thursday p.m.

kevin had to go back to work, but he called me to remind me to pull Sasha's food & water before 10p.m. & set the alarm to take her to vet in the a.m....Sasha is getting fixed tomorrow. I feel somewhat guilty about it....I know she will feel like crap for awhile. And I am 'depriving' her of having puppies...as my son keeps reminding me. Responsible pet owners get their pets fixed. Betty White would approve. I have been "Fixed" & I survived. she will go in tomorrow a.m., spend the nite, & someone will pick her up Sat a.m. since I'll be at work.
took a late late nap, just starting to get tired at midnite.
scanned some old pictures onto Facebook & just generally screwed around on the computer while Katie did my hair.


day off....slept in, kate's 2 missing dvds arrived today, kevin got the oil changed in the truck, the turnsignal broke again, so ordered new piece...I cleaned the pantry, floors, & changed all beds. KJ went swimming with friends.
it's nice & cool today, turned off a/c.



had an awesome day at Adventureland....Kokomo Cove, the circus, magic show, watched the strolling band & the boy band...rode roller coasters & got a picture on the Log Ride, played games.....ate supper at Outback Steakhouse & bought shoes at Famous Footwear.

taking a walk

last nite kevin & I took Sasha for a couple of laps on the walking trail, where he asked me what we were contemplating for supper....I don't spend a lot of time contemplating meal prep...just slop something together & there you go...I have a sore throat so nothing tastes good anyway, but made pork chops, stuffing, cheesey potatoes, & biscuits. everyone up late....today we go to HyVee day at Adventureland....I took off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, then work the weekend.
can't believe the lazy days of summer are almost over....



back 2 work...katie & I went to hang out at Lineville Park for awhile in the evening, then brought home soft serve ice cream from Randy's....she tried out Mackenzie's skateboard.



kevin & I did a Wal-mart run, then Katie, Moriah, & I went to Princeton Pool & park...

Night of Havoc

last nite Katie & I attended Night of Havoc at the Community Building...a local heavy metal band put on a concert...KJ worked the concession stand...there was a mosh pit, lighters held up in the audience, bras & panties thrown on stage, crowd surfing...it was loud & a lot of fun. and a bargain at $3 a head....Kevin would've loved it, but he had to work.
the boys put on one hell of a show....complete with stage, lights, & fog machine! the flash on my camera isn't working right, so the photo doesn't do them justice.


Lets Go Camping

we had a Girl Scout meeting....they made a campfire, terrariums, told ghost stories, made camp hats, picked out camp nicknames, chased fire flies, climbed trees....and ate s'mores.
in the meantime, KJ had Val, Josh, & Corey over.
quite an evening!


almost done with another work week....last nite got some laundry done, got ready for tonites Girl Scout Camp in our yard...moved the stuff from Katie's room from the family room to garage...moved the new shelf into her closet...swept floors...and found a few minutes to play Barbies before bedtime!


a day at the lake....

Tanna Reames threw a 4-H day camp at Lake Marie...she had the floaties, the drinks, the food for the cook out, a fishing pond, an amazing yard for the kids to play in....they had a blast! she has the most amazing house, & it blows my mind that she has a job, goes to school, homeschools one of her kids, & still has such a clean house! and such a well decorated one, too...
(you would think I could keep my house that clean....)


Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaur 3-D

made a family trek to Chillicothe to see this....planned on seeing regular Ice Age at Trenton, but I made supper & didn't have time to get there, so Kevin got on the computer, found the 3-D version in Chillicothe, & off we went. It was an awesome movie. Real quality glasses, 2....no cardboard with filmy stuff in them.



Sasha & Miss Cuddles were both curled up sleeping with Katie when I left for work.
Corey over to watch wrestling.
KJ & Katie wrestling on the couch.
Sasha more hyper than usual.



slept in, cleaned fridge, made lunch, straightened up entertainment center somewhat, picked up mackenzie for an afternoon at the pool with katie, took mackenzie home, gave mackenzie her share of the fair talent show $, played barbies, cleaned floors. (got sheets changed yesterday!) yeah, me!
taylor left on a trip with her grandma, so we won't dance at wayne co. fair weds. or practice tues....so maybe we can go to the movies tues. & I can get off work early weds. to take katie to our clubs 4-H camp...



slept in, then did a family trip: bank to cash talent show check to divy up between the girls; fair to pick up Katie's 4-H photography exhibits (which co-leader Sheryl had already picked up, she was at Dollar General when we drove by, & met us on the road to give Katie her pictures); lunch at Toot-Toots; shopping at Wal-Mart. kids helped put away groceries, baked a cake to take to the 4-H Ice Cream Social, where Kate & I tried homemade peach ice cream & shivered at the picnic table. came home, played barbies, took Sasha for a walk at the park, & watched Mama Mia on HBO.

deb finished another book....

