapbook. am making some headway on it!
kate's new digital camera worked, then quit. need to read book for troubleshooting/address to send it back to! I probably didn't keep the invoice....
got laundry done....paid the dance lesson fee, ordered recital flower & tshirt, and competition makeup kit. stephanie is done fundraising, the moms can take over. do I have time? have girl scouts (2 fundraisers there), the band carnival I need to start planning for....
Katie & Emily next door are friends, she wanted Katie to come meet her new baby sister so we did. They have much nicer furnishings than we have...the baby is so tiny & beautiful.


November 2

is Katie Scarlett's birthday. this year she is 12. she didn't want a friends party....there were no movies she wanted to see....so she decided to go to Pizza Hut and her dad took her to Snappy's to rent movies to watch when we got home....I watched The Lovely Bones with her...I knew it would be sad, which is why I never read the book. then I went to bed and her & Kevin watched Valentine's Day. she stayed up late on a school nite....typical Katie!
I took her to school with her birthday cookies. the teacher promptly emailed me that Katie wasn't feeling well. several emails later she had been to the nurse for crackers & had no fever.
she selected an Oreo Moosecake for her birthday. she put her own hot pink camera in the walmart.com shopping cart. she doesn't need her mom much anymore. but it's all good.
she had her hair layered & thinned after school. did she have a good day? kind of hard to tell. But I love her & hope it was good!
I spent 90% of the day blogging stuff out of great grandma amanda's scrapbook & got all caught up in the Truman Osburne/Osborne clippings...he was our family's Clyde. small town scrapes, jail time...and shot down at 25.


November already?

katie went to a princeton ball game at the last minute. I tried to take Sasha for a walk at the park, she was too worried about the neighbor's dogs, so gave that up. did the outside chores, then drug out the great grandma amanda shafer scrapbook & blogged till I was crosseyed. found an article about my great uncle dean serving cakes at a christmas party in south vietnam & great uncle junior who died in the war got a medal and all kinds of amazing things. and that was on like 3 pages!
did some laundry, started the dishwasher, found girl scout forms, logged onto the abc.snap site & registered all our new girls for the cookie sale, got on facebook....doesn't sound like a lot, but man, I am exhausted! kate is home in the shower, she wants bday cake for supper when she gets out!

busy weekend...

elementary fall festival, returning hay, dance studio fundraiser, & sleepover Friday
Beggars Night at Lineville Sat.
visiting Aunt Mary @ Mom & Dad's house & Mercer Trick Or Treating Sunday

+ laundry, cleaning floors, & all the other daily fun stuff....
back to work today, then off tomorrow for Katie's 12th birthday!

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