lets see....last nite Kevin & I went to Walmart after he finished clipping the fence at maries' and mowed her yard. today he mowed our yard, took the avalanche to larry's to 'get fixed' & picked up his dad's truck which 'just got fixed.' katie & I drove kj's car to dance, then her & mackenzie hung out at the park for awhile. sasha & I took a walk at the park, where summer, savannah, & riley 'helped' us walk. got a peek at jeff & jessie's baby, he is SO cute!
kj rec'd a scholarship app. from a NWMSU sorority & brought home his senior trip papers for us to fill out & get notarized.
katie is quite thrilled with her blue wedge flipflops & blue nail polish that arrived from the avon lady today.
trying to upload play videos on facebook...not going so well. the earth can probably continue to revolve without them being loaded tonite...probably.


Back To The Eighties

KJ was Corey Jr. & was amazing! I had so much fun watching him! this is his last ever high school play...first he was Daddy Warbucks in Annie, a silent bachelor in The Millionheirs, Humpty Dumpty & a Kings Soldier in Alice in Wonderland, Maurice in Beauty & the Beast.
he had his sister Katie, grandma janet, great grandma marie, Jo, & his mom & dad in the audience.


yet another deer encounter....

(at least I can say no deer have survived my vehicular manslaughter...my vehicles don't do so well, either...)


plowed a deer in the Avalanche on the way to work...about the same spot where I totalled the Monte Carlo. KJ play practice. Katie had dance pictures, we had some major disagreements & some tears, but she looks fabulous.
2 confirmed dead puppies, 4 live puppies, 1 missing puppy.
what a day.....



today was a day for sleeping in, sewing, & reading. KJ had dress rehearsal. kevin had to detour on gravel roads to work because roads were closed due to water...some of the gravels he had to take were mighty squishy. I figured he'd drive the truck!
I lugged the barrel up onto a pallet & put a cement block beside it to keep it from rolling off, so the puppies wouldn't drown. they're tough little shits. back to the nasty rainy cold weather.


the new ideas...

for badge presentation at girl scout awards ceremony next Sunday....

another one bites the dust

gave up on the shirt idea & made a flower garden deal instead for earned badges...debating on adding butterflies. leaving the fun patches in the cups cause Katie liked them that way. hoping it doesn't rain next weekend since I planned awards outside..
rain. satellite was blipping out, so gave up on ghost nite & watched Horton Hears A Who off the list...until I passed out & had a good little nap!


after mulling it over awhile, decided I don't like the flowerpot idea...if I had spent more $ on real flower pots it'd look better...so scrapping that & starting over with a giant t-shirt idea...bought some posterboard & glue at Dollar General. will watch for flowerpots on clearance for next year...
ordered prom flowers...KJ didn't want to go, so did the best I could.
katie is taking sleeping in to all new levels...11:05.
KJ's ACT results came in....23. that's good enough. I KNOW the kid is smart.
guess I'll start trying to draw posterboard t-shirts now...



Senior Skip Day...KJ slept in, had lunch with his dad at Crossroads Bar & Grill, then went to play practice & brought Corey home with him to play video games.
Katie to Danielle's, then to Emily's. I was a bit put out with my husband of many years, sometimes it seems he goes waaaaaay out of his way to be unhelpful. I asked him if he could drop Katie off on his way thru Lineville. he drives thru Lineville everyday on the way to work. he always stops at Randy's for a snack. no dice. no how. no way.
worked on KJ's Going To College Quilt some more. Pizza Rolls for supper.
on tomorrows to-do-list:
order prom flowers
katie photo shoot...pick a new picture...or an old one...to send in for confirmation!
send in confirmation!
find savings bonds
book a room? (have to use kevin's credit card. this could be tricky...)


thursday nite

katie is tired. MAP testing is over. it is a dreary overcast day with some rain. need to book a room for TOP. and get Katie's dance outfits ready for pictures on Monday.

still livin' the good life...

last day of this weeks vacation...started piecing together KJ's Going To College Quilt. Katie checked on her puppies... all still alive this morning. at least she's not bored anymore...she gave them a blanket last nite...checked on them...named them {Goose, Wilbur, Budda, Jackson, Moose, Gumdrop, & Tallulah}...took pictures of them...wondered who their dad was...after this little episode, Budda either goes back in a pen or gets fixed. good grief.
blew off 4-H last nite, which I had honestly forgotten about since Katie until very recently had dance practice on Weds....got the message too late to go. oops. KJ had a very late play practice last nite, no practice tonite, Sr. Skip Day Friday, & practice Sunday afternoon which I will try to remember to go to.
Corey didn't know about Skip Day so now KJ might not go....I say NO! take Corey & GO GO GO!!!



