Project Fair

Katie & Emily started on their sewing projects today....they got the pillow made & started on the purse. thtey found the purse pattern on line & selected colors, & designed the pillow themselves in their favorite color: blue.


Mercer vs. North Daviess

Katie's dance class was moved from Thursday to Friday nite, so we missed the last regular season game. KJ started since Derek was sick. He made a basket. And they won....third consecutive game!!! he called me from Mc Donald's parking lot. and when he got home he gave me somewhat of a smartass guilt trip...which I feel I deserve anyway. I don't try hard enough to do everything I should. but Kevin took Monday off, & we'll all be there with bells on when Katie gets out of dance class! saw on facebook where there is a pep rally Monday at 2:55....it's my riser week...maybe Kevin will go & take pictures for me? I ask a lot.
after we got home from dance, I was working on a Snapfish photo book. very frustrating.
now I have the weekend off, Katie has makeup dance class at 9 from Monday's snow day, & I have to mail the Teamster Scholarship. and get the band carnival merchant letters done. got the prize order done last nite.



dance for tonite rescheduled for tomorrow nite, so we have a nite at home! picked up kj's car from Willis Garage. katie requested cheesy pasta for supper, so we had to make a quick Grammy's Grocery run. then we found pictures of KJ for the senior power point. now onward to putting laundry away & doing the dreaded bills...

Senior Night

was originally scheduled for Tuesday nite...but they called school off early Friday due to snow...the game was postponed to Weds. in the meantime...I originally had Weds. off work, had a dr. appt in the a.m., Girl Scout meeting after school. something came up & that fell thru, so rescheduled dr. for next week & GS for later in the evening. should've worked. I heard the Friday game was rescheduled for Weds...so I'd miss a bit of the girls game. no big. but then I realized WEDNESDAY was Senior Night. it was too late to cancel the meeting. so, Kevin & Katie went to the game, taking Miss Morgan with them to watch her big sister Mandy's last home game, & the remaining Girl Scouts & I watched some of Troop Beverly Hills until they were picked up exactly on time....(thanks, parents!) I rushed uptown to the game, parked at the very very back of the parking lot, almost busted my ass trying to speed walk across the slick parking lot to the school, then I couldn't find my crowd, so sat down,Kevin got my attention & I scrambled up thru the bleachers to where mom had saved us seats. I got there start of 3rd quarter of the girls. I'd sent the camera with Kevin, the senior band kids played the anthem, so he taped it for me. Katie taped & photographed the Senior Recognition for me. Lije & Jo also came to watch the game, KJ got to start! and he made a basket! I came home very tired, but with a warm, fuzzy feeling. I guess being a basketball mom isn't all bad...a hug from my son in public, a rose, some applause...had to come home & make supper since we all got there too late to eat at the senior supper but that's ok.


a win

so here's my question...does a win mean anything if you watched it from the bench? just asking. it sure doesn't mean a lot to the mom of the benched player. I know it is a coach's job to win at all costs. whatever.



snow day for the kids. kevin ran me to & from work. kj had bb practice. katie & I had supper at Crossroads, then went to the PSF Rally at Princeton school. we parked on the square & walked up, was a bit brisk but not too bad.



slept in, showered, then braved the snowing & blowing to pick Katie up from Kayla's & get chili stuff at Grammy's Grocery. she got her math homework done & started reading a ghost book. KJ seems to be enjoying a day in his jammies. have his sheets in the washer, plan to get mine done, too...and a nap sure would be nice!


up early to mail a book I sold on amazon, to bank to cash refund checks, got some stuff at Dollar General. Katie danced at the Stacy Center Winter Carnival, then spent the nite with Kayla & Danielle. I drove around Princeton & took some pictures, then picked up our PSF rally t-shirts. went to KJ's ball game. we didn't get beat as badly as I feared we would. and I think KJ is really making a difference on the team. amazing what a little floor time will do for a players confidence!
started rounding up t-shirts for the t-shirt quilt I have envisioned.


snow night

(I don't get snow days....)
kids got out of school Friday at 2 because of snow...Princeton & Newtown let out around 12:30.
the basketball game with Cainsville was postponed, so we had a whole night with nowhere to go. I finished patching together my Grandma Grace quilt, Katie sewed a headband & started working on making one of her old Cardinal t-shirts small enough to fit Bobby Jack, had to refill the bobbin, the thread kept breaking, I was getting annoyed, so she called it a night.
Josh & Danny came over to hang out with KJ.



