tuesday kevin planned an amazing anniversary date day touring the bridges of madison county...something I have always wanted to do! he still has a surprise or two up his sleeve....

wednesday kevin worked on the farm, I worked at work, he took katie to dance & turned in her interstate photo at the 4H extension office, then we met up & mowed marie's yard. I picked katie up & started supper. whew....



looked thru the amazing amanda shafer scrapbook...what a goldmine. will take me forever to get it all transcribed.
we did a family Sasha walk at the park. kevin took the nite off work.
katie had no homework.
kevin deleted some stuff off the computer...will my photos load now?


can't get my pictures to load....

aaugh! I have so many fabulous ones to share with the world....my roadtrip to Saline...our roadtrips to Grundy County & Lake Marie...
Katie WILL sing in the talent show in a group on Friday. will have to contrive some way I can leave work for awhile....next weekend is Family Weekend....KJ will stay there for the weekend. I have to work so we can't go. we will go to Homecoming weekend.
spent most of today in bed....headache & fever. the leaders meeting was cancelled. I finally roused up enough to do chores, heat up Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup, take Sasha for a walk, & run Jessie home. even got some brownies made.
Katie & KJ both have wicked colds, too....Katie slept in the chair for awhile.
our 27th anniversary is Tuesday. took the day off.


kj dailey & his laundry are home from college!

martha brought over more donations for the band carnival.
katie & I walked sasha at the park.
katie got out of school at 12:20 today. kevin got the yard mowed.
I am inching closer to getting all my peanuts planted on Frontierville. grrrrr.



drove home in hard rain from dance....Katie got to show off her hard-earned backbend! got the bills done. watched the new America's Next Top Model. turkey sandwiches & BBQ chips for supper. didn't get any work done on the borrowed newspaper clippings & scrapbook. or take down the kitchen pictures to paint. or sweep floors.


road trip

found virginia's house, had a nice visit with her & curtis, did some backroadin' and picture takin', then picked katie up from dance. time to delve into the scrapbook & bag of clippings! kevin uploaded the pictures for me, but can't find them on computer. ...



spent the day in the hog barn, then came home, feed pets, & headed to Cameron to the cookie kickoff meeting. katie was supposed to go with me but she wasn't feeling good. I won a sweatshirt for driving the farthest...I should've won something else for finding the place without my trusty GPS. I have come to rely waaaaayyyy tooo much on it. ran thru Walmart for Pepsi on the way home, then McDonalds drivethru for 50piece McNuggets & 2 supersized fries. so, Katie is up past her bedtime eating junk food.....


the weekend

KJ came home, Katie rode on The Dance Studio Float in the 50th Calamity Jane Day Parade, then we bought the 2009 & 2010 Pioneer Presses & a bag of kettle corn, then came home. went back later, Katie & I went to the melodrama, then met KJ on the square in the rain to watch the band formerly known as Double Klutch. rained about all Sat. nite & into Sunday morning. had our "Growing Up A Girl Scout" meeting & bridging ceremony. KJ went back to school. Katie got sick. I took a nap.

back to the real world tomorrow...work, school, leaders cookie training in Cameron....had to go back to the old fashioned looking up directions on line....I was going to borrow the GPS back from KJ & forgot. amazing how quickly one gets dependent on technology!



and my baby boy came home for the weekend....laundry, anyone? our new flannel sheets arrived.....dear kevin got one batch washed & on the bed before I got home....and had potato soup simmering on the stove, to boot.



kevin & I both got home in time to take kate to dance, so we both did, then he went to the library while I read my book in the car, went to DG to find bandages for his new owie, then home to start supper & run the 4H stuff to the meeting, then back to pick up katie from dance.
we watched Date Night....not quite what I thought it would be. but good. movies about couples trying to make their marriage more exciting make me nervous.



another child has went back out into the real world....ms. Koren went home. then Kevin, Katie, & I went to Bethany to Toot-Toots & Walmart. came home to rush & put together the 4-H stuff due TOMORROW. (yeah....)
Kate & I got new jammies at Walmart, she also got earrings.



kevin & koren went to trenton to hyvee, chiropractor, & lunch at the mexican place. we made a trip to Grammy's Grocery, took pictures on the square, & had porkchops, real homemade mashed potatoes, & creamed corn for supper. KJ had to go back to school today. Koren goes home tomorrow. it has been SO NICE having all my kids home!