yesterday kevin mowed the yard, I scrubbed mold off the bathroom ceiling & walls & washed Katie's blankets. we also bought groceries...one of my least unfavorite chores...

today he plans on working 'at the farm'. I have already walked the dog & started laundry, & got on Sportsmanguide.com to find a cool military backpack for part of KJ's grad. gift. (I'm thinking a world atlas or a compass or GPS to go with it...a whole for your journey through life deal. I have until May 16th to get it done, here, & wrapped somehow...)I plan on cleaning floors, mirrors, computer screen, tv screens, some windows....cutting up more shirts altho the scissors I bought yesterday were cheap & suck because I was too lazy to walk to the back of the store to the sewing section...and stripping my bed. I also want to get the GS flowerpots of badges ready with the badges I have so far...think all I'm missing are special back ordered badges.

in the near future I pledge to make KJ a denim quilt for college...take down & scrapbook old pictures in hall & on LR wall over desk & paint...

senior skip day is Friday. (Friday!) kj needs money. will have to find some for him. have to get a head & shoulders shot katie approves of so we can send in her TOP Starz National confirmation form.

next week: dance pictures, school play, prom, dancing on the square & extra dance class, Girl Scout Awards Ceremony....



slept in till 6:30! walked Sasha, started cutting up tshirts for quilt again, to Applebee's for lunch, then Walmart, then the eye dr. I'm getting slightly stronger lenses for my reading glasses. we went fishing! then made supper, played Clue, watched Glee.



katie to dance, returned library books, bought candy for MAP testing, walked sasha at park, put out trash, katie kept doing the jason sound under the window where I was finishing the william cullen bryant bio. kj late play practice.



gotta blog before I can go to bed...
katie did some outdoor pictures today....and shot hoops while I walked sasha at the park. today was the 4-H trip to the greenhouse, she missed it because I had to work. I ran lines with KJ. I had a stomachache & laid around watching my grownup cartoons....The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, & American Dad. Katie showed me the big musical theater production number for recital. I am pumped!
just realized that I made my highlight appt. for the same afternoon as the family eye dr. appt. and that Katie has map testing & KJ has play practice...and it's only one week till the play! have to call & reschedule theirs AGAIN. maybe the eye dr. will just ban us from their office & we can all go blind silently.
kevin is concerned about me taking so many days off work. why am I taking them? because I'll lose them May 6th if I don't use them! and no one gets my damn days!
katie came early from the dance sleepover, she didn't want to go to bed when stephanie wanted them too, so she packed up her giant fish & came home.


The Friday Night Wrestling Club!

Sarah, KJ, Josh, Calvin, & Corey hung out to watch wrestling & eat pizza...



kj is practicing songs for the school play..katie just got out of the shower...have loaded the dishwasher, need to run thru the bills real quick & make my list of shit to get done tomorrow...had DiGornio pizza for supper. that's the good stuff!
found out katie dances on princeton square may 1st then has afternoon practice...that is mercer prom. hopefully we won't run into grand march...(it's always something...)



the car got hit by the mow crew at work today...kevin is not happy. haven't got the parking lot damage fixed yet....



katie went to kayla's after school, I came home & immediately took a nap. too much midol. my head still hurts, but I am up, walked at park with sasha & kevin, started freezer-scrounging supper, & ran a few lines with KJ. they are supposed to bring katie home. I hope she makes it in time for the season premiere of Glee! it's recording, but when you've waited as long as she has...you just want to see it! kj's first gamefly game arrived today.



Katie's dance critiques from Talent on Parade were good...she averaged 90.5%!!! working on her kick & leap & sharper movements now. dance class went by quickly....pictures next week. what does she want to do for competition next year?
she played BB with friends at the park, I walked Sasha. KJ had drama & then presented the senior powerpoint about senior trip to the school board with Heather & Jennie!


katie did a photoshoot in the front yard with bratz & my scenes...she is quite the photographer! she is good a lot of things, of course, so the future working world holds tantalyzing possibilities for her. we later took a walk in the pasture, where she couldn't find much to take pictures of. I took random naps, made lunch, and we made our own Supermodelquins. katie wanted to go fishing. I didn't. we'll have to go sometime, though. found a huge rotten catfish head in the yard something had drug up & been eating on...


