and now it's saturday....

I have worked & slept. that's been about it. KJ hasn't slept the last 2 nites because of ear pain. katie woke up with a bad sideache. she thinks her appendix should come out. found the tupperware form. it's now not due till next week anyway. Kj's dorm order arrived....the robe & sheets have all been washed & dried & lovingly placed in the pop up hamper. still haven't finished KJ's quilt. I ordered Hot Tub Time Machine & Crazies twice from Columbia House dvd club. got online & applied for Kj's USBANK student debit card. car is parked waiting for new tires.



katie went to the pool with mackenzie. I appear to have poison ivy on my leg. the passanger front window is not working right on truck. I finished Pioneer Women...and came to the realization that I had read it before. I also realized that we have lost the Tupperware order form due for dance tomorrow. did we leave it at moms?


wow...I'm behind....

Friday was the cousins coming to visit. my mom & lisa of course accompanied them. and my mom brought supper...roast, corn, gravy, potatoes, shells & cheese. she has these silver metal 5 stack pans that she takes everywhere...full of food. grandma grace had one, too. mom left hers here with me. which was sweet. when I visit my children who have moved away from home, I take them out to eat. that's the kind of mom I am. my possible future grandchildren will never rave about my homemade noodles. but they may appreciate the trips to Pizza Hut...
the kids ran around the yard...went to the park & shot hoops with josh, corey, & then played Rock Band II. after they left, katie & I got gas at snappys, then made a late nite run to walmart.
SaturdayCamp Girl Scout. a long, long, long, fun day.
Sundayall our little girl scouts were gone by 10:15a.m. took a shower, sat around outside watching katie do a photo shoot, then came in & took a nice long nap. cleaned bathroom, floors, caught up laundry, took down air mattress & tents. whew. corey, kj, josh, katie, & I played a late nite game of Batman & Robin Monopoly. I went bankrupt at midnite & went to bed.
Monday 6 a.m. truck, so I was up early. kj went to dr...fluid buildup in ear, antibiotics & take otc allergy meds. kevin discovered bald tire on car so drove truck to work. kj was asleep in the chair with sasha, someone called from the park, away he went. josh watched Tosh.O for awhile, then went to pick up val.



have 2 sides of kj's quilt trimmed, got the kids pizza plus for supper. last nite went to mom & dad's to see lisa & boys...their highway is majorly fubarred from the overloaded trucks running up & down the road on their emergency permits to get lagoon levels down.
are we ready for Camp Girl Scout? I keep coming up with more ideas...will do grocery shopping tomorrow nite.



stayed up too late last nite watching The Crazies. then I had to unload/load dishwasher & do some laundry so I could go to bed with out getting the heebie jeebies. then got up early for first load pigs. called & got 2 scholarships taken care of, left a message for 3rd, & reminded Kj to go to school to pick up the 4th. Kevin talked to financial aid today. We are ok for first semester. and the boys got the official notification...they are roommies at ‎453 Hudson Hall! Corey came over for awhile, I ate the 15 bean soup that I was craving that gives me such misery afterwards...and I took a long long nap & missed the tornado warning...one touched down 5 miles out of Princeton.


and the fair is over...

Katie & I were there at 3 p.m. to work the concession stand, taking our brownies for the 4-H ice cream social with us, taking a break to sign Katie up for the talent show. there were like 19 acts in the 13-under singing category. she didn't place but did a fabulous job singing Fall For You & I am very proud of her! Katie got to hang out with Shambry for awhile & do the inflatible rides. hotter than the hubs of hell. Kevin took the night off to watch Katie sing. that was awesome.


Blue Ribbons Galore

Katie entered 3 pictures.... a cat on the back porch, a flower closeup, & an apple closeup. she is very talented! and I am very proud!

livin' in Frontierville

first it was just me with my covered wagon, a bunch of grass, & a couple of crops. then They Called Him Kevin joined me. and now our little blessing, Agnes, named after the adorable youngest orphan from Despicable Me. I have conquered groundhogs, bears, snakes, thorns, grass, built 2 cabins, a general store, a school, a barn, & have an inn started. I have wasted hours of my life that I'll never get back. first it was FarmTown & some pet game. then Farmville. then YoVille. then I broke the cycle. until I found Frontierville...which features the old fashioned days I can't get enough of but never would've survived.
I did manage to cross a few things off my to-do list tonite...sewed the back on KJ's quilt, decided I will trim it in denim. patched up KJ's wrestling quilt. sewed 3 more patches I'd found on Katie's patch quilt. found KJ's shot records, filled out the health form to mail in, & got his sheet order sent in.


to the movies!

mom, dad, & katie to see Despicable Me. corey & kj opted not to go.
the movie was good...Agnes was so adorable that just for a minute there I wished I could have another baby! on the way home I'm looking at pastures with scrub brush & thinking it looks like Frontierville...I really needed to get out of the house & away from my addiction!



I worked half a day, ran home for a sandwich, then got my hair highlighted. Kevin came home in time to go to fair with Katie & I to enter her pictures in the Mercer County Fair. we ate at Crossroads. we came home. Josh & Corey were here.
it's hot, I had to turn a/c back on because I couldn't get cooled off. fat ladies shouldn't work in hog barns & wear black shirts in the summer, evidently...