ordered Katie a pink SAve PSF shirt, Emily is going the the rally, Katie thinks she might go.
found on facebook....buses will depart from Main Office to get you to school. sounds like a winner!
there is a PRO PSF sign painting meeting on Sunday at 1:00. I think Katie is skating that day? will have to find out.
Mercer is taking a school bus for kids to rally, & will have signs for those who want them...a lot of details.
will all this make a difference?
bobby lee & preston both had good editorials on the situation.
maybe a news camera crew will show up?


dance class day...they worked on the Centerfield beginning jump a lot. we had the same old mom can'tdo hair deal before we left home. Katie got a G2 & pizza rolls when we stopped at Casey's on the way..she managed to get them eaten one at a time on dance class breaks.
mackenzie can't dance Sat. at Stacy Center so Katie will just do her solo...no costume changes!!! hopefully less stressful for both of us!
then when we got home Katie finished up her long division homework. I checked her answers on a few...I was adding & multiplying in the wrong spots...good thing she didn't need much help!
she excitedly was reading me the 5th grade pirate musical when KJ got home from his late BB practice, so she didn't finish. it will be awesome! Mrs. Shriver told her the elementary Glee Club will start in March. hope it's not on dance competition weekends!


Katie's PSF Letter Writing Campaign

Dear Attorney General Koster,
My family is very dependant on Premium Standard Farms. My mother works there, as it is conveniently close to where we live. Premium Standard Farms helps my family live good, healthy lives with a house and 3 cars. My brother is going to college extremely soon later this year, and Premium Standard Farms helps support his fund and goes toward his tuition. My sister recently got married, rents a duplex in a suburb, travels quite often, and has 2 cats. She and her husband own a motorcycle together. They had a truck, but sold it and they are buying a Ford Fusion in Pearl White. My sister is a young woman with the hopes of having all boys with her husband, owning 1 more female cat, having a pet Welshi Corgi, and buying a house. However, she is still paying off her college loans. Every now and then, she has to borrow some money from my parents. If Premium Standard Farms shuts down, I’m afraid we won’t have any money to give, or any money period. My school gets taxes paid by Premium Standard Farms to keep us open. If Premium Standard Farms unfortunately had to shut down, my school would probably shut down. My family and I would have to move and I might never see my friends again. If Premium Standard Farms shuts down, the roads wouldn’t get paved and lined. People could get injured or even killed with uncompleted roads. If PSF shuts down, the fire department would shut. If that shut, I don’t know what I would do. My friend’s house burnt down last year, and without the fire department it would have been in ruins! Basically, if PSF shuts down, my whole town shuts down. We are abnormally small anyway, and without PSF everyone would leave and Mercer, Missouri would become a ghost town with no inhabitants. Thinking about it makes me cry, all these things going away so suddenly. I never knew how fortunate we were, but now that our town is so close to disappearing, I understand how incredibly important PSF is to my life, and many others’ as well. PSF helps my family eat, own our house, and put me through dance lessons and helps me go to competitions. I really love dance. I really think I have talent, and so do many other people, but I won’t ever get anywhere if PSF shuts and so do all traces of survival.
With a heavy heart,
A fifth grader, Katie Dailey

Save PSF

God (& anyone who has ever talked to me!)knows how much I hate my job. But as a grownup, I am obligated to keep a job that pays the bills & feeds my kids. I am coming up on 15 years at PSF in May. there is a lot of media going on right now, environmental deadlines, economical woes...many many rumors. there is a Support Premium Standard Farms facebook page. A Save PSF Rally facebook page. t-shirts to order (yes, they're cool, & I'm ordering 2.) letters to write to government officials. A rally to give up my Monday night for at Princeton.
when Katie was a baby, there was a letter writing campaign and a rally at Ketchum Center in Trenton. Kevin had to work, Koren kept Katie, KJ went to the rally with me.
Mercer sent home permission slips, they will bus students to the rally if they want to go.
Again, I hate my job. (Honestly, I just wasn't made to work. I am a hot house flower.) But I need my job & I will go. I have 2 more smart kids who need to go to college. I would like to someday have the chance to go myself. And without PSF, this little section of the world will die.

