to the park

not long after jessie went home...katie was bored, mackenzie called & she was bored, so katie, sasha, & I went to lineville park & hung out for awhile....now home watching bridezillas.


dance fundraiser at Bethany Hy-Vee

Jessie had spent the nite with Katie, so she came along to help...they raised $100 in a couple of hours!


Joyful Child


Willow Tree

I have fallen in love with Willow Tree figurines. (Forget the Mary's Moo Moos.)

These all have official Willow Tree names, but I use them to "remember" events in our family.
so, here are my names...
The couple with the baby is "A Man & A Woman Had A Little Baby"...Kevin, Koren, & I.
The young woman with the child & baby is "Our Three K's."
The standing couple is "Starting Our Life"~Koren & Cody.
The teenage boy reading a book is "Getting Ready For College"~KJ
The young girl is Katie....I love the official name of this one..."Joyful Child."

redid the mantel...I am rather amazed with it. We'll see if anyone else even notices...


Elementary Band Sign Up Night

Katie & I went...this is the 3rd time I've been to Elementary Band Sign Up Night...the first was with Koren in the "old" Mercer Bandroom. she played clarinet & her teacher was Mr. Mount.
The second was with KJ in the "commons". He played Baritone with Mrs. Dollins & later Mrs. Shriver as his teacher.
And now our little baby girl is going to be in band. She wanted the flute, but Mrs. Shriver had them try different instruments, & Katie can get amazing sound from the trumpet.
Katie, Garrett, Matthew, Emily, Nicole, Lindsay, Breanna, Danielle, Kayla, & Kelsie were there...(did I miss someone?)
Had some offers to help pick up trash with the Band Boosters next weekend, too!


Calamity Jane Day 2008

found this picture on the facebook of one of my high school friends Lisa Delameter. My husband Kevin is in the background of the meager crowd in a blue shirt. I am the fuzzy headed woman next to him. We were there cheering on the small but mighty Mercer Marching Cardinals.
I always went to the parade as a kid, it was The Big Thing. In high school I marched in the parade, performed on the bandstand with choir, band, & dance team, & was even a contestant in the Miss Calamity Jane Pageant one year.
Koren & KJ have marched in the parade...Kevin did once upon a time when he was in band, too. Katie is in elementary band this year, before we know it, I'll be in the crowd watching her march.
we'll miss this years parade, Koren is getting married on Calamity Jane Day in Colorado. They'll just have to carry on without us...


the house is quiet

Kj is at the park shooting hoops with friends.
Katie is at a birthday party swimming & then going to the movies.
Kevin is at work.
Besides the chugging of the washing machine, the occasional purr from Miss Cuddles, & random outbursts of loud barking from Sasha, all is quiet.
I'm going to look thru the new OTC catalog for Girl Scout Halloween Party ideas. We decided to do the whole party outside this year...with movie nite as backup.
definitely popcorn with the girls choice of toppings...gummy worms were a big hit at our last halloween party! found a lot of games on-line. Katie's Cheerless Cheerleader costume arrived yesterday & does she look marvelous!


the drama...

Katie is going to Kayla's birthday party Saturday, the same day we rescheduled the end of summer thing for....so she's on the phone trying to change it to Friday...her poor confused friends are busy writing on their calanders & scratching it out!


back to school

today kids had haircuts, we finished school supply shopping, & bought school clothes, but got home from Chillicothe, the girl at Stage didn't take the security things off KJ's jeans so will have to take them back...supper @ Applebee's.



slept in, hung out, took a long nap, cleaned KJ's closet, picked up Katie's room, sewed 3 strips on Katie's denim quilt, finished the GS pillow, zigzagged around the Sasha chew hole on her favorite blanket & ran it thru the washer & dryer, did tons of laundry, took down the tent & Barbie pool, & raced the impending storm to Mercer Pizza Plus to pick up our supper. whew!


