it's homecoming week in mercer...the town is a hoppin'. the stage is set up on the square, there is fresh paint everywhere...rides & concessions parked here & there...girls selling raffle tickets for the Miss Mercer contest....
today Kevin & I had dentist appts in Trenton...I was A-Ok. Kevin needs $major$ work done. we ate at Hardee's where Kevin tried the new chicken strips. we haven't been in there in years. they have cool Trenton Bulldogs displays. shopped Pamida, had my constantly dying phone checked....everyone in Trenton is having problems with their batteries dying daily. I am not alone.
tomorrow The Dance Studio will have a float at a parade in Bethany. we should have time to run over after I get off work. pink & blue are the official studio colors.
the Girl Scouts will sing Big Green Tractor in the local entertainment, & Katie will sing 2 solos. Friday the kids get out at 12:20. Jessie will stay over, the girls will ride rides. Saturday 7a.m. is band booster trash pickup. 9:00 GS start signing babies up for the baby show. My mom will be a judge, have asked Jo, & Katie & Breanna want to be judges, as well.
Katie will ride on the Dance Studio float in the Big Parade.
Sunday 7 a.m. band booster trash pickup.
mom said Casey Guernsey called her today to ask about Rt. C.


Max Butler's Milestones

Sunday, August 29, 2010
Max's milestones
Max had to make a list of 25 milestones for social studies to make a timeline. I had to help as he couldn't come up with 25 on his own & didn't know the dates. So, here's the list:

1998 - born
1999 - learned to walk
2000 - brother was born
2001 - quit going to daycare
2002 - started preschool, Grandma Ellen died, got Maggie (dog)
2003 - got ear tubes
2004 - started kindergarten
2005 - diagnosed as flat footed
2006 - surgery for being tongue tied
2007 - 1st "vacation" to St. Loius, 1st time camping
2008 - Math Bowl, house robbed, learned to target shoot, 1st trip to Miner Mike's
2009 - learned to swim, learned to play recorder, CIY Superstart (youth revival), fractured wrist
2010- learned to ride a bike, vacation to Chicago, started middle school, 1st time working at serving/offering table at church

Vampires Suck!

Saturday the girls went trekking back thru the sticker bushes to find Katie's missing sock, after her jeans went thru the washer, she was still picking stickers out of them! the girl scout meeting went well, had 10 total girls today. then Katie, Kayla, & I went to Trenton to the movies. Kj didn't call me, so I called him for a second.
now it's Sunday. Kayla goes home today. have a leaders meeting this afternoon. and need to plan a briding ceremony for Lindsay, Katie, Breanna, & Kayla.



Kayla is here for the weekend. cleaned more in KJ's room. the girls might sleep in there tonite. need to do bills & sweep & swiffer the rest of the house....finish planning for tomorrow's GS meeting....might have some of our prospective girls here, so will do some intro stuff....promise, law, sign, GS history, etc. so they can earn a badge. am a bit worried about getting a lot of new girls....but this might be the chance to split them into age groups instead of one big group.
Kj called, he got his parking pass, laptop, & bearcat card. didn't get the debit card done. and he had problems with his sheets coming off the mattress & his pillow falling from the loft, he didn't get a lot of sleep.


and bubba went to college....

he & Corey are now safely installed in 453 Hudson Hall at NWMSU. he has called twice so far. all is well. I am so proud of him. and I miss him.



took 2 days off to get Kj off to college. I woke up early, played on computer....(another guilty frontierville secret...I am a bad person!), took Katie to school, she requested that I go in some other time to deliver the girl scout notes to Terry. (I went back to pick her up from school & went early to take them!). I cleaned off one of KJ's shelfs for him to take with him, he picked out books, games, & dvds to take with him. KJ got his hair cut, we went to USBank to start his student checking account, shopped at DG, washed/vaccumed car, ate lunch at Crossroads. when we got home, cleaned mini fridge, cleaned interior of car. found the death threat whistle from the infamous trip to the Indianola Balloon Classic!
he requested homemade stuffed cheese crust pepperoni pizza for supper. threw in a giant chocolate chip cookie 2.
Kayla was over, they did another photo shoot.