Palin's mad at Family Guy

In a Facebook posting headlined "Fox Hollywood — What a Disappointment," the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and current Fox News contributor said Sunday night's episode felt like "another kick in the gut." Palin's youngest son, Trig, has Down syndrome.

The episode features the character Chris falling for a girl with Down syndrome. On a date, he asks what her parents do.

She replies: "My dad's an accountant, and my mom is the former governor of Alaska."

Palin resigned as Alaska governor last summer.

(I watched this episode...as I wasn't a huge Palin fan, I didn't even catch the reference. you have to be pretty clever to catch all the Family Guy digs. whatever.)
I guess it keeps her in the news...

sometimes you win...sometimes you don't

KJ played a lot in the Mercer/Gilman City game. He is a good guard. Mom is proud. (just because you didn't win doesn't mean you didn't play a good game!)

spelling bee

I was so proud of Katie! she corectly spelled her pratice word & showed great poise when she misspelled her Round 1 word. she did good.
I was never in the spelling bee. it's an honor just to participate!
(I love having smart kids!)



yesterday the 5th graders saw the puberty video & got their 'goodie bags.' life will never be the same...



Katie delivered 2 of her Tupperware orders at school.
dance class.
long ass girl scout leaders meeting.
katie caught an old guy walking in the Hal England basement, he let us in & put her in charge of locking the door back after the meeting...which she did.
cobbled together supper.
did some laundry.
trash cans to curb.
katie took a shower & studied spelling bee words.

TOMORROW: our littlest Dailey will be in the Mercer County Spelling Bee!
and the mighty Cardinals journey to Gilman City.
IN THE IMMINENT FUTURE: Spring Product Sales for Girl Scouts.
never ending winter.


happy valentines day...

I had to work the day shift, Kevin left for work right after I got home. snowing & blowing.



this is the 2nd time doug's car alarm has went off in our driveway tonite...he rode with kevin. bet the neighbors are enjoying it almost as much as we are. the dog is going nuts.
my weekend to work. the snow kevin was dreading has started.
kj made homemade pizza for supper.
I took a long nap. have a nasty cold, sore throat, fever.
found kevin's valentine & laid it out for him to find.

Homecoming 2010

Kevin & I attended the school peprally & watched KJ dance with the basketball team, have an ice cream cone built in his mouth (his was biggest) & only catch 2 marshmallows with his mouth during a game. His class won the poster contest, Katie's class won the Battle Cry. (her Valentine's Box also placed 2nd in most valentiney category! a Dailey first!) KJ was one of the fans of the week & won a Spirit Stick that got lost at the pep rally. I forgot to go over & check out the bulletin board in the gym. I just wanted to go home.
the boys didn't win the game...they were ahead, they struggled to catch back up...KJ played briefly. He didn't win Homecoming King...a junior did. A senior girl did win Queen. I personally think only Srs. should be candidates unless they don't have enough kids...I don't know who sets the rules..since it is ran by Student Council...I would suspect they are the culprits. KJ didn't give a rats ass about winning, & I really don't care either, but it's the whole point of the thing. I have to be so careful at games keeping my opinions to myself...the boys team is centered around a freshman...some kids can hold 4 fouls before they sit down, other kids fuck up once & are on the bench the rest of the game...'nuff said. this season can't end soon enough for me. I try to remain calm & take pictures & support the team & KJ's decision to play. I don't intend to go to one single game next year unless Katie is dancing at one or something.
Katie was disappointed with the pep rally, her favorites were the cha cha slide & hula hoop contest from years past...they didn't do either.
we did get cool stuff from KJ's Valentine's fund raiser. and the senior supper before the game was good. Kevin, Katie, me, Mom & Jo showed up for Kj's fan club...
about 2 weeks left of the season...don't know if they'll try again to make up the Seymour game. or if the boys have to play in Districts at all. We all know the girls will be going. Woo Woo.
I am in just the right mood to go work the weekend...


3 siblings in Olympics

Born to an American father and a Japanese mother in Kalamazoo, Michigan, all three Reed siblings – Cathy, Chris, and Allison – will skate in the Vancouver Olympics. None of them are members of Team USA.

Because of their mother's Japanese citizenship, Chris and Cathy hold dual citizenship in the United States and Japan. They'll be skating for Japan.

Allison, meanwhile, is taking advantage of the new rules to skate for Georgia's national team, home of her partner, Otar Japaridze.