Stan Helsing

went grocery shopping at Walmart & Katie found the funniest movie! got her pictures ready for fair. I was taking tomorrow off but will work the morning & then go to my hair appt. the whole 3 pig people per barn thing is really starting to bite. room to wash...gilts coming in....17 morning breeds...


re: fair clean up

I was at work, so I couldn't take her. I am innocent, I tell you, innocent!

The Burrowers

I'm a sucker for anything wild west or prairie days...had bought this movie awhile back & finally decided to watch it tonite...it is a cool idea...the Burrowers used to eat the buffalo, but when they were gone they started on the people...I probably will have some rather colorful dreams tonite!
Katie has her outfit ready to sing at the fair talent show...her cd arrived so she is practicing. she is also stretching and working on her flexibility. need to get her fair pictures mounted on mat boards.
today was fair clean up day. I had asked KJ to take her. he didn't. Sheryl called to see if she needed a ride. she didn't answer the phone. we are a family of shirkers. now if only we could blow off our clubs trash day & food stand day...hmmmm. I'd feel guilty, but I always feel guilty anyway....



my weekend to work. tonite was the rescheduled 4th of July in Princeton. Katie was the only Dance Studio kid that could dance. she wasn't real thrilled with that. she came up with several convincing arguments why she shouldn't dance. after several days of this, I did cave. she knew I would. (I kind of had to agree with the one where fate just didn't want her to do the dance again after she was rained out...)so we made a Pepsi run to Randy's, watched Scary Movie 3, then ghostly stuff on tv. Katie is making lemon smoothies again! we bought the blender when we bought the new fridge (tax refund time). she just opened the blender the other day & made lemon smoothies.


the kids have been playing Clue a lot....the old Clue...the new Clue...so I got on amazon.com & found Clue The Movie. Kj, Katie, Corey, & I watched it last nite, then played a round of old Clue. good times, good times....

in other news, I made it to another pay day...Kevin mowed the yards...I did laundry & changed sheets & swept floors...and Kevin found his missing keys.


my new thing....

last nite KJ bought us Mercer Pizza Plus for supper with the "last $18 of senior money they handed out the other day." I took pictures of wildflowers. Katie started playing Frontierville...my new thing. yes, once upon a time Farmtown was my thing. then Farmville was my thing. then it was YoVille. I tried Ghost Town. so far in Frontierville I have built a cabin & a general store & got married. have enough coins to build a schoolhouse, but the game keeps kicking me off. thwarted last nite & again this morning....guess I should just go to real work....



kevin & kids to eye dr., chiropractor, Pizza Hut, & HyVee. Josh, Val, & Corey over with Youth in Revolt...good movie.



back to work. katie is trying to get pics of the neighborhood fireworks.


Happy Independence Day!

hung around home all day, put Katie's hair up at 6 to go to Princeton & dance...of course, her biggest fans Grandpa Bernard & Grandma Janet showed up...the littlest dancers went, then the Proud Mary girls, then Katie dropped her boa on the ground & started strutting to her spot...downpour...festivities cancelled...and home we come. Kj went to the Mercer park & got soaked running home. then he went to Dakota's. so, year 2 of no fireworks. the
@!#$ neighbors have been shooting them off all day...the dogs in the backyard are cowering in their doghouses. rain hasn't slowed them down any. Paul's horse doesn't care for fireworks, either....
so, no dancing...no hotdog after she danced...no glownecklaces from the dance fund raiser we didn't get to have...
it's 10:33 p.m. still booming next door. maybe they don't have to work tomorrow....



slept in, to Trenton with Kevin, Katie & I walked at park while he went to chiropractor appt, then had lunch buffett at Pizza Hut, & shopped at Pamida.
Kj spent last nite @ Corey's & came home today. I took a nap & took down everything from walls I'm going to paint but the clock, smoke detector, & vent covers. pulled all nails, pushpins, & tacks. will try to fix all holes tomorrow & make an inventory of my paint supplies. scrapbooked a bunch of old pictures. not putting all that crap back on the walls! Katie & I watched spooky ghost stuff in the dark...tell you what, folks, The Amityville Horror still scares the bejesus out of me!



Kj went to the movies with Jason & Corey, then to Corey's to play Rock Band.
Gail brought the boys choir shirts over.
Katie & I took Sasha for a walk.
Kevin took Katie out for lunch at Crossroads.
I turned off the a/c (again!) when I got home from work.


Katie's pose during the TopSTARZ junior team dance...

TopSTARZ dvd & cd arrived today!

and they are ♥ frickin' sweet!
turned off the a/c & opened the windows for some fresh air. I am tired of the canned a/c smell.
Kevin's clothes from Sportsman Guide arrived.
bill nite!


KJ ordered some cds & a walkman on the gift card...still has $180 left. Josh, Corey, Val, & Calvin over. Kevin & Lije saved horses from a burning barn. I watched some of Ghost Hunters Academy. Katie & I took Sasha on a walk at the park & Morgan joined us for awhile.

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