Memorial Day

Kevin & I of course worked. Katie had her last Monday nite dance class of the season. She stayed up all night long. bought 2 tiki torches for her room & 3 storage totes at Dollar General...boxed up the Goosebumps books that were in Kj's Phoenix Suns locker for all these many years...and sorted thru the bottom shelf of entertainment center. Katie is still working on the Super Mario Wii game. have started an Amanda Shirley blog page...need to find the book I have in the closet. happened on the newspaper picture of them online & thought that was most definitely an omen...especially after we had just decorated her grave Friday nite.


the big 3 day weekend....

oh, yeah...I had to work. no camping for the Dailey's...not that we would go camping, anyway, but am thinking about putting together Camp Girl Scout with an actual sleepover...
KJ nicely fed the animals. Kevin & I did a Walmart run mainly for pet food. Katie has been cleaning her room. I need to find some energy to clean the house...the floors are nasty gross. Kevin had the night off for Memorial Day.


my day

work...made a giant sugar cookie...took dance recital fliers to Grammy's Grocery, Mercer Pizza Plus, & Randy's to hang up...bought flowers & planted in the barrel...tried to watch ghost stuff but ended up taking the traditional nap on the couch. debating on a poison ivy shot next week...it's driving me nuts! of course nothing but PSF will be open on Monday...and then only certain parts of PSF...now Katie has developed a deep cough...she is watching Zombieland & doesn't appear bored at this moment.
posted the cemetery pictures on my family history blog...posted some youtube videos on my facebook...and now it's supper time....velveeta shells & cheese for kj, sweetcorn for katie, & toast & eggs for deb....kind of like a diner...surly cook...smartass waitress...not real clean environment...I was honestly going to clean house when I got home. maybe tomorrow...


katie is so bored. this is the worst summer ever. she hasn't had friends over. she hasn't been anywhere.


pictures for previous post that I clicked on too soon before the pictures were loaded....sigh.

Rock On!

talked Katie into decorating graves with me at Brimson...did the usual. will post pictures of the graves & info on them on my family history blog sometime. Val, Corey, Josh, KJ, & Katie played Rock Band. kevin went back to work after taking a night off per chiropractor orders.


just dance...

katie has one more week of regular dance...classes on monday &thursday next week, dress rehearsal & princeton recital on friday...dress rehearsal & bethany recital on saturday...then she'll be off till the day before TOP Starz when she'll have one practice...nationals next month...and technique classes in july.
signed her up for competition next year...tap solo, tap group, musical theater, & clog group.
I made katie & mackenzie pose with their red ribbon from WOF Festival of Dance. I'm so proud of them...they had a rough year getting along wise...but overcame it to compete & kick some butt!


kj & corey put on an xbox rock band concert for us...my favorite was hearing kj wail out Carry On My Wayward Son...he ordered a pizza for them for supper, using his 2grad pizza bucks, plus I had a few more stashed in vehicles...I picked it up for them & after kevin got home 'from the farm', katie & I went with him to toot-toots & walmart, my stomach started hurting really bad on the way there...we'd just got started in walmart & I felt dizzy & pueky, so slunk out to the truck & let them shop. kevin offered to take me to the er, then bought me chicken noodle soup. I am just really tired...feel better today. kj called...he had hit a pot hole in the bonneville & the broken front trim piece kevin had previously broke is now dragging the ground.
were going to try on shorts at walmart, but I didn't feel good,katie just got a pool coverup for her swimsuit. she really really needs shorts!



all day at work I thought about it...when I came home, I told Katie I thought she should do a classic tap solo...something along the lines of One from A Chorus Line or Hello My Baby...sequined shorts, necktie, top hat, the works. she looked the songs up on YouTube & looked online at tap outfits. then she sent her dance teacher a facebook message that she would be doing a tap solo! my selfish way of thinking is this....she is just too damn talented to quit. I will admit that for a few minutes I thought of time not spent at dance class, rehearsals, recitals, competitions....and money not spent on costumes, lessons, shoes, traveling expenses...but damnit! I do love being a dance mom!