"Massacre At Mountain Meadows" by Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley, Jr. & Glen M. Leonard

The Mormons in Salt Lake City, Utah were hearing rumors of the government coming to take them over....news traveled slowly back then, and rumors of course traveled quickly. Mormons had been treated very badly in Missouri & other states where they tried to settle....losing lives, property, being burnt out and run off... An unlucky wagon train of Missourians & Arkansans happened by when tempers & fear were running rampant, the Mormons got Indians to help them. The massacre ended up being a siege, the wagon train fought back. they circled their wagons & built pits. they snuck some guys out to go for help (they were hunted down & killed.) The Mormons were ready for a war, stockpiling goods. The wagon train had horses, cattle, oxen, supplies, and cash. There was a lot of messengers riding here and there to get instructions. And it ended as it had to....a lot of people getting killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shot, stabbed, bludgeoned...AFTER being lured out with a white flag & told the Mormon Militia would lead them to safety. (see, they were trying to act like it was all the Indians doing.) They spared some children they thought were young enough to 'not remember' and implicate them. Some small children also perished. They separated the pioneers into groups....took their weapons....and scattered them out far enough that they couldn't retaliate. Men in one group.....women in another....the wounded & smallest in wagons in another. Some ran & were hunted down. The bodies were stripped of valuables & clothes. Indians & militia were later reported to be seen riding the horses and wearing the clothes of the victims. The wagons were moved. The bodies were buried, but not deeply. Animals dug them up. The surviving children were farmed out to families.
Of course the cover up didn't work. Eventually John D. Lee, who got most of the blame of the nine they implicated, was executed at the massacre site.
This book was written by three guys in Utah....an independent historian and writer of Latter day Saint History; an Assistant Church Historian for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and a former Director of the LDS Museum of Church History and Art.
In the end, the death toll was decided at about 120. 17 children were known to survive. How much did they see and remember? Some of their accounts are in this book...seeing mothers, fathers, siblings cut down. Some of those thought dead had split from the train before the attack and survived.
And the men who participated and their families who perhaps knew and had to keep it quiet also suffered. It was just a horrible horrible mess.

Can you even imagine? It's like the horror movie where you watched everyone die a horrible death, you've been hiding under the stairs forever & suddenly venture cautiously out just to be hacked to death. Just when you thought you were safe. After worrying and sweating and praying and facing imminent death.

All in all, a great historical read. I love this kind of book.



been quite a week~
Tuesday entered Katie's first ever 4-H exhibits in the Mercer County Fair, ate supper at Crossroads, went back to see what she'd won, the judging had been put off till the next day, so went to Lineville to meet up with Mackenzie & Taylor to practice their acts for the fair talent show tomorrow nite, then they hung out in Taylors pool.
Wednesday back to the fair to check out Katie's ribbons....1 blue, 2 red!!!! then the girls won 3rd in the dancing age 9-15 with their Redneck Girl clog (us parents thought they were robbed, but we usually do!), and Katie & Mackenzie won 2nd in the 13 and under singing category with Taylor Swifts White Horse.
we all had headaches when we got home, so passed out Benadryl, then topped mine off with a Mike's Hard Lemonade!



kevin was a busy boy today...ordering new tires all around for the truck (I had a major flat at work yesterday...and on closer exam, we needed new tires!); running to the extension office to pick up the mat boards & tags for katie's first ever 4-H photography entries at the fair (due in tomorrow!) and then all over princeton looking for the outlandishly big ziploc bags the extension lady recommended we use to protect her pictures; put gas in the car that was so on empty that I drove kj's car to work; 'made the kids lunch' at Snappy's; & refilled his migrane Rx. then the poor guy had to go to work.
I called mackenzie & taylor to see if they wanted to do the Redneck Girl dance at the fair talent show, they do, so set up a short practice tomorrow nite @ 7p.m. in lineville so they'll be ready...set for after we hopefully get home from entering kate's photography exhibits from 5-6 at princeton...
moriah is over, corey is over, katie needs to help mount her photo exhibits so they'll be ready. it's getting later & later....
right now her & moriah are taking sasha for a walk.


hangin' at the pool

we made it 2 days in a row! (this summer the pool has seemed rather elusive, between the rain, my chronic exhaustion, & hectic summer schedules.)


deb reads...

found this quote in the 2000 years of witchcraft book...