Katie is a WINNER!

at Talent on Parade in Kansas City we spent a lot of time riding in elevators...Katie won Top 1st trophy, Top Starz, & Top 5 on her 11-12 novice jazz solo to Fashion. Mackenzie & Katie won Top 1st Trophy, Top 5, & Judge's Choice Fabulous Footwork on their clog duet to Centerfield!
then we hung out in the city with Koren & had fun!
back home, Kevin took Friday nite off to go to the Spring Concert/Project Fair/Senior Music Student Night so KJ had someone to give his rose to. He taped for me & took pictures...so it's almost like I was there....(sigh). He's a good guy.


thursday p.m.

got my to do list done! dance went well, kate & mackenzie are getting along again...it's been a bumpy ride! katie is staying up late watching a movie, she can sleep in awhile tomorrow before we hit the highway. I want to be at the competition around 4 so she has plenty of time to get ready...she dances at 6:40!

from my reading....

found Four Hundred Years Of History Through Our Cemeteries And Burial Grounds The American Resting Place by Marilyn Yalcom, photographs by Reid S.Yalom @ the Mercer Co.Library yesterday. I am of course fascinated by death & old cemeteries. and guess what I read today? go ahead...guess. "tree stump markers" were uniquely American & popular in the Midwest & West from 1880s-about 1905. you could ORDER THEM FROM THE SEARS, ROEBUCK CATALOG! I actually saw one of these markers in a cemetery years ago when I was trying to photograph all my family gravestones. I don't think it was a relative, but I took a picture of it because it was so unusual. so, I got on google images today, typed in treestump grave marker or some such, & found these pictures!~


mackenzie didn't have a ride to dance practice last nite...although I told her mom to call me last week if she needed a ride, but I guess she figured since the girls are not speaking it would be better to miss a practice 4 days before their next competition....
kj went to school early again for ACT practice, which got cancelled yesterday. the sun is shining, I have plans to read my cool new cemetery book I found at the library, clean house, doublecheck her competition bag, write out checks for bills, & then dance class tonite.



day 1 of my 'vacation.' took katie to school since KJ went early to ACT tutoring. I addressed the graduation announcements, rememebered the Senior of 2010 name cards BEFORE I sealed them, put on the 42cent stamps I found, went to post office for 2cent stamps, & they are in the mail. scrapbooked mine & Katie's announcements. returned books to library, found a few for katie, 1 for me, 1 for kevin. visited at Martha's store & found a photo shoot shirt for katie. washed the truck, it looked good at the carwash, not much better than it originally did when I got it home. it was raining off & on...the gravel roads are muddy....oh well. it's the thought that counts. after I quick shower since I can't ever wash anything without getting covered in whatever I'm washing off....I shall now prepare some lunch & do some more laundry!

KJ's graduation announcement

the new thing is to get announcements with the senior pictures ON them...but I was not aware of this, thinking I could order the traditional announcements thru the school...but there is a minimum order & no one else wanted them...so got online & made announcements that I can put the wallets & the name cards Herff-Jones DID let me order in with...I'll know better when Katie's turn comes!



kevin did the first mow of the season today, had to work on lawnmower. Kate, Sasha, & I to park for awhile. then Kevin & I went to watch Coach KJ & his Mighty First Grade Team at the Diaper Derby. I will never go to another one again as God is my witness (unless Katie decides to play ball therefore earning the 'privilige' of coaching a team, or I have grandkids!) there was a rainbow when we came out of the school.
the kids had hamburgers for supper, we had homemade enchilidas.
heard some interesting rumors about next years girls basketball team. (I won't go to any games, either....until Katie is old enough to play in Pep Band.) I just don't have enough energy to give a shit about things my kids aren't involved in.
officially on vacation again....have off Wed-Sun. made myself a list of stuff to do. maybe I'll really do it this time!
KJ brought home his cap & gown. sigh.



the kids last day of spring break....they got 2 whole days this year! got home in time to take katie to dance class. we cashed a check at bank drivethru, bought pepsi, then walked sasha at the park where katie found a birds nest on the ground & showed me the dead (probably possum) animal they found on the girl scout easter egg hunt.