Kayla's mom Jill picked her up last nite, she had been painting. they have put in new ceilings & carpet. she is a go-getter. I did find some plastic floor cover stuff cleaning out KJ's car. and the rollers & paint pans. have the pictures down & in a box. just need to GO BUY THE PAINT & GET IT ON THE WALL! was toying with the idea of color....then half white, half red....but think I am back to just white. change is hard. and I have come to the realization that I am more than a bit lazy. after KJ goes, will need to clean his room, & touch up the paint on his walls, & strip & remake his bed....(sigh). I remember when Koren moved out....we painted her room & moved Katie in. kept some of the lonely away, I guess.
I need to ask Kevin again nicely if he'll take down the hallway mirror so I don't have to paint around it again....and I am rather tired of watching my large self walk down the hall. not a pretty picture! want to put the mirror collection in the diningroom & transform it into a dance studio.



survived another day of work (sigh). kevin washed the truck, pulled the swingset out of yard & took it to the ditch, then mowed the weedy spot where it once upon a time sat for 15+ years. Koren used to sit in the chair swing & sing Pocohantas songs. KJ climbed the slide to get into an airplane. and Katie sat in the chair swing with her dollies & let me push her.
Koren called, she is wanting to take a few days off & come see us. bless her heart.
started packing Mr KJ for college. decided we'll clean off one of his bookshelves to see if he has room for it. Kevin did the fatherly car care lesson. Kayla came over to hang out with Katie, they did a photo shoot & Katie picniked them. awesomeness.



this is kj's last precollege weekend....tonite he played bb at the park with friends. katie is intently working on stretches & tricks. the toilet seat has a broken hinge....use with caution. still muggy. ac still on. need to make a list of things to do on wed. to get him ready to go....haircut, atm card, wash car...



workin' this weekend, the humidity today about did me in carting feed to nursery. I usually harp about the a/c being on & throw open doors & windows for fresh air when I get home, but today I threw windows & doors shut. Sasha didn't get a walk. I did get a lengthy nap....about 4 hours. then up to eat some rice & get on facebook. my Land Office on Frontierville has disappeared, but nothing has came up in its spot...maybe I hid it somehow.
got the dishwasher emptied, the clothes from washer to dryer & clothes in dryer. not bad for someone who has worked/slept all day.
Katie wants a hot pink digital camera for her birthday & the new Justin Bieber & Katy Perry cds for Xmas. she is working on her backbend & splits & traded some of her silly bands @ school.
Corey was over to check out Alan Wake. ( I was forbidden to put that on my stupid blog by my son.)
Katie is watching DeGrassi again.
Kevin was all excited about the new Branson vacation magazine that came today....ziplining & a Princess Di exhibit. several years ago we talked about spending Xmas at Big Cedar...horse drawn sleigh, family picture, hanging out in a cool cabin...but never did do it. (yet...)


Back To School

Miss Katie is in 6th grade. Since I couldn't get off work to take her to her last first day of elementary school, her brother graciously offered to. so, she is saved from the horrors of the bus until next Friday! Katie informed me that she is actually in her 2nd year of middle school, so it was no big deal that I couldn't get there. It is a big deal to me, it is one of the motherhood things I cherish. I smugly have watched each year as the number of moms who take their kid to the first day dwindles as they get older....serves me right, I suppose.