Growing up, the Reeds lived in Kalamazoo, Hong Kong, Cincinnati, Australia, and, finally, New Jersey, where Cathy and Chris met up with coaches Nikolai Morozov and Shae-Lynn Bourne. As the duo trained with their new coaches, they quickly flew up the ice dancing ranks. However, due to the depth of the American team, the Reeds began skating for Japan. In a country where ice dancing is not terribly popular, they almost immediately became the team to beat.

Little sister Allison's story is even more fortuitous. She began the sport because of her siblings' success but could not find a partner due to her small stature. Then she found Japaridze in – where else? – New Jersey. In their first competition together (Allison's first international competition ever), the duo nabbed the very last Olympic spot.

Just your typical three-siblings-from-the-United-States-finding-international-success-for-other-countries story that's pretty amazing. No biggie.



got katie to dance with only one jazz shoe...lexi let her borrow hers. also had my reading glasses...but no book. baked brownies for tomorrow nite's senior supper before game. kj went to a taco bake at ty's house after practice, the car was overheating. peachy keen. katie put together her red &white outfit for Spirit Day. I plan on leaving work early tomorrow to get to pep rally. have the haiti donation bag by the door, maybe I'll remember it this time...

today I found Premium Standard Farms on Wikipedia...

1988 - Premium Standard Farms founded
1989 December - First litter of seven gilts and four barrows born on Wiles farm
1994 June - PSF acquired National Hog Farms of Texas
1994 September - Construction of first processing plant in Milan, Missouri complete
1994 September - 80,000 sow units completed in Missouri
1996 - Company emerged from restructuring after market volatility
1998 May - PSF merged with ContiGroup’s north Missouri swine operation which added 25,000 sows to the company’s herd.
1998 December - PSF is the first pork producer to earn Process Verified accreditation from the United States Department of Agriculture
2000 August - PSF purchases the Lundy Packing Company and ContiGroup’s Carolina Farms
2003 April – PSF and Johnsonville Sausage form Oldham LLC, a joint venture to produce sausage products
2005 August - Initial public offering, NASDAQ: PORK
2007 May - Smithfield completes Premium Standard Farms acquisition
Based in Princeton, the Missouri production operations employ about 1,250 people across northern Missouri. The company has 63 sow farms and nine grow/finish farms that span Mercer, Putnam, Sullivan, Daviess and Gentry counties. Additionally, local farmers operate finishing farms under contract with PSF. The operations in Missouri account for the bulk of the company’s herd with about 108,000 sows in production

now, the deb time-line:
1995 Kevin & Deb move to Mercer to work for PSF
2002 Koren works briefly at Wiles
2004 Koren wins the PSF $2500 scholarship!!!
2010 Deb is still at PSF, Kevin has been at Hy-Vee 8 years



Katie went to Breanna's party, Bre loved her shirt! Katie was wacky tacky triplets with KayKay & Emily. she will be Kesha tomorrow for dress like your favorite celebrity day.
KJ back to dr...infected toe & more antibiotics. Kevin has sinus infection.
Katie did all her own valentines...she found her Kesha outfit...and she put herself to bed. mommy's not good for much anymore...

We Are The Cardinals

no school for Mercer or Jamesport Tuesday, but they had the scheduled game at Mercer an hour early...victories for both girls and boys!


no school tomorrow

courtesy of facebook...my link to the real world!
kj had his 50s outfit ready for school tomorrow for blast to the past...katie was going to be a hippie.
and now after finishing my half a Mike's Hard Lemonade from several days ago, I am hitting the hay.

snow flakes keep fallin' on my head

all other area schools cancelled today for snow...not Mercer. they went till it counted as a day then sent kids home. since Princeton didn't have school, dance class was moved to Friday same time. Kevin took Friday off for the Homecoming game,so that works.
our temp. employee got hurt (AGAIN) & this time has to go before accident review board with the manager, so made the GS meeting I had planned for after school later.
KJ sold some more Valentine's stuff today.
KJ is a Homecoming King candidate.
Katie dressed up for Pajama Day.
working on an outfit for Blast to the Past Day (or something like that) in case they have school tomorrow.
and working on Katie's Valentine's Box.



worked half a day for a fallen co worker (walking those risers can be a bitch, apparently!) then drug my lazy ass home for a long winters nap, Kevin made lunch, Katie & I to Bethany Walmart to buy Valentine's Box supplies. Digorno stuffed crust pizza for supper, started watching our traditional Sat. nite ghost stuff, but KJ talked us into shutting up, nutting up, and watching Zombieland.
put the velcro in Katie's hat & got her dance bag ready for tomorrow.


we didn't start the fire...