The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders is a still-unsolved crime in rural Mayes County, Oklahoma. On a rainy, late-spring night in 1977, three girls—ages 8, 9, and 10—were raped and murdered and their bodies left in the woods near their tent at summer camp. Although Gene Leroy Hart, a local jail escapee with a history of violence stood trial for the crime, he was acquitted. Thirty years later authorities conducted new DNA testing, but the results of these proved inconclusive, as the samples were too old.[1]
In 1977, Camp Scott was in its 49th year as a keystone of the Tulsa-based Magic Empire Girl Scout Council. Situated along the confluence of Snake Creek and Spring Creek near State Highway 82, the 410-acre (1.7 km2) compound was located between Locust Grove and Tahlequah.
Gene Leroy Hart had been at large since escaping four years earlier from the Mayes County Jail. He had been convicted of raping two pregnant women. Hart was born about a mile from Camp Scott.
Less than two months before the murders, during an on-site training session, a camp counselor found her belongings ransacked, her doughnuts stolen, and inside the empty doughnut box was a disturbing hand-written note. The author vowed to murder three campers. Because summer camps are rife with ghost stories, the note was treated as a prank and discarded.
June 12, 1977 was the first day of camp. Around 6pm a thunderstorm hit, and the girls huddled in their tents. Among them were Tulsans Lori Lee Farmer, 8, and Doris Denise Milner, 10, along with Michele Guse, 9, of Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa. The trio were sharing tent #8 in the camp's "Kiowa" unit, named for a Native American tribe.
The following morning, a counselor made the discovery of a girl's body in the forest. Soon, it was discovered that all three girls in tent #8 had been killed. Subsequent testing showed that they had been raped, bludgeoned, and strangled.
Camp Scott was evacuated and would never reopen.
Gene Leroy Hart, a Cherokee, was arrested within a year at the home of a Cherokee medicine man and tried in March, 1979. Although the local sheriff pronounced himself "one thousand percent" certain the man on trial committed the crimes, a local jury acquitted Hart.
Two of the families later sued the Magic Empire Council and its insurer in a $5 million alleged negligence action. The civil trial included discussion of the threatening note as well as the fact that tent #8 lay 86-yard (79 m) from the counselors' tent. The defense suggested that the future of summer camping in general hung in the balance. In 1985, by a 9–3 vote, jurors sided with the camp.
By this time, Hart was already dead. As a convicted rapist and jail escapee, he still had 305 of his 308 years left to serve in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. In June 1979, during a jog inside the jail, he collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack.
Richard Guse, the father of one of the victims, went on to help the state legislature pass the Oklahoma Victim's Bill of Rights. Guse also helped found and then chaired the Oklahoma Crime Victims' Compensation Board, which would later gain prominence for its "Murrah Fund" in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Another parent, Sheri Farmer, went on to found the Oklahoma chapter of support group Parents of Murdered Children.

Easter Sunday

slept in, got up for a minute, then slept a whole bunch more! took Sasha on a walk, picked up trash & branches in yard, & Kevin made sure the lawnmower would start. KJ ran at the park, then went back later to shoot hoops with friends. I cooked lunch, tried a box Bon Bon kit, did laundry, looked thru GS badge books for ideas for next year...doublechecked badge order, I'd forgotten 2 so have to get them ordered, too....
Katie is somewhat bored on her Easter Break. we don't do Easter Dinner, or an Egg Hunt, or a holiday dinner...just not Easter people, I guess.



emily came over to work on their project. KJ went to the funeral for Lanie's baby. swept, mopped, swiffered, did laundry, & made homemade chicken pot pie before the Girl Scout Meeting.


big storm today

blew in while I was at work, Katie shut all windows at home & mopped up puddles. Princeton Truck Wash (or Truck Shop?) collapsed during the storm, 4-6 people were trapped inside but were accounted for by the time help arrived. now the yard is all squishy & gross again, & my planned girl scout meeting at the park needs a backup plan in case it ends up being inside...so will do the talking parts of the badges, watch Mr. Troop Mom, & figure out a way to disperse Easter Eggs that is not total mayhem...



katie thought kj was bringing her home from school...she sat in his car until I picked her up after work. dance class. her & Mackenzie still not talking. dollar general for pet food & more easter egg fillers. (think I ate all the banana laffy taffy...I LOVE that stuff!) to Casey's for gas. when we got home, kj had 2 lady friends over visiting..miranda & alisha. kate & I took sasha for a walk at the park. kj took the girls home. katie forgot to bring home her april calander...so I printed one off the school website.
spring break is tomorrow & monday.
girl scout meeting this saturday.
kate has talent on parade next friday & saturday.
school play tuesday the 27th.

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