we went to Applebee's the first nite of school, had a *S*U*C*C*E*S*S*F*U*L* jeans shopping trip to Stage, Kevin took Katie's phone to Verizon to get her voice mail fixed. they couldn't get it done. then bought groceries at WalMart, arriving home 10:30ish. what wonderful parents we are!
Miss Cuddles had an epic puek fest on our bed, Kevin had to strip it & wash the mattress & sheets. the kids said he really blew a rod.
I tried unsuccessfully to take some road trip pictures....got kind of a good Amish one.
I have a guilty Frontierville secret. I have been pining for the outhouse, the clothesline, the checker barrel game, but when they came up with the trash pile with circling flies & the cigar store cowboy, I became reckless & for the first time in my facebook gaming I bought horseshoes with actual real life $ so I could buy the cool shit I wanted in the game. It's been a rough week.....early morning loads...boss on vacation....and clobbering groundhogs has been mylifeline. I've been thinking about setting up a 2nd account so I can send myself the supplies I need for challanges...and so I can have a place to get the animals or withered crops, etc. I need to harvest. It is an illness. probably too late for a cure.



had a mandatory employee satisfaction meeting after work...a grand total of 7 employees attended. are any of us any more satisfied after fighting our way thru roadwork on the Mercer square & sitting thru an hour meeting? thank god I can come home & relax clobbering groundhogs & rotating baby farm animals. dont' need antidepressants...yet. this is Katie's last nite of summer...a nice cool day with rain in the air. I usually take the kids the first day...with the mandatory pictures. I am pretty smug of my track record...I have only missed one first day that I can remember...because I had transferred & couldn't get off work. tomorrow is Katie's last first day of elementary. will I be there? no. my boss is taking the WEEK off because her darling is starting preschool. that will leave a grand total of 3 people in the barn. and of course lucky me is in charge, why I don't know..I have no official title. Kj valiantly offered to take her to school. Kate will take a self portrait with my camera. she doesn't seem really upset. I am. this is a big thing to me. this is one of the things that I do. my kids are growing up & I am wasting my life at a job that I hate not making enough $ to survive on anyway.
I AM moving KJ to college next week. and I AM pulling my daughter out of school to send him off. so there. na na na na boo boo stick your head in doo doo!
and if you know who takes off xmas week again.....



picked up Katie at 6:50a.m., she was sitting outside waiting for some other kids. she had called to see if I was on my way, I had my phone, but volume was off. she is sleeping the day away. when we got home, I went back to bed & slept till 1:00. lazy!
cleaned off a kitchen counter yesterday, did some scrapbooking, some laundry, swept under Kevin 's chair when KJ drug it in front of the tv to play his new gamefly game.
have been blogging the Axsom Association of America newsletters on my allthenutsinthetree blog...tried to go to the former websites of the Axsom Association of America & the Axsom Page, but since Larry Axsom & Norma Zanetti have both died, the sites are no longer there. at least this is a more productive use of my time than sleeping & Frontierville! but probably not as productive as cleaning house & buying the paint so I can get my hallway painted. the pictures have just been down about a month...



I have been busy playing Frontierville....today cleaned out a cabinet to make more room for dishes & found a bunch of old letters & Xmas cards...
Weds. was family movie nite....The Other Guys at Trenton. then we had a late nite supper at McDonalds. had to wait in road construction on the way down. the parts of Hwy 65 they have done are smooth riding.
hotter than hell all week. the promised cold front came thru Friday & cooled it down. lots of storm damage in KC area.
Kate is hyped up about the All Night Skate at Bethany that she's going to with Skyler.



baby it's hot outside! kevin picked kate up from skylers nice & early, then went to the hayfield. she didn't feel good so didn't go to kayla's sleepover. bethany has many cool things to do. kate would like to live there.



back to work....
took katie to skylers sleepover in bethany.
just realized that when kj goes to NWMSU & katie goes to a sleepover...it'll just be me, miss cuddles, & sasha...unless it's tuesday or wednesday, which are kevin's nites off. sigh...


more back to school shopping attempted....

we did get katie's school supplies purchased. I made her try on 2 pairs of jeans...they were on clearance & how awesome would it be if they fit.....but no. she didn't like them. we just weren't in the shopping mood.