CENTRALIA, Pa. – Standing before the wreckage of his bulldozed home, John Lokitis Jr. felt sick to his stomach, certain that a terrible mistake had been made.

He'd fought for years to stay in the house. It was one of the few left standing in the moonscape of Centralia, a once-proud coal town whose population fled an underground mine fire that began in 1962 and continues to burn.

But the state had ordered Lokitis to vacate, leaving the fourth-generation Centralian little choice but to say goodbye — to the house, and to what's left of the town he loved.

"I never had any desire to move," said Lokitis, 39. "It was my home."

After years of delay, state officials are now trying to complete the demolition of Centralia, a borough in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania that all but ceased to exist in the 1980s after the mine fire spread beneath homes and businesses, threatening residents with poisonous gases and dangerous sinkholes.

More than 1,000 people moved out, and 500 structures were razed under a $42 million federal relocation program.

But dozens of holdouts, Lokitis included, refused to go — even after their houses were seized through eminent domain in the early 1990s. They said the fire posed little danger to their part of town, accused government officials and mining companies of a plot to grab the mineral rights and vowed to stay put. State and local officials had little stomach to oust the diehards, who squatted tax- and rent-free in houses they no longer owned.

Steve Fishman, attorney for the state Department of Community and Economic Development, said "benign neglect" on the part of state and local officials allowed the residents to stay for so long.

No more.

Fishman told The Associated Press that the state is moving as quickly as possible to take possession of the remaining homes and get them knocked down.

"Everyone agreed that we needed to move this along," he said.

In 2006, there were 16 properties left standing. A year ago, the town was down to 11. Now there are five houses occupied with fewer than a dozen holdouts.

Centralia appears to be entering its final days.

The remaining holdouts, weary after decades of media scrutiny, rarely give interviews. But the town's 86-year-old mayor, Carl Womer, said he doubts he'll have to go. Indeed, Lokitis and others believe that elderly residents will be allowed to live out their final years in Centralia — even after a Columbia County judge decides next month how much they should be paid for their homes.

"Nothing's happened. We're still here," said Womer, whose wife, Helen, who died in 2001, was an implacable foe of relocation. "No one's told us to move."

Like Womer, resident John Lokitis Sr., 68, father of Lokitis Jr., was polite but short. "Why worry about it? When it comes, it comes. I don't give a rat's ass," he said, shutting the door.

Those who remain in Centralia like to keep up appearances. In mid-January, Christmas decorations still adorned the street lamps, a large manger scene occupied a corner of the main intersection and a 2010 calendar hung in the empty borough building. But the holdouts are fighting a losing battle. The building's wooden facade is in dire need of a paint job; in the Odd Fellows Cemetery, vandals recently knocked over dozens of tombstones. Nature has reclaimed parts of the town.

In reality, Centralia is already a memory — an intact street grid with hardly anything on it. All the familiar places that define a town — churches, businesses, schools, homes — are long gone.

A hand-lettered sign tacked to a tree near Womer's home directs tourists to a rocky outcropping off the main street where opaque clouds of steam rise from the ground.

"It was a real community, and people loved the place," said author and journalist Dave DeKok, who has been writing about Centralia for 30 years and recently published "Fire Underground," an updated version of his 1986 book on the town. "People lived their entire lives in that town and would have been quite happy to get rid of the mine fire and keep on living there."

With swifter action, DeKok said, that might have been Centralia's destiny.

The fire began at the town dump and ignited an exposed coal vein. It could have been extinguished for thousands of dollars then, but a series of bureaucratic half-measures and a lack of funding allowed the fire to grow into a voracious monster — feeding on millions of tons of slow-burning anthracite coal in the abandoned network of mines beneath the town.

At first, most Centralians ignored the fire. Some denied its existence, choosing to disregard the threat.

That changed in the 1970s, when carbon monoxide began entering homes and sickening people. The beginning of the end came in 1981, when a cave-in sucked a 12-year-old boy into a hot, gaseous void, nearly killing him. The town divided into two warring camps, one in favor of relocation and one opposed.

