a surprise date!

I got home from work yesterday wearing my current fave outfit....about to fall apart jeans & my new Pike's Peak sweatshirt....Kevin announced we were going on a day after our anniversary date...I love it when he plans stuff & I just have to go along. we went to Chillicothe, ate at Washington Street, then saw Jennifer's Body, then went to Walmart. It was fun!
Kevin & I discussed all the things that sounded good for supper...then I made him the culinery delight of modern ages....Hot Pockets. He did eat them. I may not get any more surprise dates for awhile....

KJ WAS ACCEPTED TO NWMSU!!!!! with a $1500 Tower Scholarship!



a day of rest

I vetoed a friend visit today...slept in, took a nap, walked Sasha at the park twice...
printing out Colorado pictures for the vacation photo album...wrapped all the relative wedding gifts for Koren & Cody thus far...


the hostess with the mostest...

I slept in, Katie woke me up to tell me KayKay had to leave early. then I laid on the family room couch to read my Abe biography....fell asleep, Kevin woke me up at 2:00, so I started lunch. the girls ate their 2 bags of donuts & Doritos all a.m. last nite they wanted to go uptown, gave them some $...they got pops, candy, and ice cream. so when I made pizza for supper, they weren't real interested & left plates in the LR with various amounts of pizza on them, both Ms. Cuddles & Sasha helped themselves to some.
they were apparently on the computer ALL morning, then left for park after they had lunch on the back porch.


Big Puffy Clouds

on a day with clouds like this, I can deal with being A Flatlander....

The Sleepover

Katie, Kayla, KayKay, & Jessie.
dressing up.
walking uptown for pop & ice cream.
being wild & crazy.



I fell in love with Colorado. there is of course beauty & wonderment in Missouri, but I feel like Sally in Nightmare Before Christmas....."I'm restless. I can't help it!" The kids like school here & Kevin of course likes living here & I do most days but I am just ready to go somewhere & start over again...probably just my middle age talking.



we drove thru Kansas (twice), staying in Topeka. we drove to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where we ate breakfast with Koren & Cody at IHOP, drove to the top of Pike's Peak, went to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, then drove into Crested Butte about 10:30p.m. & stayed in The Old Town Inn surrounded by mountains & beautiful skies. Crested Butte is a small town, hippies & artists & bike riders, lots of people walking their dogs, most of the buildings are very old & beautiful, tons of shops, cafes, galleries. I would LOVE to live there, after I got past the whole shortness of breath deal. We drove thru Gunnison National Forest, Keeblers Pass, Taylor River, Black Canyon, the ghost town of Gothic. Of course the highlight of the trip was our daughter Koren's wedding to Cody Wills At Mountain Wedding Garden at Mt. Crested Butte. It sprinkled a bit and was cold but then it cleared off & it was just beautiful. we drove pretty much straight thru coming home, switching off drivers & getting out to walk, thru thunderstorms. everyone is exhausted, we're quite possibly very broke, but it was a once in a lifetime adventure.
Koren was beautiful, calm, & laughing. she was having the time of her life. Cody was a bit more quiet. His parents went from Princeton, the 4 of us, & Koren & Cody's friends Jessie & LoAnn. The rest were Cody's Colorado relatives. She bought the bouquet from a flowershop by our hotel, Cody bought the bottle of champagne in town, too. She pulled together an amazing wedding by email & phone, & had her wedding folder with her at all times.



leave for colorado tomorrow when the kids get home from school!



Katie & I went to Sheryl's to look at Kelsie & Megan's 4-H books, then after a quick stop at the park on our walk home, made an impromptu trip to walmart for supplies to make our book. next year we'll know....but will I remember? Kevin & Sasha took KAtie to the chiropractor today, her back feels better, but she has a stomach ache now. KEvin picked up round 2 of Frontline for the inside pets, I found the suitcases in the garage, we went to Pizza Hut...KJ had offered to take Katie out for pizza today with the money he'd earned picking up hay, he ended up being $1.05 short, so I whipped out the card & he left a good sized tip. I have wonderful children!


my baby is getting married here Sept. 19th!

The Mountain Wedding Garden is a beautiful garden tucked in a quiet little park in Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado and is a joint project sponsored by the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival and the town of Mt. Crested Butte. The backdrop of the Elk Mountains, hills of wildflowers and, in the fall, golden aspens is, quite simply, breathtaking. The garden features masses of flowers, a fountain, and hanging flower baskets.

It is practical as well as beautiful: easily accessible, the garden has a flagstone aisle and vows area, electricity, bathrooms nearby, and limited parking is available; a simple pavilion may be rented as a rain option or it may be decorated for a reception.

The views surrounding the garden are so stunning, I got chills the first time my husband and I saw the setting."
-Bride, July, 2005

"The photographs of the garden simply do not do
it justice. We were absolutely delighted!"
-Mother of the Groom, August, 2006.

