K.J. has been accepted & rec'd a scholarship...today we go for a family visit day. on Halloween, my fave day of the year! rousting the family & KJ's friend Corey who is going with us.
doesn't seem like all that long ago that Norma & I went to the Freshman Orientation at Missouri Western State University with Koren & Cody. (back when it was still Missouri Western State College). but it's been a year or two. or almost six.
K.J. is thinking medicine/health. He wants to be a Dr. That would be cool! I love how our kids have goals & make plans instead of just taking what life hands them & making the best of it. That of course worked for me, but every so often...you start to think what if. I would of course keep my husband & kids, but what if I had gotten some kind of education & had a different job? hmmmm.....
I'm sure Miss Cuddles the cat will have a long day, what with the neighbors dog hanging out on our front porch looking thru the window at Sasha Rose the Miniature Daschund & making her bark all day. It does get annoying. I finally drug the hallway box of Barbies that Katie only plays with when she needs 'extras' to the garage, Daphne from the Scooby Doo Collection met with a serious accident that lead to her demise. Also took the extra stuffed animal box to the garage. maybe if I take the chairs off the front porch to the garage the neighbors dog will stop sitting in them & hanging out on the porch making Sasha bark....


cookie sale starts tomorrow

picked up the order forms today, distributed them at school Fall Festival, & Mackenzie picked hers up when she got done at Beggars Night in Lineville. price is still $3.50, same old varieties.
used troop money to pay the girls dues & to order the new Journeys books. will have to quit squandering $ for awhile & build the bank account back up...



agreed on a time/activity for katie's birthday party...we just have no open weekends. she wanted a trip to Independence Center mall. no time. so she consented to supper at Toot-Toots Friday Nov. 6th & then skating at Roll-a-Rama from 7-10p.m., then a sleepover. She has dance class Sat. from 1:50-5p.m., so Jessie & Emily can go home or go to dance with her...Mackenzie of course will already be there. A gal only turns 11 once...maybe next year we can go bigger...I think Halloweekend would be cool...or Great Wolf Lodge...or her mall trip....

he was married to....

he was married to deb, who shared with him the trials and struggles of his young life and his toiling hours, as well as the luxury and opulence of declining years, ....

I found this cool death notice on line & inserted my own name....pretty well sums it all up, eh?

his other life....

I went to school at 9 a.m. for a brief Fall Festival Planning Meeting...they have it all well in hand, my contributions will be showing up Friday a.m. about 9:30ish to decorate food tables & taking our Halloween cd for the dance room. while there I saw KJ in the hall headed to the bathroom...I waved at him, he had to acknowledge me. When I see him out in the real world I am always amazed at how grownup he looks. He is tall & handsome & strong. He was wearing his Academic Team shirt since they have a meet at North Harrison after school. Didn't get a glimpse of Katie, she is in the "older elementary" & I had no reason to stroll down that hallway. I did check out the masks in the hallway to see if I could guess which was hers. They aren't all done yet...
Johnnie has the classes doing halloween inspired projects for the Halloween Contest this year instead of just coloring pages. what a cool idea! she is also in charge of the tattoos & food this year, with her students helping. they will wear gloves serving food trying to prevent spread of disease. Mrs. Palmer said 24 kids were out sick this am, then Tara (who was at the meeting) got a call from Nurse Mary that one of her girls was sick & had to go home...
this will probably be the last year for the bouncer....the price goes up every year, they have to go clear to KC to get & return it this year....will have to be brainstorming for something spectacular for next year....maybe we can bring back the hayride....


