I am rather pleased with myself....

I have sorted thru the bag of newspaper clippings from my late great grandma Amanda Shafer! have most of it listed on my family history blog now. found a few more things for Robt. Norman & put them in his envelope that I will try to remember to mail today if I remember to buy stamps on my way to the elementary fall festival. now to start on the scrapbook! keep losing the stuff I scan, so took pictures...but computer memory is full & can't upload camera card....it will all eventually work out.
kj is home for a long weekend & was most excellent help hauling hay for the hay maze!
have set dates for our november pet gs meeting & dec xmas caroling. whew!
have dance studio fundraiser pics at bethany tonite, then a quick walmart trip for a few things.


my children

Koren, KJ, & Katie: I loved you the minute I heard your heartbeat. I loved you the minute you were born. Then I saw your face & fell in love with you more. You were only a few hours old, but I knew I would die for you, and to this day I still would. When you chose to have a child, you make a decision to have your heart walk around outside of your body. Put this on your status if you love your children more than you love life.


koren & katie are grossed out.

katie is also very concerned that I put gross stuff on my facebook when my children & family members are on there. (it is only gross if you ask why I posted it!) and honestly, you think they'd be happy for me. who knew an innocent little post like "mmmmmm....4" cause so much trouble...


So Happy Together

the other nite we were leaving parent-teacher conference on the way to hurry to dance class---we being Katie & I---and I saw friends of ours going to conference---they each arrived in their vehicles straight from work---and went together. that is so cool. so cool.
we---as in Kevin & I---juggle everything. the day parent. the night parent. the one who takes them to the dr. when they're sick. the one who takes them to school concerts. the one who picks them up from practice. we don't get much chance to do things together. we've been on opposite shifts for so long that we are totally out of sync. we tend to be moody, tired, overwhelmed, & I know I feel sometimes like I'm the only one who does anything, even though in reality I know I'm not.
I wonder if we'll be ok when it's just us---no kids. I heard a heartwarming story of other friends who are now empty nesters & they have rediscovered each other & are closer than ever. that sounds fishy to me. but maybe that's how it works?


gloomy gus

it has been a looooooong week at work, & of course is my weekend to work. have Camp Ghoul Scout after work tomorrow nite, then will leave early Sunday afternoon for the monthly Leaders Meeting. next week is 2 dance class nites, then the Elementary Fall Festival Friday, followed by Katie's old fashioned pictures & being a helper at Bethany. Saturday was supposed to be us attending the Northwest Homecoming Football Game, but Kevin never told us if he took the day off or not until it was too late for KJ to get tickets. and next Sunday of course if All Hallows Eve, not sure if Katie is trick or treating this year or if she is above all that now. I never know.
Kj got a ride home from college with Dakota & Jennie. time to order Mercer Pizza Plus!

just finished a book about Alice de Janeze....a woman from another time. she was beautiful, well-to-do, & passionate. she didn't have to spend every day at a job she hated to pay the bills. she was probably depressed. she shot one lover, then shot herself when he was leaving her. she ended up spending time in jail, they eventually had a brief not very happy marriage. She lived in a colony of white people in Kenya, they had affairs. Joss that she had been seeing for 15 years fell in love with someone else. and he was murdered in his car. the husband of his mistress was blamed, but jury found him not guilty. he later committed suicide. the author of this book thinks that Alice killed Joss. Alice killed herself. she had 2 daughters with her first husband that she let her aunt Tatty raise. she wrote them letters & sent them gifts. she just didn't seem to feel any need to spend great amounts of time with them. in her circle of friends, this was pretty common. blows my mind.



while shopping at Forever Twentyone looking for a mini skirt for Katie's 80s Halloween costume, she wasn't sure anything would fit since all the hangers said "XXL". guess they don't teach Roman Numerals in school anymore....

the other nite I had just got home from work & took Sasha out to potty since she was frantic to get outside as she always is...Katie comes out & hands me the phone, I have a call from Peggy about the school fall festival. Katie looks at me & says "have you lost a lot of weight or is your shirt just way too baggy?" (shirt is baggy. but nice thought!)

another of my favorites is the text messages she sends me:

hey, I need tucked in. quit farming & get with the program.