back to work (sigh). hot in the old hog barn today. kj took katie to dance class since I had risers, she wasn't very happy about even going to class, and certainly not very happy with the judges notes about her performance...not flexible enough, kicks not good enough, should've smiled more when her music screwed up. she announced that she will be in musical theater ONLY next year because she doesn't think she can get out of it...she won't do a solo again. she doesn't want to go to Nationals but we already paid for it. In 7th grade she'll quit the studio & just be on the school dance team. I'll give her a few days to calm down...but this would open up a spot for Chasity & Kayleigh if they want a duet. do I push her harder or let her quit?
walking sasha at the park sunday an unnamed father/youth bb coach had his family there, he left the younger kids at the playground & was instructing the oldest on bb skills...not very lovingly. those are the kids who probably turn out 'the best' at their sport. but are they 'the happiest'? I didn't go to college & major in child physchology. I probably can't even spell it. and so I'll probably just let things run their course & hope for the best as I always do. she put a lot of pressure on herself this year with the solo & the duet & regular classes. and we're both pissed that the duet scored higher than her solo this last time...but to my knowledge WOF judges everyone on the same scale,while the other competitions she won trophies in had divisions for recreational & competitive. I threw this out there last night. she didn't care. I would love to see her do a sassy clog solo. and a classy tap solo with top hat, tails, bowtie, & cane. but these things probably won't happen.
I suggested another local dance teacher. no go. so is this her dream or her just-let-life-pass-her-by mothers dream? will have to ponder that at work today while I'm cursing fate & drowning in my own sweat.



yesterday I slept in & took a nap, Sasha got her walk, I made a Pepsi run, thought about getting flowers to plant, cleaned off the piles of stuff on entertainment center, did some scrapbooking, printed off grad pic of KJ to put in our grad frame... retiring Koren's college grad pic to a scrapbook...so muggy. caught the new Family Guy movie on tv, & started reading Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Dawn of the Dreadfuls that Koren loaned me. Katie exercised her puppies. did dance laundry, put everything back in her bag but her shoes, boa, & bat. so she's practically ready for dance recitals on June 4 & 5, and TOP Nationals June 15-19. reserved a room at the host hotel within walking distance of the venue for 15-18. they won't post schedule till next week...could only get a room there 3 days...will have to move if she needs to stay longer! the hotel has a pool & restaurant & the whole walking thing appeals to me...not a city driver.
need to take my OTCs & head to work...can I survive working 11 days in a row after all the time off I've been taking???


WOF Festival of Dance

got the kids up at 4:30, left home a bit before 5 a.m. after a couple of stops on the way, picked up Koren at her house & headed to Worlds of Fun. after hurrying to get ready to dance since they were running way ahead, Katie & Mackenzie did Centerfield...Katie slipped once but they kept on going and ended up winning 2nd place! Katie started out her solo all sassy & smiles, putting on a real show, then the music started skipping, she was a pro & kept on going, but didn't place. we were all a bit disappointed. do these judges realize she has won 2 competitions & qualified to compete at Nationals next month? it's hard to be a parent & reassure your kids that doing their best is what really matters, when they don't get any reward for it. I am so proud of her!

it was the first really hot day, everyone was tired (Koren had been out at a winetasting the night before), so after some riding & lunch at our favorite place Coasters, we walked around some more, Kevin voluntarily and of his own free will bought the dance pictures from competition, & the kids voted to leave the park, hang at Koren's awhile, go eat supper, & come back for awards. it was nice to hang out with all my kids for a day! we got home about 11:30 p.m. or so. will we go to Worlds of Fun next year? it's not very professional...we are a bit prejudiced from the other competitions we've been to. the sound system had some problems. I don't know. if Katie does do groups, she'll probably have to go. Kevin's not sure she should do groups. she is so competitive & gets frustrated with others. so...



took the day off work..
Katie's last day of school. they didn't get to go to the park because it had rained about all nite...they did get grilled hotdogs & a picnic in the old gym.
we went to the school award ceremony, cashed kj's latest grad gift checks at the bank, gave insurance checks to Willis Garage, I double & tripled checked the dance bag & packed everyone an extra outfit just in case, contracted propane ($105/month).
changed our sheets, watched the senior trip dvd Mr Fuller made for the seniors, & made a giant cookie for KJ's guests Heather, Corey, Alisha, Josh, & Val.
getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to go to WOF Festival of Dance.



rain rain go away...
KJ wanted Pizza Plus, so picked it up before dance...since we're down a car---pick on up from the shop, put one in...
Stephanie was playing songs she selected for next years competition dancers....she had picked Cotton-Eyed Joe for Katie. Katie politely declined. got the dance pictures. polished her clog shoes, handwashed her tights, washing her socks...put everything back in her competition bag. put WOF tickets in car. have notes plastered all over the door. can we do it? yes, we can!
Katie was less than thrilled with todays makeovers at school. it was a neat idea!