plan on going to chillicothe next weekend to look around at stage & maurices & payless. otherwise, she starts school with 2 pairs of jeans, flipflops, & shirts. I don't like clothes shopping, I get so impatient. when I was a kid, most of our clothes came from garage sales, if they fit, we wore them. when I started working, I bought my own clothes & could be more picky. I want my kids to have their own style, make their own opinions. but I just can't deal with it in public shopping situations. and I can't deal with my kids going to school naked.

in better news, Corey is going to NWMSU. since he can't find a cosigner, the school will charge him interest on the little bit of $ he is short. he had to pay in full to graduate. I'd hate to see anyone kept out by just a little bit of $. that kid has worked & schemed & planned to get there. he deserves a higher education!


weekend off!

Friday nite we tried out the Oh No...Zombies game. KJ won.

woo hoo! slept in till 7:15, mailed back the dvds I'd ordered twice from Columbia House...did some important work on Frontierville....

Katie has to feed Morgan's cats today...have the Girl Scout Swimming Party that so far I know 2 Girl Scouts are attending...guess doing it on the tax free back to school shopping weekend wasn't such a good idea...I never shop that weekend...I don't know that we really pay all that much in sales tax...plus the stores will be megacrowded.

planning on swimming at Corydon pool tomorrow if she can find a friend to go with her....going to video her diving & she can stop edit the best poses out & make them into pictures.

this resourceful mom ran out of hand soap...so put a bottle of body wash in its spot until I get to Walmart....

school supply list is posted on the front door.

cleaned off a spot in the entertainment center for board games.

cut up old t-shirts/sweatshirts Kevin cleaned out of his side of the closet.

we are cooking with gas!

I am a Frontierville Grandma!

introducing my daughter Katie's Frontierville husband....Buck.

and her Frontierville daughter....Briella!


Katie's first job.....Pet Sitter!

(forgot to post picture on previous post.....)

Katie's first job....

feeding our neighbor Morgan's cats....$15 for 3 days! she is doing a great job. she is so responsible & I am so proud of her!


aahhh...my favorite time of year! Katie always puts a lot of thought into her costume...we look thru catalogs & online...we ponder....we plan....
but this year, Katie is going to do her own costume! maybe an eighties girl. I am excited!


The Fox In The Hay

The Mirror July 7 2010

I took the photograph above, of a very smart fox, on my way to feed my cattle one morning. It seemed like a perfect spot to watch for bad things or good things to eat. It also seemed to be very comfortable. When I got out of my truck to get closer, the fox bailed off the bale of hay & headed for better cover.
photograph by Bob Lee Martin.

I believe this is the photo of a fox he took in our pasture years ago, Koren saw Bob Lee out her window & asked him what he was doing. he told her he was taking a picture of a fox on a hay bale. I saved the original picture from the paper but God knows where it is, so I'll just save this one, too, which I am pretty sure is the same picture...


time with the fam...

spent tuesday hanging out with koren & cody at legends mall & independence center mall. katie & kj both found some clothes, had lunch at dave & busters, supper at sonic on the way home.
wednesday I took katie to dance, picked up kj's band boosters scholarship check & mailed in the 3 checks we have to college. picked up car with new tires. we all picked up katie at dance, lunch at trenton pizza hut buffett, then to chillicothe to verizon wireless, where we were every clerks dream....I took over kj's phone, he, katie, & kevin got new phones, & we changed our entire plan. took about 2 hours. then to dq, kevin bought boots at chillicothe boot, then home again, home again, jiggity jog.
he was going to go mow maries yard while I ran the kids new clothes thru the washer & dryer, but the truck battery was dead, so he plugged it in to charge and THEN went to mow the yard....back to work tomorrow.
katie has a job feeding our neighbor morgan's cats the next 3 days.



worked some on the tshirt quilt, katie & I made a dollar general run, put away laundry, reheated the hamburgers kevin made for lunch for supper. I also made cinnamin raisin biscuits, drank a mikes hard lemonade, & watched The Wolfman.

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