I would love you so much more if I had a trampoline.

ten more days to halloween

work, chores, checked out Katie's excellent decorating job in the woods, P-T conference, took her to dance, home to walk Sasha, make a moon for the werewolf, & pay bills. about time to go pick Miss Boo up & bring her home.

she had A' & A-s. very proud of my girl. of course, all my kids are smart.


according to the How Will You Die quiz on facebook...Nellie Henley, Helena Houk, & I will die June 30, 2012 in a car accident in Fort Peck, Montana. are we all in the same vehicle, or are we crashing into each other? hmmmm.... guess we'll have to wait and see....


hump day

have hung lights in the woods----Katie even approved of them! have the experiments ready, the cookie stuff all stapled together, the t-shirts labeled, the games ready....most of the evening will be wild dancing in the woods.
KJ's car is at Willis Garage to get the window fixed. he says he'll ride home from college with Jenni Friday.
Kevin took Katie to dance, I cleaned house & picked Katie up. Kevin went to Grammy's & bought steak & potatoes, which he made for supper.
put the new jars from Koren & the lye soap I found on the new shelf from Grammy's that I have been admiring from afar.


I can breathe in a small town...

as much as I enjoy visiting my wonderful daughter Koren, it is nice to be back in our own little rural neck of the woods. no interstates...no locking your doors everytime you go in or out....no locking your vehicle in your own driveway....
am I a hick? most certainly.
I read this today in my latest book....

You don't take charity.
You don't meddle in your neighbors' business.
You take care of your own.
And you don't betray the family to outsiders. Ever.
The Devil AmongstThe Lawyers
Sharyn McCrumb


a weekend in the city

Koren was our gracious hostess...introducing us to Old Chicago Pizza, Corner Cafe, & Oak Park Mall. she was also our taxi service downtown to the KC Convention Center for Katie's TOP Dance Directive.
meanwhile...KJ had his own brand of excitement...one of the Lumina windows decided to stick in the down position. so, Kevin ran him & Corey back to college so we can get the car into the shop & get it fixed. and someone will have to go pick up Mr. KJ next weekend, or we'll run the car to him after it gets fixed. since I work next weekend, & have the GS halloween party after work Sat....and still have to finish up the woods...it will be hectic.



putting pictures back up in my room....doing Kj's laundry...made chili, baked potatoes, & chicken strips for supper...and baked Koren's birthday pumpkin pie.
Katie is packing for her big weekend in KC.


yay me!

finished painting our bedroom today (white.....not pink!) & conquered piles of clutter & dustbunnies from hell. bought 2 giant storage boxes to move stuff out to the garage. still not quite put back together....but it'll happen. and the boxes have only made it to the livingroom, not to the garage...but Rome wasn't built in a day.

put books to go to Koren's in the backseat of the car, along with Katie's sunday schedule.

did the magic act of making my paycheck stretch enough to pay bills.
threw our new red Girl Scout tshirts in the washer & dryer.

put the checks we're cashing Sat. on the way to KC for spending $ on the door.

and think I have lost my billfold...I know I had it in Dollar General. thought I threw it in truck seat when I went outside. no one has called me saying they found it yet....

going to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas for awhile before bed...can't find the dvd, so going to watch vhs in my room. The Dance Studio is doing How The Grinch Stole Christmas for their dance recital. awesomeness!

a work in progress.....