back in my day, your guy proposed, you decided if you wanted to be married indoors or out, veil or no veil, real or artificial flowers. not a lot of decisions, not a lot of drama. all the men in our wedding wore suits they already owned, all the women but 2 wore dresses they already had....my mom made my dress, & made herself a new dress.
I picked out a cake topper. I picked out my theme...autumn. I rented candleabras & bought autumn silk flowers...corsages, bridal bouquet, etc. We picked the church. We talked to the Reverend. Kevin picked me up, drove me to the church, where my matron of honor helped me into my dress in the church bathroom. It was a beautiful day & we have been married 26 years. Our budget was small...I remember the pictures were $100, the flowers were about $100, we bought all the cake ingredients & the actual cake baking & serving were a gift from our neighbor/cake maker Rosie Wolf. her daughter Peggy was our photographer. I did something old, something new, somehting borrowed, something blue, & a penny in your shoe. My mom already owned the sheet music to the songs I wanted, we had friends Sarah Vertrees & Staci Trainer sing & play the piano. My sister & Keri Sue Bryan were candlelighters. My sister Lisa ran the guest book. Kevin 's grandma Marie took care of the reception. Mom & I made the mints. My best friend from high school Shirley Slaughter Thomas was my matron of honor. Kevin's best friend from high school Brad Riggs was his best man. He had Gary Porter as an usher. The dress was a gift from my mom. The rehearsal dinner at Ma & Pa's at Lake Marie was courtesy of Lije. Our honeymoon was going to Worlds of Fun one weekend in October. We were so happy. We were so in love.

When Koren & Cody got engaged, it was so exciting. And I had no idea how much the world of weddings had changed. I knew there were bridal magazines. Koren was watching Amazing Wedding Cakes & Bridezillas. I got hooked on these shows. Now you don't get married inside or outside, you select a venue. There are themes. Wedding programs. wedding favors for your guests. candy buffets at the reception. wedding cakes that match your dress or showcase your favorite hobbies and take teams of professional cake decorators days to create. reception dresses. couples learning elaborate dances for the first dance. seating charts. menus. gift registries. limos & horse drawn carriages. trial hairdos, trial makeup, trial manicures. numerous dress fittings. officiants. elaborate table settings. outdoor tents. $ $ $ $ $. and screaming. tantrums. tears. threats. I just don't remember it all being so dramatic back in the day...

the cattle are lowing & Katie can't sleep....

the boys weaned calves at our place yesterday. the cows aren't happy. when bedtime rolled around, Katie wasn't happy. she couldn't sleep with all the mooing. bet the new neighbors weren't really estatic either....



KJ had a field trip, then bb conditioning & sr. stand.
Kevin was 'at the farm.'
Katie was home alone after school. Kevin called to check on her, then called to tell me she was ok.
guess she'll have to be ok with it....the days of KJ being home after school are about behind us.
picked up proof book that Kris made. I love it!


and another week begins....

I have the usual...crappy job, cats & dogs to feed, laundry, the dishwasher, keeping the tea pitcher full, keeping the house not too disgusting to live in, & taking Sasha out potty about 3 million times a day. and working at the fall festival. and remembering to sign katie's 5th grade book so she gets candy or prizes or whatever.
KJ has 2 away academic meets, a health fair in milan, a junior high ballgame to work, academic practice, bb conditioning & scrimmages.
kate has 2 nites of dance class & the big school fall festival to look forward to.
kevin took tonite off because he hasn't been feeling good.
the whole family plus corey will go to maryville for a college visit at NWMSU on saturday, then hopefully home in time to trick or treat with jessie!
maybe we can sleep in on sunday....
we also have to find time to squeeze in an awesome birthday party for katie....she wants to go to the city to the mall. that would be a whole day & we never seem to get a whole day on a weekend....must think!


All By Themselves...

I am always amazed that my kids have an existance totally separate & apart from me...they know people I haven't met, have learned things in school I never even heard of, & really don't need me for much of anything anymore. I drove past the park on my home from work, KJ was there for his usual Sunday afternoon football game "with the guys."
Koren navigated the unfamiliar world of college & big city living...all by herself. She has flown in airplanes like it's an everyday event. She has been to fabulous places. She planned the wedding she wanted. All by herself. I have never done these things.
Kj has been in plays, played baseball, auditioned for chairs at HDC, participated in spelling bees, on basketball & academic teams. I haven't done any of these things.
Katie learns complicated dance steps, writes her own stories & songs & is a computer genius. She sings & dances in talent shows. These are things I can't do.
Did my years of love & encouragement help my children achieve these things? Or would they have been just as fabulous being raised by wolves?
I credit our love of reading with the kids all being such good readers. That is something we did right.
Evidently we are damn good parents, our kids are just fantastic.



parent teacher conferences went well...it's cool having smart basically well behaved kids. to dance, then home to finish getting ready for halloween party....all in the rain.