I got my first camera in jr. high...a 126 with a disposable flip flash bar on top...it fell down several flights of stairs attached to one of my pom pon handles at camp at Missouri Valley...went to Worlds of Fun...& took our earliest pictures of Koren. after it died my father in law gave me his old 110...it had a battery flash which was a HUGE upgrade...I have bought a lot of cameras over the years...when Katie was a baby I got one that took 4 images at once & put them all in the same picture...we had a Polaroid instant that took stamp sized pictures...35mm that you had to wind manually....35mm with zoom that automatically wound...a free Pokemon camera from Velveeta Shells & Cheese...mail in cameras...we had one that I loved that took 3 sizes of pictures...I loved the panaromic views! my father in law gave us a digital camera...had some problems with it, back to 35mm. Kevin won a digital camera at the BAnd Carnival Raffle one year, got some amazing pictures on it, but it only lasted about a year, too...Kevin started buying me pricier cameras, the last one we bought a padded bag, since I tend to tote my cameras everywhere & they get banged around a lot...I've never been on safari, but my cameras go on vacations, walks, school events, field trips, girl scout meetings....
we have a big vacation coming up in September, my "practically" new camera that I love & am finally comfortable with has developed problems...the flash quit popping up. sometimes you can't even pry it up. and you never know if it will go off...
so Kevin got on amazon.com & ordered me a bigger better camera. He hates having his picture taken but knows I love to take pictures...


A Vacation At Home

I got up early to go to post office & mail a Troop Mascot to a troop in Atlanta. I swept, mopped, swiffered, did laundry, hung out on the computer, made lunch, took a nap, then Katie & I hiked down to the pond where she used the Water Snooper we'd made & waded around a bit. we're going out to the tent to read ghost stories by flashlight after supper...
I thought we might go to Chillicothe school shopping today but didn't get around to it. I also forgot to stitch on her blanket that the dog chewed on &run it thru the washer. Did get online & sign KJ up for the next Northwest Green & White Day on Halloween. And have been going thru old scrapbooks & moving stuff around.

Sasha's in Big Trouble (again......)

when I got in the truck yesterday after work, I had a tearful message on my cell from my baby daughter. while she was asleep, Sasha chewed the tail off the field trip dog she sleeps with, & chewed a big hole in the Cat In The Hat Blanket she has slept with since birth. when I got home, there was fluff everywhere...some from Flea, some from Pheasant...Sasha had a very stressful day, apparently.
so, today, will stitch around the outside edges of the blanket hole & wash it.
we plan on taking a pasture hike & using the Girl Scout Water Snooper we made in our pond to see what we can see. maybe we'll find some more snails to move in with Catty the Catfish! he got one new friend yesterday...
I set my alarm to get up & mail S'more the Mascot to Atlanta. Now I need to check my one million Facebook games....Farmtown, Farmville, Country Story, Farm Land, Animal Ranch, Sunshine Garden, Sunshine Valley (or Farm or something...), YoVille...
it's my weekend off, baby!


weds p.m.

last nite kevin & I spent some 'quality time' together & watched Wall-E. I think I've actually seen about half of it now in the multiple times I've watched it...
then I had this very vivid dream where I woke up furious at my husband for what he did (or I thought he did) in this dream...ever have one of those?
after lounging about all a.m. we went to Trenton for a family dentist appt, the boys went to the chiropractor, we ate at Pizza Hut, did some back to school shopping at Pamida, & went to Hy-Vee.
after we got home, kevin mowed the yard while KJ & Katie tried out the new Wii game.
changed my sheets today.
kate was not happy with Sasha, while we were gone, she did a massive poop on the couch & my reading glasses that I left on the trunk when I was reading my Abe Lincoln biography were on the floor with one of the nose pieces loose...


took the day off, slept in, showered in my OWN shower (a big deal for a PSF employee!), talked to the city water guys about our water pressure when they stopped by the house, made chocolate chip bread, put more pictures on face book & my family history blog, played all my computer games, and have a dentist appt. this afternoon.

last nite josh & corey were over to watch wrestling, katie, corey, &Kj also had a rousing game of Clue. kevin got home late from his day off wanderings, I told him I'd thought he might organize a date nite to see Public Enemies. he got on the computer, it's not anywhere closer than des moines now. no big deal, I'll buy the dvd. way back in the day, kevin used to organize all our dates &outings...surprise trips to the zoo, or the lake, or the mall to see a traveling lego exhibit...now he is busy & tired & I kind of took over scheduling everything, but ever so often I get nostalgic for the old days...and honestly, did kevin even know I wanted to see that movie? does he know what a huge johnny depp fan I am? how cool I find the old violent histories?

