weds cont.

kate & kayla had fun. sasha chewed up one of katie's new flipflops. watched the new The Middle.


by the time I got to the tux rental deal, Alisha & Kj had already picked out his tux, I just had to write the check. I ran Alisha home, when I got home, KAtie was walking Sasha in the pasture. then she was bored. she had to have a friend over. so she calls Kayla, who can come as long as we go pick her up & take her home.
kevin started the cd cleaning project.
Talent on Parade was posted...Katie has to dance Friday nite, so she won't be in the pirate play, & I'll miss KJ's final concert. Kevin took the nite off to go. I feel like a real heel. she also dances Sat. a.m.



Kevin, Katie, & I to Wal-mart...you know times r tuff when I have to come home from grocery shopping & make supper instead of just eating out. beautiful day, sunshine, breeze, & 74 degrees!



the sun is shining, the birds are singing, & life is good! Katie had dance class then went to Lineville park to hang with Danielle & Emily. Rylan would like to be her dance partner next year. Katie is definitely interested. Katie threw open the doors & windows when she got home from school. they started Hunter Safety today at school.



another perfectly good day of my life wasted in a hog barn...Katie, Sasha, & I took a pasture walk, she took pictures, then she read lying on the truck, then we did a road trip to Randy's in Lineville for Pepsi, chocolate milk, Reese's peanut butter cups, & Munchies.



my weekend to work...KJ had music contest, he had a baritone solo & was in a vocal group...he got a III & a IIII. and it is over.
ghostly tv viewing night. used our free pizza bucks to get a large Mercer Pizza Plus pizza & breadsticks...for 95 cents!
finished Horns by Joe Hill today...I like how the girlfriend waits for him in their happy place after she dies...and when he dies he finds her there...in their treehouse of the mind. that got me to thinking about my happiest place with Kevin...& I would have to select a certain green & white '72 Chevy on a dead end dirt road behind a hayfield on a summer night with a sky full of stars. because, if this theory works, Koren's happy place would be with Cody, & KJ & Katie will also someday find their happy place & happy partner. because babies grow up & find their own happiness.



finished the work day by walking risers & hauling trash, drug another pallet out in the backyard for the dogs so they have the option of not living in the ever present mud, ran the girl scout fundraiser stuff to Carrie at PSF office, it was popcorn day so Katie & I each got a free popcorn! to Casey's for a pepsi, then to dance class. Stephanie told the girls about the judge scores & things they could improve on. Dollar General, Katie bought a bunch of socks, + we got other stuff to the tune of $98.03. didn't even see KJ, he went to the drama production at Albany & won't be back till late. did bills. now need to order checks online. can you feel the excitement? I'm in the mood to order something real funky...went plain jane the last couple of orders to make my husband happy, but he is going to have some memorable checks to sign before long!



it's rainy. it's cold. KJ did a shift at the Senior Stand for elementary bb tournament. Kate & I watched the new The Middle. I burnt supper. so, yes, Virginia, you can ruin frozen pot pies & frozen french fries...
all money turned in, got the order done to turn in tomorrow. yay, me!



rec'd forms/$ from Morgan & Mackenzie. Moriah didn't have time to sell. I never did get around to anymore paperwork...Katie & I took Sasha on a walk, I swept floors, made supper, shot hoops at the park with Katie, helped her study for science test, then we watched Coraline in 3-D...just ran out of time. it's first on my tomorrow to-do list! Kevin just has one day off this week, he is picking up some Weds. for extra $. he makes it, I just spend it...


the day the Avalanche died...