made it to the Academic Meet at Mercer....got to see KJ answer questions! I am so proud of him! then to Toot Toots & Walmart, bought some cards, will think about how I want to do announcements. finished shopping for GS halloween party (I hope).
tomorrow is PT conferences & dance class. will do final decorating & double check everything, since I get home about 4:30 & party starts at 6 on Friday...
Kevin found my credit card in the truck.
Sasha is chewing everything.
Katie is giving me a synopsis on the book she just read...it was waaaay past her bedtime but they only have a half day of school tomorrow.
behind on laundry.
house needs cleaned.
KJ found his tassel in his car.



the school has to order a minimum of graduation announcements from Herff Jones to have them printed....not enough were ordered...so guess I'll be making announcements. Will just go with cardstock & maybe vellum, since I already have ordered the wallets to put in them...
I just figured I really had enough on my plate without trying to get creative...too bad I can't remake the ones I found under Koren's bed that she forgot to send out & somehow magically rework them from 2004 to 2010...will have to look them over. hmmmm. maybe after we get thru the GS halloween party, school fall festival, NWSMU college visit and BEFORE the Xmas stuff begins...I'll find time to ponder on this.


Return of the Japanese Beetles

after dance class, Katie started assaulting them with a fly swatter, my weapon of choice was bug spray all around the outside of the house. we took Sasha for a walk. what a beautiful day...which is exactly why the Japanese beetles are back!
Kris called, she has the reception photos edited & will put them on computer for me to see!!!!!

another weekend is over....

and back to f****** work I go. forgot to give Katie kudos for decorating the tables at the reception...she arranged the 8x10 photos, the books, and the photo frame I took. It looked fantastic & I didn't get a picture of it...
yesterday did a few Halloween party things, made a list of things to do today, changed sheets, caught up on laundry, watched the new Bridezilla's, took a nap, watched Marley & Me with the family. Koren & Cody were here for a bit.
my riser week. wonderful.
KJ has BB conditioning after school every day (I think? now), so Kevin will run Kate to dance, I'll pick her up. He has the makeup academic meet with Newtown tomorrow, and NHS is still painting the gazebo which they started on Sunday, then the regular home meet here Weds. that I will try to leave work early for.
Thursday they have a half day & P/T conf. Kate has dance. KJ will job shadow at the Bethany Medical Clinic.
Friday is the Girl Scout Halloween Party. have to find time to run to Hy-Vee for popcorn, gummy worms, & punch ingredients.
still have a few Halloween party things to do....but we'll probably make it. or get close enough.
AND Katie needs new snowboots.
next week is the school Fall Festival...need to make Katie a Dr appt for a checkup about her fainting episodes...and put together an 11th birthday adventure. she also wants to go shopping in the city with Koren. Halloween is the NWMSU college visit. and trick or treating.
Nov. 2 is my little girls birthday. And my week off!!!!!!


Koren & Cody official wedding pictures

posted on the photographers blog. check them out!

Koren's Reception

was a success! a fabulous cake, a beautiful bride, a photographer...
it was mainly family, a few of their friends showed up & drank into the nite with them. Koren did Katie's hair & my hair....I left the reception photography up to Kris & just tried to relax & have fun. The kids even cleaned up the Community Building! yeah!



at Pattonsburg, MO Friday October 16, 2009
the last concert Mr. K.J. Dailey, Baritone, will participate in....