I had planned my nite around a new The Middle. stopped by The Shear Shop where Kevin had accompanied Katie on her hair cut...she was just getting done & she loves it! so do I!
we come home, walk the dog, do chores, take iris pictures....then Kayla calls. she wants Kate to come over, & we can come over & hang out with her parents. so we backroad over there, hang out a couple of hours, Kevin & Brandon remember their good old days, we get home, Josh, Val, & Calvin are here playing Rock Band. I make a late supper. we finally watch The Middle on dvr, then the ANTM recap with bloopers from the season. I finally go to bed....and have nightmares about WOF. I forgot to bring her competition bag...speed home from KC...can't find it....Kevin had packed it & is at WOF with Katie when I frantically call him. I take a walk in KC to get a pepsi, get hopelessly lost & miss the competition. I'm at Tivoli Music Hall but can't find the right stage (there is just the one.) all nite long. it's almost a relief to go to work & load pigs!



katie went to kayla's after school. kevin was 'working on fence'. I had a mandatory class @ work. after some pondering, came up with green beans & shells & cheese for my 2 covered dishes for the athletic banquet. imagine my chagrine when I saw purchased potato salad, meat & cheese trays, chips & dips...then I panicked & sent kevin home for plates & silverware about 5 minutes before they produced paper plates & silverware...
KJ got his academic medal & basketball for his letter. I was kinda expecting him to win the most improved basketball player award. nope. he was ok with it. I probably will be someday. I am way too competitive on my kids behalf.



he also won a $500 North Mercer Alumni Scholarship!
I've been trying imikimi.com.... as Katie said, & I quote, "Gosh, Mom,it's like teaching a dinosaur!"
Josh & Corey are over....first it was Rock Band, now it's Monday Night Wrestling. Kj's first day of freedom....



Kj won
The North Mercer Band Booster Award $200
+ Preceptor Lambda Eta Scholarship of Beta Sigma Phi $200
+ NWMSU Tower Scholarship $1500 renewable up to $6000
+ Missouri Achievement Scholarship $500
+ Anna Mae Finney Music Scholarship $200

+ $330 in cash gifts

= now not so worried about paying for first semester!!!

we are proud of our Bubba!


Saturday night...

Heather, Corey, & Alisha were over to play XBox360 with KJ. it will be awfully quiet when he goes to school...

getting ready for graduation...

we've done the pictures in the yard with the cap & gown...went to baccalaureate...set up the senior table...bought travel size packs of kleenix for graduation...KJ went to Wal-Mart with friends to buy himself an XBox360 Rock Bank bundle for graduation with his left over senior trip $.
today he went to grad. receptions for Jennie, Jessica, & Lanie. he didn't want one. I noticed when Dakota brought back KJ's wallet that was left in his car that his car is all painted up for graduation. I didn't even think about doing that. Kevin assures me that KJ doesn't want a fuss. I still feel bad. is his table enough? I never did get the grad gift thing done..he didn't want a digital camera, or a GPS...did get the backpack. he worries that I spend $ on needless things. I'm at a loss.



krista (on left) is america's next top model.
her family had a motto that helped her succeed...we have to get a family motto so katie can be america's next top model!
kevin took kj's car to school.
dance class.
discussed the tantalyzing possibilities for dance competition next year...katie is definitely doing a solo (clog?) & musical theater with the high school girls & will be in the tap group.
I volunteered to help clean the cow palace for recital.
wrote out my entire paycheck for bills.
kj called from atlanta airport, then from kc airport...my baby will soon be home!
kate wants to wear the shirt he bought her to school tomorrow.
still have 2 puppies...

Swope Park Zoo


koren & katie

I took these at Texas Road House & then my battery died...too much 26x zoom at the zoo, I guess...


had a great field trip to Swope Park Zoo yesterday, then shopped at Cabela's & Hobby Lobby & went to Koren's for a few minutes, then took her & Cody out to Texas Road House. got home very very late.
kate has a horrible cold.

kate left school early today for dentist appt, they also got the new lens put in my glasses, bought mud flaps for the truck & cool stuffed stuff for kj's grad table.
I was very proud of my husband today, I called & woke him up...nurse mary had called on my lunch break, katie needed to talk to me about something very personal. kevin went to school & discreetly picked her up early without embarrassing her. he is a good dad!

kj called for a sec to ask what size shirt he should buy katie at the mall. he told kevin last nite he took a spill off a boogie board & drank sea water & stepped on crabs or something on the beach. you want your kids to have it better than you, but I can't help getting jealous sometimes...he worked hard for this trip, they sure deserve to have a good time!