went to work early yesterday so I could leave for my Fall Festival Planning Meeting, then back to work, where they let me leave at 2p.m. when I got done, so came home & started painting our room. quit to take Katie to dance, got 2 walls done before I had to go pick her up.
Kevin spent the morning at the dentist getting a tooth pulled.
also started a new picture display at the end of the hall where the evil full length mirror used to be & got rid of a stack of books.
the plan is to start painting when I get home, take a break to take her to dance, & hopefully finish up before I have to pick her up! then I can get on to my other projects....taking the patches off Katie's jr. vest & putting the crest, etc. on her cadette vest, sewing the patches on her quilt, transcribing the newspaper clippings & scrapbook & passing them on, finishing up Camp Ghoul Scout prep, getting back to work on the tshirt quilt....



is it just me or is Glee just not as good as it was last year? at least they weren't wailing church songs again this week....
after eating his millionth fried meal from the Anniversary Date Day Fry Daddy, Kevin lamented that he is too old to be breaking out...
kate & I walked sasha at the park. she spraypainted ring toss rings for me. I remembered the Wishing Tree game ---well, the name, so I could look it up on line. gathered everything for tomorrow's meeting to take to school. have a big day at work tomorrow, so I decided instead of just taking the day off like I'd planned, will go in early, go to school for meeting, then back to work. life is just dandy. seems like I just did this awhile back....


monday monday

back to work. yippee skippy! kj went to the dr. about the mole on his shoulder. she shaved it off to be tested. then he went back to college.
transformed the green bottles in Zombies & Frankensteins. made some signs.
did some laundry. ran the dishwasher. walked the sasha.
made the katie fishsticks for supper. I had the pumpkin bread with honey butter.
conquered some more frontierville challanges, now time to watch the South Park.
life is good.


gettin' down to business....

Friday nite the kitchen got painted...Katie went to the softball game...and KJ came home for the weekend.
transforming kitchen from Cows to Coke.


thursday in the hood

came home from work, did chores, cleaned bathroom sink & mirror, figured bills, shaved my legs, took down pictures in the kitchen to paint, checked my facebook & games so we can go to dance class. will try to paint kitchen tomorrow! it is on my to-do list, anyway...

have to get ready for GS halloween party, school fall festival....which involves making lists, creating some eyeballs & frankenstein heads & a witches hat ring toss....



today was the big day...measuring for costumes & forking out the $ for costumes.....car is out of shop with all new brakes. beautiful day. katie's leaps are amazing.....she flies thru the air.



walked the sasha, made an emergency chip run for katie, fed dogs & cats, sorted thru old newspapers...just a long pleasant evening of doing not a lot of nothing. kevin is working cows. the car is getting new brakes. katie & I are just chillin'.

what's going on in the Dailey house?

kj stuck around till I got home from work Sunday so I could have a goodbye hug before he went back to NWMSU.
Monday made him a dr. appt. for next monday morning for his shoulder, put his school refund check in his savings account, returned kevin's library books, signed the back of my insurance form at the office, & did some shopping at $ general. then came home, did 'chores', walked sasha at the park, changed sheets, swept & swiffered floors, & found koren's birthday card.



I went to work early, then took a long lunch to go to school and watch the Variety Show...Katie sang with Bailey, Nicole, Emily, Breanna, Kayla, & Kelsie. they were awesome! Kayla spent the nite here, went to work early so I could take a long lunch to take Katie to Princeton to dance for City Wide Garage Sale Day. then took the girls to Kayla's house & went back to work. KJ is home for the weekend. life is good.



going to work early today so I can leave for awhile to go to the school variety show...katie was going to skip this year but is now singing with a group of friends. so, it's 3a.m....can't sleep, so getting my online stuff out of the way so if I do go back to bed, when I get up at 5 I can just brush my teeth, wash my face, take my DayQuil, & head straight to work without having to check email, yahoo, Frontierville, & Zoo Paradise. will I still check them? probably. but it won't take as long...got the horrible peanut deal completed....now need nails to mail a crate of food to relatives in the Old Country....
I thought last nite was costume fitting, so did my financial magic for costume $...I was a week early. so there you go...ahead of the game.

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