Monday & Thursday were dance class. we skipped 4-H since it was during dance. KJ had to scrape paint on the gazebo after school one day for NHS....maybe Tuesday....the other afternoon scraping session was cancelled. we had to find a hat for Crazy Hat Day in 5th grade on Friday. it wasn't nearly as much fun as Katie hoped it would be...but she does expect a lot!
didn't get any more done on the GS Halloween party yet.
we all are sniffling & sneezing.
got an amazing late 1800-early 1900s dresser from Fabulous Finds. I love it! (yeah, some more stuff got moved to garage to make room!)
I got out of work in time to find Pattonsburg, The Newest Little City in the USA, (or whatever the billboard used to say...), found the white circular school...I didn't know where the school was...if KJ had said it was a series of connected white domes, that would've been helpful, but I used my SuperMom Sense & saw the line of school buses & ta-da! we were there. an hour and 2 minutes early to be exact, but we had the best seats in the house! This was KJ's last ever HDC Music Day. and he was FIRST CHAIR BARITONE! yeah! perseverance (& being the only one to audition!) does pay off! I love the concerts. Katie is not quite such a fan.
got my GS registrations together, still missing a few, but will send them in later. we're already about a month late registering!
think we're ready for the wedding reception....Kevin bought meat & cheese yesterday at Marko's, I went to Walmart on the way home last night for some stuff. I had taken a list & my credit card since I didn't grab cash for supper, we pull into Pizza Hut, I go to get my credit card & list from my camera bag...not there. I remember putting them in there Thursday nite when I was getting ready to go to bed. Katie had to help me remember my list & follow me as I wandered aisle to aisle & back again & again & again...then when the girl asked if I'd found everything I needed at checkout...I rememembered the mints & tableclothes, so left Katie in charge of checking out...then I couldnt' find her in the aisle because a larger size lady was obscuring her totally from view so had a panic attack, then saw the sleeve of Katie's sweatshirt & all was well. we didn't eat at Pizza Hut, we came home & I made Katie a pot pie & KJ a Red Baron Pizza. I had the last Hot Pocket.
quite a few other proud Mercer parents were there....Mercer took enough kids to need a bus this year! It is amazing that the directors give the kids the music, they all practice it in their individual schools, then get together on one day for a few hours & make such beautiful music!
I am so proud of KJ for sticking thru band all these years...he started in 5th grade & just never quit. I made it till sophomore year, not sure how long Kevin was in band, & Koren made it thru Jr. High till we lost Mr. Mount the Band Director. now our little Katie is learning trumpet in elementary band. she assured me last nite that she won't be in long enough to go to HDC Music Day!



KJ's first academic meet was postponed since Newtown had a softball game, which KJ got to work in Sr Stand at instead....
Kevin ran Katie to dance, I picked her up. We skipped Family Reading Night & just hung out at home instead, she tried to find a comfy place to read one of her new books. I hung the lights in the garage & a few other things.
Sasha found the Daphne barbie doll somewhere, she is missing one hand & a chunk of her face. She is no longer with us, earning a burial at trash can.
Katie wants to save up $ to go to the Bahamas. She figures if the Gannons can afford it, we can too.
Moriah will spend the nite here Wednesday since her dad will be having open heart surgery that day. We will break the no friends sleeping over on school nites rule for that one.
Kevin told me I should read one of his library books. I don't have time to read the books I want to, let alone his massive collection of authors he likes. I just assume I won't like it. I don't like the time restraints borrowing from the library puts on you, either. It is stifling. Just one of my many many many many many many many deals. We have many different interests in life, and we still share a few important ones that keep us together. Secret of a long marriage? maybe....


the inside joke

Katie & I went to Walmart, successfully getting everything on our list. of course, some stuff I forgot to put on the list....
I came home from Walmart, put away groceries, & climbed into bed...the cramps, cold, & sore throat were getting to me. Took a nice long nap, while KJ went to the park & played football & Kevin changed the hallway light bulb & left the shade crooked.
yesterday KJ took Alisha to Winston.
on my list of stuff to do today:
I DID go to Walmart
I DID sweep floors.
I DID find ghost cutouts so don't have to make cat ones
I DID type up my ghost stories into little books
I DIDN'T mop
I DIDN'T hang lights in garage

and I AM GOING to order stuff from KJ's fundraiser before I go to bed.


I was excited about Public Enemies being at Corydon...thought I'd go Friday nite....then maybe Saturday nite....then decided I had too much other stuff to do & I 'll just buy the dvd. Katie & I got the garage cleaned and about decorated, went to Fabulous Finds looking for white sheets & Show Me Bargains looking for 75% off Halloween stuff, watched ghost stories & read ghost stories.
her cold seems to be getting better.
heading to Walmart now to stock up on everything...ketsup, sugar, bread, toothpaste....