and died...and died...
my first day back to work after 9 days off (9 days off.) all went as well as could be expected, it wasn't my riser week like I thought it was, so I was free to leave a bit early & get Katie to dance class on time. Danny called from Wade 7 & needed a ride to Mercer...showered, picked him up, we were about to Wade 3 & the truck wouldn't accelerate. then it died. it started right back up. it died again. I called Kevin to tell him the truck was dying for no apparent reason. He of course was thrilled to hear from me. because after all our years together, he knows I don't call to shoot the shit or gush romantic sentiments. I call because something is wrong & I am being inconvenienced, which means he will soon be inconvenienced as well. I called Willis Garage & asked them to come get the truck. I called Kevin (again) & asked him to come get me. the truck kept dying. I inched it closer & closer to the Wade Pole Barn, we finally made it. called Willis again to tell them where the truck was. (Jenny by now was probably getting a bit tired of my dramatics, as well.)called Kevin (again) to tell him I made it to the Pole Barn. (like he wouldn't see a big black not running truck with 2 people standing beside it there...)
he picked me up. we met the tow truck heading to get the truck. we went to school where I stole KJ's car to take Katie to dance, Kevin went inside to see if KJ was ready to go home before he took the other running vehicle to work. Katie & I made it to dance exactly on time.
Katie got to hear the judge critiques from her solo. she is working on her turns & her smile...Stephanie thinks it needs to be sassier to go with her dance.
have 4 girls orders from the fundraiser turned in, started on paperwork. got all the girls called/messaged/etc. all is well.



I made Katie Dinty Moore Beef Stew for lunch...not her favorite by any means, but with the alternative being starvation...she went along. Until she screeched. I thought she got burnt. Oh, nooooooo. she'd flung a dead spider on the table. I checked the bowl & her fork before I gave them to her...I didn't see a spider. (Katie is very very against germs, dirty dishes, contamination, coughing into your hands, & many many other health hazards.) So, emailed Dinty Moore. she ended up skipping lunch. She just wasn't all that hungry anymore. and although I am the worlds biggest fan of Dinty Moore Beef Stew, probably won't be buying it anymore. will have to make my own beef stew the hard way. (sigh...)

Band Carnival 2010 Hawaiian Luau

Kj's 8th & last band carnival, Katie's first. had a pretty good turnout. Brandi Hullinger won the silent auction on the Cowboy Hat...that was a good fundraiser! didn't have as many guess how many guesses as usual. the new games...Remote Control Car Races, Miniature Golf, Jousting, & the Electric Buzz thing seemed to go well. I was really impressed with how all the band kids worked their stations & helped clean up. Heather Taylor was Band Champ. Katie won one raffle prize...a thermos.


we stayed at Koren's, she took us to lunch Friday at Chick-Fil-A, we shopped at Independence Center Mall, got drinks at Sonic, played Wii Fit, then a very nervous Katie won 1st place in 11 Year Old Recreational Jazz Solo, & 5th overall in her age group! We bought Pizza Hut takeout for supper & watched movies.
Saturday morning we got up at 6, and the called for snow had arrived. Made it to the Music Hall in plenty of time, Koren helped Katie get ready, & Katie & Mackenzie won 2nd in Clog Duet, & 2nd overall in their age group! we took Koren to lunch at Texas Road House, picked up our stuff @ Koren's house, & then Katie slept most of the way home. Roads weren't bad. And Katie & I both agreed that downtown KC is magical at night with all the lights. Thanks, Koren, for letting us hang out with you & monopolize your weekend!



I took Sasha for a walk at the park, did some scrapbooking, picked up the last band boosters merchant raffle prize. final dance practice before Showstoppers tomorrow...packed, checked, doublechecked. KJ will turn in the gift certificate, raffle tickets, gas up his car, & give check to Jennie for BB cd.
he has a date for prom! Alisha! and got the most lines in the school play...79. practice started today.

KJ has a date for prom!

his good friend Alisha...who I thought he should go with all along! yay! of course, I was the last one to know...but it's all good!


weds. already

katie asked me today what I've done on my vacation...nothing amazing, to be sure, but I've had fun!
hung out at home a.m. wrapping up odd & end things, met cathy at school in the afternoon to go over prizes, game rules, etc. had a bit of a problem there, as well...got home in time to grab a drink & kevin & I took katie to dance, bought a few necessities at dollar general, then we came home & walked sasha at the park, then made supper. kate showered & is reading Library Book #2. (#1 is done!)
I'll shower after KJ gets out...then will probably just chill and read some.