Finally, in 1983, the federal government appropriated $42 million to acquire and demolish every building in Centralia. Nearly everyone participated in the voluntary buyouts; by 1990, Census figures showed only 63 people remaining.

Two years later, Gov. Robert Casey decided to shut the town, saying the fire had become too dangerous. The holdouts fought condemnation, blocking appraisers from entering their homes. The legal process eventually ground to a halt.

Until recently, Lokitis Jr., who works a civilian job with the state police in Harrisburg, had been one of Centralia's most vocal defenders — star of a 2007 documentary on Centralia. He expressed hope that it could stage a comeback, claiming the fire had gone out or moved away.

State officials say the fire continues to burn uncontrolled and could for hundreds of years, until it runs out of fuel. One of their biggest concerns is the danger to tourists who often cluster around steam vents on unstable ground.

While Lokitis felt he was in no danger, he had little recourse than to move from his late grandfather's two-story row home on West Park Street when an order to vacate arrived, one of two such notices sent last year.

Now living a few miles away, he tacked a sign on the front porch of the old homestead. "REQUIESCAT IN PACE" — rest in peace, it said. "SORRY POP."

He couldn't bear to watch the home get knocked down a few weeks before Christmas. But he couldn't stay away, either, going back after the wrecking crew had finished its work.

"It was part of my life for all 39 years, that house," he said. "It was difficult to leave it and difficult to see it demolished."

Difficult, too, to give up his dream of Centralia's rebirth.

"I'd always hoped the town would come back and be rebuilt," Lokitis said, "but I guess that's never going to happen."



dance class. KJ sat on the bench & watched practice since he is sick & can't breathe. he plans on dressing out tomorrow nite but not playing unless they really need him.
the called for snow has started....kids already had tomorrow off school for teacher meeting or something. they had a 2 hour delay Tuesday because of slick roads.
home ballgames Friday & Saturday. Katie dances at the Hal England Center Sunday. we have to make a Valentine's Box. she's thinking a kissing booth.
I also have to put the velcro in her Centerfield hat.
next week is homecoming...dress up days.
I really should stop thinking about what's coming up & get some laundry done right now....


my day off cont.

made cookie deposit at bank & got KJ chicken noodle soup. did some minor housekeeping. kevin picked up KJ's antibiotics while we had our Girl Scout meeting. the girls all seemed to have fun. Katie is starving,she has tons of homework, Sasha won't stay in the right place, nothing is going her way.
Buddesse had herself tangled to no end, I got her loose, Kevin removed a tree branch to keep her from doing it again..
in the house, Sasha tried out the fortune cookies...
on the up side, there is a new The Middle tonite that I can watch while I'm folding laundry...

Feb. 2 2010

not only was today Groundhogs Day, it was the day that Mercer Cardinal boys beat the Winston Redbirds boys at Winston...with KJ contributing the 2 points of his first varsity basketball regular season! the crowd went wild....well, Kevin & I went wild. KJ has a nasty cold, took him to the dr. Wed. a.m., upper respiratory infection, the dr. convinced him to go home & go to bed for the day & prescribed antibiotics.
I had the day off, got ready for todays Girl Scout meeting, made the troop cookie deposit, mailed KJ's Hyvee scholarship app., delivered cookies to Mercer Bank, found & filled out our assessment form, & sorted the next 3 weeks bills into neatly paperclipped piles.



dance class, Katie delivered Chat & H.L.s cookies...sure, this has been on my to-do list for weeks, but it's now crossed off...
started piecing together the Grandma Grace quilt last nite...going over the spots I'd patched in bright blue thread years ago...Kevin took it off my sewing spot & had it back in his chair again...still have some patching to do on it. Grandma made these quilts when we were young for Xmas...all us grandkids got one...and mine has been used on the bed, to wrap things in when we moved, hung over drafty doors & windows, camping in the yard, as a picnic blanket, to make tents in the house...
this colorful quilt is made from doubleknit 9 patches...originally each block had a tied tassle in the center of it...some of the thread has obviously rotted, but the fabric is still in original condition! it is unlined, and very thin, but extremely warm! I wonder if Grandma thought of all the great grandkids who would eventually use her quilts as she made these...they are very sturdy, practically indestructible!
grandma made us many homemade xmas gifts...matching cousin nightgowns, hats & scarfs, huge dolls...

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