Mercer's Got Talent

sure enough! I cut out of work waaaay early to make the show. KJ played in the Pep Band & Katie sang Taylor Swift's Fearless. she was amazing! lots of brave kids got up on the stage & performed...1 skit & tons of solos. sure, it would be cool to see a sword swallower or an acrobat or a juggler...but I am so glad that Katie has an outlet for her creative energies...
she went to Mercer Pizza Plus with Kayla & Jessie for ice cream, pizza, & air hockey after school.
I finished Koren's bday scrapbook page, did some other random scrapbooking, located the preschool picture debbie goodman was looking for, found the OTC catalog to send to school, filled out the volunteer form...all in all a good day! tell you what, I can spend hours looking for the picture I'm after...so I'm not really getting that much done. most days.
Kevin was less than happy that no one came home to hang out with him before he left for work. it works out that way somedays.



Koren & cody were here yesterday when I got home from work visiting with KJ & Katie. I called Kevin, he had no idea they were going to be here, but came home from "The Farm" to see them.
Today Nurse Mary called me at work, Katie was dizzy & had to go to the nurse's office. I once again tracked down Kevin at "The Farm" & he picked her up and brought her home. KJ sang the anthem at the softball game which I missed...then he went back to work in Sr. Stand since OMG Princeton Ball Field was too wet to play on. Like that ever happens.
KJ has to play bingo at the nursing home after school one day next week with the senior class, National Honor Society is painting the town gazebo next weekend. It's part of the Character Training at school.
when I got home today, Budda was running free. Kevin did some work on her chain. She willing got back into her spot.
I am freakin' tired. the good news: Public Enemies will be at Corydon this weekend. the bad news: can't get into my Facebook profile. Kate needs to go to the dr for a checkup. Kevin thinks she is fine. He is the daytime parent, this falls under his thing. I have a week off in Nov., if he doesn't take her before then, I'll make her an appt.


grandma grace update

via a facebook message, Lisa tells me that Grandma will probably come to the reception because mom bribed her with KFC. whatever works, I guess....we all have our weaknesses. mine is of course Pepsi, the elixer of the gods. the photographer assured me that she had the whole day off, she could drive to Trenton & get a portrait of Koren & Grandma, if Grandma was too tired to get up, she'd just take the pic on the bed!


koren & cody were here today...kate had dance class, which kj took her to & I picked her up from. we took sasha for a walk at the park, kate made our Diner of the Dead sign for the Girl Scout Halloween Party...the daily specials are freshly squeezed Purple People Eater Punch & freshly picked Graveyard Gravel. I was going to throw the whole party outside & save myself the yearly garage cleaning...but I have to dig around to find the Halloween stuff anyway...and it has been cool...so will just plan on cleaning the garage this weekend &then decorate. we will have The Diner of the Dead complete with customers & other fun stuff. made a list of games & supplies we need last nite.


katie & I took sasha for a lap at the park. koren showed up to visit for awhile, open her wedding gifts thus far rec'd from relatives, & eat her birthday pumpkin pie. they saw a rainbow across the road on the way home. they drove thru snow on the way home. they saw a herd of antelope in a field of cows on the way home.



after wasting yet another day of my life at work attended the Lineville-Mercer Christian Church hayride & weanie roast...Katie practiced her trumpet & helped me make Koren's pumpkin pie...ordered Koren's photo album...did laundry...made supper...ran dishwasher...


friday nite

returned moms phone call, she says grandma will not come to the reception. so I guess we'll see if Koren has time to go down there for a picture...

got on snapfish.com & made a wedding photo album of pictures I took for Koren.

watched scary haunted house tv shows with Katie.

KJ went to the Princeton homecoming football game. bet they sell a lot of hot cocoa!

Kevin was a good guy & drove the truck & put gas in it...

put pictures in the mascots book...still have the hayride tomorrow if we go...the college visit to NWMSU...school Halloween party...trick or treating...Koren reception...& Girl Scout Halloween party for Mai Len to attend before she returns home...

another of life's great mysteries solved....

tonite finally found out the reason why we've been consistently late to thursday nite dance class...we were five minutes early tonite & still late....one of the other moms told me they start at 5:20 so they can clog with the class ahead of them. wonderful. katie was measured for competition costumes. ordered her a louisville slugger bat off amazon.com for the duet.
filled out wedding reception invites & will mail out today. also mailing registration forms to my last girl scouts...there was a mishap of somekind when I sent them to school.
snapfish pictures arrived....wow. can't wait to see the REAL wedding pictures as good as my snapshots turned out....beautiful bride, beautiful scenery, hard to mess up unless you leave the lenscap on!

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