PSF RALLY at Ketchum Center

kevin was my date, katie had put herself to bed by the time we got home. same old same old, unanswerable questions asked over & over. I was looking quite classy with my new dirty blonde hair, but had my monthly problem. sometimes I am honest to god afraid to leave the house. I had a sweatshirt to wrap around me & various crap to carry to camoflauge my problem, life is good. and I got McDonalds' drive thru on the way home.

we did some band booster shopping at pamida on the way to meeting. did a family library trip so Kj could find more sources for his term paper. kevin & katie also found books. katie was happily reading on the old couch not long after we got home.



revamped my afternoon schedule to include a quick nap,then started on the t-shirt quilt, picked up 2 more band booster donations on the way to dance class. took sasha for another walk at the park, which kate thought was a bad idea with the 2 dogs running around over there. she stayed home & started on her math.
I got pissed enough about a facebook post that I deleted one of my friends. katie requests that I cough into my elbow so I don't get my germy hands all over the family keyboard. most days she is a better mom that I am. we had a slight discussion over her math...she thought I was saying she was stupid, I thought I was telling her it was something I actually understood & could help her with.
she is having make in the bag corn for supper, I am going to make homemade pizzas for KJ's guests, & order a yearbook from corey.
will try to get rest of prizes picked up tomorrow, & meet cathy at school weds. 12:30-3:30 to write out prize rules & sort prizes...the sort of stuff we usually do on Friday when I won't be there.
took off my bandage, bled all over my peace love pigs shirt, I banged the same finger in the car picking up prizes, & shut it in the door leaving GRM. just not my day fingerwise, I guess...

getting s*** done!

took Sasha for a walk at the park, mailed the PSF scholarship & OTC order for plush bunny bouncy balls (combining Katie's collection of bouncy balls with Lindsay's plush collection...pretty clever for an old gal!)
then on to Princeton, where I picked up Band Carnival Raffle donations at GRM, Great Western Bank, State Farm Ins., Farm Bureau Ins., Treadwell Chiropractic, & Post Telegraph. Will hit a few more this afternoon when I take Katie to dance, & hopefully the rest tomorrow after my hair appt. finished my ghost book, think I'll start the new Joe Hill book, then maybe drag out the sewing machine & start on another quilt...have grand plans for a t-shirt quilt (going to look at Fabulous Finds Consignment Store for more Mercer t-shirts) & a denim quilt for KJ to take to college to keep him all warm & snuggly.

monday morning

Saturday was dance class & watching our ghost shows. Sunday was Girl Scout Sunday...church, pizza, swimming. the girls all seemed to have fun. now the kids are getting ready for school, I am going to pick up band booster merchant raffle prizes. dance class tonite. tomorrow I have a hair appt. & the PSF Rally at Ketchum Center.
Wed. pick up band booster prizes, Katie dance. Thursday pick up the last of the prizes & get them to school, make sure she is ready for competition. Friday, Katie skips school & we head to KC for lunch with Koren, Katie does her solo Friday nite at Music Hall & the duet clog with Mackenzie Saturday morning, then we head home to work at the Band Carnival.


Gone With the Wind

I took this pic at Chillicothe movie theater because, of course, I named Katie after Katie Scarlett O'Hara of Gone With The Wind

I made it!

yesterday I was so frazzled, I called Katie from work telling her KJ might have to take her to dance, I had to walk risers, crank up g barn curtains, pick up the feed I'd cleaned out of b barn bin & haul it to the dumpsters....Kevin called me right back & told me he'd go in for parent teacher conference early if he could get in...so I had time to put katie's hair up, when I went out to feed dogs in the muddy hell we call the backyard, she took her hair out & re-did it in an adorable side pony tail. dance went well, she & mackenzie were smiling again. got her schedule for next week...solo on Friday night, duet on Sat. morning, so we can make the band carnival, but we'll probably be tired! Koren said we can stay with her, & she got Friday off work, so will let katie skip school friday & head to the city for lunch with Koren then she'll do our city driving to the dance competition.
tonite I hauled home pallets, put one in Haley's pen as a porch to her doghouse like I've always meant to do, & put 2 in Budda's muddy home for her to perch on if she so chooses. started arranging my stuffed cow collection in the holes I cleaned out in the kitchen shelves. the kids had the day off school.
$ will be very tight this week...the new fridge might now have any food in it for awhile...we tend to live beyond our lifestyle...
and I am officially on vacation for 9 glorious days!!!


happy birthday KJ

Kj got to celebrate 18 by attending a full day at North Mercer R-III, then riding all squished up in the car with his family for supper at Trenton Pizza Hut, to Chillicothe to see Cop Out at B&B Cinema, & to buy an X-Box 360 & Batman game at Wal-Mart. His loving but harried mother bought him a birthday cookie & ice cream at Wal-mart, we got home late, so after everyone got home from school, work, dentist, chiropractor, band boosters meeting, & dance class, Katie found candles, Kevin lit them up, KJ blew them out after requesting no one sing ♪♫♪♫Happy Birthday♪♫♪♫...which I sang alone. I feel contractually obligated.