I'd be happy just to go for a meandering drive down country roads....my mom & dad used to load us kids up in the back of the truck summer nites when the milking was done...they'd just drive the back roads real slow, check out the neighbors crops, listen to the crickets...watch the sunset...

we're both tired. If I'm not putting in any extra effort, I can't expect him to either. But my mind tends to wander at work & I get ideas....and I have a bit of the romantic in me, even though I try to be practical.



after hanging out @ 4-H camp, we were talking about how cool Tanna's house & yard are. then Katie says "maybe if we quit taking all these vacations we could afford nice things too." like we're frequenting the Riveria or something.

Kj has Josh, Val, & Corey over. they are eating cake & playing Yugioh. kind of loud here. Sasha is conked out on the couch. Corey was teaching Katie how to play Yugioh. she later commented that if KJ wasn't always talking in cat voices, maybe he could find some different friends....she is a funny one!

working with our new '3 person crew' & '1 on the weekend' is starting to really suck. came home today & took a nap.


katie is concerned

Sasha has the long ends of her stitches all pulled out or chewed off or whatever she did to them...katie is convinced her guts will now fall out. her stomach looks a little red...but she is back to jumping around & wanting to go outside...so she thinks she is ok. her 'surgery' was friday....hopefully it has healed enough that she will heal up. katie wanted me to call the vet at home!

a small victory

cleaned out one corner of my bedroom, combining about 6 cardboard boxes of asst. GS craft stuff, leftovers, etc. into 1 big box & moving to garage! yeah, me! did a little bit of scrapbooking, too....

deb reads

finished Shadows At Dawn A Borderlands Massacre And The Violence Of History by Karl Jacoby. it was about the Camp Grant Massacre...where ranchers (Mexicans, Americans, etc.) attacked a sleeping village of Apache by a military fort, killing mostly old men, old women, & kids. the kids they didn't kill were taken...they eventually some of them back. there was actually a trial, but surprise, no one was guilty. it was the era, I guess....and there were so many Indian massacres that this one wasn't even really that famous. Just sad.
when we were on vacation in South Dakota, we stayed at a hotel right next to a museum, stay at the hotel gave you free tickets to the museum, it was about a massacre in the Badlands, I knew it would be too sad, so we didn't go. I did read some signs in the Badlands about it.

Koren got me hooked on The Whitest Kids You Know. They have history segments, where these 2 white European guys who just want peace for all travel & meet people in other cultures who beg them to abuse them, even tho the 2 european guys keep telling them they just want to help the world. It is funny.

Now I'm on to A. Lincoln A Biography by Ronald C. White, Jr. I love reading Lincoln books! Kate is gone with Mackenzie somewhere....assuming swimming, she left while I was at work. So Miss-Recovering-From-The-Responsible-Pet-Owner-Surgery & I will curl up in a chair by an open window in the wonderful breeze & read (0r nap!) away.


Seasons in the Sun...

August 1st already. Damn. what have we done this summer? nothing earth shaking or life changing, but it seems like we've been busy...watching Katie dance everywhere...Adventureland (twice!)....Worlds of Fun...Mercer County Fair...4-H Day Camp...Dance Camp...sleeping in....pool...hanging out at the park...sitting on the front porch watching the world go by....watching dvds & our favorite ghost shows & reality tv shows...shopping in KC with Koren...Girl Scout Camp meeting in our yard...a movie or two...KJ's summer basketball games...

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