MHS Class of 2010 Senior Trip!

Senior Spotlight

Karl Joseph Dailey
This month's spotlight shines on Karl Joseph Dailey. He was born on MArch 9, 1992, to Kevin & Debbie Dailey. He has an older sister, Koren, and a younger sister, Katie.
KJ's hobbies are reading, hanging out with friends, and making fun of Dakota. His friends include Dakota,Jennie, Corey, Heather, Derek, & John.
KJ's favorite food is pizza, and his favorite type of music to listen to is rock or alternative. His favorite game to play is basketball, and his favorite movie is The Hangover.
KJ's favorite book is Desperation by Stephen King and his favorite subject in school is history. The city park is his favorite place to go. When asked what annoys him most he said, "Calvin's refusal to pay me my money!"
KJ's favorite memory from school is being inducted into the National Honor Society, and his worst moment from school is when a guy paid him in small change for a walking taco at senior stand. KJ is going to miss hanging out with his friends the most about school and senior stand the least.
KJ's goals are to be a good student in college and hopefully get into med school. His plans for the future are to go to college, then med school, and hopefully become a physician.
KJ's advice to underclassmen is to "Listen to your teachers and turn in your homework." We wish you all the luck, KJ!


the wisdom of Lemony Snicket

It has been said that the hardest job in the world is raising a child, but the people who say this have probably never worked at a comb factory or captured pirates on the high seas.

It is one of life's bitterest truths that bedtime so often arrives just when things are really getting interesting.

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, and no matter how many people are chasing you, what you don't read is often as important as what you do read.

It is always sad when someone leaves home, unless they are simply going around the corner and will return in a few minutes with ice cream sandwiches.

Perhaps if we saw what was ahead of us, and glimpsed the crimes, follies, and misfortunes that would befall us later on, we would all stay in our mother's wombs ,and then there would be nobody in the world but a great number of very fat, very irritated women.

One day, when your mother is yelling at you, you might begin to hear a tiny voice in your head that will tell you you are right and your mother is wrong. Over the years, this voice might get louder and louder, and you might find that you prefer listening to this voice instead of your mother's voice, particularly if she has been yelling at you all this time.

Sometimes words are not enough.

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.

If an optimist had his left arm chewed off by an alligator, he might say in a pleasant and hopeful voice , "Well, this isn't too bad. I don't have my left arm anymore, but at least nobody will ever ask me if whether I am right handed or lefthanded," but most of us would say something more along the lines of ,"Aaaah! My arm! My arm!"

The way sadness works is one of the strangest riddles of the world.

When someone is crying, of course, the nobel thing to do is to comfort them. But if someone is trying to hide their tears, it may also be noble to pretend you do not notice them, so they will not be embarrassed.

One of the remarkable things about love is that, despite very irritating people writing poems and songs about how pleasant it is, it really is quite pleasant.

There are many difficult things in this world to hide, but a secret is not one of them.

One wanders through life as if wandering through a field in the dark of night, wearing a blindfold and very heavy shoes, with a poisonous toad waiting patiently beneath a clump of weeds,knowing full well that eventually you will step on him.

The thing you hope will never happen to you just might happen to someone else instead, who has been spending their life dreading the thing that will happen to you.

Taking one's chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is a terrible something lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck.

There are some who go through life with a shadow hanging over them, particularly if they live in a building which has long, wide awnings.


it has f*#&^@! rained all day. had to stop by city hall to sign the check I'd sent them, rush katie to dance class, then to DG & Grammy's. they sent home a stack of school newspapers with katie...all this months. checked at Grammy's, no new or old papers there. posted on facebook again. I just wanted to see his senior spotlight. hamburgers & Doritos for supper. katie is playing supermario.
kevin took the bonneville to get fixed.
I'm stacking all KJ's friends grad invites up, going to make a scrapbook of some sort out of them. all his friends are having grad parties. he didn't want one. I look like SUCH a slacker. like I don't have enough inadequacies to worry about on a daily basis...

the new camera....

I'm trying to read the book...Katie is actually taking pictures...
I have learned:
if smoke or strange odor comes from camera, discontinue use & contact Pentax
use of the camera may cause itching, rashes, or blisters...get medical attention immediately...

this week....

monday....car to Willis, Katie dance class
tuesday...Kate KC zoo trip...meet Koren for supper
wednesday...Kate dentist appt.
thursday....Kate dance class, take car back to school parking lot for KJ
friday...KJ: grad practice, TB test, NHS induction, baccalaureate, set up senior table for graduation
sunday...KJ's graduation


mothers day

while I was at work, kevin & katie went to coons greenhouse & bought me a beautiful hanging basket! katie tried out the new camera...