I spent another happy day at work....Kevin was awakened first for the insurance adjuster who did an estimate on this weekends bumper damage...$900. then the new fridge showed up & they installed it. KJ took Katie to dance. I swept & mopped the nasty muddy dirty floors. Katie did her History homework. KJ was sad that he would not have pizza on this, the night before his birthday. poor kid, haven't bought his bday gift yet. we are some kind of parents...
it was so beautiful today....50s...some of the mud dried up...the sun was shining...the birds were singing...you almost think spring is in the air!



work is making me so tired, and my old bones are a achin'...Katie & I did a gas & Pepsi run to Lineville, did a few more old house pictures. then basically lounged on the old couch, dozed off & on, & tried to give Katie ideas for fairy names...she used Wrath & Myst (I think...will have to read the final version of her story...she did add another of my favorite characters the frog fairies!)



I had to work so KJ took Katie to dance for me. He had a slight bumper cracker, he said the vehicle he bumped into was fine. I sure hope so! Kevin was upset that the back bumper has a crack & some paint rubbed off.
beautiful beautiful day.


KJ went to the District Championship game. Katie had planned game nite for us...we did play Operation, but then I took a long long long nap. I was feeling kind of flu=like.
city was digging up a waterline on the main street when I came home, water pressure sucked, but picked up enough for me to get one load of laundry done.



work, dr appt where I learned my blood pressure is a bit high & I have the cervix of a 55 year old woman, band boosters meeting, dance class...



kevin & kj went to the girls district game, katie & I went to competition dance class. came home, typed up notes for band carnival meeting tomorrow, got some laundry put away. kevin put in the water line for new fridge.
The Middle was new...a spelling bee AND a Heck family vacation! they make our family look pretty normal. I love it!

thus far on Wednesday...

I am dragging ass big time & the week has just begun. extra competition dance practices kick in this week. Mercer girls play in semi-final Districts tonite which I don't have to go to because of dance. noticed last nite my promise ring was bent pretty bad, straigtened it out best I could.
while blogging, listened to the musical stylings of Miss Cuddles pueking...all over the left over fabric from katie & emily's purse project. so, disinfected table & got laundry going, which I am always behind on anyway. somehow katie is down to like 2 pairs of socks she will wear, so constantly digging thru hamper, washer,dryer, couch cushions, etc to find socks.
according to calander at work, my put-off-till-later dr. appt is today, but according to home calander, tomorrow. have to call dr office this am. and band booster meeting tomorrow for the carnival katie & I will miss...which I will be late to anyway if dr. is tomorrow. good grief.
I should seriously get dressed & on to work. someone has to walk those d*** risers...

what happened on Tuesday

an exciting revelation at work that will get rid of one of the major things that pisses me off....but I am sworn to secrecy. planned out Troop 8044's Girl Scout Sunday a week late since I work this Sunday, which is actually GS Sunday. we will meet at Mercer Baptist Church, have lunch at Mercer Pizza Plus, then swim at Stacy Center.
katie, kevin, & I journeyed to chillicothe & bought Katie new jazz shoes, then went to lowe's & bought a blender & a side by side fridge with ice & water in the door, & had mcdonalds drivethru on way home. katie & I were for the cheaper version, but kevin talked me into a bigger, better version.
kj turned in his practice jersey & spent his first nite off fighting with his sister.


we all supported the team

after I met Kevin & Katie at dance class, we parked the car & headed to NCMC Ketchum Center and it's all over, folks...the fat lady has sang. KJ got to play the last 45 seconds of the district game vs Gilman City after Ty & Dakota fouled out. Mercer had the lead...but ended up getting beat. then we took Kevin out for his birthday to Washington Street.

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