"The garden is just beautiful and the colors
were perfect for our mid-September wedding.
You all have done a beautiful job and it is a
great idea and use of the space. The scenery
speaks for itself! Thank you again!"
-Bride, September, 2004

•Parking for guests, electricity, and restrooms
•Easy accessibility off a paved road
•Space for seating of up to 125 guests and 125 folding brown chairs, if desired
•A covered, open-air pavilion measuring approximately 25ʼx40ʼ
•Fountain and beautiful benches

Something New At Mercer City Park!!!

Katie & Mackenzie think this is an awesome addition to the park!

Friday a.m.

didn't sleep worth a shit. achy, stuffed up, finally just got up...guess I get a few more minutes computer time before I go to work...
last nite KJ applied online to Northwest Missouri State University for his College Survival Class. his first college app.....(sigh).
found out last nite that Katie has a 4-H project book due next Friday. They'll have a meeting Sat. nite to show us what to do....4-H is a mystery to me.
closed all my amazon.com listings for vacation, still have a few Farmtown crops to harvest to have it shut down. Kevin isn't worried about his Farmville....we don't leave for days. (I know how much time my computer games suck up...and I have shit to do to get ready for vacation!)
Katie & I found our dress shoes & got our dresses ready...my shoes need a good cleaning. I have them in the hall by my bedroom door so I have to walk past them a million times a day so I will eventually just pick them up & clean them, Sasha has selected a favorite shoe & keeps dragging it off. She is a deal.


it is thursday....

I have worked all day in a hogbarn, reached level 30 in farmtown, took katie to a 2 hr dance class & dumped her off so I could work with the Northern Lights 4-H club at a Princeton Softball game, got done just in time to pick her up, we bought a pair of high heeled tap shoes from Stephanie, ordered a Dance Studio warm up suit, then Marcie & I watched the girls play at the park. Katie showered, showed me pieces of the FIVE new dances she is learning, & practiced on her trumpet awhile. She is such a busy girl!


weds. and life is good

I have to admit, I am getting somewhat bored with FarmTown & am just hanging in to get the bull. (will I ever get past level 29?) have been harvesting & shutting my farm down for vacation, the other day just happened onto the topiarys which I thought were cool, added a squirrel to my yard. today found a tool shed & outhouse & pigsty...so bought them. (still level 29).
still lovin' YoVille, on Katie's advice moved my coppers office into the kitchen & my kitchen into the friendship hall. have my eye on the stack of gold bullion. or the crates of jewels.
tonite while KJ was sweating away at open gym, Katie, Kevin, & I went to Chillicothe to buy Katie new jazz shoes for class tomorrow. also got her 2 pair of jeans at Wal-mart & ate supper at Applebee's. Chillicothe Applebee's is not my favorite, I like the ones that are more decorated in local theme. It is a nice place, just not as cool as the others.
Katie's trumpet arrived today! she was happy & blew on it, then cleaned it. It is nice to have the sound of music in our house again....KJ rarely brings his baritone home to practice, although I love to hear him play!



the boys are picking up hay, katie & I tried on our wedding dresses, found our dress up shoes, & looked over our lists for vacation. this time next week, we'll be on our way!
changed my sheets, made supper, did some laundry...



back 2 work...put trash out to the curb, swept & mopped floors, fed the animals...then flopped into a chair to relax!


The Absentee Mom

Katie won First Place in Hula Hoop & 2nd place in 'everything else'...she
opted to hang out on the square for kids games while I went to help decorate
the Girl Scout Float, Kayla's mom said she took pictures of her...
Kevin had walked uptown, he watched Katie in The Children's Games.

homecoming pictures....

also found this on becky bagley's facebook in an album...since I was riding on the GS float, I only got a few pics of kj's last march when they were waiting to line up...was happy to find these!


up early to pick up trash on the square for band boosters, let the kids sleep in & kevin got to be my special helper today. lots of kids were there, made short work of it. YEAH! then we had breakfast at chub & dottie's with jill, brandon, kayla, nicole, & kylie. came home, cleaned out back of truck, then to Trenton Hy-vee, came home, put stuff away, took a nap....everyone is dead tired. honestly.

more baby show pictures....

found these in one of becky bagley's facebook albums....kind of cool to get the audience's perspective on the whole baby show...



up @ the buttcrack of dawn to pick up trash on the square for band boosters. came home for a bit, then back uptown to run the baby show, then decorate the girl scout float, then home for a minute, then to parade line up,a few minutes at pig wrestling, home for a bit, & back uptown so katie could go to the carnival, where she stubbed her toe &then started feeling bad, so we left kevin there for the egobox concert & came home. kj went uptown. kate & I watched the new tool academy & hung out.


Katie & Sasha won the Pet Show!

they placed first in the Best Look-A-Like catagory~

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