Senior Trip

KJ left on senior trip today....I dropped him off at school on the way to work since the car goes to Willis' tomorrow & I'll have to drive his while he's gone...

the schedule:
May 9
6:30a.m. meet at school
7:00a.m. leave mercer
9:00a.m. arrive KC airport
9:30a.m. check in & board plane
10:29a.m. depart KC airport (lunch during flight)
1:30p.m. arrive in Atlanta, GA
2:13p.m. depart Atlanta airport
3:37p.m. arrive in Orlando FL
4:15p.m. collect bags & get rental vans
5:30p.m. arrive at Inn on the Beach Hotel
Unload luggage & settle into rooms
walk to Daytona Beach Village for shopping, sightseeing, and dinner at fast food restaurants of choice
10:30p.m. arrive at hotel.

May 10
8:30a.m. meet for breakfast
9:00a.m. leave hotel
travel to Aquatica (water park) in Orlando
10:30a.m. arrive at Aquatica
luch at choice of park diners and cafes
2:30p.m. meet at park entrance & travel to Universal Studios
3:00p.m. arrive at Universal Studios
meet at park entrance when park closes
dinner at one of the surrounding restaurants
10:30p.m. arrive at hotel

May 11
8:30a.m. meet for breakfast
9:00a.m. leave hotel & travel to Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse for tour
10:00a.m. tour lighthouse & 360 degree view of Daytona Beach
11:30a.m. leave lighthouse & have lunch at choice of fast food restaurants
12:00noon travel to Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory
1:00p.m tour chocolate factory
2:00p.m. leave factory & travel back to hotel
3:00p.m. explore the beach & surrounding attractions, such as the pier, boardwalk, swimming, and parasailing
6:00p.m. group dinner (restaurant to be determined later)
7:30p.m. walk to Daytona Beach Village shops
9:00p.m. arrive back at hotel

May 12
8:30a.m. meet for breakfast
9:00a.m. depart for Kennedy Space Center, Titusville
10:30a.m. arrive at Kennedy Space Center & take the guided tour
12:30p.m. lunch at area restaurants
1:30p.m. travel to Ron Jon's Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach
2:30p.m. explore Cocoa Beach
3:30p.m.travel back to hotel
4:30p.m. arrive back at hotel & explore beach & surrounding attractions
6:30p.m. walk to Daytona Beach Boardwalk approximately 1.5 miles for live entertainment & shopping
10:00p.m. meet in hotel lobby & walk to beach pier to explore for sea turtles coming to shore to bury their eggs in the sand
12:00a.m. arrive back at hotel

May 13
9:00a.m. meet for breakfast
10:00a.m. pack, clean hotel rooms, and load vans
11:00a.m. lunch, choice of area fast food restaurants
12:00p.m. leave hotel & travel to Orlando Airport
1:00p.m. arrive at airport & return rental vans
3:12p.m. depart Orlando Airport
4:46p.m. arrive at Atlanta Airport
8:45p.m. depart Atlanta Airport
9:59p.m. arrive at KC Airport, collect luggage, & meet bus by 11p.m.
1:00a.m. arrive in Mercer

more Ashley senior pictures....

such a pretty girl!



got to school to check in kj's bag....had a zipper malfunction, he ran back home to grab katie's dance suitcase & we did a switcharoo. then I walked sasha at the park while kj ran. kate stayed home & played supermario...she's getting a cold. made a giant chocolate chip cookie for kj's last nite home...going to make a homemade pizza too. working on a photo board for his sr. table. (sigh...)

KJ's last day of high school....