The Kids Came Home

yay! KJ came home from college, & Koren came home from the city, & they are here! of course, Kevin & I had to work the weekend....but they are used to their parents always being at work. Koren & Cody took KJ & Katie to Pizza Hut for lunch. we had some adventures today....a photo shoot that Katie edited for me on piknik, a small bird that flew into the window & knocked itself loopy, Koren 's dead car battery.

the kids wanted chocolate chip cookie brownies for & ice cream for supper.
think this picture will go in the Xmas cards this year....



found out via facebook message from kj's roommate that he was headed home. so called Kj to verify...it was supposed to be a surprise. he needs some quiet for homework. then koren calls....she is coming tomorrow to stay for a few days! total happiness. I was grinning like a fool....katie asked why I was smiling. I said because all my kids will be home. she replied you should be smiling all the time, I'm always here! it would be even better if I had the weekend off, but that's ok! I'll take what I can get.



is Katie's new non professional photography business. I think she is awesome!
painted on the end of hallway again where the mirror previously resided. going to use a minimalistic approach to hanging pictures back up on the walls...
nite 2 of dance class, wrote out checks for bills, & katie brushed my fuzzy fuzzy hair. and sasha & I finally spotted one of the tiger garage kitties!

the to-do list....

katie started back to dance class. she is very excited about her new dances.
kevin took her, deb picked her up.
kevin worked for his dad, took down the hallway mirror, mowed the yard.
deb mailed in the paint rebate & painted the hallway!!!!
kevin made supper.



got home from work to see kevin in his pioneer cap putting in a new mailbox post! this is exciting! then we went to girdner's to get a new mailbox, a "DAILEY", & 2 gallons of paint, since I decided our room & the kitchen need painted as well as the hallway. and I just may start tomorrow. (I say this....)
tagged along with kevin to put in a new mailbox post at his grandma marie's, then he started mowing the overgrown yard, katie showered, & I started supper.
have to plant & harvest 3000 peanuts on frontierville, & earn 1 MILLION coins. now I know why all my neigbors on higher levels had their entire farms planted in peanuts. I have so much crap scattered on mine, it's going to take awhile. especially when you take into consideration how long the peanuts take to mature....3 or 4 days. whew.
met sheryl on the road, have to update katie's 4-H project book, & muddle through getting the secretary book done with the 1 meeting she attended & the 2 I did....
back to dance tomorrow nite. katie is ready!

Justin Beiber

ordered My World 2.0 from amazon last nite....
Sasha also got a walk (finally!), I watched an episode of Hoarders then did some house cleaning. have decided that the kitchen & our room also need painted. need to buy that paint!


Labor Day

I went back to work....KJ went back to college. I miss him already...

Kevin saves the day

he went to Walmart in Osceola after work last nite....knowing full well that I wouldn't be going back! Katie still doesn't have her Justin Bieber cd or the new earrings...but she can eat. he is a good guy {& knows just how close to full blown crazy his wife of many years is!}

lesson learned

don't drive 45 minutes to Walmart, spend an hour shopping, then try to write a check without an id. seriously. because then you drive 45 minutes to get home without anything but a bad attitude.....


Day 3

band boosters trash pickup at 7 a.m., then Katie, Breanna, & Jessie had hot chocolate. Girl Scouts ran the baby show at 9:30 (we were the last ones there to sit up!). all went well. even got a compliment from the crowd that it was the fairest judged baby show that that individual had ever been to! stayed uptown for Kids Games, Kevin walked up, we ate lunch...the girls at Mercer Pizza Plus, Kevin & I at Grammy's. Katie & Jessie found their parade floats. KJ came up to watch the parade with us. then Jessie was pig wrestlin'. we came home for awhile, ordered Pizza Plus for supper, then back uptown for the last wristband nite & the teen dance. this will be the last homecoming I will tag around for....I am cramping Katie's style. I will in the future dump her & pick her up. this is what she wants. and when she gets her own digital camera for her birthday, I won't have to take pics of her & her friends anymore. which is my main project in life now anyways....


homecoming nite #2

KJ pulled into the driveway right before we left! Jessie &Katie had walking tacos for supper, then bought armbands & rode rides...they rode together & with other friends. there is a chill in the air, but they just kept on going! armbands are still $12.

Mercer Homecoming Day 1

Katie had 2 songs to sing in the talent show, plus girl scouts were singing Big Green Tractor. katie got to start off the show...sound system problems. she was a champ & just kept going. Krystina Frost went next. then some dancers. then the Girl Scouts. then Dana just cancelled the show....sound system was fading in & out. so she didn't get to sing her 2nd song. bummer. we watched Miss Mercer contest & the pie eating contest, I got to be a pet show judge, Katie hung with friends. It was cold.


once upon a time....

Kevin, Deb, & Koren lived in this apartment house in Bethany, MO on Central


Bethany Fair Parade

had Katie at Bethany Community Gym by 5:30 to hang out with The Dance Studio for the Bethany Fair Parade...she was a walker. then we went to Walmart for a few things, & she had an interesting encounter with a drunk guy at Snappy's while I was inside paying for gas....
Kj went to the bookstore & bought a scientific calculator for algebra.....$161.

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