"The sometimes violent roles men play in history are not necessarily a measure of their personal decency or lack of it." Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft by Paul Boyer & Stephen Nissenbaum

witchery and tom foolery

one of the latest books I've read....The Enemy Within 2000 Years of Witch Hunting in the Western World by John Demos.

I learned that the women usually accused of witchcraft were poor, unpleasant, self centered, too quick to anger, meddling, middle aged, had troubled family relationships, gave birth to fewer than average children, married or widowed.

witches were described as naughty, shitty, a malicious one, a very angry woman, spiteful, maliciously bent, of turbulent spirit, discontented, impatient, very intemperate, vile, terrible, evil, light woman, common harlot, bad neighbor, & wicked creature.

it was said of Mrs. Ann Hibbens "Her widespread reputation for natural crabbedness of temper."

so, in conclusion, I probably would've been considered a witch back in the day. A comforting thought....I better not do any time traveling to Salem...


left work early to get to katie's summer dance camp, they performed the dance they'd learned, had cake, ice cream, & pink lemonade, then off to the pool...
katie got letters from her cousins rachelle & sarah today!


dance camp

kj ran katie to princeton for dance camp, I stopped by the house for my camera & headed to princeton after work, taking kevin's library books back first. today was beach day at dance camp, I missed the picture taking session. katie & nesa are excited that they get to do a cheerleader thing in the dance, they'll perform tomorrow at 4 then swim, so will try to get off work early to go watch.
katie found the magazine she wanted the other day with janice dickenson, she read it while she watched scary movie 2 and seemed happy...



I left work at 11a.m. 2 go to kj's tournament bb game at trenton, he had a rebound
& a foul, they lost (first loss of the season!) so were eliminated. we grabbed lunch at mcdonalds, shopped at pamida, got home in time for kate to change clothes, then back to princeton for dance camp. since she missed the first day, I didn't get the note about today being costume day. it was pretty obvious when we got there, so I ran back home & got last years dark angel halloween costume, & had it back 2 her in time for their picture.
they are learning a dance to a beach boys song & also made picture frames. there are 6 girls in her class.
kevin went to the hayfield. that guy really knows how to have fun.

life in the fast lane.

yesterday kj missed bb practice & kate missed the first day of dance camp for our already arranged trip to KC where kate & I watched koren's first wedding dress fitting, & we did a group shopping trip for koren approved wedding clothes...my dress came from macy's, kate's dress & kj's khakis & dress shirt from kohl's, kevin's tux from men's warehouse. we ate dinner at 54th street., showed koren & cody kate's dance recital dvd, checked out their new harley, visited some, & got caught in detour traffic coming home.
I had bought this strappy summer shirt some time ago, it is cute & in my size, the kind of thing I wore when kevin & I were dating. I had tried it on a few times and looked in the mirror and took it off. yesterday I cowboyed up & put it on with my fave pair of ripknee jeans & pink flipflops. kevin liked it. we took a romantic drive out late last nite to the mechanic's garage to pick up the car, just us, no kids.



katie lost a tooth today & cleaned all her earrings. she also lost one of her new 4th of July earrings in the yard (she thinks....)

kevin turned the a/c back on....

& my feet are freezing. we have a constant climate control war.
at katie's request unearthed the green "Barbie Clothes Box" in the garage, she is going to make her shelves in her room into barbie/bratz/my scene apartments when she is bored.
the kids & I are hanging at home. kevin went to his dads & grandma's & picked up leftover family reunion food. I have been pigging out on potato salad & ham sandwiches.


back to normal

my kids at the big family reunion...just include cody with the kids...

wed nite had a family deal, friday nite had a family fish fry, saturday was the family reunion, (oh, yeah, also the 4th of july...), katie danced at the princeton
4th of july program, then we were supposed to meet back at marie's, we missed princeton's fireworks and mercer's fireworks....kevin never did buy any fireworks, which I found a bit strange & just plain made katie unhappy. she wasnt' feeling good by the time we got home, so just stayed here.
they all got to sleep in today, I got to go back to work.
but I was OUT of pepsi! so, thought I'd just stop at the square on my way to work & get a pepsi. OUT! it was a long day, then took katie to lineville to buy pepsi & we got our first randy's soft serve ice cream of the summer.
katie had a not so happy post on facebook about her crappy 4th of july. it was hectic. did any of us have any fun with all the family obligations?

so, we've only been to the pool twice...soft serve ice cream once...haven't set the tent up...haven't shot fireworks...haven't went fishing...have hung out at the park once...haven't took the dog for a walk in forever...

(katie has a point...)



2 lineville park where katie hung out with justin, taylor, macy, & mackenzie. then home 2 make supper & paint flowers on her wall (maybe....if I get down the hall)

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