was yesterday, Friday, May 7, 2010...pictures of KJ & Savanna from Heathers facebook...I keep thinking that 2004 always seemed so far away, then Koren graduated...2010 seemed so far away...now KJ is graduating...and I have to realize that Katie's graduation is just not that damn many years from now.
I drove the truck pretty much on empty to work...then the pumps were full at Rick's on the way home...so Kevin drove it to work & filled it up for me.
today was Katie's Social Studies presentation on Georgia..she took peaches & sweet tea...she said I got the sweet tea WOW sweet. I couldn't remember if I'd put in sugar when making it..so poured more in to make sure. her tri-fold poster board worked. all is well.
when we got this months school newspaper I realized I had never seen KJ's senior spotlight...so emailed Angie...who said it was in last months paper...then I tore the house apart...didn't find it...whined on facebook..Miss Janet thought she might find one at school...I am such a loser...although I did find the missing scrapbook stickers I'd just bought...and the pictures KJ took to school for the senior power point at graduation...but everytime I find one thing, I realize I've lost five or six others...
we packed his bags for senior trip, I agonized over what shirts to pack, couldn't find the Joe's Crab Shack hat, but he said the paint ad one I found was fine...went to Bethany Pizza Hut to use his gift certificates from prom...then he & Katie played SuperMario & WiiSing.
and now I get to go work Mothers Day weekend. tonight at 6 we take his bag to school to be checked by sponsors. tomorrow morning he flies to Florida...he gets home Friday morning...has grad practice at 10a.m....TB test at 1p.m....bacalaurette at 6:30pm, then we set up his senior table.



the truck is home, car goes into shop next week. dance class...mackenzie went to the taylor swift concert, so got rid of one practice...stephanie has fund raising ideas...selling glow necklaces at 4th of July...(she liked the kiss the pig contest, too!), old fashioned pictures, tupperware, bake sales at the recitals, a raffle at xmas recital...
katie will do 1 or 2 solos next year & is in 1 or 2 groups...
got our WOF tickets for Festival Of Dance.
it's all going by so fast...tomorrow is kj's last day of school at North Mercer R-III. katie twisted her ankle or something in her new wedgie flip flops. she got thru dance ok.
sasha had her walk & is now woofing at every sound. she is getting on my nerves. (& I swear this is the first time she has ever annoyed me...not!)
rounding up senior trip stuff. sigh. I keep rethinking the scrapbook...think I'll put most of the pages back I took out...will add a prom page with picture of him & alisha. and now I REALLY want the class of 2010 singing chicken & the autograph dog with mortar board. I am somewhat certain that life cannot continue without them on his grad. table. so, Walmart, we will be back shortly...



I was in a mood...katie left me a message on the machine at work asking if we could go to hobby lobby after work to buy a tri fold poster board for her project that is due friday...the foam board I gave her isn't big enough. everyone else's parents got them house sized tri fold poster boards. we had the senior/parent meeting at 7...so promised katie we'd go to walmart & get senior trip stuff & her sack lunch for the field trip & a bigger some kind of board, or we'd buy several & tape them together or something. kris said she'd try to remember to look for a tri fold board where she bought mandy's.
I made supper before we left. sasha got 2 walks. I had worked myself into quite a headache. I guess it's the impending senior trip & graduation, the realization that the college doesn't provide towels...can KJ keep his laundry done up at college with his 2 showers a day habit? and why if this tri fold board is so damn important shouldn't it rate a note home from school or is that in the cubby with the last several school calanders? I am overwhelmed. I am tired. I am working the weekend. I have risers all week. I was almost in tears yesterday because the kids didn't come home after school & KJ had promised to take katie to dance class & when I called home to remind him, it was too late for me to leave work & get her there. he got her home after his music lesson in time for a snack before they left.
but I think the kicker was his haircut. he had begged for one, he likes his hair short. but it had gotten rather long...he looked so good. first he had bb practice & couldn't get a haircut..then play practice...then his date had asked him not to cut it before prom. he wanted an appt. I made him one. he came home looking like a Marine. a Marine. his dad got in on the action & came home about bald too. I know it is his hair. and he is 18. but that was just about all I could take.
and now, going to take a handful of vitamins & asst. OTC meds & go back to the pig barn. wonderful...



KJ's last week of high school...sigh.
he had a band lesson after school...his last band lesson...sigh.
then he took Katie to dance class.
Lije & Jo dropped off dvds he'd made of prom pictures.
I walked Sasha at park & made hamburgers for supper.
the sun is shining.
Kevin ordered a new camera so I can take pics & video of my baby boy graduating...sigh.
and we got a special deal on college essentials from the college...sheets, hampers, shower caddies...things I had not yet thought of that my boy will need out in the college dorm world...sigh.
parents meeting about senior trip tomorrow nite...sigh.


girl scout awards

Shelley Wyatt took these pictures of me (the leader) presenting my daughter Katie with her badges....


Prom Night

May 2 2010...Corey, Heather, Alisha, & KJ got ready at our house...we took pictures in the yard & at Grand March & inside...Kj's date was his good friend & fellow senior Alisha. they make a really cute couple...I bet they have a lot of fun! KJ looked so sharp in his tux!

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